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  1. Elmo

    What's for dinner tonight?

    I'm not a fan of the sweet plantains (Maduros). I prefer the starchier fried tostones. I like them with either the traditional mojo/mojito (garlic dipping sauce) or hot sauce. But if you want to take it up a notch, you go with the mofongo. That's when they mash the tostones and usually mix in stuff like shrimp or friend crispy pork skin. Man...I want some now. If you ever make your way down into the city we'll hit up some in the Heights.
  2. Plenty of big companies setup shop just north of the city. IBM has a huge campus by Sterling. As long as they build it off of a metro north line, they should have issues. All hind sight now.
  3. Elmo

    WNY comes to Region 3 - - Meetup

    Will see. If I take the Blue Line straight from GC to WP, I can probably make it there in a respectable time but getting back home is going to be a pain for me. If I can some how get over to the Green Line in a respectable time it might give me a better chance.
  4. Elmo

    WNY comes to Region 3 - - Meetup

    No way I'm going to make it up to WP in time. I don't usually get home till 7PM+
  5. Elmo

    Happy birthday reeltime!

    Happy birthday!
  6. Elmo

    What's for dinner tonight?

    Dinner at Empellon. Crab nachos with sea urchins. Quinoa salad with pumpkin seeds and squash. Salmon tartar with trout roe and gooseberries. Crispy pork belly (I just realize you can’t see the pork under the dressing on top). Corn ice cream taco. The “avocado”. It’s avocado ice cream shaped into an avocado on a bed of shaved lemon ice. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Elmo


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  8. Elmo


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  9. Elmo

    Happy Birthday MPHunter

    Happy birthday!
  10. Elmo

    Amazon's Echo

    All I have to say is that it's a good thing Alexa doesn't have eyes.
  11. Elmo

    Amazon's Echo

    All kidding aside, it's fun to hear her responses.
  12. Elmo

    Amazon's Echo

    #9 is what the smart plug is for.
  13. Elmo

    Amazon's Echo

    I use it. It's fun. It does play a lot of music just not the newest ones you have to pay for and maybe some old obscure ones it can't find. I have it tied in to my Amazon Prime account as well as my cell phone. With that I generally use it to: 1. Alexa, what's the weather? 2. Alexa, how's the traffic to Peekskill Brewery? 3. Alexa, how long does it take to drive to Peekskill Brewery? 4. Alexa, how long does it take to cook spaghetti? Alexa, set a timer for 8 minutes. 5. Alexa, play WFAN radio. 6. Alexa, please order more diapers. (it adds it to your cart but won't send the order) 7. Alexa, call Biz. (yes, once tied to your phone, it will dial straight from the Echo.) 8. (while I'm outside, I can use the Alexa app on my phone, I can send an announcement to the device). For example, I can type in "I'll be home in 5 minutes", Echo will turn on and play that message...assuming my wife is near the device to hear it. 9. If you want it to control you lights, open doors, etc, you need to spend more and by compatible devices that connects your lights. Echo it's doesn't control the lights. It controls the device that you have your lights connected to. 10. If I really want to mess with it, I ask it obscure questions like..."Alexa, do you think I'm pretty?" while I dance around naked with my penis tucked between my legs.
  14. Elmo

    The Movie "Alive"

    Didn't see the movie. Read the book.
  15. Elmo

    The Movie "Alive"

    I'm just busting your chops.