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  1. we get the occasional large egg- surprisingly they are usually single yokes. Yesterday and today we collected these "jumbos" - expecting double yokes, will have to wait and see.
  2. Every day is an adventure with backyard chickens....
  3. There's more to the story... 2 recent blogs by this guy paint a less than rosy picture of Lonsberry. http://www.thekingofrochester.com/ Blog author is opinionated about Rochester media.
  4. But the temporary reprieve from gasoline tax will save us.... Sent from my SM-G981U using Tapatalk
  5. That's one way to thin the herd. https://wpdh.com/wild-pig-fatally-struck-by-ambulance-in-hudson-valley-new-york/ Sent from my SM-G981U using Tapatalk
  6. Love the media spin on this... All the headlines I've seen about this are proclaiming that it's a done deal. This bill was approved by Congress, still need to go to a House Committee, then the full House, and finally President for signature. Classic example of how the media can steer the narrative. And for the record, this really won't affect the amount of time I spend hunting, fishing or any other outdoor activities.
  7. Moderna Vaccinations 1st dose - 1/14/2021 - sore arm, swollen lymph nodes in arm (normal reaction to flu vaccination as well) 2nd dose - 2/11/2021 - sore arm, lymph nodes, and spend 24 hours in hospital with Transient global amnesia - lost about 10-12 hours of time. TGA started about 24-28 hrs after shot, wife took me to hospital about 3 hrs into it. Have has repeated EEGs and other cognitive tests, no last effects. Unsure if TGA was due to vaccination or due to other stress in my life at the time. 7/15/2021 exposed to covid positive person - tested positive 7/18/21 with no symptoms Tested Negative 7/30. Flu vaccination 10/27/2021 Booster - 11/19/2021 - same as 1st dose, plus general blah feeling for a day. Before Christmas 2021, was down for about a week with flu-like symptoms - slight fever, lots of sleep and body aches. Test 2X for covid after New Year's Day, both negative, so not sure if testing was too late or it was some other type of illness.
  8. My wife's drive to work this morning.... Sent from my SM-G981U using Tapatalk
  9. I run game camera year round. If I didn't, wouldn't get pics like this... Sent from my SM-G981U using Tapatalk
  10. Wow .... https://vincheck.info/check/report-summary.php?vin=1C4RJFN93MC819264 ESTIMATES Market Value: $88,205 - $116,457 Estimate Certainty: 99%
  11. Never measured the height of a squirrel from nose to hind legs, but it looks like this guy ain't very happy about the recent snow.
  12. 15 years of mounting animals in your living room? Your wife is a keeper.
  13. Use them all the time for ice fishing. The ones I've got have to be at least 40 years old, used them when I was a kid fishing with my father and grand father. The smell is what makes the experience... the memories it brings back are amazing.
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