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  1. I have had this in my safe and do not shoot it enough to justify keeping it. It is in good shape and will include the Nikon Slughunter scope. Great gun for shotgun only areas. I'm located in Monroe County if you are interested in seeing it. Asking $500
  2. I appreciate it but I already have a climber. Thanks though!
  3. Lone Wolf Assault II treestand. In great shape. Platform wrapped in paracord to reduce noise. Local pickup in Rochester area or can meet. $200 I will post pics later this afternoon.
  4. No they are all straight. Funny I actually double checked after looking at the pic as well. Must be the way it was placed.
  5. Yup...these are the ones produced by Muddy before bought out by Big Game. Go with the new ones if you want. Not familiar with the issues with the new ones breaking I take it. Look into it.
  6. Original Muddy Pro sticks. They are painted camo and in great shape. $180tyd
  7. Awesome story!!! Congrats and way to stay out there in those elements!
  8. 8A some shooting around me, but haven't seen a thing. Wind is starting to pick up now.
  9. Thermacell will be with me for sure!
  10. So the story is my wife had surgery last week which has her laid up. I have daycare available for my twin 2 year old girls but not until 7am. Is it worth heading out there if I can't get set up until 8ish? I'm fairly new to turkey hunting and all I have learned is be out way before sunrise.
  11. Looked to me his post asked if anyone owned an Avalanche and if there were a any issues. While not a 2002 I did own a loaded 2005 and advised him it was a good vehicle with no issues. Seems a pretty fair response to me. Thanks for the input though bud.
  12. Had a 2005. Great vehicle with no issues.
  13. I am selling my custom built PSE Evo 7/Omen. It is an Evo 7 riser with Omen cams built by a PSE guru. I picked it up due to a shoulder injury, and can finally move up in weight. This bow is perfect for anyone with a shoulder issue that does not want to sacrafice speed. The specs are: 33" ata/ 6.5" brace height/ 40-50# limbs/ 28" draw length/ 355fps IBO! Thi is a forgiving and fast bow for anyone with shoulder issues, or just wants a lighter weight on the 3D course. Strings and cables are custom as well and basicly new. Cams are in tune. Asking $500 shipped via paypal. If accessories are needed I am willing to work something out. PM me with any questions or offers.
  14. I just picked up a 3 pin micro adjust IQ. I really like it. I previously had an Axcel Armourtec 5 pin, but decided to give this one a try on my Insanity. So far so good.
  15. Good buyer here guys....fast payment. His daughter will have a new gun soon!