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  1. ^ So I searched in WebMD and couldn't find what caused this on the buck.
  2. I met John Durant at an event once and he introduced me to Steve Rinella. They told me about Jackson Lander's. After watching the video, I decided I had to give it a shot. FYI: Steve Rinella was also telling me how he would trap squirrels in his backyard (this was when he was living in Brooklyn) and eat them. I pass on the city squirrel but gave the pigeon a try. https://www.prevention.com/food-nutrition/healthy-eating/a20453541/eating-invasive-species-with-jackson-landers/
  3. I've had one. A city one at that. Just to try. It was fine. I wouldn't make a habit out of eating city pigeons but country ones I wouldn't have an issue.
  4. Update #2. I wrote the first update at 7:20ish. At 7:38PM I get another email telling us that we they are now shutting down the entire school for 2 full weeks.
  5. Update: it was two kids. One in the 5th grade and one in the 4th grade. Their class will go full remote for 14 days. The school was closed today to be completely sanitized. Rest of the school re-opens for in person learning tomorrow.
  6. You have to fill out a consent form but if you don't fill it out then you have to go full remote learning.
  7. Just got this email at 9:36 PM. Random testing was done on Tuesday. My son didn’t get picked but 5 kids in his class got picked to be tested Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Very sorry to hear about your loss, @Skillet