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  1. Any recommendations for bow shops in Westchester? I have a dozen arrow shafts I need cut and fitted. Also wouldn't mind a tune up on my bow. I use to use Cougar Sports in Ardsley until they closed. Then I've used Pro-Line in Queens but I prefer to drive north and avoid Cross Bronx traffic. I've been calling Extreme Archery all day (5 times since 11AM) and it's always a busy signal. Don't want to drive up there (with kids in tow) for naught.
  2. Elmo


    Welcome to the forum.
  3. One year I got it after squirrel season started. I called DEC and they told me to use the previous years license until the new one arrives.
  4. You just literally posted an article that states hydroxychloriquine isn't proven. The conclusion at the bottom of your article. "All of this is to say that the science is not yet settled. It is an open question as to whether hydroxychloroquine in combination with any number of other drugs may have a beneficial effect on the disease course of COVID-19." So everyone, have no fear, go a head and get exposed because we have a drug that isn't fully tested that may or may not save you.
  5. I'll be down for some bows and beer.
  6. Nobody is allowed? Tell me which all mighty omnipotent group has such power? The WHO? First off, Brazil is still using it. UK used it a lot in the beginning but stopped when they did their own research as well. When their entire economy and lives are at stake, what country is going to listen to anyone else blindly and not also conduct their own research? I don't know but don't you find it kind of odd that all these countries who's economy are also being decimated, lives are being lost by the thousands, and yet Brazil is the only country that is willing to defy whatever governing world authority you think is banning this drug? I mean, heck, according to western media, when was the last time Russia and/or China ever followed the rules? But yet all of a sudden they're afraid of the WHO?
  7. The entire world must be in cohorts too then because they're not using it either after further studies.
  8. I saw one that opened up a deer's belly, ripped out a near full term fetus, and ate the fetus while while the mother deer was still alive.
  9. Only two type of people would say that. Those who limit and those who didn't get anything.
  10. Elmo


    welcome back!
  11. Komodo's have poisonous saliva that other monitors don't have so that helps them. PS: Oh...Gila Monsters are poisonous too.
  12. Was also banking on his bad year followed by good year sequence. So far he is about to break that cycle with two consecutive bad years.
  13. Layers. It's cold in the morning and towards the end but temps heat up mid day. Also hot when hiking in but cold once you're sitting there motionless for hours.