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  1. Need a Western Auto yardstick for the win!
  2. What a coincidence, so do I! My first job was at Star Market at Stoneridge Plaza in Greece.
  3. 13 inches so far on my vintage Chase-Pitkin yardstick.
  4. 4, maybe 5 inches here near Savona so far. This is my first snowstorm since I retired. I used to drive 86 miles one way to work. Not missing that at all. Wife is working from home this week, so I’ll get after the driveway tomorrow when I feel like it and keep the cozy home fires burning.
  5. Following intently! Good luck and keep us posted Moog.
  6. Unfortunately the court of public opinion doesn’t recognize that.
  7. Got one nice survivor who appears to be the same one that tending that doe in December. And WTF is that one doe doing, gymnastics? The yotes checking that spot out was just this morning. Think I’ll go back tomorrow morning to see what was getting their interest. We gutted a deer around that spot in November, but it can’t still be that?
  8. That's more than my local Tops has! They were wiped out on a lot of other things as well. Canned food, fresh veggies, cold cuts. Lots of potato chips and beer though, so there's that.
  9. @Robhuntandfishrecently bought one that I think he is happy with.
  10. Congratulations on the house!
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