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  1. What do you think is the best rifle ever made?

    There's something to be said about the Remington 700. Love my .270 Buckmasters edition. ETA: just saw it was mentioned earlier. Damn wine!
  2. That's part of it. Bad gun laws are a symptom of a disease. The places that have super restrictive gun laws are usually left leaning areas that have less other personal freedoms, high taxes, high general cost of living, rising crime, etc. I like hunting, enjoy a day at the range, etc. Guns are a hobby. It would suck that when I finally have enough free time to enjoy my hobby, the local laws would prevent it or severely restrict it. Especially if I packed up and just moved there. TN, NC, even southern VA look pretty appealing. WV is intriguing, good hunting, mountains, low cost of living, but wow, that's a severely depressed state.
  3. Your best April fools prank..

    HAHAHAHAHA!!! That's the best one yet!!!
  4. Your best April fools prank..

    Any of you ever use those joke gift boxes? Funny exterior art, and put your real gift inside. I bought a half dozen different ones last Christmas and used a few. My oldest daughter like to do crafts with our granddaughters, so while they were unwrapping them, I explained how I picked out this candle kit that they could work on together. The look on their faces was priceless. My youngest daughter made a fire pit in their back yard that they enjoy and had their first child last Fall. So baby's first fire pit was a good thoughtful Christmas gift from us. Again, priceless looks! I've got a few more stashed for future gift giving occasions.
  5. Your best April fools prank..

    Good thread!! Family is coming in for Easter Sunday which obviously is April 1st this year. Daughters, sons-in-law, and 4 grandchildren all with a great sense of humor. I'll be mining this thread for potential pranks. There will probably be an outdoor Easter egg hunt at a minimum, so I could use a couple of pranks around that! Deer poop all over the back yard, so I'm already planning in the "taste the poop" joke with some sleight of hand with raisinets.
  6. Vortex 4-16 x 42mm

    That's true. I buy from Amazon, and politically speaking I'm the polar opposite of Jeff Bezos. Edit to add. I'm also his polar opposite financially speaking...
  7. Vortex 4-16 x 42mm

    Lunch time score at Wally world - last one on the shelf. Not exactly the same ones, but close enough. Just saw your post WNY, thanks for the offer! There, I'm still shunning Dick's and field and stream. No jokes about shunning dicks please, I've always shunned those things!
  8. Vortex 4-16 x 42mm

    Arrgh! This is starting to cramp my style! I read Papist's post on the Citibank thing yesterday, and I have a Citicard. So I would have probably have normally stopped at Dicks, swiped my Citibank card and been on my way in 10 mins. Stupid moral obligations!!
  9. Vortex 4-16 x 42mm

    Yes, and there's a big Walmart directly across the road from work. I planned on giving it a look at lunch time. I'm not super picky on the rings, but I like the Grand Slams, and need the high ones.
  10. Vortex 4-16 x 42mm

    I hear you, but I drive 80 miles (one way) form work to get home at 7:00 pm. Asleep at 9:30 to get up at 4:30. Convenience matters. Trying to find a mom and pop shop near my travel to see if I can avoid Dicks, but it certainly is convenient. 10 minutes in and out.
  11. I agree. And he seems to move to an extreme to position himself before negotiating. Hopefully it's that. Trade deals need to be renegotiated, but a trade war could be bad for us.
  12. Vortex 4-16 x 42mm

    Dammit, went to mount the rings, and no #%*$@ clamps or clamp screws in the &%#&@ package. Not so good QC in the packaging department at Weaver. Really wanted to shoot it this weekend too. So now I need some help from you guys; I can get my return or refund from Cabelas, but if I want to try it this weekend, the rings are most likely on the shelf at Dicks or Field and Stream. I drive right by there on the way home from work. So after the moral outrage in the Dicks thread after Parkland (and I think I added my 2 or 3 cents), do I make a quick stop and get them before the weekend or do I shun the crap out of them?
  13. The Dow sure didn't like it today.
  14. What do you think is the best rifle ever made?

    The perfect answer!
  15. I've had a Citi card for over 20 years. I guess it's time to drop them. I agree with the background checks, and I'm ticked about the 21 thing, but if I live in a free state - which I will again someday - I can't use their card to purchase legal merchandise? F - them. Makes me feel like going out of state and purchasing a drum mag for my out of state relatives on a Charter One card. Just because.