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  1. Finally able to at least climb and be more mobile while awaiting neurosurgeon appointment next week. Had one of those hunts Sunday morning with a plan to get this guy and it worked. There's a couple more opportunities for late season MZ; finishing strong!
  2. Here's one of your NYC brothers, lol. At least he's upstate now!
  3. Ghost is the newest model. The regular Gocams are good but have some aged technology/limited features. The batch send and the battery life performance are probably the two biggest reasons IMO.
  4. These are a little degraded since I blew up the second pic, but it gets you detail you need when it's important. People have gathered license plate numbers, even back tag numbers from sent images.
  5. Spartan is worth the extra money for a variety of reasons. The Spartan will send HD vids with sound, you can batch send at specific times (rather than at set intervals chosen by other makers), the HD image request allows for significant zoom in on detail which becomes important when dealing with a specific buck, or a trespasser, etc. Likewise, it has active GPS that once stolen and turned off, still sends a location because of the internal LI-ION battery, which also extends battery life around 20% of their earlier models. Plus it has the ability to resend transmission if it is dropped, which often results in a 98%+ transmission rate. Most other cams without the redial capability hover in the 80-90%. The camera has an external antenna which has two upgrade options for low signal areas vs. an internal antenna that is all or nothing. You can control the app with admin privileges and give guest viewer access that limits control capabilities.There's more but these are some the ways that the added cost drives a better user experience. I'll post an example of zoom capability.
  6. There won't be an answer you can take to the bank because its not your ground those cams are on. It's trial and error because every terrain scenario is different. I have had very good luck in flat farmland, but every once in a while I have a cam that has a weak CL signal. The cams can be daisy chained, but I encourage against it. Imagine 5 cams in your network - Cam 1 is the cell cam, cams 2-5 are the CL cams. The daisy chain is at cam 2, and cam 2 batteries go down. Cams 3, 4 and 5 no longer send images to Cam 1 now via Cam 2. You have the replace batteries in Cam 2, and then go to 3,4,5 to reconnect. It'll work, but you better have a strong battery solution and just understand the ramifications of a daisy chain. I encourage users to employ a hub and spoke method like a wagon wheel. Cell cam in center of where your CL cams will be. Yes, more intrusion than having it on one edge, but you'll have less downtime, stronger reception, better transfer rates, and better battery life.
  7. Most all sensing issues with Browning track back to batteries. I encourage lithium at this time of year for Brownings. If it was a Strike Force or Dark Ops line, even more so due to the voltage design with 6 batteries. Once the alkaline gets below 70% in them, I switch out, and that's in summer. Lower temps in winter = lithium in Browning. When a Browning is fed properly, their sensors are some of the best if not the best in the market. Their battery life and power use is more demanding however. Your Cabelas cam and the cheap no-name China cam are likely made in the same factory or share similar original parts. Cabelas is made by BMC, which is a generic cam producer in China. Not a bad thing at all, I have some and use BMC from time to time. The gaps in those cams tend to be generic firmware that can be inconsistent. Every once in a while, you get a winner and that cam will produce for a long time. It's just a pricing roulette spin.
  8. The impact of cams and their use on mature bucks will be one of hunting's biggest debates going forward. I think it depends on the buck's disposition. For every mature buck that is bothered by them, there is one that will not pay it any attention, or even moreso, pay it attention by sniffing or licking the cam and not freak out. High mounting cams work well to take them out of line of sight, but cause other issues. Many cams have performance degradation high mounting - you have to experiment with each cam to see how it reacts to sensing area at angles. I use to high mount all of my cams, but now do around 50% and mostly because I want to hide the cam or for use in a close-in spot. My cells for the most part I level set because they will sit there for a long time with no intrusion. I no longer am a fan of checking cards in the rain. It's a great way to introduce moisture into the cams, which is the #1 killer. Most all lower and mainstream cams do not have coated internals and use lead on solders. This results in corrosion and cams starting to "act up." Cuddelink is a complex system. Having that many cams, you might be able to pick it up quickly. It is user intensive to set up, but once up and running, it works well. If you don't have a regular cell cam, I'd suggest buying one and getting used to it as the curve is shorter to Cuddelink from that. I have sold them for a while now and users tend to be pleased with them after going through that learning curve.
  9. I have had the same experience, too. I pulled one last week and read it on my phone and the darn thing saves 400 empty files on my phone. One by one they got deleted watching the bills game. I've probably went through 10 of them myself. All end up working for a short period of time or causing issues out of the gate. I mostly rely on my cells and then use a tablet or laptop with an integrated reader. Swap cards outside of the season.
  10. Thanks! We'll know more in about a month at ATA as to what's on the horizon. Rumor mills swirl at this time of year. Cuddeback has that market cornered - my understanding is that they put in around $1M into the R&D for the mesh network, so expect them to keeping pushing that platform. Nobody has come out to say it, but hints are an app is in the works which will take that platform to the next level. I don't think pic size will increase - drains on batteries. Cuddelink still is more geared toward a landowner, land manager, etc. IMO. It is more complex than a regular cam and a regular cell cam. If the app brings the user experience to a more simple level, it could be more popular and useful. I spend more time on my cuddelinks than other cams. Once its up running though, it does a great job.
  11. A member here sent me more than 20 PMs, asked me to troubleshoot a cam he bought from TCP. I did, spent alot of time on it. Said user went back to TCP gave them the info I found as the bug, and then they started posting it as their own. Said user here who went to me for help, promised to buy cams from me going forward, then didn't, and then returned to me asking me for advice on which cam is best to buy, and went and bought elsewhere. That is a very typical request I get - people ask for help, I give it, they promise to buy, and then go elsewhere and often come back asking for help on said cams. Clients at the same time began coming to me saying "I am buying from you because of the support you can give me - when you give it away for free to non-customers, there is no reason for me to buy from you." It's also the reason why I don't have to advertise, market, etc. 95% of my sales come word of mouth and I have been very fortunate to hit well into the 6 figures on cams sales for each of the past two years. I have to go with what my clients want. I should also note some of the customers who told me this are members here. Active ones, too.
  12. Cams are in the same field - not same tree, but within 40-50 yds. Moultrie Cell and Spartan Ghost. Normal transmission pictures. Not HD or other options.
  13. I have a business to run and clients to account for/answer to. Big difference.
  14. Vario Speed is the most common selection from Black Diamond.