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  1. Same - I've had shoulder mounts and Euros done by seven different taxidermists over the years. I'm running less than 50% on my experiences as far as having a good business exchange. A taxidermist who can master the art/science of the craft and the business side....is worth their weight in gold. My hunting partner and I are working with an 8th for our turkey mounts...add that one to the poor experience list. Missing deadlines is one thing, failing to communicate is another, but then you get into all the other BS. Guy sent my hunting partner a photo of his bird with damage on it/missing fe
  2. Posted 12 days ago, too. It's weird IMO, esp the reference to whitetail deer - whitetail reference seem like a midwest thing where mulies are. East coat people just normally say...deer. It's like someone on here saying I'm from New York, New York vs saying I'm from the city. Whatevs, I guess.
  3. Poster is first time post, listed location as Samoa, and references deer here in NY as Whitetail deer.... Seems sus, as the kids tell me.
  4. Will be wiping the crap off the lens this weekend.
  5. Can almost see the finish line.
  6. 1600 hrs in that time for your house? Or is that a business workhorse? My JD Z42 is at like 550-600 and I think is a 04 or 05. Working on these things has gotten expensive in past few years. I had a carb go bad. Replaced it, a small part on the replacement was bad. Was a nightmare to figure out. Had to phone a friend. Ended up having to swap a third carb…. Good luck w repairs.
  7. Lots of apples. Ohio deer are already eating fallen apples in a grove that I have a cell cam in. Significant volume of images repetitively. I hope the apples hang on into season this year. Not seeing a crazy amount of acorns. Might be time to find the ones that do, and get a set up to take advantage of in a few months.
  8. phade

    New bow .

    To manage cost, I'd look at the bows geared toward growing youth. Alot of manufacturers will have moderately priced options to get people into the sport, yet the bows are still quite huntable. They end up having alot of DL and DW adjustments. Plus there is xbow option, too when in season.
  9. Hire an auctioneer if the collection is that large. They'll get you taken care of with the least amount of hassle. That said, I'd probably try to just do that down in VA assuming that is where everything is, and only deal with NY on the stuff you'll bring in. Sorry about your father. Hope for the best.
  10. 2013-2017 Flooded five times with at least 4.5 feet of water.
  11. I'm on septic, so the back up won't help!
  12. Hate to admit it but I have PTSD with my last home. Watching your washing machine bounce off the ceiling/floor of the second level in the split home...was enough for me....the fifth time in three years. Our current house is on a hill and needs a little tweaking for one corner (I'm thinking longer down spout) that gets a touch of water seepages in super heavy rains. Only second time in four years the sump kicked on this past weekend. I run it once every three months with a bucket full of water. I don't have a battery back-up but this post was a good reminder so that'll be going in this mo
  13. Cost is relative to some people. I'd be looking at store brands to try to reduce cost. The older Gander TecH2O stuff was lights out. Been using Sitka for past two seasons. Cheap, durable, quiet and dry rain gear is a unicorn IMO. Usually you can find three of the four.
  14. That's a comparative steal in today's world.
  15. We thought so too as one option but it cam out of the box that way. We'll see if the clips can be adjust or maybe if they are the cause. Was going to tackle that this weekend but it was a monsoon outside so had to attend to other stuff.
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