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  1. No, I let him be. Saw a bigger 8 at the back of the field later. Long way away and past legal by the time he stepped out. Nice that he's on the target range. He's between the 50 and the 100 yd targets. I put him at about 86 &1/2 yards
  2. Let’s give this a go again this afternoon. Wife and I are on a socially distanced date night. She’s watching a different field corner about 700 yds away. Afternoon action has all been last minute stuff the past couple of nights. Neither one of us took a deer yet. Each have a buck and doe tag to spend.
  3. Congratulations Moog! I have a matching scar between my eyebrows.
  4. Thats awesome! Especially that she called for the shot. Congratulations!
  5. I stayed dry in the tower and our daughter sat in our hidden field about 700 yds away. She’s an out of state hunter so she got her first doe tag in her hunting career this year. Filled it at about 4:00 pm. So happy for her. She took a New York 8 pointer and doe, and also got her first archery deer in NJ.