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  1. I usually hate getting a bird on my cam. I would not mind it if they always came like that.
  2. I have been playing the ukulele for years. I dont seem to catch many people who have played something and stuck to it.
  3. I have asked around and it seems like nobody really plays any instruments anymore. I mean children wise, my school has a band but im sure it is less then 20 people. Does anyone out there play any instruments? I thought this would be something to talk about so i said "oh what the hell"
  4. Ever think of selling any? Im sure there is a bit of cash on that stump there. Especially the weekenders would like them.
  5. Roscoe is hilarious. Like most fawns but if he ends up going over the six point rule he is in trouble either way.
  6. That doe pretty much body slammed him. Haha
  7. I've noticed most deer all have their own unique things about them. So it's easy to recognize a deer if you pay attention to them. I'm talking about does mostly. Bucks are always easy to tell apart haha I haven't seen Roscoe since then. Well at least culvercreek hunt club said it was possible that fawns could have antlers. Maybe he did get into some nuclear dumping sites haha
  8. I visit my woods almost daily. I know all of the deer around so i name them. This one buck fawn i named roscoe who i have not seen since late june showed up last evening while i was watching some beavers at a beaver pond. They're lways fun to watch swim around and widdle on some wood here and there. I saw Roscoe's mommy Renee come out first. I didnt think much of it until i saw Roscoe come out. I am either going crazy or i saw about 3 or 4" velvet spikes coming out of his head!? HAs anyone else seen this or is there something wrong with Roscoe. An early bloomer maybe, he had spots and all. I'll need to try and snap a
  9. Don't ever go to the Gander Mountain in Kingston. They're the worst all I ever walk out of there is angry and frustrated.
  10. The brown trout i have in my pond is about two or three feet long. One day i saw him swimming along with a hind leg of a frog sticking out of his mouth.
  11. THANK YOU! I thought i was just a shakey shooter, it was so discouraging that I could not hold a steady pin. I have to really focus and concentrate hard on my pins to keep them steady. I always end up shooting when my pin "passes" over the bullseye pf my target. It FEELS like a good shot but it is always way off.
  12. I really like raccoons, used to have a little family living under the barn. Nasty little guys but they sure are funny.
  13. I have been writing this story for almost a year, i started last june and have been working on it for a while. I really like to write and the more i write the better i get. Well i will get down to the question. Would anybody like to read it and give me their opinions? I would like to know what i can improve on, what you like, what you do not like and so on. I will give a summary about the stroy. Well it takes place in the late 1800's, there is this man named Ian who is an orphan who is making his living out on the great plains on his farm. He lives in a small town called Marr, everyone is pleasent and not much happens. Ian is a good hearted man and is known as the farming sherrif for helping out everyone fo no pay. Ian was helping out at the railroad station one morning when he meets a girl named Betty from the east who moves in with him. They begin to have a romantic interest with each other off the bat. Things seem to be going well for Ian when the crap hits the fan for him. The forest near the town of Marr always had a small wives tale of being haunted since people have dissappeared in it without a trace. Ian find out why people have been dissappearing the hard way. If you are interested say so on here and email me at [email protected] . All i can ask is do not steal it, it is not copyrighted haha. That is the LAST thing i need to have happen to my work, i hope to get it published some day.
  14. I have broke a arrow nock before shooting groups but nothing that cool. Good Job!
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