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  1. If temps are cool, I may sit on a field edge or two; biggest concern is I don't have a deer fridge, so if I do harvest something, will have to de-bone break it down pretty quickly and get it into the 2nd family fridge to age for a few days. 8J hunter - Early season allows firearms, bow and crossbow; most likely will carry the bow or muzzleloader can't see changing anything up from how I normally hunt.
  2. Sounds like the State's argument to defend the poorly written law is the main source of confusion. Can only hold for an injunction and outright overturning of the NYS concealed carry "improvement" act.
  3. Squirrel ? Chipmunk ? or Deer ?
  4. Not exactly, the Mall's rules state no firearms, but Indiana law only allows a violator of these rules to be removed from the property and trespassed. Basically, the same rules currently for New York State. After September 1st, however it will be a felony...
  5. I have dozens of pictures from trail cams over the years where deer and coyote have walked the same path within minutes / hours of each other.
  6. Is this the beginning of the end for the SAFE act ? Is FPC more effective than the NRA ? How many members support the FPC ? - if not should we ? FPC Files Lawsuit Challenging New York “Assault Weapons’ Ban as Unconstitutional - Firearms Policy Coalition
  7. There's a bunch of these in the woods where I hunt. Definitely wouldn't want to eat out of them...
  8. I would make a comment, but as a holder of a NYS Pistol Permit for almost 30 years, I can no longer use my 1st Amendment right of Free Speech, as it will be used against me when my Permit is renewed...
  9. Have 2 boxes of 50 rounds each. Both are unopened. Wife bought these, she thought they were 17HMR. After bringing them home, she found out they can't be returned. Told her if I can't sell / trade them away, she'll have to go out and purchase me my 1st. 17HM2 rifle. Open to offers / trades / or give away to a good home that will give these things the attention I can't.
  10. My office at the facility has a stand-up desk. At home it's only a regular sit down desk. That's the only materialistic thing I miss working from home. The face to face interaction with humams other than my family, that's another conversation... https://theoatmeal.com/comics/working_home Sent from my SM-G981U using Tapatalk
  11. I have a lot of co-workers that have re-located while tele-working; most are down-sizing getting ready for retirement. One benefit of being a federal employee is the locality pay. Folks are moving to areas with high locality pay but saving money due to no commuting costs. Locality pay also affects your pension computation...
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