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  1. gfdeputy2

    Test your knowledge

  2. gfdeputy2

    Sunset shooting

    NH we have the 1/2 hour before & after. Early season I could hunt close to the 1/2 hour mark but late season seems not much of a gradual darkening I hunt maybe 10 Min after. When hunting NY I start/stop at sunrise Sunset I use the 1/2 hour to walk in or out
  3. gfdeputy2

    Lots of birthdays today

    Happy Birthday to you all!
  4. gfdeputy2

    Today is the day!

  5. gfdeputy2

    Legal illegal or just being a scumbag

    Geeze I wish I was out in Hi-Tor right now 2.5 weeks to go. I wonder if that is where Storm hunts well maybe I should setup stand on the main trail see if I can see him
  6. gfdeputy2

    Mossberg 695

    I know a lot of people like the Hornady SST's but I used to have good luck with Lightfield slugs
  7. gfdeputy2

    Mossberg 695

    Good! hate those kind a recalls not good when a gun fires by closing the bolt. I am guessing you are looking for slugs & assuming it is rifled?
  8. gfdeputy2

    Mossberg 695

    Don't know much about the 695 but FYI there was a recall on it
  9. gfdeputy2

    Legal illegal or just being a scumbag

    So it wasn't just me!
  10. gfdeputy2

    Legal illegal or just being a scumbag

    funny I remember reading more to your original post before you edited it but all good & No he was legally hunting
  11. gfdeputy2

    Legal illegal or just being a scumbag

    Never said you were complaining & I am not either just stating Facts which appears you don't like
  12. gfdeputy2

    Left handed bow shooters

    we asked about my buddies Leupold Vendetta no prohibition on bow mounted rangefinders
  13. gfdeputy2

    Legal illegal or just being a scumbag

    since we are just making assumptions so he is in a tree on public property facing private property but has not shot an arrow not trespassing, not breaking any laws & you call DEC on him what do you assume they will say? My point is you can assume all you want Facts are what matter & the fact is he is legally hunting as were you. personally I think you should worry about your own hunt unless you actually saw him do something illegal "What if's" don't cut it
  14. gfdeputy2

    Legal illegal or just being a scumbag

    depends if your original complaint is going your way or not
  15. gfdeputy2

    Left handed bow shooters