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  1. Culvercreek hunt club

    Supplies arrived.

    I looked around quite a bit. I really wanted to make it to Frankfort to the convention but couldn't swing it. I ended up with 2 places for the bulk of the purchases. Best prices I could find on the traps I wanted. Hell the DP's were under $10 each when I got the dozen. I ended up using Funke and Schmitt Enterprises. They were basically even on most items but some were way cheaper. Great prices on cable and components besides the best on the traps I wanted.
  2. Culvercreek hunt club

    Supplies arrived.

    The Bridgers came night latched. I am pretty impressed with them out of the box. If I have time I am going to laminate them. I have not put shock springs in yet on them. I am still debating that one but leaning that way. I am going to run earth anchors on most of the foot hold traps. Most of the areas I will be using the DP's has brush and trees so I am going to use cable loops on those. The Duke 1.5's I expect to use in pocket sets for coons and pole sets if I get to the muskrats. I already night latched them. They needed quite of adjustment on them. I base plated them for a center swivel, bubble welded the jaw ends but they come with some pretty crappy chain in my opinion. Changing that out may have to wait until next year. I'll end up with 3 crush proofs on all the traps. The Bridgers will get all of the j and s hooks welded.
  3. Culvercreek hunt club

    Supplies arrived.

    They do have to be checked daily. Everything I will be doing to start is within 5 miles of my house. Easy truck or wheeler access right to the trap areas I want to set. .
  4. Culvercreek hunt club

    Supplies arrived.

    Well I went on a bit of a shopping spree to get set up with gear. I'll post pics up as I get it all set up and ready for action. I am glad I got into some hobby blacksmithing, this is going to prove handy in some of the things I want to set up for the trapping. I am planning on mainly running for coons, fox and coyote but may take a stab at a little water trapping if I have the time or come up with some areas to do it that aren't too far away. I will be running Bridger #2-2 coil dogless-offset, Duke Dogproofs and Duke 2 coil #1.5's. I also was given a few bodygripping 160's but am deciding if I will run those on land or not. I am in the process of building my own fleshing beam system but the big void for me currently is drying boards. I still have to source them. I did find a mill that will sell me 1/2" basswood so I could build my own, but I may just bit the bullet and buy them ready to go.
  5. Culvercreek hunt club


    He took it over and released it at the Mother in Law's house.
  6. Culvercreek hunt club


    All he did was the easy part. Unless he is going to pour a yard of concrete over it where it sits, we still have time for the
  7. Culvercreek hunt club

    Found a yellow jacket nest

    I was told the story of what took place yesterday. It took a while for the guy to relay it to me becasue there was laughing between every other
  8. Culvercreek hunt club

    Luna and Kunox’s Tracking Journal 2019

    one of my all time favorite threads o the forum. Good luck this year.
  9. Culvercreek hunt club

    2019 Field to fork Program

    I liked the mini Finn from Case that we got last year a bit better because of the Finn being a bit smaller. But this grip is larger and I think easier for them to handle. This one does come crazy sharp and should work well for them I think
  10. Culvercreek hunt club

    2019 Field to fork Program

    I little swag for the participants
  11. Culvercreek hunt club

    2019 Field to fork Program

  12. Culvercreek hunt club

    2019 Field to fork Program

  13. Culvercreek hunt club

    2019 Field to fork Program

  14. Culvercreek hunt club

    2019 Field to fork Program

    Well it is a wrap for the training and the NY Hunter Eduction course. Beside the classroom portion we had to opportunity to walk around the property and give them a taste of the different types of stands and why each was placed where it was. We saw and discussed actual deer sign. They did some off hand shooting with the firearms they will be hunting with and actually practices with improvised shoot rests as well. Lunch was venison chili and venison cheeseburger casserole. All in all a great day. They weather really turned around and was beautiful. The branch provided them with their first hunting knife and a custom hunter orange knit hat. Our national office provides them a hunter orange vest and orange baseball hat. Should be ready whatever weather Mother Nature tosses at them for the season.
  15. Culvercreek hunt club

    2019 Field to fork Program

    We've been pretty lucky in that no one has really had any issues with the firearms. I believe because we really take out time on the range day, have multiple calibers to work our way up so they don't get freaked out, they have been ok. Even though almost not had shot anything before. Even the the ex military in this years class had never fired a "real caliber" If I am lucky enough to get a deer with my recurve in the first part of bow season, I may try to get a couple of them their deer during crossbow. It would take some of the pressure off the mentors during regular season. They are pretty darn easy to shoot.