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  1. Nice start! Joe Coombs for the win!
  2. In addition to what is noted above the ballistic reticles are usually aligned with three 50 gr pellets of 777; newer ones allow for custom calculations. Can't say I like them nearly as much in the MZ as I do in the shotguns, which are hard to find now. Mostly because I use BH209. I also find that it doesn't matter at most MZ ranges. The popular shotgun ones are worth $$$, too. While looking for ammo at a local joint, I came across a NIB slughunter collecting dust in a glass case for $200 out the door. It flipped for more than $400 almost immediately on eBay and gave me a solid $200 to put into the slush fund.
  3. Good to see people still get this. I was very fortunate to be a part of the NYON family for 15-ish years beginning with the first issue; Steve (the former and first editor) is someone I personally owe a great deal of gratitude and hold a tremendous respect for. We all interact by choice/chance/blood with alot of people in our lifetime, but only a very select few change our trajectory in life. He is one of them for me; without him, I don't think I'd be where I am today. As for the images, they will re-use or recycle images and headlines once in a while when they are applicable. The print/journalism industry is tough today with the speed news travels so time-savers are welcomed. I also couldn't imagine trying to make a living in today's age in that field. God bless them. When I turned down the associate editor role for Quality Whitetails/QDMA, I knew I simply couldn't afford the life I wanted to live in that industry. Labor of love is what it is. Steve taught me that.
  4. Halfway there to Sunday from last weekend. Should be two good games regardless.
  5. Im surprised they don't breakout coyote by region but since it is a state one, assuming they're all considered western.
  6. My co-worker/friend and I spent time on this while on a flight to a Bills game. I spoke of securing ongoing income with enough spending to make life fun (more fun?) and take care of family. A house in the USVI, a core group of farms along the border of MO/IA/IL to bounce around for high end deer hunting, a ranch out west, and probably a home here in NY still for family/heritage. Outside of that, lots of travel for experiences. My co-worker said the first thing he would do is speak with his wife, cut her 50 or 55% even and have a level setting conversation about getting divorced or living separate but connected lives. He's convinced that if he or she were to get that rich that their marriage would not survive in the traditional sense. At first I was kind of surprised but his logic made sense (for him). It's not uncommon for marriage issues to develop in those instant generational wealth scenarios. But then he proceeded to tell me about the debauchery that would ensue, lol. Hard to argue - I couldn't imagine what a trip to Vegas, Ibiza, Jamaica, Phuket, Amsterdam, or other such places would be like sitting on a responsible (for the situation) amount of money to spend, and having it still be an absurd amount and being not attached. He manages money well so he wouldn't be at risk of complete meltdown but even in a controlled environment the amount of money per trip would just be stupid. Same guy though donates like crazy to good causes and volunteers. Work hard, play hard. Good example that people are all unique!
  7. That push to get out of that awkward neighbor situation helps to find new opportunities!
  8. LOL, if the people deemed that he explain why is needed - there would be disclosure requirements. Not much different than minding your own business worrying about what someone else is doing on private property when said owner has indicated/exhibited no illicit activities. He bought land. End of story.
  9. The news around ZOM is as weird as it is entertaining...and people making money off it, lol.
  10. If this were a right leaning rich person, would you still be saying these things? He is not my cup of tea, but I respect his right to do what with he has earned within the provisions of the law. He doesn't owe me, you, or anyone an explanation unless the law requires disclosure.
  11. I'll compare him to nearly any opponent of Mike Tyson in his heyday. That guy didn't know what planet he was on.
  12. Is there a great optics company in the US? I don't see your point here. Edit - saw your post above. A job abroad is a job abroad. Even Zeiss has leveraged China. Is what it is, I guess.
  13. PM was tweeting during or thereafter the game, so not sure what to make of that.
  14. Meh, my BS meter is high on that one. Not saying it's not happening to a degree, but to say that 32M doses are available at a 1/3 conversion rate, something doesn't add up. They could be employing JIT or other various avenues and this seems like a crapshow; par for the course though I guess. The Riverside Convention center here is getting 700 doses a day - they're begging for volunteers to come administer - doctors, nurses, dentists, etc. They don't even have enough needle pushers for the supply.
  15. Diversification doesn't stop when you're one of the richest people in the world. Land ownership is a common diversification avenue. It just scales different for him because of how much $ he has.