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  1. I tried @wolc123 ‘s pickled heart recipe last year for the first time and got hooked on it. I took a doe Wednesday night and made a jar. The trick is that it’s better after a day or so after the juice soaks in but it’s hard not to eat it before then. I figured it’ll be ready today but it’s mostly gone, lol. wolc, hope you don’t mind that I repost the recipe? Your grandmother’s, right? Simple and delicious!
  2. Close call for me, but I’ll tip toward red hot.
  3. Looks like larger trees in a brush lot to my eye.
  4. Wish I would have found these earlier, they were pretty buggy. Found these on the same huge dying ash tree as last year but forgot to look this year and just happened to come across them. The spread is about 6 feet across. Probably could fill a large trash bag with the bunch.
  5. Looks great! He’s a tall boy!
  6. Lost to TC by 2 stinkin points but even though it’s not a Monday, this coffee sure tastes good this morning.
  7. Kinda late in the year to be making changes but I’ll try to get this brushed in well for this year. Put this up in our murder plot that we call the hidden field in between downpours today. Might just go with a pop up on top this season but I’d like to get a box built.
  8. So that’s my problem! I’ve got to look behind all my trees more often!
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