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  1. Everybody who comes to my camp - just down the road from Sam's mountain - gets a copy of that book.
  2. The Ashokan is pretty and the Esopus is open for fishing until Nov 30 so it attracts hikers and anglers. And DEP cops. You will definitely need the car and personal permit. I've never seen a DEP cop on any of the land in Delhi. Or a car tag in any car.I really don't think the tags stop anyone from going in. It certainly doesn't stop them from shooting from the car at night. I would avoid Scutt Mountain as the DEC drops pheasants there and it gets a lot of pressure. Good luck.
  3. Yes. You don't have legal immunity from acts of cruelty (if that is a law there) just because you're hunting.
  4. I don't know. F&G seem to have broad powers and there may be state or local animal cruelty laws that can be applied. My guess is that there are a lot if people looking at it.
  5. I have no qualms punishing these "hunters" or others who breaks the law or ethical standards (in as much as the latter is legally punishable.) My guess is that ethical trappers kill their animals as quickly as they can. And slitting a downed deer's throat, however tough, is a damn sight better than laughingly kicking it in the head and then posting the video. This isn't an us (pro) or them (anti) situation. Frankly there are a lot of hunters that I disagree with.
  6. Took a lot of work but I went from barely hitting the target to this grouping at 25 yards shooting instinctively. Also on a Steve B string.
  7. Check out https://thepushpodcast.libsyn.com/ Lots of good trad info including coaching moments with Tom Clum Sr. Good luck.
  8. Yeah, I just read that. Sorry, I jumped the gun before verifying the quote. Too late to remove it.
  9. One of their mothers has come to their defense: What the hell is possum stomping?
  10. Well, I tried low for a few hours then went high and busted three deer under my stand. The next day, I started high at that stand and nothing. If I have a chance again I may just try some public land as I think I'm screwing my place up by walking all over it.
  11. Do I add the tears at the beginning or end? Measure heartbreak by volume or weight? What about dashed hope? In the pot or as a side dish?
  12. Don't underestimate the street cred. https://www.thefashionlaw.com/home/supreme-is-being-sued-for-allegedly-hijacking-another-brands-camo-print
  13. Could only last three hours in the wet heavy snow. Didn’t see a thing. Packed up the cabin to head back to the city. Naturally there’s an 8 pt on my cabin road. About halfway home I realized I left the apple pie I picked up for dinner in the fridge. Happy Thanksgiving.