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  1. Worked til 6 and hit the back yard to glass the field. 3.5 yo in wide open. If that doesn’t tell you it’s getting time…
  2. A friend of mine has used Conne River for multiple trips. Positive reviews.
  3. We use one of those heat guns, lol. My wife owns a daycare so there is a bit of an arsenal here with that type of stuff.
  4. I check a few times but came back normal temp. My doc is awesome. She called in a prescription two weeks ago for my wife while she was out on vacation for the week. We didn’t even ask her to, and she physically ordered it in, as our app dinged and she sent my wife a message. Beyond satisfied with her over the past 3-4 years. She will also call me out on my BS if I fail to do something/don't take action. Not that it matters too much but she is also younger than my wife and I, as we're starting to cross that threshold. It gives me just a little bit of confidence this world isn't completely screwed after my generation has gone down the road.
  5. They be seeking…he was with another 4 pt trailing him. 10 in AM. things are changing…
  6. It's all good. I am alot more patient as time goes by. I do hope to be capable of a Saturday hunt. Winds are looking right for the stand I moved this past Sunday after watching a mature buck go by twice on the same trail.
  7. Yeah, I have a doc appt scheduled for tomorrow PM. Suckssssss. Even more knowing we got ours at the same place/general time.
  8. Thanks for asking but no, third day of being full blown sick. Started going downhill during the weekend but not better yet. Would have likely gotten out tonight here in NY but I'm not even remotely feeling up to it.
  9. Find the right scrapes and you might be in business. Late October after a rain event should see bucks freshening up scrapes. Invariably I’ve seen it more in the AMs as bucks take longer to make rounds. Might consider getting right to bedding if you know a suspected area as the closest scrape to bedding area is likely communal and would be the last one freshened on a bucks way back to bed. This week is invariably the week a lot of hunters realize they missed an opp. A lot of those for me surrounded scrape hits in daylight.
  10. We take a similar approach. We have once piece that has literally one hangable tree on it in a finger jutting from the woods, lol. But it borders no hunting property. Our other is the first huntable parcel outside of a village. Trade yuppies/antis though instead of hunting pressure, for that one.
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