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  1. The risk with doing that is overgrowth. If I am going to set cams on or around buck beds it will be done in the thick of summer heat and growth. At that point you know where and how to set or even trim to avoid grass and weeds. I don't often do the beds but rather trails leading to and from that bedding area in general. I find that it lends itself to more use and a slightly wider net, with less intrusion. I do occasionally set up on beds but in most instances the intel is less useful and I do it more for the photos and challenge in areas I know come season, the pressure will kill it. This is one of my two down times for cams, the other post shed to pre-season turkey. I usually set volume on or around July 4. Vegetation is thick so you know what you are dealing with and bucks are more easily IDed, etc. All that said, I set a cheap cam on our Missouri ground before we left. I'm hoping it is still there and would love to see the pics off of it. We really only get there to hunt - no summer prep, so that cam will have been out a long time when checked. This year, I'll likely set up a cell cam on external/solar and do it right and be mentally prepared for it to be stolen cost-wise. Last year we were getting our Ohio ground set up and that took alot more time, and still much more to do there. It left me unprepared to set cams efficiently in Missouri for a long-haul. This one is on a fence post up high in an open area where I "think" I'll be OK with summer grasses. It is loaded with lithium and the biggest card it'll take on a 30 sec or one minute rip.
  2. It's the solution, not the answers, that perplex us all. Doesn't matter what we believe the answer is as to why, none of us have the solution that works. Otherwise, humans have a knack for making the solution come to the surface. This is the erosion from within that every dominant nation has suffered from. Have we peaked as the world's superpower? This very cultural shift is exampled by an 18 yo kid doing what he did.
  3. I'm done w/Turkey. Didn't even hunt NY. Ohio is a one-bird state this year for the first time and that took three days. 4/30 Day 1 Spot 1 - Heard one gobble, and an early shot from the area the birds were coming from. Nothing seen through Noon. 5/1 Day 2 Spot 2 - Preset blind was in the game. Got in, and had four gobblers around us (like a five on a die - us in the middle). One lone tom looped in and wouldn't cross the wire fence 60 yards out, but he put on a show before moving off with storm coming. T-storms came in that were brutally bad and we toughed it out, but no other birds after that storm. A ton of gobbling pre-storm. 5/7 Day 3 Spot 1- No gobbling. One hen at daybreak. Tom and two big jakes around 7:40 completely silent. Buddy and I doubled up and done. Got two monster toms still on cam at Spot 2 and Spot 1 has birds showing up randomly at various times.
  4. Could be a while - looks like most large financial groups put the risk of recession at 35% or thereabouts. Seems low to me, but who knows. My guess is that we straddle these next 12 months with losses and some recoveries, but exit 12 mos from now about where we are. Or it goes into the crapper with a recession if inflation doesn't get tamed more. Supply and Demand is out of whack on alot of economic staples - and the ones that are not have cost increases.
  5. Best of luck with the move and relocation. The interest rate jump might have an impact in coming future, but market supply is still pretty low so you might make out OK.
  6. Definitely a tough time for people closer to retirement or in retirement. I have been taking a hit like most but hoping the down cycle works through eventually and down cost average helps.
  7. Vortex is good, but I really like the Vortex of 5-10 years ago. Their business model is moving to big box placement and I think other companies with the mindset Vortex had 5-10 years ago are now out-offering value for performance. Athlon, Maven, Sig Sauer, and the list goes on and on.
  8. The Trophy XLT is a wildly underrated scope. It's lost alot of popularity due to the downgrade in the vertical stack of companies for optics. I have at least four on MZ, 20g, and modern 243 / 350 L. I would pay DOUBLE maybe even TRIPLE if I could find the DOA 200 3-9x40 for my back up 20g. They stopped making them and that is a travesty. IMO they BLEW OUT OF THE WATER the Nikon. I found a Nikon new in box last year in a shop collecting dust. I prefer the XLT. Tossed the Nikon up on eBay and it sold for more than $500...3.5X the original cost. If I can't find one I will end up with the Burris.
  9. Nice gesture Goosifer. I have to ask, noticed you sold or gave alot of hunting stuff. Did you get out of the sport?
  10. phade


    I only got to two stores this weekend in Ohio. No BH209 but I did get CCI 209M primers which are hard to find here and are the ideal primer for BH209. I have plenty now for ppl if they want some.
  11. I run TSS through my 410s. Expensive but it makes up for the shortcomings of the selection. Patterns like no other though, and I have used 12g hevi blend which historically was $$$ and top tier commercially. When NY moves to allow the smaller shot size, it'll become even better. As it stands now I do all my turkey hunting in Ohio which doesn't have that requirement. 9, 9.5, 10 are pretty crazy.
  12. Yeah, there is some logic ahead that this might be a recession with a long period of recapture. Doomsday people referring to the 1920s and how long it took for the market to return to those levels - 25 years or so. Hopefully that is not the case, but I can see a 2-5 year bumpy road IMO. To me the biggest issue is also the most simple - supply and demand. The world population is growing and demand is outstripping supply in what seems like anything that matters. Housing, cars, wood, rare elements, healthcare, logistics, fuel/power, food, etc. I'm not very optimistic that we'll get back to the days of excess and easy sourcing any time soon. Scale is becoming a more complex challenge to supply. I am definitely becoming more interested in other revenue streams beyond market investing. I'm hesitant to get into rentals, but it sure seems like the writing is on the wall for demand for the long-term.
  13. Saturation of EV has little to do with future growth value of Tesla - Tesla's biggest challenge is going to be production and maintaining quality and brand strength, which will determine how big they get. Tesla is Tesla's biggest challenge. Remember, as the market moves to EV from ICE, the companies at most risk are legacy automakers. They have to protect their volume and market share. Tesla has nothing but upside with the ability to EAT up the legacy market share - which is why the value is so heavily shown in market cap, being 10 times GM. It doesn't maintain that for no reason. Plus Tesla is smart enough to know that the key to auto success is the battery and power storage. They're going to continue diversification across those markets. Similar to how the gold rush made millionaires out of the shovel and jeans sellers...not the miners.
  14. It's the other way around - Tesla is eating into legacy share. Tesla dominates the EV market, which is cannibalizing ICE market. The market isn't EV vs ICE. It's cars, period. Tesla isn't at risk of losing it's market share. Legacy automakers are. For simplicity sake: EV Market Share today is 10 units ICE Market Share today is 90 units Tesla has 9 out of 10 units in EV (90%) Future State where Tesla loses "market share": EV Market Share is 40 units ICE Market Share is 60 units Tesla has 28 out of 40 units in EV (70%) With technology and patents holding the future of EV, Tesla is well positioned to eat a bigger piece of the pie. They also just announced more records broken today in terms of production and delivery.
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