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  1. phade

    Yelling Goat rendezvous take 3

    Smart man. My wife hates me at this time of year. Hunting winding down, so she barely knows who I am, and then I hop on planes to warm sunny destinations free of charge (still have to work). Quiet and nice hotel room - usually the Hilton, Marriott or Sheraton....and I get to eat steak or whatever I want, and usually send a pic of the palm trees and beach in the background to her. She loves me this time of year, I mean. I keep trying to line up a trip to Las Vegas on company business. Been close a few times but hasn't worked out. The July and August trips really are awful though. Sorry guys, but I'll take the sunshine this time of year. Enjoy the wings for me. I would suspect a Jan-Mar weekend night might be easier to work in.
  2. phade

    trail cam - hiding vs spooking

    I have videos of bucks turning inside out at cams. Others, they actually lick the camera. I've posted several videos of examples in past years here.
  3. phade

    Yelling Goat rendezvous take 3

    Same excuse here. I'll be traveling home working from sunny Clearwater Beach/St. Pete. Absolutely sucks in July/August/Sept. Not so bad in December, January, February...
  4. phade

    Go Fund Me Started.............

    Only if it includes a reacharound.
  5. 3-4 years ago I had a really nice 4 or 5 year old on cam on a very small lease. Less than 48 hours later, buck was killed just under 5 miles away as the crow flies. It was in late October and the buck had broken 3 tines in that 48 hours as well. Must have been like that 70s/80s movie where the little gangs all came across one another in their NYC travels. The Warriors I think.
  6. phade

    New Addition

    There's at least one rifle team on the east side - it's generally regarded high across the state. I forget where exactly...Penfield, Fairport, Victor something along those lines. I believe they have a couple girls who are lights out at the state level. There was a lot of coverage in the news because funding was being pulled for the team and they went public and got donations or something.
  7. phade

    trail cam - hiding vs spooking

    My cam strategies have varied alot over the years. I generally don't have problems getting repeat pics and vids of bucks that we want to target. I also set cams close to stands, far from stands, on the way to stands. I was very rigid in my approaches, but now my approach seems to be more specific to what I know about the property, the deer, and their dispositions. We seem to do OK getting the bucks we want on the ground. This year held fewer targets but even they showed up on cams or in person (seen from stand). What I have noticed is that the longer a cam is in a spot, the less it becomes a factor for mature buck avoidance - as long as you aren't checking it all the time. The actual disturbance of the cam seems to be key. I have cell cams set next to stands and they don't pay it mind after a while. If I change batteries or cards, they seem to notice as I get more looks at the cam itself. If I hunt the stand but don't disturb the cam, I don't notice any behavior change toward the cam with scent in the immediate area. I'm talking cams within arm reach of the ladder, too.
  8. phade

    New Scrape Activity

    cuddelink blackflash?
  9. phade

    Primary Rifle and Back-Up Rifle

    Some ranges in comments expected, but for a back-up, I'd really look into a CVA scout. It's a single shot, but light, compact, and pretty darn accurate. I have one in a .243 and it's accuracy with the junk kit scope was really impressive. In fact, when I hunt rifle zones, it's the rifle I take with me. I have a 110 in 7mm Rem Mag and a 30/30, but I still prefer the scout for portability and ease/reduced likelihood of issues. You can pick them up for cheap and they take a beating with the composite stock. I got mine for $160 when Gander closed and I regret not buying 2 or 3 of them to keep in storage.
  10. phade

    Would you support an early MZ season?

    If it included buck hunting, it will be a crap show because it won't cover the goal of the DEC - reducing numbers in key areas. Few will pop a doe in the heat and risk alerting a buck they are after that they could realistically take right then and there. Kansas has an early ML season and it seems to be effective there, but they also do things a bit different management wise.
  11. The cream rises to the top. Always has, always will, despite environmental conditions and external factors beyond control.
  12. I'll be in a tree Friday PM and Sat. PM after a specific buck. Outside of that, done.
  13. phade

    Near miss truck transmission problem.

    I have an F150 in that range. Having what I believe to be rear end issues, but it has 130K on it now. Scary and glad you are OK.
  14. phade

    Xbow full inclusion??

    From a revenue perspective, they'll make money on xbow license sales. More justified than the current tag alignment and hunter education requirement. I think we're equally likely to have an early ML season at some point in the over-populated WMUs. They'll probably charge for that tag, too. There is a lot of support for that within the DEC and I am sure many will be having beers the day that is established. Crossbows fully in bow is inevitable at this point, the legislature is the only thing holding it back. I see pro and cons to it but that doesn't change the fact I'll have to deal with'll happen eventually. Still dreaming of OBR or allowing both buck tags to be used in archery, structured gun season after Thanksgiving, and a lengthened season on either end for "archery" equipment.
  15. phade

    Deer Season Flying Bye

    I put in alot of hours this season and less to show for it than prior years. Actually more hours than the prior two seasons combined. Last weekend was the first time where I slowed down on the hunting focus. I'll be in the woods Sat PM and Sunday though, more or less for enjoyment and then a serious day of muzzleloader before I am all done for the year. Effort and results didn't align this year, but I am OK with it. Had fun and really just fueled me for next season.