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  1. Not to put ideas in any heads but I can't honestly believe that any of these wackos hasn't opted to a 12 gauge. I know it is ammo demanding but I've see #4 buck out of a short barrel cylinder bore give about 12-15" pattern at 10 yards (30') I think the #4 (25 caliber)? is 25-27 pellets at over 1300 fps. I know what the smarter pick would be if someone needed to just "shoot away"
  2. Lowering Hunting Age

    I disagree. his/her position is that they are less safe at that age and there is NO data to support that. I guess we have a different definition of "valid" lol
  3. Lowering Hunting Age

    Aren't they in the woods now and at times carrying the same firearms they would be to hunt deer? During that hunting they only need to be accompanied by and Adult/mentor. Currently at 14 and 15 they need to be under direct physical control by the Adult/mentor. I would imagine the same requirement would be for the younger hunters.
  4. how about Remington 7400, Winchester 100, Browning BAR?
  5. So you are willing to side step a Constitutional right and be perfectly OK as long as it saves one life?
  6. The Founding Fathers argument is the dumbest that the Left uses. They knew exactly what they were doing. They just came out of oppression and set it up so it wouldn't happen again. I am sure they didn't envision the internet either. Should that not fall under the first amendment? Babies? Let me take a wild stab at your view of abortioin
  7. Also a good one. Table 20 is the one to look for in each year. That is homicides by weapon. There are also tables that look at homicides by sex, region, state, city and race. Very interesting but pretty stereotypical.
  8. and the deaths of the driver in the alcohol related crashes are in that number too.
  9. 10,497 deaths from alcohol related car crashes in 2016 (doesn't count drug related) . 11,005 deaths from firearms in 2016
  10. I would like automatic death penalty for ANY crime using a gun. Even if not fired. Of course I'd also like to see the one appeal and done scenario too. I don't have a problem with background checks on everything. And since we are going national background checks I also would like to see national reciprocity to CC. The background I went through on my NY pistol permit I really didn't have an issue with. I could buy a national pistol permitting. Then that license IS my background check. As long as I possess that in good standing I should be able to buy over the counter.
  11. That is why I went to the firearms education in school. Seems like we push everything else there that the parents fall short on.
  12. That is really my biggest issue. If we gave in and said NOT "assault weapons", Background checks on all sales, Hell even a "you can only have 7 in your gun". It isn't going to change a thing becasue none of that is the issue. SO once they get what they want and nothing changes they go after the next tier. That won't change anything either and it continues to cascade.