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  1. I will tell you that my best friend had a Vortex for 2 weeks. dropped the gun and broke the crosshairs and dented the tube. They sent the replacement with just a picture even before they received his back. So what is written and how they apply it can be very different. I had a Leupold that had to go in and that didn't happen. They did take care of it but it was done once they got mine.
  2. The BS isn’t the actual statement, it’s the undertone. Anyone who has read your comments on Vortex will know exactly what I mean.
  3. Oh they used science. Just didn’t get results that fit into you preconceived narrative
  4. That was my point but in typical form he can’t see that
  5. So what does it say when science has concluded that there were periods of higher temps in the recent past with lower CO2 levels? And during a period that didn't have Human carbon footprint?
  6. No way will he run in 2020. He doesn't have the balls to risk getting crushed. He'll be shooting for 2024
  7. So your comment of " Nobody has a better warranty" was just BS?
  8. Lawdwaz has a birthday today !

    Happy birthday old man.. Here's to many many more
  9. Hunter harassment

    I am sure you will know this area and many guys from the area. The warm water outflow from the old coal burning plant Russell Station. Wonderful place to catch trout in the claws of winter. Also a magnet for ducks. Only down side is that in the town of Greece they don't allow firearms hunting in that area. Well lit turns out that the town line goes to some water line of Lake Ontario and doesn't extend into the Lake. We confirmed this with DEC. So for the late duck season we were set up in an anchored canoe on the Lake and not in the Town of Greece. Well it also turns out that there were folks set up in the public parking area that were there for the ducks too, but they were there to watch them not eat them. Well the called the LEO's and they came and called us to shore. We explained the situation and they didn't agree. They called DEC and an very nice officer came out and explained to them the errors of their ways. We limited out.
  10. Hunter harassment

    I had one woman for two years follow me out to my stand on property I had permission to hunt, screaming and hollering that i couldn't be here. The first year she called the sheriff every time I went in and always had to show my license to them when I came out until she had cycled through about every deputy there was. They basically came every time she called (said they had to) but by the end of the season they just waved at me or if I was walking out they would chat a bit. At the end of that season she got in my face and we had a very loud chat and believe it or not I think I used a few words she hadn't heard The next year (after the Hunter harassment law went into effect) she picked right up on opening evening where she left off. and I got out of the stand after videoing her and handed her a print out of the law. I said I was giving her one chance to disappear or the sheriff would be at her house. We've never seen her again.
  11. The Murray River delta studies/cores/samples in Australia are pretty interesting reading
  12. I guess in a manner of speaking when they look back in time in sediment records, ice cores, fossilized remains and utilize them as the basis. Plant records of species that appear in sediment of an area and the temps that those plants grow in today would be a pretty strong indicator.
  13. Dmp does make a difference when you get your license?

    They compare the amount they want to issue with previous years' applications and that sets the odds for the draw. Say they determine they will issue 2 for every 3 that apply. That holds for the entire lottery period. Once the license period if over they look at the results. If they didn't give out as many as they wanted then they take the ones that didn't get them and do a random draw for the permits that are left. That is whey you could get denied and all of a sudden you get one in the mail later. It has happened to me twice in 7R before it was High/High.
  14. This is actually a pretty good read. It doesn't appear to be written with any "climate change" spin but talks about some pretty significant temperature variations during civilization's development and expanse.
  15. Look into it and see what you find