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  1. I have hundreds of standing dead ash. Really pisses me off that some damn insect FROM CHINA is wreaking this devastation in the northeast. On top of that, one of my best home made stands is built in the biggest ash tree on my place. It was half foliated still last year. This year, not a leaf to be seen. I'm not really trusting being in it any more.
  2. Pulled some cards yesterday. There were only two kits hanging around until mid-May, and then only one that hung around until the end of May. They are only there periodically now. A few days of high activity and then nothing for a week or two. Except for a woodchuck moving in, it's been all quiet since May 27th. I did see a roadkill kit about a mile down the road a few weeks ago. Somebody needs to try to lock up their Guinea fowl. I think this is the third one.
  3. I'm noticing lots of them on just about every tree trunk, but I can't say I'm seeing any real defoliation at all. I'm assuming that's coming?
  4. Wanteta Lake. We seem to have the lake to ourselves this morning. Maybe 10 other boats out as far as we can see.
  5. Summer evening seafood boil. Lobster tails, clams, shrimp, corn, smoked sausage, potatoes, and onions.
  6. I have a fairly decent stash, but if I get back to occasional shooting it won’t be long before I no longer do. Stash has been added to since this pic.
  7. My range at home has been pretty silent in over a year. While I have a good supply, it hurts to replace stuff at 2X what I originally paid.
  8. Very cool! I live just a few miles up the hill from Goodrich. I saw that was a bigger one from RT 86 today. Great job! They had an awesome Christmas display from the old flagpole, wonder what their plans are for that one?
  9. I started calling it the commie virus. Seemed more inclusive.
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