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  1. Culvercreek hunt club

    Happy birthday greg54!

    Happy Birthday!!
  2. Culvercreek hunt club

    Scope Recommendations for a Ruger American 22 mag

    I have a Vortex rimfire scope on my 22 mag. Works very well and has the lifetime warranty.
  3. Culvercreek hunt club

    2019 Habitat seed Program (Soybeans)

    I wish they would do a sub forum and have our branches under that. Obviously you just haven't been greasing the right
  4. Culvercreek hunt club

    2019 Habitat seed Program (Soybeans)

    Sold out. Thank you
  5. Culvercreek hunt club

    2019 Habitat seed Program (Soybeans)

    I have pick up scheduled for this Tuesday 5/21 from 7-9 pm and Thursday 5/23 from 6-9 pm in Henrietta, NY. If anyone that hasn't ordered wants some drop me a PM of pick up address. (QDMA membership required and can be gotten online, $35 a year). Bags are $9 each and normally they run over $80 a bag.
  6. $1 is 4 servings in processing. 340,00 license purchasers =1,360,000 servings. FWIW
  7. You mean all the deductions no one in NY can’t take? Lol
  8. Here is the link so you can cut out the middleman.
  9. big time. Some may get paid by the food pantry budgets that may have some State Grant money but what I have some to learn is that is never a guarantee and may of the butchers are paid by the VDC. The other wild card is the price the butchers are paid is below what they would charge if you or I took in a deer to have it cut up. That is why the participating butchers are so sporadic and can be spread out. You and I both know if it is costing them, they wont participate and if you have to drive 40 miles to find a participating butcher we probably aren't going to go. After Rattler's comment above I dug deeper to find actual hunting license sales for last year. (This does not include those that purchased a lifetime last year or any years prior) 343,258 hunting licenses sold. $3,000 donated through the licensing agents portals. That is pitiful. I am trying to understand if it is us as hunters that have no interest in helping or supporting an effort like this or is it the issuing agents not asking the question to donate or people just don't understand what the program is, what it does or how it is funded. ......or a combination of any of these.
  10. Not busting chops and part of this is my trying to see what thoughts or misconceptions are out there. Who do you think pays the butchers?
  11. I’d have to look at how the DEC reports those. Great point. I thought that was “sales”. Could be license holder numbers
  12. I get what you are saying. But we can't control the other interest groups and their lack of effort. We know all too well the Left and advocates can be laser focused on the media splash and not spend much time on results. This IS something the hunters could so and get results and beat our chest a bit about it. This IS NOT something the state is proposing. I am just looking at the number of licenses sold and honestly if it were even 50 cents per hunter we could fund the program at current levels with ease and never risk losing it. If they could pay a better market cost for the butchering we could expand the program and have processors much more conveniently located for us all. This program does a couple things. It not only provides the food to those in need but allows an outlet for meeting management goals in areas with high deer densities. Personally I have laid off harvesting does when my freezer hit capacity and I had given to family and friends that wanted some. I am in one of those areas that we never meet the harvest goals. That is an aspect we as hunters and managers of a resource should be concerned about and use as a feather in our cap...IMO
  13. The state may provide grants to Food pantries and they can pay the processors but the money is not paid directly by the state. The VDC does pay the processors directly and that is no longer getting any money from the state. when and IF we are asked to donate to the venison donation when we buy our licenses that money is collected by the state and goes directly to the VDC to pay processors. Either because people don't know what this is all about (like I didn't), they don't want to donate or the licensing agents aren't asking, out of 532,149 hunting license sales last year, $3,000 was donated.
  14. So far 1 in 5 are saying no.
  15. We are running a poll on our Facebook page. If you have Facebook, please stop over and participate. Would you support a $1 hunting license increase if the money went directly to the Venison Donation Coalition? These funds would pay processors of donated deer to provide health meals to the hungry across the state of NY only.