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  1. gfdeputy2


    Sam Adams used to make a double Bock I loved then they turned it into a 4 pack & jacked up the price haven't seen it in a few years not sure they still make it or not
  2. LOL Nope Snow just left the lawn Saturday
  3. I guess team up I usually call for others. I buy my license but try to get everyone I call for their bird first if time left then I hunt solo
  4. gfdeputy2


    Went to Portland Maine on Good Friday stopped at Allagash & New England Distillery sorry not sure why the 2 photos came out sideways
  5. gfdeputy2


    one of my local brands
  6. I pattern mine every year you never know & I use dead ringer sights
  7. Sad does not look like there is much left standing
  8. also forgot to mention they come with a 1 year warranty
  9. Quality Aluminum constructed sight & Polymer range finder body & weighs only 12.9Oz
  10. Wiggin Game Calls bloodwood copper pot call
  11. Will do if i remember they were like the brass ones but painted tips correct
  12. I will check when I get home I believe I have ones like dbHunterNY showed not sure if I have colored ones