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  1. Steuben Jerry

    Bazaar ending for a Skunk in a trap

    These guys?
  2. Steuben Jerry

    Happy birthday nybuckboy !

    Happy Birthday!
  3. Certainly understandable. Though that does make it harder in my area. I almost never see a doe without fawns.
  4. Steuben Jerry

    Ho hum, another new guy

  5. Steuben Jerry

    New guy

    Welcome to the board!
  6. Post-live from the woods. No signal in that stand. Got out for the last two and a half hours for the first sit of the season. Bumped 7 turkeys on the way in, all hens. Saw a doe and two playful fawns 150 yds across the field. Was good to get out finally. Back at it in the morning! Pics are front and rear view.
  7. Steuben Jerry

    Bionic's 3 handed adventures.

    Sounds like you've got a nice slice of deer woods there, even if the action can run cold at times. Now that you've got three stands up, you can play the "which stand is right" game that I do all the time. Hope you get out tomorrow and whack that buck that you saw tonight!
  8. Steuben Jerry

    The ATVers are back

    A guy in the area has a camp with a cabin on a seasonal road. He's got a big gate chained off, signs that say "posted and patrolled", and a big sign saying there's video surveillance and will prosecute trespassers. This is in addition to the 20 -30 posted signs every 50 feet across his frontage. I never trespass and I'm intimidated by it just driving by!
  9. Steuben Jerry

    How much you paying?

    Exactly. Due to work patterns in the Fall, my time is precious. Maybe 3-5 days off from 10/1 to the end of muzzleloader. I rationalize that I'm buying more precious time, not buying butchering services. I do one of my own every couple of years just to remind myself that I'm painfully slow, and not very good at it.
  10. Steuben Jerry

    Flu season

    I used to get the flu each and every time since I was younger. If it was going around, I would catch it. About 15 years ago, my employer at the time began offering flu shots and I figured what the heck, why not? I still caught the flu here and there, maybe 3-4 times since I started getting the shots. Those years I've heard it explained that the vaccine strain didn't match the actual strain or whatever those details were. Sometimes I felt a tad "flu-ish" the next day, but I never actually came down with the flu from getting the shot. I believe since I started getting it annually, it's cut down my years of dealing with the flu by at least 50%, and that's enough for me to keep getting it annually. I still catch just about every other damn thing, like stomach bugs, colds, etc. As a matter of fact, people at work have all been complaining of a cold for the last week, and today I feel like I may be getting it - figures, I was hoping for my first sit of the season tomorrow afternoon. Off to the store at lunch for some Zycam and vitamin C!
  11. Steuben Jerry

    Today is the day!

  12. Steuben Jerry

    What gun to use in the Adirondacks?

    I just read this whole thread and now I feel dizzy! Too much thinking for me. I've never hunted up north, but I like just grabbing the gun that I'm confident in and feels good.
  13. Steuben Jerry

    What kind of Snake is this??

    Good, clean living, Bill!
  14. Steuben Jerry

    What kind of Snake is this??

    The one Bill posted has a distinct copper colored head.
  15. Steuben Jerry

    What kind of Snake is this??

    These don't look at all like the one Bill posted.