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  1. Just one more thing then I'm gone.... The whole "test" post in the political section...is how I get on the site to post pics to send to guys that I PM with... That way I don't need to enter the main board and can get the pics edited out but still in my attachments to pm. I have no interest in sharing anything on the open boards here any longer, but after deleting the pics in the post it requires,apparently, something in the post body. So I type test...I was wrong though, you apparently needed me to type ignore. Now I can get back to what I enjoy...The property and....Oh ya... this
  2. Belo You can think what you wish, there happens to be a few guys on here that PM me and those go to my E-Mail.. They could confirm this or not but it's no concern of mine. I also have friends that mention when my handle starts getting thrown out there ..Which apparently has been a few times in the last couple of days...You can just bet I am monitoring that. Now your reply is a clear indication YOU can't admit being wrong..I have my DEC answer and I do not need to SPECULATE on what some DEC officer, that in more than a few case, don't know the laws they are suppose to enforce . Other than the typical ones. As Kelly clearly stated in her reply she went directly to the law enforcement in the Albany head quarters to get the answer.... I won"t bother yet again disproving you wrong on the whole garbage issue...BTW again wasn't MY garbage... but carry on being an AH ...it fits you well.
  3. Sorry I have no interest in this site other than the pm's ...Gosh I wonder why still being called a liar after leaving what nearly 6 mos ago...
  4. Lets again recap for the new people here...THIS is directly from the DEC and ...and they took nearly 5 days to research their answer before sending it... again read the the part in bold:
  5. I hate when guys say you outta look....:rolleyes:

     These are actual seeds I picked up today. You decide for yourself what your seed is..DON'T rely on what these guys say, always...BTW bear breed in June ,July and sometimes in late M5ad0cf190c9ab_treeseeds.thumb.jpg.079e57ba3cd14e22091ea4cd57db50b4.jpgay ,also early August.

     Good Luck this year.


    1. BigGuyNY


      Thanks for the info.  I really appreciate it.  

  6. I sit here with 10 mins to go and no sign of deer...I hear singing.. So I will wish you all a great seasons with family and friends and wish for you all to have the spirit of these holidays greet each of you. Be safe and enjoy...
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