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  1. Then he should be expected to put up those numbers. And he did. I'm nervous about the Rams.
  2. I like the sound of 6, but if we have to play on week 17 for the championship, that makes it difficult with teams benching starters for their playoffs.
  3. I pay homage to mlammerhirt's team in putting me away in the first minutes of the game last night.
  4. Thread is about a false report claiming that Trump said soldiers are losers. I think you may be immaterial to the discussion.
  5. My Great Grandmom says the same thing..
  6. But Fox News is fair and balanced. I know that for a fact, cause I've heard them say it.
  7. Oh man, I'm done for the weekend, and sitting on a lousy 1.44 pt lead. You have Lutz tonight. I'll have to agree with Yahoo's 96% chance of a Mlammerhirt victory. The only thing that can help me is if Lutz tweaks a hammy in the pre-game warmups.
  8. He was busting chops on that. He certainly doesn’t have that authority and he knows that.
  9. Not sure if per capital is relevant in the case. In pounds/tons of CO2 generated per country, China leads. Glad he did this. The current setup was a money drain on the US more than other countries.