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  1. There seemed to be enough interest for 30-40 from the last thread on this subject. I’d buy 2 or 3 of them.
  2. It is a tough schedule, but I'm thinking 10 wins at a minimum anyway. A division title, and 1 playoff win. Mark it down.
  3. That's probably too intimidating these days.
  4. Shirts showed available in the online store Members placed orders Long wait to find out no shirts Money refunded People still want shirts because this is an awesome site!
  5. This one for sure. If I had a ..ahem.. t-shirt, I'd wear it proudly!
  6. Not alone, I kind of miss it too. When the opener was on a Monday, we used to go to camp Friday night after work, and have Sat/Sun to goof off, visit the neighboring camps, talk endlessly about where everyone would go on Monday morning. I've grown to like the Saturday opener but miss the traditions we had going. Now most folks folks get to camp in a rush for Saturday morning. We usually don't visit with anyone until later in the week and then it's squeezed in around lunch.
  7. Was thinking of one with a timer. Considering this one that I can have shipped directly to her. They can bow hunt from their place and it sounds like in a baiting state, everyone has feeders.
  8. Not for NY obviously. Our youngest daughter, who hunts up here for rifle season, just moved from Delaware to a rural section of New Jersey. Baiting deer is legal there and is a widely used method. I was thinking of getting her and our son in law a feeder for a housewarming gift. I have no idea what to get. Suggestions? That won’t break the bank?
  9. I'm going to design a blowgun mouthpiece check valve. Slick Willy is going to be my spokesman/endorser.
  10. Looks like you had a fun day! What lake?
  11. I’m out with my bow on the archery opener with everyone else. But I’ll easily admit that I look forward to the last two weeks so I can pick up my xbow. It does make it easier. But it’s fun with something different too. If xbows ever do get full inclusion, I might take a compound, but will pick up the xbow 9/10 times. It’s still “archery hunting”. I don’t shoot past 40 yds with an xbow, and inside 30 with a compound. So it’s an extra 10 yds. Doesn’t change archery hunting for me.