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  1. left field

    Banned from local Facebook group

    You guys keep fishing the WB and BK. Leaves more EB for me.
  2. left field

    Unique still hunting idea

    If that’s the case, coconuts may be the ticket.
  3. left field

    A tale of two ponds.

    Good advice. I helped them shock, collect and pitt tag trout on a Beaverkill trib a few weeks ago and the fisheries head said to stop by. I need to get the stocking permit from them anyway.
  4. left field

    A tale of two ponds.

    Don't panfish quickly overrun a pond? I'm meeting my excavator this week to go over some other stuff that will require a mini. Maybe we'll dredge the pond deeper as long as we don't pierce the dam.
  5. left field

    Any History channels , Alone fans

    The scuttlebutt is that it will be rough. One of the camera said that he never saw a lake freeze so completely in 24 hours - open water to 2" thick. Canada lures you in. Polite and unassuming to your face but a cruel bitch at heart.
  6. left field

    A tale of two ponds.

    Because the pond is so small and clear I’d rather not look at a stump. I do have a dock and was going to build out a series of stones over concrete blocks.
  7. left field

    A tale of two ponds.

    All my excavator money is going to redo our road. But I may be able to dig it a little deeper. Property lines mean that it has to stay the size it is. The runoff is a bitch. Sadly there’s nowhere else it can go unless I lay in 60’ of culvert across the spring inflow which doesn’t seem like it will work. As it stands, the runoff goes under my driveway, joins a spring which goes around my spring box then joins the outflow from that box to feed the pond. I may have to do the work and stock next year as the fish pickup is next month.
  8. left field

    A tale of two ponds.

    I have to think so. They would spawn but once the fry hit a certain size they would be eaten. They did well for 4 years so I thought they got enough food, but I guess not. I'm thinking that 15 6" bass and 300 minnows might be okay. I may also build some structure for the minnows to hide.
  9. I have two very small ponds - 20'x20' 6' deep and 30'x30' 8' deep. Both are spring fed but the larger also deals with driveway runoff and can get silty. The smaller has two LM bass and hundreds of fathead minnows and possibly some other minnow. The larger had 13 LM bass and no minnows. This year there are no bass in that pond. I believe someone fished it out. I noticed that the DCSWC offers bass and fatheads (and trout in the fall). All you need a DEC pond stocking permit. The question is - what to stock and how many? I'm concerned about putting any bass in the smaller pond (though there was a third one two years ago) as it might upset the balance. The larger pond could take a good number of bass and minnows. Love to put trout but I doubt they would survive. Any thoughts?
  10. Who is at the apex of consideration here? Is it the wolf? The rancher? Nature lovers? Government? Hunters? People who kids and pets are apparently being snatched up by wolves? The Spotted Owl?
  11. left field

    Any History channels , Alone fans

    Confidentially, I was hoping they would leave the brothers who won to die there. Christ, they were annoying. Check out media subforum on bushcraftusa. Many of the former contestants and winners post there and comment on the current season.
  12. left field

    Any History channels , Alone fans

    I remember that guy. Seemed completely out of the blue when he tapped, especially when most of these people say they're doing it for their family. Not as bad as the military guy who tapped within hours after being dropped off after seeing bear scat I will say that almost all the women have the right attitude to go the distance. Mental toughness and the ability to laugh. And they really seem to know their flora. Nicole is a great example of this. She ate: Limpets Chum salmon Spiny dogfish Kelp bass Blennie eels Mossy chitons Red rock crabs Marine isopods Banana slugs Admiral boletes King boletes Chanterelles Spiny wood fern roots Silverweed roots Plantain Yarrow (mostly in tea, for medicine and under my arms) Spruce needle tips (for Vitamin C in tea) Licorice fern roots Enteromorpha (green algae) Fucus (rockweed) Nereocystis (Bullwhip kelp) Macrocystis (Giant kelp) Salal berries Huckleberries Hemlock Tree cambium (not so tasty) Salicornia (Sea Asparagus)
  13. left field

    Any History channels , Alone fans

    Could be that the fish are turning off due to the impending weather change. Or they're just not interested in a paracord fly. Spolerish V V V Eat a muskrat or not? Tough call.
  14. Can I ask where you got the 150 million in total losses number? I can't find this anywhere. Not sure we're getting anywhere here. I think it is a good idea and if it costs money in terms of compensation and/or means that some ranchers have to alter the way they run their animals, so be it. I have heard wolves late at night in Algonquin. It's life changing.
  15. Travel tip - if you find yourself driving across Kansas for what seems like weeks, do not go out of your way to see The Official Wizard of Oz Museum. Trust me.