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  1. You know I'd hate to miss out on any UPS, hunter orange safety, combined antler scores, and cheesy 80's martial arts movies conversations but the Bionic smile just puts it over the top. That I must see.
  2. Man, I snooze for a couple of days and this thread ballooned to 3 times it's size. Who knew you guys are that passionate about stolen UPS packages?
  3. Elmo

    Weekend plans

    Drive son to his Saturday school in the morning and then drive down to his normal school for a Winter Festival in the afternoon. Going in to work on Sunday to catch up on some work. How awesome is that?
  4. Elmo

    Wish list

    More time to hunt. Get a dog again but wife said "we can't handle 2 children, what makes you think we can handle a 3rd"? Thought about going with a 3 finger or 4 finger release but keep hearing a lot of dry fire stories.
  5. Zach Wheeler is good. Real good. Just not 5 years $118 million good. His inconsistency was maddening. Honestly, I much rather have Madison Bumgarner.
  6. #1 Steve Cohen is from Great Neck in Long Island and is a life long Mets fan. #2 According to reports, if the deal goes through, the Mets will have the richest owner in baseball. This I was actually surprised with. #3. The 5 year control is basically some sort of golden parachute, face saving maneuver or a transition period that won't play out the full 5 years. Steve Cohen is not an idiot. No one in their right mind would invest $2.6 billion into something and allow someone else to de-value it. If signed, he is the owner. Wilpons may still be "CEO" but I'm pretty sure Cohen will ultimately have final say on how they spend HIS money. If it's for transitional purposes, 2 or 3 years in, Steve Cohen may say "Ok, I got the hang of it now. Now you two and just come into the office and just play waste paper basketball till the 5 years is up."
  7. Elmo

    Best boots

    Correction. It's only 200 grams. No wonder my feet gets cold. I have the older version of these. When it's super cold or tons of snow, I wear my Mucks with wool socks over regular socks. https://www.cabelas.com/product/footwear/mens-footwear/mens-pac-winter-boots/pc/104797980/c/104747580/sc/103959180/tnf-mens-chilkat-iii-lace-rubber-bottom-boots/3128743.uts?slotId=1
  8. Elmo

    Best boots

    2000 grams is a lot of...grams. I think the ones I'm wearing now are only 800.