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  1. Spike and 2.5. Far end of plot. Partner has a doe and fawn in front of him a few hundred yards south.
  2. In. Opener for state #2. Have a few ash trees about 30 yards from me that are finally to the point of falling over. Won’t be much longer til they do. They’re waving in the wind like crazy. And it’s not super windy.
  3. Good luck. Drinking coffee on couch. Heading in for PM today. Wind not right for our entry and food to bed paths. Did enjoy some Wagyu steaks last night though. Preseason ritual.
  4. Way different deer. Go get ‘em.
  5. Rule are rules obviously, but that seems quite dumb. Even if one were to propose shooting prior to legal light, in the Dante's Inferno version of hunting no-nos, that probably has to be one of the most benign, after barbed broadheads or a narrow xbow, etc. Again not justification, but that is quite the hill to die on or hold a feud over. Not even sure how one would accuse someone of that if they were at work? People are crazy. Treestands are nice because I generally don't have to deal with people while in them.
  6. I would definitely get the GW engaged in that type of scenario but I wouldn't burn the spot. Once the GW validates it - no other crap can really be taken seriously. GWs will in large respect the privacy too, I think.
  7. Midwest hits different when it comes to deer hunting IMO. Straight up, I'd be there if not for family desires. Congrats to the hunter. Missouri in T-Minus 5 weeks.
  8. Sorry to hear, genuinely. Do you know how much the owner wants? I am in the market for land.
  9. I bought a gopro hero 10 and I'll likely mess around with that a few times in the stand this year. Half-hearted. I have it, bought it for our vacation in the USVI this summer and it'll sit in a box for a long time if I don't use it hunting. Definitely not great for typical zoomed in hunting shots but better than nothing. A few of our spots are close in action 10-20 yards. It'll still seem far away. When swimming within a few feet of turtles on our trip, it still seemed far away. I used a pogo to get it within a foot or two and it made some good videos/photos.
  10. We likely will encounter this buck Saturday PM. He is showing up daily day and night. It’ll be exciting to see him and think about potential. We are struggling to put him at 3.5 and pass is in order if he can survive the gauntlet of hunters this year.
  11. Rare wind for opener. East in AM shifting to NE for the next few days. Our plan for Saturday morning really hinges on a Westerly so that is out the window. Too risky to cross feeding areas with an Easterly. We may hunt the first hour in some easy to access spots but we're equally in the boat of not going out until the PM which will be a better entry for us. Getting good activity of bucks daily now, but only two in that spot that are shooter category. One very infrequently shows up and the other is there but not as reliably appearing as the 1/2/3 year olds daily. No doubt we'll encounter bucks, we just need the right one to show. One other spot that we typically stay out of until late Oct/early Nov is surrounded by corn so we may sit there later in the week once we get the right wind. Pair of shooters showing up there to consider. Can't pressure that place too much and it goes to crap after the harvest and spoils are gone. We may need to try earlier than normal due to the crop rotations and it coming down presumably before the rut action gets going. Lower pressure and cloudy, which IMO isn't great conditions. Slightly windy Sunday PM. But, all workable. Not too hot, rare wind. I'm sure it'll result in an early season tag or two being punched by people who thought they'd need to wait a while for that wind direction to arrive. Probably Ohio the following weekend.
  12. OSU Edit: I'm kidding of course. No idea who he roots for. It's his safe space I guess, lol.
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