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  1. Culvercreek hunt club

    I’ve had it!

    without a boundary like a fence (or a it has to be posted properly
  2. Culvercreek hunt club

    I’ve had it!

    Did you read what you posted? If it is not posted and you have not served notice there will be NO ticket issued. Count on it.
  3. Culvercreek hunt club

    I’ve had it!

    If you are sure your property is posted legally (properly) you shouldn't even need to go through the certified notification process. If caught on it you will be able to have them arrested. I'd go the sheriff route.
  4. Culvercreek hunt club

    I’ve had it!

    just like running rabbits. may times with a shotgun with birdshot.
  5. So who would be mandating that a homeowner would have to take in anyone?
  6. I can see that. I don't take exception to any of what you said. I was just saying that if they had a marketable skill there may be a case for keeping them here. I know there are a lot of industries that are very short handed with good employees.
  7. You create a path to citizenship for those that have value. If you are here and do not have a marketable trade, do not have means to support yourself or family, have a criminal record- you get the boot. It's unrealistic to say we are going to take them out all at a one time. You remove them as they present themselves or the authorities come across them. The easiest way is to have them remove themselves. You do that buy removing any incentive to stay. No health care, no social programs, no more sanctuary. The big nut is we need to take the anchor baby issue head on and as soon as RBG takes a dive and we get another SCOTUS appointment this should happen. I am sick of having illegals present themselves for work, we run the paperwork and find it is not consistent with the Fed Records and they are illegal and have either forged ID or another person's ID and the Government doesn't want to do a damn thing. I could have them sitting right in front of me or one of our managers and no agency wants to act.
  8. Culvercreek hunt club

    2019 Whitetail Report.

    I thought I would link the report that QDMA makes available for free download on their site. It looks at harvest trends across the whitetail range, QDMA mission, initiatives and goals. It discusses some of the health concerns that exist for the whitetail. and many more whitetail topics. It also discusses the organization's financial report. For two years running they have received the highest rating available for use of funds. This 4 star rating means putting the funds into programs as compared to overhead. It is a big report and LOTS of data. Hope you enjoy the read. There is also access to previous years reports.
  9. Culvercreek hunt club

    What would you pay for this snowmobile?

    wheelers are no different than cars. make you deal without any mention of a trade in and get the best pricing you can. THEN deal with the trade ins. Otherwise they will be just moving cost from one pocket to the other. There is a reason some car dealers are offering $4,000 for any trade, push , pull or drag it in. You really aren't getting $4,000 on that trade in. If you already had a good deal done on the wheeler and then they offered you the $2,500 on the sled I wouldn't let the ink dry on that offer and I'd do it.
  10. Culvercreek hunt club

    Lost a hunting partner today

    So sorry for your loss.
  11. Culvercreek hunt club

    Field to Fork Program for New Adult hunters.

    Totally understand.
  12. Culvercreek hunt club

    lighted knocks for bolts

    I like them more for finding the bolt when it goes out the other side.
  13. Culvercreek hunt club

    Field to Fork Program for New Adult hunters.

    if you or anyone else following this have an interest in participating as a host, mentor or branch volunteer, there should be programs sprouting up in the other branches as well. The person to contact about what may be near you is our Regional Director, Mike Edwards, Drop him a line and mention me and the Hunting NY site.
  14. Culvercreek hunt club

    Field to Fork Program for New Adult hunters.

    yeah, they messed that up but the Field to Fork active link goes to the QDMA page at least
  15. Culvercreek hunt club

    Field to Fork Program for New Adult hunters. They did t get it all right but they tried lol