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  1. Thanks all. I’m at camp for one more day so what could be better.
  2. we did ok. I can't even remember the final totals but didn't hit as many properties becasue of limited time. The fox seemed to come better than the coyotes this year and we did hit our first grey. Probably a dozen coyotes and 14 fox. Just off two properties. Damned fishers all over the place and no season.
  3. Hi all. Been a hectic year with a new relationship, big changes at work and trying to get a wood workshop up and running. Never enough hours in the day. Keep an eye out over the next month for info on a new format for our banquet. Shooting for late May. Much more informal and firearms focused. It'll be outdoors and under a pavilion becasue we are trying to alleviate any COVID concerns and be less likely to have to cancel if there is another variant. I did commit to 150 bags of Soybeans and am taking names of those that want them. Probably half are already spoken for. $20 a bag and will be local pick up in Rochester on a weekend. Stay tuned for details.
  4. Personally I'd rather see this sub as a place to discuss actual hunting and firearms legislation/changes.
  5. It would be terrible to see a social media platform not dish out punishment evenly or even favor one political leaning, wouldn't it?
  6. 3 years ago today. hope lightning strikes again but I think you are right about the snow. I'll take the low 40's in the day and high 20's/low 30's at night.
  7. I think it was 4 years ago that we had the crazy amount of snow opening day/week. I remember becasue it was the first Field to Fork class and it was cold with snow at camp why my mentee got his good buck.
  8. Happy birthday Greg. Hope the big boy walks by tonight for you
  9. Those adjustable stretchers were bought. Mainly so I could get a pattern. I have lumber milled up and all cut and shaped for a couple dozen of Coyote and fox/coon. They sure are nice but I like the ones with a center board so there is something nice to pin the tails to.
  10. Biggest issue hunting (specially bow hunting) a small piece is retrieval of the deer. At least with a fire arm you can take a shoulder shot and anchor it there.
  11. I'd rather have the "right 5 acres" than the "wrong 50"
  12. This sounds like 3 weeks of heaven. I'm enjoying joining in....if only on the interment.
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