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  1. And yet only one side of that equation keeps bringing it up because as we all know, mermaids are white. That's not opinion ... that's science!!!
  2. Guy On Doomed Planet Mostly Concerned With Skin Color Of People In Movies
  3. It's a Remlin, but it seems they took a little more time and care with these deluxe versions. I was ready to but until I asked if I could see the stock. Oh well.
  4. Seller said that they were, so he couldn't show me the stock. Don't see them serving any other purpose and they look so badly done that they don't match the quality of the leather work.
  5. These are riveted in and the guy doesn't want to remove them to show the stock and damage. It's a pass from me.
  6. Didn't even think of that, but you're probably right. The weird thing is the guy paid extra for the upgraded wood.
  7. Looking at an older Marlin and came across a Deluxe Texan with upgraded wood. I asked if they could remove the leather sleeve so I could see the stock and he said not possible.
  8. First time I saw on the actual speedometer and not an app or nav screen. I also not very up on new car tech.
  9. At first it bugged the hell out of me as I like to drive fast. Then I just went with the flow and since everyone was doing the same speed, we moved very well down the road. I drive to the city yesterday and in massive traffic with assholes driving a few feet off my bumper and weaving in and out of traffic. To get nowhere. Socialism for the win!
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