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  1. Glad I just saw this . Made a small donation in memory of my dad who passed from cancer this past July. good luck and thank you !
  2. Received this email today, Still some available. Help an 11 year old girl by buying a nice rifle. Only 65 of these. Can't wait to get mine. https://www.henryusa.com/support4sami/?j=1284741&sfmc_sub=122545645&l=Consumers&u=16568691&mid=100016878&jb=26100&utm_source=Consumers&utm_campaign=Support 4 Sami (Consumer)&utm_medium=email
  3. I saw 5 deer a fox and a black cat driving to hunt this morning in the dark of course. Saw nothing sitting and heard no shots in 8N.
  4. Love the barn wood and that is a mighty fine Marlin Slugmaster there.
  5. 12 gauge for me. Birdshot,Buckshot,Slugs. Works fine in most places in Western N.Y. I would not give up my rifles willingly however.
  6. And on his last day in office he handed out get out of jail free cards to serious violent convicted criminals. I will think of the deposed King every time I have a bowel movement.
  7. K-Mart sold slugs for .97 cents for a box of 5 in the fall. Most hunters would talk to each other and even ask which way you were planning on going so no one was right on top of each other on public land (still happens but people are not as friendly ) .Deer hung from trees not hidden in the garage so no one was offended. Gas was cheap but MPG was awful on most 4x4 vehicles. Party permits for antlerless was a pain. No hunting on Sunday, now I look forward to Sunday hunting. People voted and paid attention to where the candidate stood on issues important to them like the 2A and hunting (Does NOT happen enough now). Ammo was bought where it was on sale instead of where a meager supply was in stock for a few days. If you didn't want a deer hide back a processor would deduct $5 from the bill.
  8. Thanks, I want the grandkids to shoot the Marlin again hopefully. I am sure my dad would like how it looks now.
  9. Thank you, I do love the character of wood gun stocks !
  10. We had to say goodbye to my dad July 6th.He made it to 81 years old. He suffered longer than anyone should have to with cancer and fought it to the end. This was his Marlin .22 from about 1960 I guess.Probably one of the first few years with the Micro-Groove Barrels. It was in rough shape before I cleaned it up. I glued and clamped a crack in the stock and sanded and put 3 coats of boiled linseed oil on the wood. Used gun oil and fine steel wool to remove some of the rust from all of the metal parts that needed it.The buttstock plate was missing so I made one out of brass sheet stock.It isn't perfect but it will do. I may try rebluing it this winter. It is an enjoyable rifle to shoot with the peep sight as long as I am not too far from the target (eyes).
  11. Sounds like he was an interesting man. May he rest in peace, thanks for the sabot work.
  12. Brought here for silk production and escaped. I would never have guessed that.
  13. https://www.dec.ny.gov/animals/83118.html Good info from the DEC. Have them in my hood here in Webster. I keep hosing them off my siding.
  14. Very interesting results. This would explain why some take bucks that have not been caught on area trail cams. I like to think of these facts when I am not seeing many deer when hunting. You just never know what could show up and from where.
  15. I received an email response from my state senator a few days ago . This bill will not be voted on until January now. So plenty of time for those that oppose banning lead ammo to take five minutes and send an email to your state reps in the Assembly and Senate.Please stand up for what you believe in. Too many are silent.
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