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  1. Steuben Jerry

    New world record non typical

    Holy crap, I've stayed out of this thread til now (I think), but now you've pulled me in - there's free shrimp?!
  2. I agree with you 1000%. Trust me, I despise what he stands for but that hole is already dug.
  3. You guys? I already have a job, and it's not lobbying.
  4. But he's losing sleep over his budget shortfall.
  5. Steuben Jerry

    Happy birthday reeltime!

    Happy Birthday!
  6. Maybe NYC can be picky and choosy, but New York State sure needed those jobs.
  7. A lot of small thinking by the left. Amazon was promising 25,000 jobs with an AVERAGE salary of $150k. Unless my math is wrong, the state income tax that could have been annually collected on that payroll would have been roughly $3 billion/year. Then there's the ancillary job creation and the tax collection on those salaries and the business taxes on those that employed them. And Amazon was planning on leasing and additional ONE MILLION sq ft of office space in NYC. That's a lot of taxes on the leasing corporations that would have collected that rent. Those taxes could have paid for a lot of infrastructure improvements in the area. NYS has a $2.5 billion shortfall in this year's suggested budget. That's OK, all of us homeowners can just kick in another few hundred buck in next year's property taxes to offset the shortfall. We don't mind at all, right? I don't see any side of an argument that says it's a good thing to lose the chance at gaining 25,000 high paying jobs in this state.
  8. Steuben Jerry

    Valentine's Day Tomorrow (Thursday)

    A gift for her and a good night's sleep for you. Win-Win!
  9. I don't understand why it's feared that the dems might do this in the future with climate change or gun control. Why couldn't they just do this anyway without a precedent being set by Trump?
  10. Steuben Jerry

    Busy Day in the NFL

    Everyone needs a little distraction now and then. Something about making Jack dull.
  11. Steuben Jerry

    Busy Day in the NFL

    So football is evil?
  12. Steuben Jerry

    Anyone watching AAF (Alliance of American Football)?

    Was out and about last evening so I missed it. There's a 4:00 pm game on today that I'll watch. MIke Singletary is the head coach of one of the teams.
  13. Steuben Jerry

    Social Security???

    I'd love to step back at 62, but that's a big difference to push it a few years to 65 or a bit longer. I pound what I can into my 401k, but I've sought little real financial guidance in that regard. Need to step up my game there. NYS taxes makes a big difference in what I'll need to plan for.
  14. Steuben Jerry

    I bought a tractor

    X2! Consider snow use too. I retrieved a couple of deer out back a half mile in the worst of that snow last rifle season. And it was mud underneath. Quads were high centering and kind of useless. Tractor with the AG tires just churned on through without a worry. It's a 4WD tractor, but I didn't notice it was in 2WD until I was back out getting the second one.