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  1. Somehow we made it through Central Park and are chugging away pina coladas at some tiki bar in UWS. UWS seems pretty nice and manageable.
  2. That’s what we’ve been doing. Liberty Bagels and then up for some window shopping, St Patrick’s, and what not. Got a bit wet so we’re trying to air out with some coffee and a dry seat.
  3. Dude - we went to Eataly yesterday for lunch. Our family is Sicilian. We were awestruck. Unreal. Also slightly embarrassed at just how good it was compared to our family recipes and home cooking.
  4. We have a Wolfgang next door. Times Square?
  5. So, we have a bit of a rainfest going on this AM. What are some things we can do given the rain? We’re midtown and have to be at the Natural History Museum at 3. we had planned the boat ride this am but no go on that. We had an excellent meal at Quality Meats. The corn creme brûlée was out of this world. Let alone the steaks. Some girl from Belarus was our waitress and she was awesome.
  6. We were going to go to Quality Meats tonight but all they have is outdoor dining! Edit...we’re gonna do the outdoor dining. Heck the place looks good online!
  7. We're flying into JFK and out of LGA. Part of me is debating just taking a taxi or Uber to Times Square from JFK vs trying the LIRR incoming...thoughts? Not sure about that part.
  8. LOL. Hilton Honors for the win. I'd say my work hotel stays are 90% Hilton and 10% Hyatt. This is my homebase...I've probably lived somewhere between 7-9 months of my entire life in this building.
  9. It's small and growing. It'll look like what everyone "thinks" it'll look like by end of summer. Injuries tend to have lighter skin/flesh coloration IMO - this darker base and the "pushed away" hide tell me its something growing out not from something coming in. Again, just my opinion. if it were a slug hole, I'd think it's be a bit more traumatic looking. Who knows. Maybe it is.
  10. Appreciate the heads up - I almost booked that place due to the Hilton family, but opted for the Hampton Inn down the street. Not a surprise I guess. We'll make the best of it.
  11. I click with my mouth to stop them. Ever hear a buck click? You hear that and it's probably your best day in the stand all season.
  12. Where's the other buck? That is what I want to know.
  13. I'll admit to having a mental heirarchy of deer kills via implements but that lasts for maybe five seconds before reality kicks in and a big buck is a big buck. One of the mental hurdles I have is when a hunter is gun only vs a multi implement user, namely bow and gun - if they both kill the same size buck in gun, I'll think the bowhunter earned it more. Not sure why but I devalue from a bias the gun only hunter. It's just a mental hurdle for some reason. Heck the bowhunter might have been a poor bowhunter which is why he relied on gun season - but even in that I connect the effort to rew
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