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  1. Steuben Jerry

    Tough guy

    The target didn’t stand a chance.
  2. Steuben Jerry

    Latest Pull

    Pulled the rest of the cams from the other side of the property. Bears galore. And another look at that lopsided buck.
  3. Steuben Jerry

    Latest Pull

    Nice buck Bruno!
  4. Steuben Jerry

    Indycar at Pocono

    Drove down to Pocono Raceway for the Indycar race today. Bad crash on lap 1 that thankfully everyone walked away from. Race was red flagged while they repaired the catch fence. Second red flag for nearby lightning and they emptied the grandstands. They checkered it shortly afterward 72 laps short. Torrential downpour minutes after we got back to the truck. Still a good day. We had paddock and pit row passes, that was a plus.
  5. Steuben Jerry

    Latest Pull

    Ahh, I should’ve known that!
  6. Steuben Jerry

    Latest Pull

    Yes, camera is mounted to the tower stand that she sat in. Overlooking our rifle range.
  7. Steuben Jerry

    Latest Pull

    I’ve got the “OTY” part, but the CP?
  8. Steuben Jerry

    Latest Pull

    I am! I’ve jumped that buck three times while brushogging. This is the first time I’ve got him on camera.
  9. Steuben Jerry


    Meh, bad left turn.
  10. Steuben Jerry


    I’m taking a serious liking to this.
  11. Steuben Jerry


    Not bad.
  12. Steuben Jerry

    Todays chuckle

  13. Steuben Jerry

    Reelin For A Cure 2019

    Great job. What a good experience for them!
  14. Steuben Jerry

    Ever use ? New tracer like ammo

    Pretty cool! I'd like to see that available on some rifle calibers.