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  1. I took a walk last weekend, we spotted a couple of does and seen a bunch of rubs.
  2. ballbusta


    schrade old timer sharpfinger 3 1/2" blade super sharp. In my opinion the perfect knife for gutting an skinning deer. I don't like folders they are too difficult to clean.
  3. I will trade 3M for 3P if anyone is interested
  4. I have not been there since 2008 maybe the rules have changed . This is what I found For members of the general public who do not qualify under the above categories, there is one remaining opportunity for hunting. General public hunters who possess deer management permits issued by New York State for Unit 3P may hunt for deer at West Point during the Regular Deer Season (also known as the “gun season”), the Late Special Archery Season (following the Regular Season) and the Special Muzzle loader Season. Hunting during the Early Special Archery Season or Small-Game Hunting is not authorized nor is pre-season scouting. Access is controlled with a daily sign-in/sign-out process. There is a special West Point permit issued and registration procedures for this deer hunting opportunity. These procedures are not finalized until 1 October each year. Interested individuals can either sign up for e-mail notification or call after 1 October to recent the current procedures for the coming fall season. General public hunters must fill their 3P permits with an antlerless deer at West Point before they are allowed to take an antlered deer. Because the deer management permits for Unit 3P are limited, interested hunters are encouraged to obtain their 3P permit from New York State before the 1 October deadline.
  5. There is West Point also. I believe that you need a dmp permit and have to fill the dmp tag before you harvest a Buck. Check into it they might have changed that rule, its been a while since I hunted there
  6. I haven't been there in years but Blue Mountain in Peekskill used to have a nice archery range ( walking trail with targets set up at different yardage and angles )
  7. I have never seen the reasoning behind making flashlights or knives in camo either you could never find them once you put them down or drop them
  8. My buddy killed this a few years ago in 3P this is the biggest Ive seen
  9. I shoot g5 montec's and use the practice broadheads most of the year unless I'm shooting at a 3d event
  10. I just installed on my bow, I don't find it noisy and was pretty easy to setup. I love it so far
  11. ballbusta


    3p----no 3m----yes
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