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  1. must have been a good migration last year? what did you do? shoot 3,000?
  2. I can't wait to read all the useless shit that was stuffed in there so I can give my blood pressure a work out
  3. I wish you all the best and certainly hope it isn't
  4. A guy I worked with and a friend had the same thing. Fever for 2-3 days with typical flu like symptoms, tested negative for flu. This would have been early December.
  5. Rob, Is he right at the hospital? My daughter is a PT and she's at Strong. NOT a big fan of that situation but very proud of her and thankful for all the ones, like your son, standing on the front line of this thing.
  6. They were a pretty cool concept. Tried them a couple of years when they came out. Biggest issue I had was how the rim got beat up by my guns with all the loading and unloading. Once they got chewed up a bit by the extractor, we had a couple that didn't grab. Had to pay attention to how you loaded them in so when they cycled you had a good rim for it to grab. They shot very very well for us.
  7. Sorry for not getting this up sooner. After the orders placed at the Banquet on the 14th of March, we still have 50 gabs available. See above for details. We are still hoping that we are are first week in May for Delivery. Must be a QDMA member. Memberships available online. Holler if you want some.
  8. I SO WISH that NY had a Apprentice hunting license like other states. Georgia allows you to go afield without a safety course but you are shoulder to shoulder with a licensed mentor. I think there may even be a requirement that the mentor can't be armed. I'll have to check on that one. Thanks for being an instructor. we really do need more of them.
  9. home work (paper form or online) followed by 8 hours of instruction.
  10. I don’t understand the “online” part that keeps getting mentioned. There is a reading and homework questions that is available online and in paper form. Is that what you are talking about? Having gone through it again with our Field to Fork classes I can see why they do it. It at leas gives them a basic understanding of terms so they are somewhat prepared for the in person class.
  11. After going through the hunters safety, bow and trapping courses I can say that if anyone should be in person it’s the trapping one. cant imagine I would have gotten a tenth out of it if it had been online.
  12. I had a F-150 that did this as well. The lights would come on at random time. wipers and a host of other things. Turns out the windshield I had replaced was the culprit. It allows a slow drizzle by the windshield and corroded the back side of the fuse box and a few other electrical components.
  13. If any of you guys are using a media and vibrating your cases, try this tip. place 10-12 1" strips cut from used dryer sheets in there when you tumble. You'll be amazed at the dirt, grime and dust that they pick you and it isn't left in your media.