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  1. My father who will turn 80 this week is being treated for a mass in his lower esophagus. We are fortunate in the Rochester area that there are many experienced healthcare professionals and facilities. Best wishes to Ana,you and your families.
  2. Wow, everything about that deer is so cool. The story ,the deer and of course the excellent preservation of both !
  3. Could be the same buck that I had to slam on the brakes for a few months ago.He could at least leave me a shed.I think he has 4 on one side and 5 on the other.
  4. Hey leave some for the rest of us GEEZ. Sat out on the West side for 5 hrs. in the afternoon on opening day of firearm season.Lots of tracks,beds and leaves turned over in the snow but neither my buddy or I saw any deer . Not much shooting I was surprised. I should be back there a couple more times before the end of this season so it aint over just yet. Congrats to all of you .
  5. Hunted there this weekend. 3 of us saw deer but none taken.I had a nice buck walking behind me but I couldn't turn around and shoot with the tree I was attached to between us and it was about max range for me.Had nice weather after Thursday.
  6. It depends sometimes I do other years no. I have 2 DMP'S so I still have one for the rest of the seasons.
  7. Meant to post in harvest thread , I keep doing that.
  8. Oct.5,first time out this year.Climbed a tree on State land I was up and loving the cool calm conditions by 7 a.m..About 8 I notice movement out about 50 yds., Small deer. Oh there is another one,and another,and another and so on until 5 doe were moving toward me.2 mature and 3 fawns I believe. No shot at the biggest so the 2nd biggest would have to do.Probably 15 yds. I make a lousy shot too far back. I don't believe the arrow hit a branch it looked clear.Did the deer start to move,not sure.Did I pull the shot ? Could be.(yes I do practice shooting my bow) Climbed down and found a broken arrow and a great blood trail.Followed that slowly for 100 yds. or less and found her dead in a nice clear area of pine trees.So I got lucky and hit an artery and ended up filling a DMP the earliest I ever have.I had 2 DMPs last year that went unfilled so this is nice.
  9. Hunted Letchworth with 2 others Thursday-Sunday. the weather sucked Thurs. and was windy Saturday. Friday was o.k. and Sunday morning was perfect weather. I spent 12 hours in a tree total and saw zero deer.My buddy did the same and saw zero deer. The other friend of ours saw 1 buck and 2 doe. I am disappointed but that is the way it goes.Better luck next time.
  10. Venison tenderloin and yellow onion in butter. Delicious.
  11. Oops,I meant to put this in the harvest thread. I guess I am getting old.
  12. I did not see the biggest buck until after I shot this one and it was out of range.
  13. Yesterday morning around 9 on state land,the light rain had stopped when 2 bucks walked in from my left side. I had plenty of branches to screen me as I stood and drew waiting for the second buck to cross a clear area out in front of me.He was approximately 25 yds when I released the arrow.I thought it was a good lung shot.The bucks ran about 40 yards in to some brush.I watched this one twitching his tail and not acting like a lung shot deer. Then I watched him bed down.I stayed in my climber and waited. The other buck walked around a bit and 5 minutes later this one stood up and was very wobbly on his feet.He walked behind some trees where I could not see him and I heard branches snapping.A few minutes later I saw one of the bucks wander off but I couldn't see far through the green woods to know if one or two bucks had walked away.I knew I had better wait because the last thing I wanted to do was push the deer if he was laying 50 yards away wounded.So I sat for another hour.Meanwhile a bigger buck walked through right near where I last saw this one but I would not have had a shot at him even if I had not shot this one.Finally I decided to quietly climb down and look for the arrow if it was where the deer was when I shot and go back to the car for a while.I climbed down and found a very blood covered arrow behind where the deer had crossed the clear opening. The blood had no bubbles but the arrow was painted with it pretty much from point to nock. Because there was so much blood on the arrow I decided to look where I last saw the buck and found him dead . The shot was too far back but I got lucky there were perfect 3 blade broadhead slices through the liver.