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  1. "Trout in the Classroom" is a program that puts trout eggs into inner city schools, let's the kids hatch and raise the fry, then organizes day trips to a wild trout stream for a release. Below is a copy of the email that just went out with contact info. If anyone in the NYC/Westchester area has a morning to give, I think they will find is pretty rewarding. NYC Trout in the Classroom Volunteer Call NYC-area TU members … it’s time to give back! As everyone knows, the NYC TU chapter has made "Trout in the Classroom" (TIC) a priority in the past few years. The opportunity to introduce inner-city kids to the life cycle of trout, the biology of stream life, and the importance of clean fresh water has become a vital part of what we do to further our education mandate. Now we need volunteers to help the kids release the fry they’ve grown in the classroom into a wild trout stream. The releases take place at Ward Pound Ridge and typically over by noon which leaves plenty of time for an easy afternoon of fishing. We have caught multiple wild brook trout at Wards as well as some of the nearby streams. Remember that many of these kids have never had the opportunity to engage with nature and stand in a wild stream. All of our members who have helped have said that this was one of the more fulfilling give-back volunteering tied to our mutual hobby and mission. There are multiple days in April and May that we need to fill as there are over 1500 students going to Ward Pound in April and May from over 28 schools from NYC. Students range from 50 to 100 per day and the volunteers needed are two to four for each release depending on the number of kids. In total, we need 64 anglers to step in the water and help these kids connect with the environment. As a volunteer, you will wade into the stream with kick nets and collect aquatic macroinvertebrates then help the students identify the different food sources of the trout. Bring your waders! Please take a look at the sign-up sheet and select a day or two that you can offer your time and knowledge to these kids. For city residents, we may be able to coordinate rides up to Ward Pound Ridge. https://signup.com/client/invitation2/secure/2730064/false#/invitation For further information please contact: Kevin Noble http://[email protected] 917-992-2492
  2. If not that then at least he should seek professional help from Jilted Ex-Girlfriends Anonymous.
  3. Naw. Just here for the lulz and the t-shirt. Trump is back on social media? I guess his platform failed. Again. But that's great, really. Do you think there will be a red wave? You're like the Robert Merrill of HNY. But not as well dressed I would think.
  4. In the late 80s, the plastics industry came up with a symbol to identify different types of plastic. Coincidentally, it looks exactly like the recyclable symbol created in the 1970s. They did so to encourage you to use more plastic, as prior to this people were saving plastic containers. Enter single-use plastic. The beach I'm currently on in Mexico is filled with single-use bottles and caps.
  5. Whoa ... those are a lot of numbers. Here's a few more. Biden ... amirite?
  6. To be fair, it was Grouse so I don't feel I have to try particularly hard.
  7. You forgot the exclamation marks and ending with your favourite "FACT". Fail.
  8. This a compelling and incontrovertible argument made more powerful by the rectangle, colour red and the trees - which so beautifully represent the founder's first Christmas wrapping paper. Nevermind the use of all caps on the word "NOT" which literally burns into the souls of the libtards. I also see that you cleverly refrained from using three exclamation marks, no doubt saving them for a brilliant retort to any counter argument. "Oh yeah, libtard? Take THIS!!!" Have you considered marching to the Supreme Court (which is open to the public) and presenting the evidence? And if by chance they won't let you in, kicking the door down? After all ...
  9. I'm going to guess that the house reps have their hands full shitting up the simple task of electing a speaker. And tearing each other up. Meanwhile, MTG says the thing that the rest of the country is thinking. And now back to Trump. Such constitution. I mean ...
  10. 1. Invent alcoholic cooler with Kool-Aid. Call it Kool-Are 2. Open bar and serve Kool-Are with bilge and relish 3. ???? 4. Profit!!! (Which I have to cut Robby in for a piece.)
  11. I forgot to add moccamaster to the above list. Yes, there's something important about the full sense experience. However, due to their market dominance, Nespresso buys and produces pretty damned good coffee. I had a built-in Miele Nespresso machine in my apt which was the bane of my existence. Previous owner had put it in to the tune of $2200, but Miele stopped making it five years before I bought. They were happy to fix it though every time it broke down. And it broke down a lot. Since it was built in and I didn't have anything to put in that spot, I just kept fixing it. Happy to see that one go. There's a roastery around to corner from my Mexican place and I'm enjoying some nice mountain-grown coffee every day. Good thread, Al.
  12. I have made coffee with a percolator, french press, drip brewer, single pour over, chemex, aeropress and nespresso. And with everything from shitty grocery store beans to very expensive shade-grown single-origin freshly ground beans. This is the best cup of coffee I've ever had at home. Brewing Great Cowboy Coffee Add water to your pot and bring it to a boil. Once the water’s boiling, remove the pot from your fire and let it sit for 30 seconds. This will lower the water temperature to 200°F — the perfect temperature for brewing coffee. Add 2 tablespoons of finely ground coffee for every 8 ounces of water. (You may want to measure how much water your pot holds and how much coffee a spoon you bring holds before going camping so you can measure accurately.) Stir the grounds into the water. Let the brew sit for 2 minutes and stir again. Let the coffee sit for 2 more minutes. After a total of 4 minutes of brewing, sprinkle a little cold water on the grounds. Yes, this actually does help them settle to the bottom. Slowly pour the coffee, so the grounds remain on the bottom of the pot.
  13. Don't disagree that sometimes I'm articulate and other times I'm a complete moran - a fairly old yet still funny meme. My point is that Musk is acting like a utter idiotic manchild. Fire them! Rehire them! Free speech! Unless you make fun of me then banned! So much fun to watch. This is an interesting take on why he is failing so badly. https://www.businessinsider.com/elon-musk-business-playbook-boss-visionary-jerk-spacex-tesla-twitter-2022-12
  14. Exactly! Actually, I'm not really sure what that means or how it's a rebuttal to Musk is a moran, but I felt you needed the encouragement. Go get em, Tiger!
  15. Never stop being you, dude. It's crazy, right? My suggestion - go onto a niche hunting forum and carp about it non stop. Win friends and influence people!
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