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  1. Don't discount "million-to-one" accidents.
  2. Not really, but if it helps you. My point was that you talk about freedom and, I guess, anonymity, yet every aspect of your life is being tracked, collated, and sold as a commodity. And in most of those cases, you’ve voluntarily given others the right to track you. It used to be that I could walk into almost any office building in NYC, then 9-11 happened and now I have to show ID to go to someone's office. Oh well.
  3. Carrying a card that says you've been vaccinated against a deadly disease ... but my freedom?
  4. I don't if you've seen it, but Stanley Tucci has a show on CNN where he explores and eats his way across Italy. It's a fun watch. https://www.cnn.com/travel/article/stanley-tucci-searching-for-italy-restaurants/index.html
  5. Rain has stopped - just grab a coffee and wander. Up Fifth, Grand Central, St Patricks, window shop, Central Park (time it for the Delacorte Clock at the zoo - every half hour), then slowly head cross the park to the NHM.
  6. Arthur Avenue is great. You're driving through the Bronx thinking where the hell am I and then all of a sudden you come across a street that looks right out of Goodfellas. There are a lot of people out. Restaurants may be down a bit but any outside venue like the zoo would be filled.
  7. Elizabeth was the first woman royal to serve in the military. Against the wishes of her parents and as the heir to the British throne. During a time of war. She was a mechanic and driver. Say what you will about them, the royals understand service to their country.
  8. Taxi/uber/limo for the door to door.
  9. If you have the time, there may be something here worth checking out: https://untappedcities.com/ https://untappedcities.com/2019/07/10/the-top-12-oldest-restaurants-in-nyc/
  10. Levain is great. I think each cookie is something like 1200 calories. I prefer the Compost cookie from Milk Bar downtown.
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