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  1. 2018 Quebec Spring Bear Hunt

    My only complaint is the the gloves don’t feel very durable and since they are one size fits all the fingers are pretty long. I would probably wear them under a more durable glove if I was doing anything other than what I used them for
  2. 2018 Quebec Spring Bear Hunt

    I really enjoyed myself. It’s kind of tiring with the schedule and glad we have a three day weekend to get back in sync. Up fairly early. Eat breakfast. Fishing on the lake. Lunch and then leave for the stands at 3. Some days we were pretty far away from camp on some pretty rough and remote “roads”. The first 3 days I way lucky enough to get dropped at the blind site first but that meant the last to be picked up. I usually got picked up at 10-1010 and back to camp at 1040 or later. Cook dinner and a couple drinks. Game of cards and it was tough to get in bed before 1am or 2 am. I am beat. Brian was gracious enough to chauffeur me to Quebec. I enjoyed our conversation and stories. A+ individual right there guys. Glad to add him as a friend. Oh and bugs???!!!! I can’t say enough about rynoskin. I just bought he face mask and gloves but will be getting the shirt and pants. It’s like underarmour heat gear but the fabric won’t let them bite through. I wore a hat and Head net but a head bead always seems to touch the back of your neck or ears. With the rynoskin on there was no bite through. Not one bite on stand but I got chewed up yesterday making our empanadas and fish fry. We ate very well up there but brought way too much food. A very good trip even though no bear for me. I would definitely return to do it again.
  3. Craziest thing you've ever found in the woods

    Strangest thing I ever stumbled on was three harvested pot grows in the middle of the woods. tress cut to open the canopy, miracle grow containers on the ground and fine plastic chicken wire to keep the animals out. the plants must have been tall becasue they were chopped off and were still about 3-4' tall. must have been 300 plants between the three spots.
  4. 2018 Quebec Spring Bear Hunt

    if I get mine early and you are still carrying your recurve, I am bringing my phone and my gopro. Let's see if I can get your bow kill recorded.
  5. 2018 Quebec Spring Bear Hunt

    Very Excited to go and very glad Brian was able to come along. It will be a great time. I wish I had the time to get tuned up, taking one with a recurve would be a trip. There is one other guy bringing a compound bow. The rest of us are burning powder. We will be Pike and lake trout fishing (for the fish fries) and walleye and small mouth for the fun. They are in shallow because the ice just went off the lake last week. Highs will be in low 70's and 40's at night. Should be perfect weather but maybe a bit rainy on Saturday. I have only done fall bear hunts but from what I understand their sizes are really down from Fall weights buy as much as a third. So a fall 300# bear could come out of hibernation at a little over 200. I have never broken the 250 mark on any of the bears i have taken. Should be interesting. Last spring they took two that were over 350 spring weight. There is no mistaking a bear of that size. This is the first week the outfitter runs hunts for the spring season and since there are 8 of us we have the entire bear hunting set up to ourselves.
  6. Turkey breast

    Smoked with a water pan int he smoker and it's to die for. It also make WONDERFUL turkey soup after you smoke it. Paula, If yo haven't tossed the legs yet you probably still use in a soup.
  7. Visitors

    I think it calls for a grain trail right up to the door of your
  8. Decent lunch spot in or near Avon NY

    great Rootbeer
  9. Home owners insurance

    First off Allstate blows. I just dropped them for Home owners and Auto and saved myself $1000 a year. Deductible will be key and I had a buddy that had State Farm and he had several shingles go off. They depreciated the repair cost using the age of the roof and it's expected life and then applied deductible, cut the check and dropped him.
  10. He'll probably learn more during this process than he ever could when sitting through a common core math class.
  11. 4 general grabber at2 tires

    Awesome skins. I run them on my trucks. I have had 3 sets and I got 55k out of the one set. Not to loud on the road either. wish they were my size.
  12. 6th Annual Banquet

    Luckily you knew the guy on the I was pretty impressed with the crowd actually. All those tickets drawn during the night and only had to redraw one becasue no one said they had the winner.
  13. 6th Annual Banquet

    Glad you enjoyed the night. It was great seeing you and thank you for supporting the group. Seemed to go very smoothly and I have only gotten positive feedback so far.
  14. Tick Prevention

    from the reading and reviews I see on the Rynoskins the biting insects can't bite through this, even skeeters
  15. Tick Prevention

    I am ordering a set of rynoskins