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  1. That was literally my first time stalking. Happy that I saw them before they saw me and that I got 10 yards on them before I was busted.
  2. Decided to take advantage of the wet and try my hand at stalking. After 45 minutes of step, step stop, I saw a deer about 40 yards away through the dense brush. I started to parallel her movement when I picked up another larger doe behind her. She raised up and eyed me straight off. I froze midstep and we began what seemed like a 20 minute staring contest. There was a large black cherry between us and when she finally turned I sidestepped and put the tree between our sight lines. Took a breath. Unfortunately, there were a lot of small trees between me and the cherry so I couldn’t inch straight toward it. After five minutes I tried to go ever so slightly around a sapling and she blew and took off. Best day ever.
  3. As a Canadian I learned early to never underestimate the many and varied uses of hockey tape. The real question is: does he sharpen his broadheads?
  4. Do you think he shaves his head to stop the sound of the wind rustling his hair?
  5. So hold steady until they perfect lasers? More than anyone wanted to know about the rotation of a single bevel broadhead in flesh.
  6. Has anyone used Strickland Helix? Single bevel (right or left) that works in conjunction with your fletching to rotate the arrow in flight and upon contact. Apparently you have to back rotate them to remove from a target. http://www.stricklandsarchery.com/helix.aspx
  7. I enjoyed watching that and I hate hunting videos. Agree with the poster that it makes you feel like you're in the tree. I would consider losing the talking at the end as I find it destroyed the magic of the hunt. Though you see him, Primitive Technology's videos are a good example of the power of silence. You can save your "voice" for the comment section. Good luck.
  8. Good info. Thanks. Maybe worth investing in chainsaw chaps and ear protection? (Speaking from experience and what can happen in a momentary lapse of attention.)
  9. Good info. Thanks. Maybe worth investing in chainsaw chaps and ear protection? (Speaking from experience and what can happen in a momentary lapse of attention.)
  10. @UpStateRedNeck Did you order your size? I’m 6’ 185 and usually take a L but not sure if I should up it to XL. Could order both I guess, but thats a pain in the ass for both parties.
  11. Kuiu is having a small sale. Mostly bags but a jacket and pants as well. https://www.kuiu.com/fallpack-sale-2019/?trk_msg=IO0HQ42RR3IKPFNDO38TJPEGNK&trk_contact=PD8F38KQKHOKO887G1UV16U3N8&trk_sid=5P2Q7JF0V7GH6B23JL5J9SE9HK&bxid=8434942125F664F9E4D4646FD6&utm_source=Listrak&utm_medium=Email&utm_term=kuiu-get-geared-up-for-fall&utm_campaign=Fall+Sale+Starts+Now%3a+Up+to+30%+Off
  12. I find it odd that hunters would go to extreme lengths to wash their clothes and bodies to disguise their scent, purchase expensive clothing to mimic their surrounds, trudge through the woods in darkness to better be in position at daybreak, not to mention spend hours upon weeks upon years practicing their aim, yet won’t spend 15 minutes ensuring that the only point of contact between all that effort and their goal is as perfect as possible.
  13. You guys know it was a stunt, right? Or does the screw up your narrative. https://www.nytimes.com/2019/10/04/nyregion/aoc-babies.html
  14. Good article. Liked what he was saying. Doing a little research it seems that the only knock is that the clothes were designed for mountain walking and stalking, and may not be the best choice for stand sitting. Can anyone speak to the ass-sitting warmth of Kuiu?