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  1. gfdeputy2

    Check the sights on your turkey slayer

    I pattern mine every year you never know & I use dead ringer sights
  2. gfdeputy2

    Notre dame on fire !!

    Sad does not look like there is much left standing
  3. also forgot to mention they come with a 1 year warranty
  4. Quality Aluminum constructed sight & Polymer range finder body & weighs only 12.9Oz
  5. gfdeputy2

    What's your go to turkey call ?

    Wiggin Game Calls bloodwood copper pot call
  6. gfdeputy2

    Need 1 old style sight pin.

    Will do if i remember they were like the brass ones but painted tips correct
  7. gfdeputy2

    Need 1 old style sight pin.

    I will check when I get home I believe I have ones like dbHunterNY showed not sure if I have colored ones
  8. I have Multiple units for sale $230 these are brand new 5) .019 fiber optic pins Tool less Adjustments Accuracy +/- 1 yard 6-300yards one touch scan mode Fog mode integrated light 3 levels of brightness laser for rangefinder to pin setup comes with standard sight ring (for shoots when rangefinders are not allowed) Please message me for any questions or more details
  9. gfdeputy2

    Happy birthday First-light

    Happy Birthday
  10. gfdeputy2

    What Is The Best Job That You Did For Free?

    I was a Vol Firefighter for 21years Retired as Deputy Chief
  11. gfdeputy2

    Lost my dog today

    So Sorry for your loss I know the pain all too well
  12. gfdeputy2

    Test your knowledge

  13. gfdeputy2

    Sunset shooting

    NH we have the 1/2 hour before & after. Early season I could hunt close to the 1/2 hour mark but late season seems not much of a gradual darkening I hunt maybe 10 Min after. When hunting NY I start/stop at sunrise Sunset I use the 1/2 hour to walk in or out
  14. gfdeputy2

    Lots of birthdays today

    Happy Birthday to you all!
  15. gfdeputy2

    Today is the day!