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  1. pigs liver...seems tougher and stays on the hook great. Leeches and then nightcrawlers. I fish weight on the bottom and hooks above. Usually target as soon as the apple and cherry blossoms pop.
  2. My next gun purchase is going to be an "off caliber". When I am seeing ammo it seems to be in less popular chamberings.
  3. Well that should be in the DIY section on here with a video.
  4. I know 3 guys that use the Pnuma vests and they love them. They just came out with pants and a hand muff too.
  5. I’ve got a PVC pipe jig I made because I was crimping with a hand drill. I’ll dig it out and post a pic
  6. I’ve got a PVC pipe jig I made because I was crimping with a hand drill. I’ll dig it out and post a pic
  7. The laws and most penalties aren’t the issue. It’s the system that allows for pleas and shortened sentences.
  8. This thread is discussing infringing/modifying/restricting a Constitutional right. What you just discussed is a law. In the hierarchy of what should be preserved the Constitutional right always trumps the law. If we are discussing what is acceptable to modify in regards to the Constitution we certainly shouldn't take law modifications off the table. The law is a standard of social norms with accompanying penalties for veering outside those norms. The reason our laws are of little value as a deterrent currently is becasue they have no teeth anymore. I am going to search tomorrow but I'd bet tha
  9. I can tell you that Monroe (Rochester) doesn't require it. Here are some highlights. https://www.nyfirearms.com/threads/pistol-permit-information-by-county.2348/#post-12566
  10. There are counties in NY that require it and ones that do not. I have never seen any data that showed that lack of a course raised the numbers of events you listed. It makes sense to me that training would help but I've seen adults that handle long guns that have "years of experience" that make me cringe.
  11. if we start sending them to the chair in quicker fashion they won't be there to offend again. In hard contrast to NY and national catch and release.
  12. You have to pass a written permit test and a road test. What course is required? Are you under the impression a course is currently required to get a handgun permit in NY?
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