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  1. How did I miss this thread? I’d like to try this!
  2. Ugh, sorry you're going through that.
  3. So that puts me in second place for the title then? After all ol' Stormy says I just stroll out onto the deck and whack a buck in my jammies.
  4. Ha, you beat me to it. I just edited my post to add that same link.
  5. Rompola buck.
  6. When we started hunting our place there were a half dozen or so buckets strategically placed throughout the woods. We could tell the better ones by the sizable piles of beer cans left laying around. 20-30 old cans of Hamm's beer indicated a hot spot. 1-2 cans indicated spotty action at best. Yes, beer cans. Kind of a rough place back in the days that I first obtained permission. We have places named by the buckets. The sidehill bucket, the bucket corner, pine bucket and so on. About 10 years ago, I switched out some of the buckets with new ones to keep the traditional spots going. We've picked up most of the beer cans though, and haven't added any to the woods.
  7. Stormy, long way, hunter007, I mean this in the nicest and most helpful and advisory way;
  8. I don't believe for a minute that you are putting out some kind of public service announcement. You're just using it because you saw a pic of Belo w/o orange, so you're stuck on that because it's all you've got. How come you abandoned your alter ego that started this thread? I was interested to see which one of your identities was going to be the weirdest.
  9. I do feel bad for the guy. First round draft pick behind the worst OL, then dumped in his first year to the Dolphins who have the worst OL. And if I remember last year, the rumor mill for ditching him started around week 10 or so. That's got to get in his head.
  10. Quite a few of the draft experts last year said Buffalo picked the wrong Josh. Maybe we could get Rosen in here for his third team in three years, lol. I'm happy with Allen's progress so far. Like you and/or others said, he needs a stout line and some professional receivers. The trajectory is up!
  11. Lol, so your friend died because they couldn't find him? Even though he had a phone? And it's because he wasn't wearing orange? My father died of a heart attack when I was a teenager. He was in his house. Just think, if he was wearing orange we may still be together today. Damn. Why don't you just stop trying to push everyone's buttons and act like a normal person. Give it a try, you might like normal.
  12. Kind of a reach there, isn't it stormy? Anything just to stir the pot.
  13. I would do something like that just to mess with them and maybe see them post it up on a hunting forum or something...