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  1. For the not so technical folks out there - https://www.zdnet.com/article/what-took-facebook-down-major-global-outage-drags-on/
  2. Seen alot of people out with x-bows practicing before southern zone opener. People who I know don't normally bow hunt. Connect the dots. Sent from my SM-G981U using Tapatalk
  3. Personally, didn't get out this am. Seeing more doe activity in fields in the evenings, so may do a quick sit at the end of the day. Too many other plans to commit time this weekend Sent from my SM-G981U using Tapatalk
  4. So let's hear those opening day stories and see pictures of successful outings,,,,
  5. I remember when ammo prices were like this, and Dicks Sporting goods actually supported hunters... Sent from my SM-G981U using Tapatalk
  6. I have bought my licenses online since they turned on the system. This is the first year I've had any problems.... Went to logon shortly after Aug 1st, and the system wouldn't accept my logon, so I ended up calling the toll-free number to get things reset (quick and easy, and was logged into the system before hanging up the phone). Agent on the line said as long as you're on the phone, she could go ahead and do my order - so we did. First time around, she said I was selected for 2 DMP's for 8J. She entered my credit card #, and said "Hmm that's weird, it kicked me out of the system." She got logged back in and it didn't show that my transaction went through, so she did it again - said she did the same tags / privileges and this time the credit card went through. Got 2 separate email receipts - 1 showing 2 DMPs, the 2nd showing 1. So I went on-line and checked, and sure enough only had 1 listed. Used the "contact us" link to submit a request to have someone contact me. A day or so later, saw that there were 2 credit card charges, so called the toll-free number. After 30-40 minutes on the phone, there was no resolution - "If you would have called back immediately, we could have refunded one of the charges, but now the State has to do it. ". "Can't help you with the 2nd DMP, it wasn't requested by the agent.". "We'll contact the state, and someone will contact you... Typical BS from a 3rd party call-center that isn't authorized to do much. When my tags came in the mail, there was a (518) area code # listed to contact regarding any licensing issues. Called it, and got ahold of someone; just by the way he answered the phone and conducted himself, he wasn't a customer service representative - but wow, within 10 minutes (including transferring me to someone in accounting) he had things straightened out. A few hours later, the system showed a "DMP Correction Tag #2" and within 2 days, I was refunded the second charge.
  7. Yea, realize that - it just messes with my mind when I take a doe in December that hasn't gone dry yet. I suspect there's a bunch more in that condition in September.
  8. Have DMP's for 8J - Unsure if I'll be out or not. Seeing lots of does with their fawns feeding in fields in the AM and PM ; not sure if they're still nursing, but seems a bit early to harvest a doe. Not too worried about processing - if I do get one, most likely it would get broken down pretty quickly into tenderloins / Backstraps that can be aged in the fridge, and the majority of the remaining into grind for homemade sausage.
  9. For the early southern zone season, does a crossbow count as a "Legal Firearm" ? and would I need to have a muzzle loader tag ? Asking for a friend....
  10. Don't forget the new requirement of a pink or orange hat to complete the ensemble.
  11. When I was 13 or 14 years old, myself, father and older brother would butcher any deer we could lay hands on... Anyone from our hunting group, neighbors, we'd even go around and get road kill if it wasn't too messy (it was nice being knowing all the local deputies). As life when on, I've had a part in butchered pigs, cows, bison, and all kinds of game animals / birds / fish. Over the years, I've paid someone else a few times to butcher a deer for me, but it wasn't the norm - usually some odd-ball reason for it. (like leaving the next day for a 14 day trip for work). So I'm comfortable with the process and know my way around the different cuts of meat. My 23 year old daughter hunts with me - She's a LMT and has a pretty extensive biology background and not at all afraid of field dressing or butchering, so now she helps with the process.
  12. @NYBowhunter - What's the purpose of the galvanized sheet at the base of ladder ?
  13. Here's mine with the factory barrel. And dressed up with the 20" turkey barrel in MO Obsession finish. Sent from my SM-G981U using Tapatalk
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