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  1. Steuben Jerry

    Getting A Little Closer To My Lifetime Goal.

    Good luck with the goal Bill, I’m betting that you reach it. From what I’ve seen from your posts, you’re a damn dedicated hunter! I’ve got 149 to go! #woodsroads ps, I like the name.
  2. Steuben Jerry

    How long is to long

    Sports injury? Makes me wince to see that!
  3. Steuben Jerry

    25 years ago...chasing a Bronco

    Being a life long Bills fan, I’ve erased the OJ era from my memory banks. He should stay off social media and fade away.
  4. Steuben Jerry

    How long is to long

    Ouch! Man, that looks like it should be painful, no? I don’t know anything about shoulder injuries, can’t be fixed?
  5. Steuben Jerry


    This photo of a massasauga is from the SUNY ESF page. Doesn’t appear to be the same in the Engineer’s post.
  6. Steuben Jerry


    Sure that’s not a garter? There’s a bit of color/pattern variation to them and they can change at different ages. Those short little bluish lines in the pattern makes me wonder. I had a garter in one of the flower beds last year that coiled up on me and acted aggressive. Turned out she had a little brood of youngsters a couple of feet away. Pic is from last weekend in our garden. Kind of has similar short lines, but not a distinctive checkered pattern although there is some checkering.
  7. Steuben Jerry

    Crashed Hummingbird

    That’s a good idea!
  8. Doe at 100 yds with a .243. She started to bolt and fell over in 20 yds.
  9. Steuben Jerry

    Live From The Water 2019 Edition

    That’s a happy boy! Good job Dad!
  10. Steuben Jerry

    Came across this boat for sale

    Home! Now where’s my can of elbow grease?
  11. Steuben Jerry

    Raccoon kits

    Having a flock of chickens makes raccoons and opossums my mortal enemy. But they’re undeniably cute when young. I told them to keep walking and ignore the coop, and they’ll live good lives.
  12. Steuben Jerry

    Crashed Hummingbird

    I’ve thought about putting decals or something on the windows as I keep a few feeders up on the deck. I want the windows for the view though and the decals look kind of crappy. I guess I’m hoping the few crashers will spread the word about the windows, lol.
  13. Steuben Jerry

    Raccoon kits

    Was out in the driveway and look up to see these guys strolling by down the shoulder of the road. Walked side by side on the shoulder until they were out of sight. Kind of wobbly walking. Must be their first little adventure. Maybe 10 inches long not counting the tail. Cute when they’re young.
  14. Steuben Jerry

    Crashed Hummingbird

    The back of the house is half windows so unfortunately this happens a bit. Only found one bird dead in 10 years. Never had a hummer do it though. Cool bird.
  15. Steuben Jerry

    Crashed Hummingbird

    Was just going out with some nectar from the feeder and she flew up in my face. She flew a little wobbly at first, but zoomed off fast.