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  1. Wouldn’t you be one of the first to be able to distance yourself from your patients? I appreciate that your job may be easier face-to face, but under current conditions that makes no sense.
  2. Those numbers will be much worse. As I understand it, they’re not counting the people who are dying at home. Apparently, there’s a hell of a lot of them out there. And we are in the middle of this. I appreciate Biz’s optimism. But I think there will be many, foremost among them, Trump, who will parade a 100k deaths as a victory. It’s not.
  3. left field


    Coincidentally, this was in the NYT this morning. A look inside one of the largest puzzle makers in the world. They are being swamped right now. https://www.nytimes.com/2020/04/08/business/coronavirus-jigsaw-puzzles.html Here's the crazy thing that I didn't know:
  4. Things are keeping me amused and sane. The four-legged wisdom of this dog.
  5. Things are keeping me amused and sane. The four-legged wisdom of this dog.
  6. Basically. As contagious as CV with the same pre symptomatic period and as deadly as Ebola. But it only kills 20% of affected people, another 20% recover and the rest are more or less fine End times.
  7. My fear is that this isn’t even the big one.
  8. A sitting governor should be hanged for treason, but we should all come together as a country right now. Like in the public square? Man, you can’t write this stuff. Oh wait, you just did.
  9. The CV thread is general interest, a place for people to share experiences, reassure each other, vent (some more than others) and inform. It can get a little political at times, but that’s not the point. Biased political apologetic screeds are better served in the political subforum. If you want to be the new Papist, there’s a place for that. You could effectively “own” that subforum.
  10. Honor Blackman is almost as good a name as Pussy Galore. Almost.
  11. If I may, has anyone considered negotiating with the virus and coming to terms? It’s going to kill a few hundred thousand no matter what we do, so what if we made a deal to have a Battle Royale every decade. We randomly pick an area in the US based on population and they have 72 hours to kill 200k people. They can do so as they see fit: execution, voluntary or otherwise; or just allow them to go to town. We could sell tickets. The virus is satisfied and the rest of us can keep the economy chugging along because that’s what’s paramount. Who’s with me?
  12. So your theory is that deep-state Obama Democratic appointees, in order to further resist Trump, decided to not order adequate supplies or prepare the country in any meaningful way for this global pandemic, potentially tanking the US economy, throwing tens of millions out of work, killing a few hundred thousand citizens, and severely disabling another million or so who survive? Those clever bastards.
  13. If and when I die, I’d like a loon’s call to be the final sound I hear. It’s a Canadian thing.
  14. No one blames anyone for the disease. And if they do, they’re idiots. However, people need to and will be held accountable for their response to the disease.