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  1. He gets in. The stats line shows he is in. The near 500 record is the only thing holding him back outside perception. Data usually gives the overarching story. There's only a few two-time SB MVPs. He beat an undefeated team to win one, and he's top 10 in alot of valued categories. He gets in.
  2. phade

    Mancave buck

    I forget the backstory on that - didn't he find sheds or something and has some publicity around it? I know he is big into shed hunting. Can't say the new replica deer looks even remotely good. Odd someone would like it. Probably a shed hunter thing.
  3. Same deer. Woof. Meant same, said not same. Need coffee.
  4. Same company that makes Bushnell, Tasco, Primos, and Simmons...
  5. Good cheap and fast. Pick 2 of 3. The saying holds true for cameras. Running alkaline in dead of winter is not often the best option in northern climates - even if the batteries are "alive" in spring, you've likely missed triggers that should have taken place. Cams with lower voltage at the time of game walking by can result in reduced trigger speed, reduced sensing distance, and missed triggers via voltage cutoff. All the while the user thinks everything is awesome. I run alkaline Spring Summer Fall for regular pics. Lithium for winter and video, and cell. Signs of this can be found in snow times - tracks will show in following pics from the camera that didn't exist in the image prior. Browning, as good as a cam they are, are susceptible to this in the 6-battery models. Any cams I run on alkaline in winter, I have night images where game have walked by with no trigger as proven by the images before and after showing the tracks. I run lithium in winter across most of my cams for this reason, short of cams I set up for 1-2 weeks to do something specific. This phenomenon can be seen in most any brand, but fewer battery cams are more susceptible. Cams with higher battery count tend to bank their batteries, allowing for higher voltage for a longer period of use. Same goes for cheap cams. They often have poor coding, high voltage cut-off, and inconsistent trigger capabilities. All that said, the bigger issue is QC, CS, or lack of a critical feature (IE the ability to take multi image shots in a WGI - important for hunting purposes IMO). People think cheap cams are the cat's meow but fail to realize the data that isn't there is what their missing and it would totally change their impression. Here's an image caught by an "expensive" cam. Seated on the same tree is a WGI. I'd show you the WGI image, but there wasn't one... The real answer to find a "cheap" camera is to shop smart and buy a good cam on a clearance price.
  6. This is social media as others noted. And, just like hunting, you can make it what you want. Tote the smoothbore and a box of sluggers or go all out with mobile set-ups and technology and land management. Social Media for me is a tool to A. Keep in touch with people I want to keep in touch with OR B. An avenue to grow my business and stay current on related topics. I try to not to over-complicate it. Works well.
  7. Likely fits a niche market of shooters or hunters who could do it themselves if they had the time, but don't. I never used to understand the high prices people pay for services or products that they could in turn do themselves at home for less. Then my career got going. And I understood. I use cell cams alot because I don't have the free time to glass every evening.
  8. They need to prove the ribbon cable will not cause a leak or destroy the cams. I did not like how they did not show it. Trail Lync did this during 2G days. It didn't stick. The other limiting factor is they cannot control the cam remotely. That becomes an issue - cam control remotely is the single biggest jump in cell cams since they were invented. Invariably, you need to change settings. W/O it, you'll need to visit cam and it'll happen at the worst possible time, as experience has taught me.
  9. It's never a competition. I shared just so people could enjoy some pics. I particularly also don't think these pics stand out compared to most everyone in the geographical area. Every once in a while a buck gets some age on him and the rest are all pretty typical 2/3/4/5 yo references that most anyone has roaming their woods. The only difference is I have more cams than most people run and thus more images. That's it. Nothing special.
  10. Wow, I'd get a new camera. Seems out of focus.
  11. I think people in this thread are looking for something that doesn't exist. An always statement as to height. Every set, every stand, every property is different.
  12. I bought my phone outright instead of taking a loan/payment plan on it. My wife brought hers from our Verizon plan. Both are iphones.
  13. I am tied to my phone for business...and I still use Spectrum. No problems.
  14. $45 per line all in. Wife and I pay $90.
  15. We have it. Moved from Verizon. Save around $65/mo between wife and I and no drop-off in service. Unlimited data. Can't say I like their cable pricing and servicing; however, the cell phones...not a single issue.