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  1. That’s an awesome mount! I really like that fox too.
  2. That sucks that the owner didn’t even approach you first. You think you’d be the first one he’d tell in case you were an interested buyer. I’d echo what Greg said. If you like that land, or other local properties for sale, you should at least see if you can wrangle an investment purchase, especially if you can get it on the cheap. Banks do land loans, and sellers will give terms too. You could turn your lease payment into a land payment. Money is super cheap now too. And if something bad in life comes up in the future, you can unload it for more than you paid for it. It’s worth a serious thought anyways. Especially if you have a close family member to split it with.
  3. Never heard of that, had to Google. And up comes the subject of testicles again!
  4. Happy Birthday! C'mon back, we miss having you around!
  5. Biz, if this is true, you need to donate a little blood for antibody production for your forum friends! How much can you drain before you get woozy?
  6. Thanks. Sounds like they're bottling and not emptying existing bottles and re-bottling. As bad as the article makes it sound, it's a legit operation. They just don't compound the bulk materials. My place doesn't compound either - yet. We're working toward it.
  7. Hope it's not the virus, and that she feels better soon!
  8. Bottling and re-bottling are two very different things. This is very interesting if true. I run a bottling operation and am a competitor of Corcraft.
  9. Just saw a news video on FB about that. Got hit by a semi with a cow catcher on it. State biologist said it was probably less than a week out of hibernation. Think of how big that thing was last November!
  10. Good thing they’re coming down. That’s a lot of trees in tight quarters!
  11. I have numerous ash trees that look exactly like that top pic. Usually get a year or two after that shows up and then it’s dead.