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  1. Follow-up: https://www.policeone.com/police-jobs-and-careers/articles/entire-ny-emergency-response-team-resigns-in-support-of-suspended-officers-mt4EZ8rXHM5StIGA/?fbclid=IwAR0NC4JGmxI-EVpoAM2za_Q7uxy3c8NIrrmkPZ59QJ558uqo6bBTbu5xUws
  2. Sort of my point. Why it's hard to save that one black kid who is trying to do well.
  3. It only makes sense only if he needed to shift capital to another stock. Someone I know did that. He was down but he had a feeling FB was going to jump so he exited some of his stocks at a loss so he can pump it into FB. FB went up from $190 to $230 which made him bit of cash.
  4. $19! Delta at $32! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Just wondering how many of the ones who feel they should vacate because the government said so were also saying the government can't tell them they need to wear a mask just a couple of months ago.
  6. So when they first immigrated into the country with a shirt on their back, the first thing they bought was a multi-million dollar home? Pretty much all first generation immigrants start out in the ghetto. As far as being an outcast, tell that to the kid who is getting jumped everyday on his way back from school. The cool crowd is the drug dealer, not the valedictorian. That goes back to what I was saying. The outcast is the one that makes it rather then the normal average kid is the one that makes in other neighborhoods which is why the numbers will be tilted in one direction.
  7. The white kids I knew when I was growing up in the ghetto were there because their families fell into some hard times but they had relatives in NJ or Long Island they they would go visit every once in a while. The black families I knew who made it and moved out, their kids would still travel back to the ghetto and hang out with the friend they grew up with.
  8. You have a teacher tell you to do right then you go back home and all your friends tell you that's it's trash. You sort of have to be the introvert that gets picked on as an outcast to make it. One reason why Asian immigrate into the country and live in the ghetto make it is because largely, they don't socialize with the people there. They stick to themselves.
  9. You speak of education. When I was looking for schools for my son, the disparity in the quality of education in an area with a higher rent/property tax zone is very different. And let's not even talk about private schools. Having trouble with math? Sure, hire a tutor with your minimum wage salary. Yes, those who work hard can come out of such situations but to do so, you have to be the best of the best. Where as in a higher income neighborhood you simply have to be average.
  10. It's also the idea that many of these stereotypes are build on environmental and economical circumstance and not by race. If you took a black family, raised them in an affluent neighborhood with absolutely no discrimination, are their kids still pre-disposed to grow up to be criminals? If you took a white family and moved them into the ghetto with no discrimination, would their kids be outstanding citizens?
  11. Racism isn't just white vs black. Dominican's, some of which are direct descendants of African slaves, holds some of the harshest prejudice against black Haitians due to their history of conflict on the island. They carry that view to other African Americans even though the only difference between them is where the slave boats dropped them off.
  12. https://nypost.com/2020/06/02/how-nyc-looters-pull-off-a-well-organized-scheme-to-target-high-end-stores/?fbclid=IwAR0bYfJNMBm-kBSboQ3cU-SYm61BxmEpFR3LjuGiBS4Z6OJAO8i5hfQJsoM
  13. Like how they obeyed the lawful order of wearing masks and keeping social distances?