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  1. 2 birthday boys today. Happy birthday Fletch and Moog !

    Happy Birthday guys!
  2. Has Your Scope Ever Made You Bleed?

    Had it happen once about 20 years ago with a Rem 870 shooting slugs. Had a shot where I tried to twist around the tree I was standing next to while lining up on an incoming doe. Took the scope right between the eyes, just above the nose. Stunned for a few short seconds, and then realized what had happened as I watched an alarming amount of my blood dripping into the snow. I was kind of numb from the cold, so feeling around my face with my fingers, I was trying to determine if my face was laid open as bad as I expected. I started walking back to the truck, using handfuls of snow to press against what I was sure was half my face split open. I walked about a half mile to the truck, and when I got there I looked at my face for the first time in the sideview mirror - WTF, I barely had an inch long cut, which had pretty much stopped bleeding by then. No, I didn't hit the doe, and yes, I got my chops busted for at least a day for giving up the afternoon primetime for my boo-boo!
  3. What's for dinner tonight?

    Not bad. Drinks light for an IPA. I'd get it again.
  4. What's for dinner tonight?

    T-bone steaks and grilled summer veggies with pineapple with a Brew York from Ithaca Brewing Co. Grilling in the warm summer rain.
  5. One or the other

    the OP doesn't specify if this is for big game season only, so without that, I'd say I'd give up the bow. Too much other hunting like grouse, turkey, squirrel, pheasant, predators, etc where a gun would be the predominant choice. Sure you could still use a bow, but I'll stick with gun and switch to a camera for deer bow season.
  6. Odd pics - tumor?

    Nope, did some reading on this and seems like I've learned this before. It's a cutaneous fibroma or deer warts. Ugly, but mostly harmless unless they get infected. Here's a pic from the web of a more severe case;
  7. Sad accident - hunter shot in Quebec

    I do agree but can't find any pertinent details on that article or a google search on others. Could have been an accidental discharge. One life ended, one forever changed. What a tragedy.
  8. The article isn't very detailed. Not passing judgement, but very sad all around.
  9. Booboo paid me a visit

    That's a big boy!
  10. Odd pics - tumor?

    Wonder how close I can get to her starboard side?
  11. Odd pics - tumor?

    No, I didn't think they were the same deer. I may have a pic of the tumor deer from a previous year, or at least one just like it. I'll have to scour some old pics to find it tonight. I think I posted the old pic here before, but was probably a casualty of photobucket.
  12. Odd pics - tumor?

    I didn't notice that. Looks like it's missing.
  13. Odd pics - tumor?

    Couple of odd photos. On the top one, I'll guess it's just part of her change from winter to summer coat, but the bottom one looks like a nasty mass growing there. I've seen that before a few years ago.
  14. Fawns

    From the most recent card pull. Haven't seen any doubles or triples yet.
  15. walk behind tiller

    Not unrealistic, but just thinking of doing an entire acre with a walk behind makes my back hurt! I've got a front tine that I use on a backyard garden, and I think a rear tine would work better for you.