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  1. So Trial153 wants 123 days of bowhunting (no crossbows), 10-12 days of gun hunting, and 5 days of muzzle loading. Sounds like bowhunting greed to me.
  2. hunting in northern Dutchess county 3f four hunters in 3 days saw one fawn and one half rack 4 pointer the EHD has decimated the deer herd I don't know how long it will take to return to normal. So Sad
  3. Was in Rhinebeck Red Hook area for 5 days and didn't see a deer on the hoof. Did find two dead deer and smelled a few more.
  4. Just purchased a Savage 212. Thinking about installing Vortex 3 x 9 x40 scope. Any suggestions on what rings to use? Thanks in advance for your input.
  5. CVS carries Chigger X. it seemed to help.I have scratched , should have said clawed, my ankles till they were bleeding.
  6. White Buffalo pulled this same BS in East Hampton . They sterilized the does and they were seen miles from the village where they were sterilized. IT WAS A TOTAL FAILURE'
  7. Noticed a newly dug fox den in our neighbor's driveway. Put a trail camera out to record any activity. Have seen 2 adult foxes going in and out of the den. No sign of kits. Do they give birth this late in the summer? Also, is it common for two foxes to be sharing the same den?
  8. Jump on the Taconic State Parkway point it north and two hours you have your own piece of the pie.
  9. I think if you were a really nice guy you would pass on him and let your sister get a crack at him.
  10. Iam Not a city person but there is so much to see and do. Top of the Rock at night, Times Square, Broadway show Rockafeller Center and much more the list could go on and on. Do your homework and the train is the way to go.
  11. tj1187


    When sitting in the woods and a shot rings out, how far away was that shot? How far away do you feel that you can hear it? One mile two miles ?
  12. Just heard on the news that authorities are trying to figure out how to divide the $130,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of the two inmates. I think the NRA should come up with an additional $130,000 to be split between the couple that was held for three hours and the armed citizen from Tennessee who held them at gunpoint.
  13. 1996 Polaris Explorer 400L. Bought it 6 years ago with 950 miles on it, now it has 1200 it is used to bring deer out of the woods. Told the wife we either pay for a quad or a heart attack she went with the quad.
  14. I cant believe the silly season has started already. Why can't we just leave things alone and be happy with what you have. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to everyone!
  15. tj1187


    Is this what you would call a good acorn crop? It is like walking on marbles on my lawn. Noisy nights with the acorns bouncing off the roof and deck.
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