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  1. I just got a new Chevy in May. I'll be putting the clear hood and bumper wrap on it to avoid stone chips since I keep them so long. Might want to consider those.
  2. now that they know who is impacted, I can't find a reason to go to round #2 in shutdowns.
  3. ok Let's really look at some numbers. This is straight off the CDC website. They are a little confusing becasue they don't use the total reported cases to calculate percentages. They use a number where people actually reported underlying health conditions. SO those appear to be inflated. Looking at these numbers is it really prudent to shut down a county for what is really a disease with a risk to the older population? My mother and good friends are in those groups. Should they be sheltering? Should we be making arrangements to make sure they are cared for until there is a vaccine?
  4. In most cases carpet will help resale. the majority of the public isn't like
  5. those are amazing becasue they have such a custom fit.
  6. Ok, I ma putting this here even before I put out the emails to our branch email list. We are scheduling a habitat seminar for Friday August 21st. Details below. It will be an outstanding presentation and your $20 entry fee is going to get you a $35 value -1 year QDMA membership. (Provided by Greater Rochester QDMA) Can't beat that deal. It's great to be teaming up with Land and Legacy to put this on and hopefully much more in the future. LIMITED TO THE FIRST 50. ----- Inside ----so rain or shine. Plenty of room for social distancing.
  7. (Georgio's greens) There are NO The bacon was stuff I picked up at a small shop and they raise it there. It was outstanding. I bought bacon ends. This was second place for last night. The favorite of the 3 of us was the white clam sauce pizza. I did my own sauce and it came out very good.