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  1. I use to wear glasses for distance. Oddly enough as my reading has gone to hell my distance got better. BUT when I was wearing glasses I noticed a marked difference in POI of the arrow with my glasses on compared to when they were off. staring down the bridge of your nose you get light refraction through the lens and the pin really isn't where it would be with the naked eye. So don't be surprised if you have to adjust pins if you are going to go with glasses now.
  2. wasn't it "crying" about the need for orange that started this?
  3. It really is a big neon sign to an anti of what is going on and where to find you.
  4. I've shot quite a few deer wearing jeans. I know they are suppose to see "blue" best but I never had an issue. Scent and movement seems to be the biggest deal breaker and I'd try to stay away from detergents with "whiteners" in them.
  5. Fluorescent Orange & Fluorescent Pink Clothing Requirements New: Any person hunting deer or bear with a firearm or a person who is accompanying someone hunting deer or bear with a firearm shall wear: a minimum total of two hundred fifty square inches of solid fluorescent orange or fluorescent pink material worn above the waist and visible from all directions; or a minimum total of two hundred fifty square inches of patterned fluorescent orange or fluorescent pink consisting of no less than fifty percent fluorescent orange or fluorescent pink worn above the waist and visible
  6. Hard to believe but only 7 registered for the event. If anyone has any interest, shot me a message.
  7. I find the "invisible twig factor" is exaggerated by the magnification. With a scope you focus right through small objects like that. I've spent years using magnification optics for work and it amazes me how many things you can "look right through" with magnification.
  8. Welcome. Tough hunting up there. Where abouts from Central NY are you from. I grew up in Herkimer
  9. I use a Cat Quiver backpack and that way never have to worry about any rattling or the quiver getting in the way. Arrows are easily accessible while walking or when I hang the pack on a hook. They make just quivers too but I like the pack combos https://www.3riversarchery.com/buy/shooting-gear/quivers/catquivers
  10. https://www.dec.ny.gov/outdoor/28605.html It is considered "Regular" season
  11. So they are using it to shit the virus out? lol. Have a good weekend all. NY Trapping convention tomorrow and then Zac Brown Saturday....then 2 days of relaxing.
  12. "Just not you"...I don't understand. If it's not wasted, helps achieve management goals and isn't costing you anything, what's the negative?
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