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  1. Got my buck and doe opening morning minutes after each other in Chenango County. I could hear movement down in front of me so i hit the grunt tube. Next thing I know the doe came in to my stand on a rope and i turned her broad side at 20 yards and hit her with a perfect shot. She only ran 20 yards and dropped. I called my dad to let him know she was down then the spiker came in. I hung up the phone and took a shot and missed because i shot standing up without a rest. He ran a little bit and stopped so i hit the grunt tube again and he came back. This time I made sure he i had a good rest and hit him right behind the shoulder. Needless to say my season was done early.
  2. Im ready too. I've been reading the forum for a while and love seeing all the pics and stories everyone has been posting. Im away at school in PA and have been going crazy waiting for opening day of gun season. Good luck to everyone and I cant wait to see the pics and read the stories of opening weekend!
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