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  1. Shoeless Joe Jackson purposely threw the series. Astros cheated. Bonds, McGuires, etc. cheated. All Pete Rose did was bet on his own team TO WIN! His actions never altered the outcome or the integrity of the game. How the heck is he banned for life?
  2. True story. A lot of companies assign emails to their employees as first initial and last name@companyname.com. I had someone start who's last name was Orn. His first name started with P. He was the only person in our company that didn't follow the normal format.
  3. $20 for a pack of 12 is a nice deal. But I have enough socks that it's not worth while for the drive up. Next time I'm in the area and it's still not sold, I'll swing by.
  4. So technically he's eating the corn himself. He just have to pass it through the "deer" oven first.
  5. Tacks....The Bam Bam comment and being 15 years off on Dykstra...I'm going to have to put you into the baseball corner. You'll have to take a time out for 15 minutes.
  6. Mets already signed Bam Bam. He's the bench coach.
  7. I'm a Mets fan and I would do it. It's just going to be a dark cloud that's going to follow him that's bad PR. I was in favor of Eduardo Perez to begin with. I would circle back to Perez to see if he's still interested and if he is, then I'll tell Beltran "sorry but just can't do it." If Perez or Tim Bogar or any of the other runner ups are no longer interested since it's so close to the season or whatever reason, then I'd rather hold on to Beltran than waste a year on an interim manager.
  8. Anyone I talk to about a Beagle either love them or hate them. Odd.
  9. My last dog passed away when my 1st son was still very young. Now I'll have to wait till my second boy is a little older and a bit more independent before we can add another "baby" to the household. But I'm itching for one. I'm also limited in the size (part of city apartment living). Another forum member has a Mountain Feist and I took immediate interest. I 'm pretty sure in a couple of years, that's what I'll end up getting. Just concerned that if it's off the leash, it'll run off chasing after something and I won't find it till hours later.
  10. I like how I show up late and completely unexpecting and you guys tried to pawn her off on me like a stolen item.
  11. Who was the woman talking to Tacks and TF when I got there? I was introduced and then never saw her again the rest of the night?
  12. The smart thing to do is for the Giants to take Tua at 4th...then trading him to the Dolphins for 5th and 26th or at the very least the 18th and 26th and a 3rd rounder.
  13. I'll have to agree with @Biz-R-OWorld. It's appropriate that they're called coaches (nba) and managers (mlb). MLB managers doesn't do much as far as training the players but they have to make a lot of in game decisions. The coaches in the NBA coaches a style and discipline. Popovich, Spoelstra, and Brad Steven are just as valuable as some of the players. But as far as in-game decisions, they don't make much. Phil Jackson's triangle offense played a role in those championships but after you call a time out, even I can say "give the ball to Jordan and everyone else get the f$%k out of his way."