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  1. growalot

    Coyote den?

    Just one more thing then I'm gone.... The whole "test" post in the political how I get on the site to post pics to send to guys that I PM with... That way I don't need to enter the main board and can get the pics edited out but still in my attachments to pm. I have no interest in sharing anything on the open boards here any longer, but after deleting the pics in the post it requires,apparently, something in the post body. So I type test...I was wrong though, you apparently needed me to type ignore. Now I can get back to what I enjoy...The property and....Oh ya... this
  2. growalot

    Coyote den?

    Belo You can think what you wish, there happens to be a few guys on here that PM me and those go to my E-Mail.. They could confirm this or not but it's no concern of mine. I also have friends that mention when my handle starts getting thrown out there ..Which apparently has been a few times in the last couple of days...You can just bet I am monitoring that. Now your reply is a clear indication YOU can't admit being wrong..I have my DEC answer and I do not need to SPECULATE on what some DEC officer, that in more than a few case, don't know the laws they are suppose to enforce . Other than the typical ones. As Kelly clearly stated in her reply she went directly to the law enforcement in the Albany head quarters to get the answer.... I won"t bother yet again disproving you wrong on the whole garbage issue...BTW again wasn't MY garbage... but carry on being an AH fits you well.
  3. growalot

    Coyote den?

    Sorry I have no interest in this site other than the pm's ...Gosh I wonder why still being called a liar after leaving what nearly 6 mos ago...
  4. growalot

    Coyote den?

    Lets again recap for the new people here...THIS is directly from the DEC and ...and they took nearly 5 days to research their answer before sending it... again read the the part in bold:
  5. I hate when guys say you outta look....:rolleyes:

     These are actual seeds I picked up today. You decide for yourself what your seed is..DON'T rely on what these guys say, always...BTW bear breed in June ,July and sometimes in late M5ad0cf190c9ab_treeseeds.thumb.jpg.079e57ba3cd14e22091ea4cd57db50b4.jpgay ,also early August.

     Good Luck this year.


    1. BigGuyNY


      Thanks for the info.  I really appreciate it.  

  6. I sit here with 10 mins to go and no sign of deer...I hear singing.. So I will wish you all a great seasons with family and friends and wish for you all to have the spirit of these holidays greet each of you. Be safe and enjoy...
  7. growalot

    Live From The Woods 2017 edition!

    43 mins to go and not a sign..