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  1. Culvercreek hunt club

    Shoot or pass?

    You did the right thing. Your buddies are wrong
  2. Culvercreek hunt club

    Antler restriction

    I love how folks say to just shoot does when a big chunk of the state has limited or no doe permits.
  3. Culvercreek hunt club

    Field to Fork Program for New Adult hunters.

    The group is on fire!!! I haven’t heard the story yet but Tanya took her first deer and it was a dandy buck for sure. Mentored by Mike Edwards. Congrats Tanya, I hope the hunt was more than you hoped for. And an FYI. she did it with an ought 6
  4. Culvercreek hunt club

    Antler restriction

    I guess it depends on whether you measure success by inches or experiences.
  5. Culvercreek hunt club

    Field to Fork Program for New Adult hunters.

    Terry had him out
  6. Culvercreek hunt club

    Field to Fork Program for New Adult hunters.

    #2 . Another guy gets his first deer. Haven’t got the details yet
  7. Culvercreek hunt club

    Field to Fork Program for New Adult hunters.

    Story to follow but the first field to fork deer is down. Ryan was a rock.....until after the shot. Lol20181117/409fff6a9914702ebcb0ee97534e1927.jpg[/img]
  8. Culvercreek hunt club

    New to NYS and New to Hunting

    This branch is in your backyard. TWIN TIERS BRANCH P.O. Box 1113 Corning, NY 14830 Phone: (607) 329-8560 Contact: Peter Marchese Email:
  9. Culvercreek hunt club

    New to NYS and New to Hunting

    Beth, Where are you guys located in the state? Check out the Greater Rochester QDMA sub forum in the Field to Fork Program. We are already into it this year but other branches will be doing the same thing. Your area will make a big difference with what organizations and forum members are around. PS. Prepare yourself for the "what were you guys thinking moving up here" Welcome
  10. Culvercreek hunt club

    LIVE From The Woods 2018 - Lets hear stories and see some pictures!

    Very nice Bob...Congrats
  11. Culvercreek hunt club

    Weather for Opening Day STier Gun 2018

    I like yours better than what I am seeing on for my camp. They are 2-6" today with 1-3" tomorrow morning and 6-12" Thursday night. That is almost "can't get into camp" totals for me. 1.25 miles on a constant uphill logging road that isn't maintained or plowed.
  12. Culvercreek hunt club

    One last pa buck with dad.

    So sorry for your loss. I know the feelings you are having. My father was my best friend and we spent so much time together when I was growing up, learning to hunt and even worked together. This will be my 3rd season without him. We shared everyone since I was 8 and I am 53 now. Your Dad will forever be in your heart and memories and it will seem like that hurt will never heal. I am here to tell you it never totally will when they have been such a big part of who you are. It will get easier and you will find other ways to pass on what he gave to you, but it will never be gone. And I think that is a good thing. It's a testament to the bond you had with each other.
  13. Culvercreek hunt club

    Feeding those in need- We need your help!!!

    Good write up in the Outdoor News about the VDC. Still not too late to help those in need as we move into the holiday season. I would like to add to this article that many of the NY QDMA branches donated to this initiative outside of this Go Fund Me. This was just our part of the State wide campaign.
  14. I don't believe they are stupid. I believe they are arrogant and think that because no one has ever held them accountable for any of their actions previously, that they will get a free ride this time as well. Since there are no consequence for what I believe is deliberate and illegal behavior why not do it. The ends justify the illegal means for them because they honestly believe they are the solution for getting the US to the only logical "ends". Socialism. They are like a cult.
  15. Culvercreek hunt club

    Yes, I get these are lame, but....

    1 to 1.5" high at 100 should give you about point and click beyond 250 I would think.