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  1. gfdeputy2

    What Time Will The Alarm Wake You Up Tommorow Morning ?

    3AM here in NH
  2. gfdeputy2

    Slayed the dragon..

    Wow! all I can say
  3. gfdeputy2

    Happy Birthday WNY-Hunter

    Happy Belated!
  4. gfdeputy2


    Sam Adams used to make a double Bock I loved then they turned it into a 4 pack & jacked up the price haven't seen it in a few years not sure they still make it or not
  5. gfdeputy2

    2019 Lawn Thread

    LOL Nope Snow just left the lawn Saturday
  6. gfdeputy2

    Do You Like To Team Up Or Spring Turkey Hunt Alone?

    I guess team up I usually call for others. I buy my license but try to get everyone I call for their bird first if time left then I hunt solo
  7. gfdeputy2


    Went to Portland Maine on Good Friday stopped at Allagash & New England Distillery sorry not sure why the 2 photos came out sideways
  8. gfdeputy2


    one of my local brands
  9. gfdeputy2

    Check the sights on your turkey slayer

    I pattern mine every year you never know & I use dead ringer sights
  10. gfdeputy2

    Notre dame on fire !!

    Sad does not look like there is much left standing
  11. also forgot to mention they come with a 1 year warranty
  12. Quality Aluminum constructed sight & Polymer range finder body & weighs only 12.9Oz
  13. gfdeputy2

    What's your go to turkey call ?

    Wiggin Game Calls bloodwood copper pot call
  14. gfdeputy2

    Need 1 old style sight pin.

    Will do if i remember they were like the brass ones but painted tips correct
  15. gfdeputy2

    Need 1 old style sight pin.

    I will check when I get home I believe I have ones like dbHunterNY showed not sure if I have colored ones