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  1. I see that the northern zone hunters still get the short shift on crossbow hunting. 3 days and than the week of muzzle loader to use crossbow in in the north. Not worth getting a crossbow for 3 days and at 70 can no longer pull a compound bow due to injury and age
  2. The first thing I notice on receiveing the products was it was well packaged and the their Scent Free Secrets booklet was well organized and contained useful information. On opening the products I noticed that it is truely scent free and did NOT cause my allergies to kickup a true bonus for me as similar type products I have tried in the past have caused my allergies to kick up. The products seem to be effective as I have had deer downwind of me within about 50 yards that did not seem to be aware theat I was there. I saw a number of deer with shooting range, but just never saw one I wanted this year, The product seems to be effective
  3. first the website for the product is www.RealAvid.com As I received the kit it came with 22 cal, 30 cal and 7mm attachments and some very nice patches. The entire kit fits in a box 3 inches x 6 1/2 inches and 2 inches deep and weights only a few Oz's. This kit would be very handy for a horseback or backpack hunting trip or other hunting trip where space and weight was important. Rather than a cleaning rod, the kit comes with a flexible cable about 32 inches long which takes both brushes and clean tip for patches as well as a Handle. The kit is make is clean from the action end. You drop the cable down the barrel and than attach whatever tip you need at the action end. Even with a small 22 rimfire action this is not to hard to do. While I would not use this kit to replace my regular full length clean kits it is a very nice addition for taking on trips where I do not want to take a full size cleaning kit
  4. What a shame, that is a monster of a buck
  5. Thank You, That is what I needed. I'm thinking about going for one day if the weather is halfway nice
  6. Can someone post the hours, directions or address of the show, and cost to get in the show. Not familar with this area of NY
  7. It does not seem like shooting a bear where you field dressed a deer should be considered hunting over bait. But who knows. It could depend on the DEC officer Zos41
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