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  1. The hard part ... what does it look like? Rep Your Water does cool stuff: https://www.repyourwater.com/pages/shop-by-region
  2. Funnier if there was no fence and he got them to back up just a bit. Tragedy is when I cut my finger. Comedy is when you fall into an open sewer and die. ~ Mel Brooks
  3. That was great. Thanks. (I may never speak to anyone in person again.) Israel seemed to have it under control so they rushed to open back up. https://www.cnn.com/2020/07/08/middleeast/israel-coronavirus-second-wave-netanyahu-intl/index.html
  4. If nothing else, I appreciate and admire your dedication @Water Rat
  5. Got it. So, let's make shirts. Or caps. Either with the forum owner's blessing or with another logo. Plenty of manufacturers out there.
  6. This one, Rokslide to research clothes or gear, Shotgunworld for very specific info on various makers, 24hourcampfire if I want to see what racist, misogynist, monosyllabic morons think on the day's issue (the other subforums are pretty good), adkforum for what's going on in the adirondacks, Chuck Hawk, theflyfishingforum for NA, flyfishingforum for the UK and EU. I missed the t-shirt thing. What's the TL;DR version?
  7. I missed the negative reaction in your prior post, but it takes guts to admit a mistake in person. Keep at it. You’ll feel better, he’ll feel better, the world will be a touch calmer for a moment.
  8. This explains how those garter snakes ended up in my eavestrough. Very cool pic.
  9. I'm not sure that's the case. My understanding is that it takes a certain viral load to infect and the greater the viral load the more severe the disease. Do you have a study that shows a single virus can infect?
  10. Down the British! Up the Rebels!
  11. Right. So people who were isolated in country that tends to isolate at the best of times, got sick and died in a national attempt to develop a herd immunity. Only 7.3% have developed antibodies, they had the highest numbers of death of all the neighbouring countries and the economy still took a massive hit.
  12. https://www.businessinsider.com/sweden-opens-inquiry-into-coronavirus-strategy-of-no-lockdown-2020-7
  13. Sorry to hear about your mother @First-light but happy she recovered. At this point, I'm convinced the that US no longer cares or is incapable of dealing with this on a national level and the feeling is, oh well, people will die. The refusal to wear a mask attitude drives me crazy.
  14. That could be their slogan. Picked some up today. Thanks.
  15. I've had bad experience with spraying. Tried roundup to kill some burdock and was very careful to only hit the leaves. It killed everything around and the earth was scorched for two years. Finally coming back a little. If I spray the grass, how long does the glyphosate stay in the ground (or is it inert if it isn't in a plant) and do I have to till all the dead grass? That would be tough to do. Alternatively, now that I've cleared that hill and light is hitting the ground again, I could spread something there. There's little to no ground cover right now.