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  1. Nice mount! The trophy room looks great! I would be very concerned about a mount that took over 2 years though. That should be up on the wall.
  2. To those of you pointing at us youngsters, why didn't you learn from his father? The family name is a scam!!! This is a CYA for his foolish SAFE ACT. He thinks NY sportsmen are dumb rednecks, and we will be happy with saving a dollar here and a dollar there. The dude is a Jack-Wagon just like his father. Unfortunately, our Federal Government is a Federal Republic, which is a direct representation of the public majority. If you are angry with the government, do your part to become the majority. "Government is a direct representation of the people"
  3. I would recommend Anthony Scorza in East Rochester. I know many who only use him, and they have had great results. He has been around forever. He did my mount last year, I dropped it off this time last year and had it back mid January. He charges more than others, but I will not go anywhere else. It is worth the money. Good luck on your choice, and hope you get a great mount.
  4. Semper Fi brother. I have been back in NY for a few year hunting around Rochester. If you ever come up this way give me a shout. I have some good spots I would be happy to share with a fellow Devil Dog. My tips are read about hunting deer, educate yourself, and use your infantry skills. They will carry you along way. Sitting in a tree stand is similar to an ambush. Still hunting are stalking are similar to movement to contact.The predictable thing about deer is that they are unpredictable. I wish you the best of luck, share your stories!!
  5. I always knew you X-bowers were a bunch of freaks!!!
  6. I think I can relate a little bit to every answer so far, but let me see if I can explain another one of my reasons in a manner that can be understood. The thrill of the hunt fills a hole in my soul that has been quenched only through combat. Stalking a deer or still hunting is just as patrolling to an objective. Setting up in a tree stand or blind is just as setting in an ambush. The thrill and adrenaline is immeasurable for me. However, that is where the similarities stop. I do not hunt out of hatred or anger for the “enemy”, plus deer do not shoot back. I do hunt to provide food for my family, the camaraderie, and the solitude of yourself and nature. At times, it is just as rewarding to become a part of the environment as it is to harvest a deer. I have had birds land on me and squirrels run over me while sitting in stand. No matter how cold it gets, it is always awesome to be out in the woods. For a combat vet, hunting and being in the woods is the most therapeutic remedy to date! Plus, deer taste way better than Al Qaeda…I’m just saying.
  7. I love the smell of napalm in the morning...
  8. Soooo...how do you score that?
  9. Lowes and Home Depot carry various brands, but I do not know how well they work. We use Techniseal Ploymeric sand on all of our jobs. Here is the link to their web site if you want to check them out. I just know theirs work the best. They also offer cleaning products and sealers. http://www.techniseal.com/web/new_niveau2A_sand.php?pl=1&type=h&sr=us_en/&surface=32
  10. By the way, you have a very nice patio!
  11. To keep the moss and weeds from growing in the joints you can use Polymeric sand. In your case you would have to clean out the joints with the pressure washer, and sweep the poly sand into them. It is best to sweep in once, use a plate tamper with a rubber pad, and sweep a second time. Then blow off the excess with a leaf blower, and lightly spray down with water. Once dried, the sand will harden keeping weeds from growing and water seeping under the pavers. It works great and lasts for years. Just a suggestion The biggest caution before putting down ploy sand it to make sure the entire surface is dry or the sand will leave a residue on the pavers. .
  12. I would purposely go to their line with my ribs, bacon, and beer and give them a nice happy smile. We all have to deal with inconveniences everyday. Suck it up and drive on. This country has become too damn sensitive. If for some reason I chose a job that went against some belief of mine I would find another job or deal with it. It is not that difficult...
  13. Man, that is such a great solution. Now we just have to figure out how to implement it. You can't fix stupid.
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