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  1. These seemed to have the best reviews and were not badly priced and came with a practice head so i hope i get lucky enough to get something to walk out in front of me and to get a good shot on it to see if the reviews are true.
  2. they are the 2-Inch cut, 3 blade, 100 grain Grim Reaper Razor cut Whitetail Special SS
  3. Never used mechanical broad heads before and my brother in law talked me in to trying some so I did some research and I’m going to try these this year, they had very good reviews
  4. critter

    bass opener

    we have a blue tic still but we will always have two dogs, my wife has always wanted another beagle so when the time is right we will get another dog
  5. critter

    bass opener

    Well had a good not so good vacation with the family, to start the trip we left on Wednesday the 18th but Tuesday night had a big storm come threw and trees down all over the place ended up sitting on the road for 1 1/2 hrs while the power company put in a new pole and pulled the primaries out of the road. Around 1:30 pm finally get to Stillwater and to our camp site and get all set up and it rains the rest of the day in to the night what a wonderful start. On Thursday we all went out fishing and could not get anything to bite all day trying rubber bait trolling bait and minnows so we called it quits and waited for dark where the action happened we had a really good night with the bull head ended up with enough to make a meal for the 6 of us. Now for the real bad part Friday morning we had a visit from the ranger with news from the kennel where are dogs were that are beloved basset hound had passed away during the night at the young age of 8 years we were crushed and to tell this news to my boys who loved him so was even worse, so on that note we ended our vacation to lay our family member to rest but not to forget him.
  6. critter

    bass opener

    well things are looking up for the week only day it might rain is the daywe are to leav but a little rain never hurt anyone lol everything is all orginized and redy to go on the truck and boat cant wait
  7. critter

    bass opener

    my wife and i have always wanted to go to alaska it sounds like a great place, but also sounds wet lol
  8. critter

    bass opener

    I hope everyone has a great opener and a safe one i know my kids are chomping at the bit to go as am i, Hoping the rain thats in the forcast changes as the week goes on camping is no fun in the ran for 5 days
  9. critter

    bass opener

    well the check list is getting smaller everyday and almost redy to go camping with the family on the 18th just hoping the weather holds out for us but so far doesent look good.
  10. critter

    bass opener

    I have twin 3 year old boys and we have been taking them to still water since they were born and last year was good i think this year will be great, i really enjoy being able to spend the time with my kids doing something that does not involve electricity lol
  11. critter

    bass opener

    haven't had a bad year yet, we always get our daily limit and some of them are real nice, we also bull head fish at night and usualy do ok but they have ben hit or miss last 2 years, i hope they are better this year.
  12. critter

    bass opener

    Any one do anything special for bass opener? My family and i go to still water res. for a week camping and fishing, a tradition for us
  13. -25 here as well at 7am, checked the temp at 12 and still have -1
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