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  1. Jerry, Typically you are right. They breed in June/July and usually to boar won't tolerate the young being around. They may have just regathered after the breeding or maybe a boar didn't find her while in heat. I doubt she dens with them again if she is bred.
  2. Looking for a 3.5 year old or better for a buck. Horn configuration done'st matter. For does- since I mainly hunt high population areas that need reduction, as long as it isn't a fawn I am shooting it.
  3. If you did burger in a crockpot isn't that just portioned controlled meatloaf? lol
  4. and coffee since it has caffeine actually restricts your blood vessels and makes you colder. But I drink it
  5. Venison Fajitas. (beef or chicken if you guys weren't lucky enough to get one earlier.) the meat and onions and peppers can be done ahead of time and just warmed up and all the other fixin's are easy to pull out of the fridge and cooler. Get the BIG flour tortillas, salsa, sour cream and shredded taco cheese. Lay it out n the table and everyone helps them selves. use McCormick's packet Fajita seasoning.
  6. Bibs and not pants. allows warm air flow up and doesn't restrict blood flow. hot hands foot warmers and my hand muff with a couple hot hands in there. turtle neck, always, and a balaclava if it's windy.
  7. Boy that would make me a happy camper. lol
  8. Nick is Sunday afternoon and full day Monday and Tuesday Jayson is full days both Sat and Sunday Chas- is full days both Sat and Sunday Jt is full days both Sat and Sunday Myles is only Saturday but full day Mike is only Sunday but full day Kate is only Sunday but full day except a lunch break Pamela is full day Sat and Sunday. Then we will regroup for the next weekend with whoever doesn't get one.
  9. @Biz-R-OWorld Biz. Let's hear the predictions for the Field to Fork crew. I'll even provide the pictures, names and where they are hunting. They all have antlerless permits for the properties they are hunting and will have scoped firearms. From the left. Nick- Down in 8t, Carrying a Savage bolt action in 308win, hunting on a private managed hunting camp. Jayson- in 8H Carrying a 20 gauge single shot rifled shotgun, hunting with Moog on his private Chas- in 8M, carrying a bolt action ought 6, hunting the property where Tanya took her buck last year. JT- Hunting with me in 7R at our camp. Carrying my Encore in 308 win. The property where the biggest buck of the group was taken. Myles and Mike, Hunting AG property in 8H and will be carrying 12 gauges. Remington 1187 3" and 1100 2- 3/4" respectively. Kate hunting in 8J on a private farm. Carrying a Savage bolt in 243. Pamela hunting in 8H on a 40 acre private camp. Carrying a savage bolt action 20 gauge rifled shotgun.
  10. Those aren't pistols. THIS is a pistol. lol. I won't have it this weekend becasue the frame will by accompanying the Fieldd to Form mentee i am taking out but it will be dressed with a laminate thumbhole stock and a 308 rifle barrel. I plan on carrying it on Thanksgiving weekend though.
  11. I just wanted to give this a little bump and let folks follow it if they wish. We are less than 4 days away from our first hunts with the Mentees and I hope we will be posting up pics and stories as they come in. We have some excellent mentors with access into some great properties and the participants are on their A game for marksmanship (markswomanship in two I'ts gonna be a cold one this weekend so all day sits will prove challenging.....STAY TUNED!! I also want to wish the Upper Hudson Branch good luck as they take their first group out this weekend as well.
  12. I have shot arrows missing a vane out of curiosity as well and they grouped fine inside 30. I would sooner think it was ready to fall off and ended up hitting something on the way past the riser. I could see the front peeling up towards the riser and causing the tip to come up in flight and sail over the buck.
  13. Happy Birthday, I hope it's spent in the woods
  14. I have not seen a bad blood trail with the Rages. I will say that every time it has been 20-50 yards before the blood starts coming out. I think that has more to do with how fast they cover ground rather than the lack of a good cut. The buck I shot last year with mine went about 30 yards before I saw a spot. At the 50 yard mark this was the blood trail. I am not say that this happened to you but I see more times than not that hunters don't know exactly where the deer was when the shot happened, where it really ran after the shot and where was the last place they actually saw the deer. Any new hunters I am with or take out I tell them all the time I only want to know two things after they shoot. a landmark where it was standing and a landmark where was the last they saw it. The young guy I had with me Sunday that Moog posted the pic of wasn't sure where it was at the shot becasue it was in a food plot with no really good landmarks. but after years of beating it in his head he knew exactly the path it took and the last place he saw the deer. That deer made it about 40 yards out of the plot with no hair or blood that we could find. picked us sporadic blood for about 40 yards up a hill and then the blood trail was enormous at the hill top. he died after waling about 4 circles up on the hill.