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  1. A cumulative effect with exponential consequences. History uses fancy phrases like the straw that broke the camel's back...
  2. I definitely visit this site less than I used to. Not really sure why I come back other than it's on a favorite link on my work computer so I do check in for five minutes every so often. Most of my posts here lately have been not hunting related and that's a sign I'm not finding hunting content I engage with. I post some deer pics every now and then but social media has shifted to the other platforms. Admittedly it is way more wild wild west than this - if this ruffles feathers, don't go on some of these hunting groups in FB. That said, there is alot of value due to the platform size. Circling back to the Rona, companies are doing data gathering on human behavior and how quarantine shifts it. People are eating poorer, exercising less, working more (for those who can WFH), drinking more alcohol, etc. Seems reasonable given state of affairs, but there has to be some good somewhere. People innovating new ways of doing things, etc. Don't see much of that reporting in any news outlets.
  3. We had two out of the six we originally got but we were able to give them away - my wife is not a fan of roosters after our first full-size one got out of the coop and chased her around the yard. It was indeed a death sentence.
  4. Our silkie bantams are laying way more eggs than we thought they would. Definitely surprised us compared to the data for them online. They're pretty funny birds. Our full size cochin remains the most entertaining. She is not skittish and will come to you and chill.
  5. Yep via the CARES Act. Its alot of protection - mostly with employers under 500EEs.
  6. We have our first reported/documented case in our town of a few thousand. Seems like the new range of fatalities in US is slated for 80-200K by August based on most models if all is done well.
  7. It will always be a math exercise specific to the circumstances.
  8. Comparing one generation to another on the same playing field is useless IMO. I have a tremendous amount of respect for the great generation, but that doesn't mean the people who found a way to get through the Great Depression, Korea, Iraq/Afghanistan, etc. are not strong in their own right. I think much of our view is morphed by the spread of information and communication - I'm sure there were d-bags in the great generation, too. It just wasn't publicized as much. There are good people in the world. Look at the healthcare workers putting themselves in harm and working to exhaustion. Or people delivering groceries for the elderly. People are so myopic and only look at the bad and think it is more common than the good. If that were the case, then sociology rules would say that isn't deviant behavior then.
  9. Body control module, wiring harness, or PCM/ECU. Some real sound advice given already. Look for signs of rodent damage if the vehicle sits for any period of time (hunting rig sounds like not a primary driver to me). I don't know if Nissan did this, but several manufacturers for a period of time used soy-based wire coatings on the harnesses and rodents were induced to chew on them. I know Toyota has that issue and at one point GM did as well. Electrical problems on a car are the worst. Best of luck on your hunt to fix it!
  10. Cuomo doesn't want to order the shutdown - wants the fed to do it - I think. Down to 25% of EEs in office by state mandate. Work has been crazy this week, but the preparations have been aggressive. Sitting in the office for the final day for the foreseeable future, I'd say we are much better positioned now than I thought we would by when Monday started. Some of the things I have been issued to keep the business running are straight up WWII stuff based on the range of options that may take place in the upcoming days and weeks. Hopefully it doesn't get that bad, that's for sure.
  11. we have silkie bantams. nice birds.
  12. All this does is spray gas into the engine to keep it running to get to the next gas station to fill-up. In all likelihood they will need to triple the package to weather the spring and early summer portion of the economy. Roughly $3-4T will be needed. Keep in mind they were spending $500M in overnight repo just last week. We will probably have the biggest drop in GDP since WWII regardless. The challenge is that the financial faucet is just being shutoff; I expect the fed will step in with respect to measures they haven't taken before or in a long time. IE health insurance - it's the #2 business cost after payroll. Employers will cancel policies to try to stay in business - which as one might imagine, will be problematic given that this event was driven by the virus and not a financial foundation issue. Carriers will not care who pays the bill but as long as it is paid, they will be continue to operate. If it's not paid, the carriers will be in a tough spot to continue operations. Starting to see a few pattern projections that if drawn out properly, it's a 12-18 month scenario. I haven't looked into it but sounds realistic given the historical virus outbreaks that came in multiple waves (IE plague, influenza, ebola, etc.). Not many people are talking about inflation, but that's going to be an issue on top of the unemployment and liquidity.
  13. Some people who think they might be hunting "X" property might be surprised in coming weeks. IL shut down state parks and IDNR property. It's plausible we do the same given our politically aligned state leadership. Don't know if they'd shut down hunting / fishing, but this is definitely on the radar as a potential influencer of that activity. The Illinois Department of Natural Resources on Sunday afternoon closed all state parks and related sites because of the coronavirus outbreak. “Effective immediately, all IDNR-owned properties are closed to the public to help stem the spread of #COVID19,” the department said on Twitter. “All events on state property are cancelled; patrons are encouraged to call IDNR’s Parks administrative line M-F at 217-782-6752 with questions.”
  14. We don't know the answer. It's a novel virus. Some data shows reduced impact in countries with hot, humid weather near equator, but data sets are limited. It could thrive, but it could also be impacted similar to other viruses that transmit in similar fashion. Those have proven to be less transmittable in those areas/climates.