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  1. FYI. a catch pole can be deadly for releasing a cat if you don't know what you are doing. Something about the location of their main blood vessels in the neck on the outside of the muscle. If using a noose it works best to get a leg in the loop with the head. In our class they suggested carrying a 2x4' plywood "shield" in the truck. V notch on the bottom to go over a leg and they said to have a leather strap on the back to be able to control the plywood during release. Kind of like this video
  2. Coon. I just didn't have the time to process that day so I let it go. The only freezer space I had would have been in with the food and that move probably would has hastened my
  3. Full disclosure------ My first release was about a 20# coon. If there had been video it would have gone It was in a dog proof trap. I dropped the loop over its neck after about 20 tries becasue it was sitting there and reaching up and batting the loop away with it's hand. When I tightened up he transformed into a Siberian Tiger right before my eyes. ...I used the pole to take all the slack out of the trap cable and pinned him down on his back. Now remember this is a DP so it is always a front foot catch. That really doesn't put your hands all that far from those nashing teeth. I'm holding the pole in one hand, leaning forward and reach down with my strongest hand to compress the DP spring and let it go. I couldn't do it with just one hand. so I put the pole end in my left armpit and lean forward. so my legs are at a 45 and the pole in my armpit. I look like a big tripod. reach down with both hands and compress that spring. As soon as the pressure on his foot was off he spun to his feet and took off running. What happens to a tripod when you kick out one leg?.....yup. fell on my face and luckily reached out and grabbed the end of my pole that was fast following the still attached coon. I got him calmed down a bit and released the tension on the loop and off he went. I then looked around to see if anyone was around.
  4. Keep your first of each specie and get it garment tanned as a wall hanger.
  5. It isn't that hard. I use a pistol. Biggest issue is, at times, they keep wanting to face you and I like a double lung shot. They tend to bounce a bit when you pull up but until then I usually see them laying down. They all act differently. some howl, some growl, some just stand there, They all tend to clam down a bit if you talk. If you plan on releasing any, everything I said goes out the window and soon as the catch pole tightens up around their neck. Then it's game on.
  6. He's showing you where to place
  7. I'd definitely set on that. Worth a trap on either side. That last big male we go I put a trap on both sides. Imagine a male dog cocking it's leg to pee on that clump. back foot or front foot location is what you want. I't won't be set like a dirthole off the clump if you can follow me.
  8. you might want to revisit that
  9. I am not sure if this is the first year or not but it's recent. Caution to everyone that if you are doing this the otter season is closed so make sure you look at the special regs for things like body gripping traps and how they have to be set when there is no otter season. Edit. Feb 28 closes in the south eastern region for otter. The lucky northern guys get it the same as the beaver April 7th. We have no season out here.
  10. Oh bite the bullet and get a trap pack basket and go to Harbor freight and get an 15-16" handled tool bag to hold the things like bait, lure and wool. buckets
  11. Glad you got out some, Steve. It's been a tough season, especially since deer season was over. It's been a challenge keeping everything working. Right now our sets down in Springwater are under about 5-6" of snow. I really wish it it was going to freeze it would stay cold. The thaw and refreeze is a killer. Some thing you might want to look into for next year. Waxed dirt--- can't say enough how well this works. It sure isn't cheap and We did ok with peat moss and antifreeze but the wax dirt was the best. Earth anchors. ---We tried 4 different kinds of the last two years. These super stakes are the best and the one with the extra fin really aid in removal and reuse if you add a pull cable on it.'s+Super+Stakes/ Especially in our glacial till dirt. I really like the Bridger #2 dogless traps but for late season I am sold on the 4 coil to push up through some crust.