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  1. phade

    Solar Panels

    Bigger solar farms do have a fair amount of worker traffic. There's a proposal in our town to install one and has support; estimates show 30 employees based on the submission documents on an ongoing basis. It has to be fenced, too. I would expect changes in the immediate area but deer are adaptable and you'll adapt to them.
  2. phade

    Glad I Don't Live In Florida

    I go to Florida often for work. In a current stretch of 5 trips in 7 weeks. Jan to April is nice...the humidity hit last week finally. For those outside of NYC, people in NY can move to several states and experience somewhat similar living conditions or close enough that it's tolerable or possibly more attractive. Florida is an outright change in nearly every aspect. Snakes included. One thing I will say is that bowhunters in Florida who are regularly successful - I think they're pound for pound the most skilled of any state east of the MS. They put up with monumental conditions working against them and do the work to make it happen. Not alot of "easy" bowhunting in Florida.
  3. phade

    New hunting land

    good area...bears, too.
  4. phade

    Notre dame on fire !!

    A few weeks back I had the flu and couldn't sleep. Flipping TV channels at 2 or 3 in the AM, I came across some documentary or Dateline type show that walked through Notre Dame and the status that it was in. Essentially the funding wasn't there to upkeep the building and it was REALLY BAD. The curator was showing examples where there were roof issues and what not. Funding was obtained through, of all things, a lotto ticket. France sold a scratch off lotto ticket series where the take was directed to Notre Dame upkeep. It was a start, but the show ended saying it was not enough and might have been too late. The scaffolding was the part of the upkeep beginning. They took the bronze statues down before the fire. I remember thinking if I were filthy rich, this would have been a cause worthy of donation, and that I hoped the wealthy might begin to influx cash. And then the Nyquil kicked in. Really very surreal to see it burn only a few weeks later and see the wealthy commit to alot of money donations to restore. It reminds me of the fable about the frog and boiling water. Boil water and toss a frog jumps out. Put a frog in room temperature water and slowly raise to a boil and he cooks. Gradual vs sudden change adaptability is a human weakness sometimes.
  5. phade

    Weird !

    I see nothing wrong, and there is a form of "dwarfism" in whitetails. They have smaller bodies/short stubby legs. Pretty rare.
  6. phade

    My soon to be new to me truck.

    i have to say I have Hankook DynaPro ATMs. They were affordable (comparatively) and have a more than average aggressive look to them, but not crazy like the MT lugs. Pretty solid all-arounds. What I am really impressed with is their wear. I've put 27K on them and really just now starting to show some age. For the $, I am a happy camper with them. If I hit 40K with them, I'd consider it my best tire purchase ever. I have never had that lifespan with tires before. On anything.
  7. phade


    Maybe I'm reading this wrong, but that seems to conflict. Aren't you doing what they do, which in turn makes you mad?
  8. phade

    What's Wrong with Shooting Young Bucks?

    Who stole your account?
  9. phade

    Pattern Session at the Academy

    I just LOLd in my office at work. I hate to ask, but how many times have you used a double headed dingdong?
  10. phade


    If we're trying to figure out driver mentality, can someone explain to me doing 45 in a 55 and then head into a village and do 45 in a 30? Drives me nuts.
  11. phade

    What's Wrong with Shooting Young Bucks?

    Is it OK to be disappointed with a deer you shot?
  12. phade

    School me on propane grills

    Side note - kelly and I walked the dog Saturday evening in the backyard. She says...what is your arrow doing in the tree?!?!?! I couldn't remember who to blame it on...I told her the trad guy did it.
  13. phade

    School me on propane grills

    Absolutely one thing is positive this year - I am not in the running, haha. You and David will need to do some Rochambeau or something to figure that one
  14. phade

    School me on propane grills

    I tend to buy the cheaper basic two-burner grills. No frills. Gone through two in 10 years. The igniters tend to be real crap but nothing that your $1.00 long neck lighter doesn't solve. I've paid less than $100 for each grill - the last one was $79.00 on clearance. Last September during our "biggest buck buys" dinner...I cooked up three tomahawks that cost more than the grill did. No complaints from the taste testers. Cooked up some bear too that day. Short of needing a pretty grill to fit in with some hardscaping or something...I do not see myself spending that kind of coin. I'll buy and replace every 4-5 years.
  15. Sorry, I don't check the posts very often here. Best to reach out via PM. Models are both their 4G blackflash.