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  1. Hunter harassment

    Venis envy. Oops - misspelled venison.
  2. Hunter harassment

    I have to say I'm glad I don't have any of these stories to share. I don't think I would have been able to keep as cool about it as many of you have. Kudos to you! The only negative experience I ever had was when I was getting some gas back in Rochester on the way home from the southern tier, an elderly couple pulled up to the pump behind me and the woman said "shame on you" when she saw the couple of deer I had in the trailer I was towing. She may have even wagged her finger at me, but that's the worst I've ever got!
  3. whats your first date for hunting this fall?

    I do most of my squirrel hunting from my back deck these day (lazy way), but I'll wait til the first frost sets in because I don't like those wiggly Bot-fly larva things. I'll be out on the first Saturday after 10/1 just to get back at it, but I won't be in a hurry to hunt hard unless Mr. Right walks by me within 30 yds.
  4. Lawdwaz has a birthday today !

    Happy Birthday! What's the number, youngster?
  5. That comment was similar to Obama's "you didn't build that" comment. Hearing his nasally thug voice gives me an instant headache. I would love to watch a debate between him and Trump. Does Trump have a nickname for him yet?
  6. My wife hunts rifle season only. Gets a deer, and usually slips into holiday mode after that. One of our first dates (in the late 70's) we rented a boat at Oak Orchard and went bass fishing. Prior to that, she had no outdoors experience as her family wasn't into that. We've fished together ever since. One of our two daughters bow hunts, gun hunts, and joined a women's goose hunting club last year. She's been into it ever since she was old enough to handle a 22. Also has a carry permit. We have a salmon on the wall that she caught when she was 12. The other daughter has never been interested in any outdoors activities of any kind. She like to say that she must've been adopted - lol.
  7. Flooding In Your Area?

    Just went by. Not too bad, the field closest to the river is half flooded, nothing bad by the buildings except some ponding. I've seen it much worse. Dodged a bullet in this area.
  8. Finally some good news

    The headlines are always "above the fold", but I see the story I'm interested in is continued on page 2.
  9. Scope for a .22 10-22.

    I put one of those on a Savage 22 magnum bolt gun. For the price, I like it too. But I put this one on my 10/22 this past spring. 3-9x 40mm. Has the BDC calibrated for a 22 LR. Nice clarity for the price point. Zeroed at 50' and the first hash is dead on at 100. Can't go wrong with a Nikon. It's going for $116 on Amazon right now.
  10. Heads up literally tonight. Meteor shower

    Got the Rochester grandkids down for the weekend. Sat around the campfire tonight and saw a dozen-ish shooting stars, including a yellow/orange one that broke up a bit. Was hard to pay attention to the sky with marshmallows and s'mores. Kids like their burning marshmallows!
  11. 2018 Football Thread

    It's only preseason. I try to not get too high or low - key word, try. They make Kool-Aid in Carolina blue. Make up a big batch and take a swig!
  12. 2018 Football Thread

    Watched a little more than three quarters of the Bills game before I nodded off. I liked what I saw from the QBs. Peterman looked sharp in that first drive. 7-7 and a TD against what was mostly Carolina's starting defense. He looked like a poised NFL QB. McCarron was good after a slow start. Allen got a TD and took a couple of good NFL hits that didn't rattle him. I like rookie Harrison Phillips, you can tell he loves being a Bill - got his first sack last night. It's only preseason, I couldn't care less about the score. I made a big batch of Bills Koolaid to drink for the next few days!
  13. 2018 Football Thread

    Local NBC channel in the Elmira/Corning area. Which for us, it's rare to get a televised Bills pre season game. Looking forward to seeing the QB competition!
  14. 2018 HuntingNY Whitetail Classic

    Landtrac, I'd be willing to donate something. If I missed it earlier in the thread, what kind of stuff are you looking for? No stuff from Dick's though - lol.
  15. Newbie member and hunter

    Welcome to the forum!