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  1. 35 years. I got a late and different path to start hunting. I didn't start until I was 28 as I had no hunters in the family. I was a fisherman since I was a toddler though. And a boy scout til the "uncool" age of 16 with lots of camping and outdoors time. Around my mid 20's a couple of co-workers I was close with were bowhunters and used to practice at a local archery shop indoor range. I used to tag along with them, trying their bows and eventually bought a used Bear whitetail bow from the same archery shop. When deer season came around they were off doing that. After a couple of years of shooting with them, they talked me into taking the course and getting my archery license. I tagged along with them and was hooked. Didn't get a deer (missed the same deer twice as I recall) so the following year I bought a Remington 870, and got my first deer (spike) that I absolutely made a mess of by having to shoot the thing way too many times. 60 or 70 deer later, I don't have to shoot them so much, lol.
  2. I was pretty much expecting this. They need to get the boyfriend before he offs himself, if he hasn't already done so.
  3. I’m hangin with ya. Just had a large glass of cold cheap wine and am feeling a bit silly before the Thursday night game, lol.
  4. Wait, which is the Trump vaccine? Are they all Trump vaccines? Is there a Biden vaccine, a Harris vaccine? If I originally took a Trump vaccine, am I stuck with a Trump booster jab? My head is starting to spin here, I need these answers to these pertinent questions before I get my booster!!
  5. I searched his name on FB and came across this.
  6. You make it sound like Trump brewed up the vaccine himself in a vat at the White House. Sounds ridiculous, doesn't it? As I'm sure you know, the pharmaceutical companies developed the vaccines and the FDA gave them their preliminary approvals. The same companies and the same FDA that is here today under sleepy Joe's watch and the new administration is all in on them. What's Joe doing about this besides mandating that we take them?
  7. Congratulations Bill - you've earned it and I'm happy for you!
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