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  1. Moving my best stand this weekend - two years ago an adjacent tree fell against it and stripped a lot of bark off of my tree. It has slowly died and hardened since, but now seems to be getting a bit brittle and just isn't deemed safe. I got a nice 8-point buck from it last year, and a total of five deer in the last four years from it. There is no other suitable tree in that area so it kills me to give it up. I'm scouting a little deeper into the thick stuff and will be forced to cut a narrow trail to get to where I'm moving to with anything resembling noise control. The good news is that the location will put me closer to some big boys.
  2. It's a one-house bill that has not gone anywhere. It has about 12,000 companions - all one house bills that make for a good press release but will never become law.
  3. I could care less what color they print them in. I was less than pleased that the State Fair was only taking license applications on the weekends. I tried DECALS on a Monday night, it was easy and quick, and by Friday I had my license and two DMPs in the mailbox. As long as I get those results they can print them on rainbow paper.
  4. There are no provisions at all for a non-resident pistol license in NY. NY doesn't offer any reciprocity with any other state license. If you have a pistol without being a licensed resident you are committing a felony. Welcome to NY.
  5. I like it, nice update look and crisp presentation. Will take some getting used to, but change keeps things interesting.
  6. Some summer 2011 trailcam pics. Plenty of does, fawns and young bucks. A couple of decent 8-pointers, no bruisers yet. One doe with attitude, and a very cute fawn...
  7. 2 decent size deer cover our family. Me and three kids eat it, my wife won't touch it. We also feature venison steaks, hot dogs and sausage for the extended family Independence Day celebration, and venison chili at the office Christmas Party. Will have just enough to get us through until the freezer is re-stocked this Fall.
  8. That's a crappy way to treat a friend, but some pics are not certainty that this buck will be standing there on opening day. Our informal hunt club is on WMU 7M property my west coast uncle owns, making me the de facto "leader". We've each picked-out our own areas for stands and don't gripe about the other guys area. We've all gotten decent bucks and does at each location. After some deer are down we're all gentlemen about switching-up stand locations. If we have a guest we all work hard to get them a deer first. It sounds like you would fit in well with our guys. We would have no patience for the attitude displayed by your "president". He'd be one-and-done with us.
  9. I searched recent news on Gander Mt. and it all seems pretty positive, even some significant remodeling of some locations. Earnings have been decent. Doesn't quite match the experience many of us have had. I don't like to beat-up a company, but GM has significantly dialed-back their in-store selection. Dick's never has had the selection I've looked for. 35 minute jaunt to Bass Pro in Auburn isn't too far, and probably just far enough to keep me from shopping too much. Cabela's mail order is still my go-to for variety and quality, but I do prefer to put my hands on hunting gear before I purchase.
  10. Great points by many. I answered price because that was the question, but frankly it's the last thing I consider. Quality over time, lifelike appearance and attention to detail are the driving forces. Of course I don't want to throw money away, but the best way to waste money on taxidermy is to get a substandard mount. I always see the work of the taxidermist and ask for multiple references who have done business with the taxidermist over a long number of years and mounts. I've settled on Bob Halbritter at North Shore Taxidermy in Williamstown, NY. He is very open with references and proudly displays mounts done 25+ years ago in his studio. I'm a relatively new customer but am very happy with his work. He's not the cheapest, but he is competitive. Being a biologist, hunter, guide and game preserve owner gives him a depth of knowledge about animals that transfers to his work.
  11. The Cicero (Syracuse) Gander Mt. has been reorganized, some of the taxidermy removed, photo "brag wall" is gone, and the inventory is low with a lot of open floor space. Felt like I was at a warehouse sale. A trip to Bass Pro Shops in Auburn a few days later was far more enjoyable, and I found what I was looking for.
  12. On my mind for sure. Grabbed-up two new ladder stands at Bass Pro in Auburn. Also picked-up the first hunting gear for my sons.
  13. Another one for the list. I have some family up that way.
  14. Have fond memories of some dates at Letchworth as an undergrad at Geneseo, I think it might be time to make some new memories there. What awesome bucks.
  15. From what I've seen on the forums tonight I'm going to have to give the video option on my trail cams a try. Awesome footage.