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  1. It's like talking to the boys in the locker room; claiming you hit a home run with the cheerleader but really made it to first base. Alot talk about it; few do it.
  2. ours took on some yellowing and some purple hues last week. We've been pretty dry actually up until this past 36 hours.
  3. I predict Edmunds, barring injury, will have a much more successful career. Kid is 22 years old. Milano is a good LB but will never be a great. Edmunds has that potential IMO. Edmunds did not play well yesterday though. Needs to do better.
  4. The mental turnovers are the bad ones. One was a bad INT, one was simply Aaron Donald who arguably is the best player in the league and likely a lock for best defensive player in league, and then two run plays with one of them that were bad play calls IMO. He's come close to turning over the ball and has got lucky - alot of those were mental lapses IMO.
  5. Either way it's a torrid pace. He's on tap to exceed 5,000 passing yard, 50 TDs passing, and 10 rushing TDs in regular season. Obviously it'll level off as the grind and better teams continue to impact, but we're three games into a 16 game season and I don't think anyone would have put those stats down for Allen ahead of the season start. Some of those plays he makes though is epic cringe. He just has to harness it to get to the "live to play another down." I don't think he got enough credit for that PI call. I suspect he knew that was happening and led that ball there to get the call.
  6. Looks like a life well lived!
  7. I have a few with around a quarter million images ballpark. Unfortunately they both finally died due to exposure of the elements (case dry rotting and leaking). 2012 model year Coverts.
  8. I was watching Bill Winke talk about selling his farm and he even noted how much of an impact EHD had on his heard and noted that it was a 5-year rebound period. Keep in mind his ground arguably might have been some of the best managed in the country and he had a five year rebound period. Looks like its still pretty rough and going. You guys need some cold weather asap!!!!
  9. Fourth sentence is what is most common with lower end cams; that and consistent reliability. More of a crapshoot. When you get a good one though it tends to work for a long while. But, the hardware is where they have to cut corners - at $40, minus shipping and logistics, you're talking a very small cost of production and small profit margins. Also, CS can be suspect. I have a few direct cams, but none go into my best or even middle of the road spots.
  10. Ha, add that one to the list too. Forgot about that one.
  11. It's funny how observations impact the decisions we make. We all have those kinds of decisions. Hot days do not rule me out. The oldest buck I've killed was that one on 10/1 and it was 70 that day. My 2015 buck was a t-shirt sunny day. The biggest buck I've ever seen on the hoof while I was in the stand was on a day where it was very warm; Moog had a t-shirt and lightweight Adidas track pants on because he didn't have gear light enough to be wearing in the heat. I unfortunately know that deer scored 176 and I saw him at like 230-3PM in blazing sun. I can't say I enjoy hunting those warm days - especially when I'm tired and that warm sun hits in mid afternoon. Ugh. Sleep city. But I do push through it.
  12. All day Sunday is fun "fall" stuff with the wife. Apples, tree peeping, etc. Then three months of deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer hunting.
  13. I used to think that alot but I have changed over time. I think you'd have to have a 9/1 or Labor Day timestamp to really get that. Shifts happen with velvet peel and changing food sources. 9/15 doesn't clear the first one.
  14. I've killed half of my bucks in October and probably a third of them since moving to 10/1 between 10/1 and 10/20. Including a very old buck on opener in 2012. Seems crazy to not take advantage of known patterns when there has been no related hunting pressure.
  15. phade

    Range finder

    Bushnell makes several cheaper options in the 100-125 range if you shop around. Halo is of the WGI family.