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  1. you forgot about the newest one about selling rabbits......wtf
  2. Looking to sell my Field and stream eagle talon 12. I took the thing out once and its been sitting by the shed for a year and a half. Asking $550 and including the 2 piece paddle and $90 life vest. Open to trades for trapping supplies as well since that's what i would spend the money on anyways. Thanks
  3. oblivitar

    Slash arrows??

    Use these WITH those broadheads! omg
  4. oblivitar

    What a crap feeling.

    Went to go for a sit tonight after thanksgiving dinner to find one of my stands stolen. What a shitty feeling. At least it was a cheap $50 walmart cling on stand.
  5. oblivitar

    Ulster hunter bags record-class deer

    219 pounds 14 points 33 inch neck and 60 inch chest..........crazy huge
  6. Anybody see this yet ? http://www.recordonline.com/article/20141121/SPORTS/141129786/101124/SPORTS Some pics
  7. oblivitar


  8. just make sure you wrap your deer in blaze orange before strapping em up in that thing! lol
  9. oblivitar

    never ceases to amaze me..................

    I was there that night. The place was a mad house. My buddy got screwed by one of his friends that lends him his rifle for the season. He ended up buying an 870 right at closing time. Sighted it in Saturday afternoon and he's all set. But yeah people were buying guns that night and planning on using them in the morning. Amazing
  10. oblivitar

    Live From the Stand / Woods 2014!

    Pretty quiet here in 3m. Heard maybe 10 shots all weekend.
  11. oblivitar

    Dutchess county buck

    awesome man. congrats!
  12. oblivitar

    Ruger American.."CLCK!!!"

    What do you need the safety for ?
  13. oblivitar

    The wife got it done

    Thanks everyone!
  14. oblivitar

    The wife got it done

    The best part is, she text me saying she shot at a doe and missed. I got up outta bed got dressed and figured I'd walk in the back way and try and kick something to her. I get to her stand and she tells me she cant find her arrow, so I'm looking all over the place where she said she was standing......nothing. so I walk in tbe direction she saw the doe go and there was a bloody broken arrow. The deer didn't go 40yards. Nice heart shot. She was all excited lol.
  15. oblivitar

    The wife got it done

    Got up this morning and decided i wanted to sleep in. My wife still went out without me and she shoots her first deer. And to top it all off.....she did it on our anniversary lol