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  1. Saw him play many times. The best ever!
  2. Just saw this update, they finally charged them. At least they’re felony charges. Hope they don’t get to deal their way out of them.
  3. Looks like a fun GTG and that's a great group pic!
  4. @blackbeltbill Belo just saved you a whole bunch of process steps. You should unblock him just for that....
  5. Steuben Jerry


    I haven't ice fished in a few years, but three inches of good clear ice will support a person with no problem. It's a blast to pull in a pike hand over hand and watch him come in under clear ice! Of course, know your waters and know where there might be springs.
  6. I haven't had the issue in a couple of days. Work and home pc (windows) are good, iPad and iPhone are good. I don't have tapatalk.
  7. Drive safe and have fun guys! Hoist one for me!
  8. Same stuff here. I had it happen on a PC and on an ipad. I just closed the page by killing the active browser. But it happened again the next time I loaded the HNY page.
  9. We didn't check out Lynchburg but I'd like to on a future visit. We were near the southern border around the middle east/west wise, and checked out a bunch of places traveling west to the Roanoke area. As we got closer to the mountains, it felt more like home. Wasn't a lot of hardwoods until we got near the mountains. Those pine plantations that were all over the state didn't really appeal to us.