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  1. Tooth of the arrow broadheads?
  2. Any idea if the scentlok would fit a guy 5'8 200lbs?
  3. 50 Cal. TC Triumph Muzzleloader. Will include two speed breeches and a Konusplus 3x9x40 Scope (Not Mounted). Barrel has some pitting from previous owner but does not affect accuracy. PM with interest! $400.00 for gun and scope. $300.00 for gun without scope/rings.
  4. How does everyone measure loose powder? I have some of the prelabeled tubes that obviously is by volume but isn't necessarily in grains right...guess my confusion is the labeling on the tubes is not equal to grains correct?
  5. I know this a common question but what loads is everyone using in their CVA Optima V2's? The wife got me one for Christmas. I am already a fan of the Harvester Sabots. I am specifically interested in the blackhorn 209 but also wondering if it is worth it if I will only hunt with the gun a hand full of times? I am in a rifle county. Thanks everyone.
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