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  1. Yea yea yea so stop reading it no one cares all you people said a millin time you wwre going to ignore me this that your done her eand your all still going on and on just lie i said you would be 3 pages ago..If you would have all did what you said you were going to do this thread would have been dead a long time ago..O thats right this thread was dead a long time ago but then people got bored so they started back up..I was right before and ill say it again im ust replying to you people your all the nes that give me 3 or 4 things to quote and idc about my spelling i try to type this as fast as i can and get on to better thing the was i spell on this site is the last of my worrys!!But im done here see yall on the dark side ~RSS~
  2. LMAO..7 min thats it hahahahahahahaahahahaaaaaa the real question is WHAT "BOXING GYM IN THE WORLD ONLY TRAINS 7 MIN ROUNDS" OMG..Thats so funny dude..Your either liying like a rug or your gym is garbage..I train in syracuse like i said PM me for details im not going to get all you morons ranting about the gym i go to on this website..But a boxing round is 15 so if you train for 7 the last is were your fave will get beat up lmao..COme give it a shot and my weight isnt the highest but if we have tons of trainers there to fit anyones needs to come talk there bullcrap to my face..You better start traing harder.
  3. Your nothing but a punk i sent you a message and all you did was run back and tell jon lol your the little babby running and crying to people for help man up..All you people talk soo much smack on this website quote me talk all this non sense..Come see me in real life and say that i train at gym with a few guys and they to would like for you to come down stop the school yard talk and come play big boy style.Throw the gloves around GROW A SET and stop hiding behind the computer.. ~RSS~


  6. Yea thats real classy of you talking about my mother what does she have to do with this..Ill tell you what you inbread id watch your mouth if you want to take this else were inbox me..Youll be picking your teath off the ground hot shot take is as you want pm me if if you wanna go there.. Mommy -----they are talking about me again ........Mommy
  7. I think all you need to grow a set you talk so much smack buy not one of you took the offer to throw the gloves around.Your internet hot shot lmao..You all sai about 20 post ago you were done here you didnt have time this and that but your all still going on jut like i said you would lol get a life ill be back in a few more days to laugh at you clowns some more..Untill then grow a set and come box i have a few buddys and the gym if you want to come as a group since you all love each other so much!!punks ~RSS~
  8. Just because your older means nothing..We dont have black and white tvs no more pal this is 2012 if you wanna give a try put some gloves on and bring it..Pm me i have details i even took the time to run it by my trainer he laughed and said bring em in.As long as you sign pappers to get in the ring like the rest of us did come on in..Less talk and more boxing you have a big mouth online ill be waiting to hear from one of you. ~RSS~
  9. Wanna box big guy???

  10. Wanna box big guy???

  11. If any of you feel froggy come to the boxing gym i train at and lets trow the gloves around other than that stop your big bot talk online i have a few trainers that could train you week old guys a thing or 2...CAn you even do a pushup there toughguy??lmao!!!U can do internet reps
  12. U sound like one of them old skeezers that creep on people threw the internet lmao thats a lil weird u old fart!
  13. And i come to this website JUST to laugh at retards like yourself this site is useless other wise!!!And its the same people on every thread lmao!!
  14. If everyone should ignore something they should start with you since your still running about your flaps lmao..Worry about yourself there slapnuts!!Now stop lying you couldnt help but to throw your 2 cents in this mess haha now do what you say your going to do and ignore me..Or just say your going to ignore me like the rest of em and you dont..You guys have to meet up outside this website you all get along sooo well!!!!A bunch of old half dead BUMS lmao come work with me for a day all you hot shots would be on the side lines like a cheerleader!!
  15. I thought you were all donw herre and were just going to ignore me lmao i told you loser you have nothing better to do..HAHAHA see ya in another 1000 post!!!
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