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  1. phade

    More CWD news

    Here are the red flags. 1. The bacterium has been talked about before, years ago by Bastian. 2. This has supposed human impact - IE CJD and misdiagnosed Alzheimers, and ALS, etc. They present this but yet say a hunter test kit is the first thing worked on? Then deer farm vaccines. Dumb. If this were truly real, the focus would be on human vaccine/antibiotics first. Not deer. Not to mention the cattle industry - Mad Cow disease testing would be worth billions, too. 3. if this were real, the pharma companies would be inserting significant money into this and the gov't wouldn't be asking about a 10 year plan. Cures/Fixes for humans would be worth billions. and there'd be a rush to market with increased investment on the financial and intellectual side. Instead we get more zombie deer articles.
  2. phade

    More CWD news

    It was filmed in early February. I've seen some in the scientific community say much of this is old data/news and just a spin. With the purported value, there'd be bigger investments and money pouring in from major companies if this had true merit. I am skeptical on this one.
  3. phade

    From the woods to the wall...

    It fooled me. I have the video to prove it lol. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. phade

    New world record non typical

    It's a new world record once it's entered. Deal with it. Be a skeptic. Be a supporter. Be suspect of how much money its worth. And whether you'd take the deals or not. You choose. That's the cool thing about hunting. You'd think a new world record would be celebrated by a group of fine hunters here at this site. Then again, maybe not. Congrats to the hunter. I hope his and his group's wildest dreams come to fruition. Even more than I am sure they already have.
  5. phade

    When is technology TOO much...?

    How words are consumed and created is just more technology reflection. In 1989, there were a quarter million words. Today, more than a million are recognized. Reading isn't going by the wayside soon.
  6. phade

    Why No dove season in NY ?

    Oh, the off-season...
  7. I think the scars and stories will work well in the bar. Not many people can say they wrestled a mountain lion and won. By the time he's 40 that mountain lion will probably be 200 pounds, ha.
  8. phade

    When is technology TOO much...?

    Technology enhances jobs and opportunities in the overwhelming majority of scenarios. Nothing is perfect, but this cycle has been proven for eons. Dating back to early mankind. A more relevant example. The ATM. When the ATM was released, there was panic in the streets that banks would disappear and tellers would be non-existent. Really, what the ATM did was take on the lower-value add transactional work for the teller and instead allowed the teller to focus on client service and higher value-add responsibilities. The net result? There are exponentially MORE banks and MORE tellers today than prior to the ATM's release. It spurred significant growth in the industry and created many more jobs. The opposite of the fear mongers' nightmares. Automated cashiers just result in more people to add value on other client-centric focus areas.
  9. phade

    When is technology TOO much...?

    Grammar much?
  10. phade

    Browning Dark Ops trail camera

    That line of model does not offer the sensitivity adjustment. Newer incarnations of the model have some adjustments. That said, picking up a mouse is a better outcome than missing wanted game. It's not like it's film days.
  11. phade

    When is technology TOO much...?

    That's not entirely true. Your phone is likely setup to transmit certain message types via wifi. If your phone is connected to that wifi successfully, then you can send and receive those types of messages while on airplane mode. There are SMS, MMS, iMessage, etc. I do this all of the time while on Delta flights (you can text back and forth on their platform) and when I'm in the USVI to avoid picking up a BVI signal and costing me $$$.
  12. phade

    When is technology TOO much...?

    You're getting it via wifi connectivity.
  13. phade

    When is technology TOO much...?

    I have a "kid" who can't write very well with his hands, but he can think critically and code enough that he's automated six figures worth of savings in his first year. I can work with that. I don't care if he spells cat with a "K."
  14. phade

    When is technology TOO much...?

    Get off my lawn! Damn kids these days.
  15. phade

    Under water cameras