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  1. Elmo

    Have Netflix?! Watch Our Planet!!

    He narrated the Planet Earth too. Cool. I'll add it to my watch list.
  2. Elmo

    Have Netflix?! Watch Our Planet!!

    How is it different from Planet Earth, Blue Planet, etc? Planet Earth was revolutionary. After that, every other nature show was pretty much the same.
  3. Elmo

    Boston strong ?

    Golden State/Milwaukee finals.
  4. Elmo

    2019 Baseball Thread

    For sure. Mantle played the last few years without cartilage in his knees. Those days a gone. That's why Lou Gehrig is the true Iron Man in my eyes. He never had the advanced doctors, team planes, etc. that Cal Ripken had and yet still the only thing that stopped him was a disease so devastating, they named it after him.
  5. Elmo

    2019 Baseball Thread

    These are not George's Yankees. These are his son's. If old George was still around I'm pretty sure Bryce Harper would have been your left fielder, Manny Machado would have been your 3B, and Patrick Corbin would be your ace right now.
  6. Elmo

    2019 Baseball Thread

    They do. They beat the Red Sox a couple of days ago.
  7. Elmo

    2019 Baseball Thread

    Those 27 rings doesn't help them win this year. That's like when other say "Yankees suck this year" and the Yankee fan responds with "Oh yeah! Well...Mickey Mantle!"
  8. Elmo

    Notre dame on fire !!

    My sample list is not in any order but the first one on my list is the Vatican. I'm not religious but I'd imagine that the Vatican is a bit more significant than ND.
  9. Elmo

    Notre dame on fire !!

    I was being sarcastic because Storm insisted left field wear a MAGA hat through Harlem to prove that he's a white Christian.
  10. Elmo

    Notre dame on fire !!

    Isn't MAGA hat and white Christian mutually exclusive? Or is it required to wear a MAGA hat when you're a white Christian?
  11. Elmo

    Notre dame on fire !!

    All seriousness, Notre Dame got famous for being in Paris and being in films but as far as importance and grandeur, where does it rank compared to any of these: St Peter's Basilica Hagia Sophia St Patricks Cathedral Cistine Chapel The Pantheon Mont St. Michel St. Mark's Basilica St Basil's Cathedral Sagrada Familia Chapel of the Holy Cross Las Lajas Sanctuary Basilica of the Sacred Heart of Paris Westminster Abbey etc...
  12. When I use to work at the zoo, I worked in the herpetology department. There was this one Indigo snake that was a darling of the staff. Gorgeous. Roughly 8 feet long. He was the calmest, friendliest non dog/cat animal I've ever seen. You can handle him all day and he'll move where ever you direct him. I'd let him coil on me and he'll watch from my shoulders while I cleaned his cage.
  13. Elmo

    Todays chuckle

    Also a nightmare going through TSA metal detectors.
  14. Elmo

    Notre dame on fire !!

    You might not this answer either because it's not PC but I'm an atheist. There are tons of churches everywhere. They all for the most part look the same. But I'm not here to compare Buddhas to churches. Again, I'm an atheist. I'm here because you're comparing a church that can be rebuilt to thousands of human lives that were lost in 9/11.
  15. Elmo

    Notre dame on fire !!

    If history is so important, the this has it beat. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/asia/afghanistan/1326063/After-1700-years-Buddhas-fall-to-Taliban-dynamite.html As far as "no single attack or accident has killed more people then 9/11? Hiroshima and Nagasaki may have by a bit don't you think?