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  1. I have mine in alfalfa and alfalfa clover,also mixed into the shotplot...cams aren't picking up too much usage. Though they aren't planted in the area much..usually just winter grains...though we have an absolute ton of food around now...even the maples are dropping a ton of seed.
  2. How long do they last before dying out, this is my first time using feed oats
  3. Corn I see them eating it all the time...they pick berries and like tomatoes to....
  4. She must of made out good..he's basically saying I now live in a tiny tiny apt and have no room...alimony prevents me from keeping a storage jk Good luck..
  5. Wow..if you haven't seen the latest Growibg deer tv video..go watch it...they have a boone and crocket scorer on this week. He talks about long brows and long G4s and how they effect scoring
  6. I was just chating with one of our daughters friends today at Rivers party ..she's a hunter as well and found out we all know many of the same people from around that area they have land in the Savonna area. We started listing off names and we know many of the same people....small world.
  7. I love Wades I use to order from them when Mr B was doing the school job there. Yes I know..but may just give you a leg up in t h e spring turkey woods..don't they have clove in them as well?.You should sign up.for their e-mails..they have "specials" they run...right now it's but 3 bags of bow stand get one free with free shipping just under 20 a bag.
  8. His own little captains chair with attatched table,Troll story book with electronic songs and sound, great clothes. I took him shopping last week and got toy lego construction set, pj's, sneakers.
  9. Just no end to your vision and talent...once again awesome job..You should team up with Amish furnature makers doing custom glass for guys gun cabinets..etching from a picture of a "trophy" the buyer killed.
  10. Oats are different .... I dont know about buck forage, but white tail oats plus are suppose to be more cold hardy...might want to check out their video on them.. I just plant seed oats as a cover for clover and alfalfa plots..they are hitting them some..I have no Idea how hardy they arebut they should provide some assistanceagaibst ground heaving...and other crop damage..we will see.
  11. Thank you gentleman. There was a picnic at his other grandpa's camp...friends and family with a very active River..he's so much fun!
  12. Laugh now but I just got off the phone with 14, 10,8 they are no longer teaching kids our countries history as we were taught. They aren't even teaching them cursive writing. Everything is computerized and even text books are obsolete. There is progress then there is foolishness. When parents have to teach their kids the need to be able to physically write. To understand the true history and it's importance. Counter intuative to instututional teachings...People are fools not to be concerned about such things.
  13. Yep that was the other one machanics...
  14. Our grandson turns 2 today..How time flys...Thank God, I'm not getting any younger and want to have some hunts with him! Growing like a weed in 5Ts already! He now picks up my 5# weights in each hand and walks around with them like they were nothing.