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  1. Did you kill the rattlesnake merely by staring at it.
  2. I really need to up my warm game. Hit my stand at 6:30. It was 31 degrees. I had 4 layers and could only last for two hours, shivering the entire time. Now, it's beautiful but but I have to other stuff to do. Very frustrating.
  3. I don't know, Bill. Bonanza just didn't seem that realistic. Or and accurate depiction of the west.
  4. ^ This. I have been stuck multiple times on the mile-long road to my cabin. And 3 miles is a lot of ploughing.
  5. Diana is toying with me. Went back to the stand where the does hang out. I have seen them at 3:00 and 4:00, so I wert in at 1:00. They were bedded in the bramble right beside the stand. They bolt. I sit for the rest of the day and walk out at 6:00. Take off all my gear and clothes on my back deck and look up to see them 10 yards away on my lawn.
  6. I wonder if surveyor's flagging tape along a lot line is considered "posting in a conspicuous manner."
  7. It is shocking how many Biden signs are up here now. I've mentioned before that I think I saw only one Clinton sign in 2016.
  8. It’s a older fawn. Hoping he lets his uncles know there’s free food at my place.
  9. Put my bow down to get a drink and looked through the window.
  10. 100 gr volume doesn't kick that much. For sale: Powerbelts - a hell of a lot cheaper than they were this morning.
  11. So not a good place to sell my leftover PBs?