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  1. We ride ATVs on our property all year. The deer stop and watch most of the time. Rarely do they spook. We've even stopped to look at them and they stay there as long as the motor is running. If you stop and shut the engine, then they run...it's funny to watch sometimes. As if once the motor is off we've changed into some kind of weird creature that will harm them.
  2. Excellent...I know people that don't get that much action over many years of being in the woods....great job.
  3. Steve936

    4W Hancock

    In the area just outside of town near Rt 268.
  4. Steve936

    4W Hancock

    Went to check my stand and maybe do some clearing of my lanes for next week. I jumped 4 large doe as I walked in. I cut a few things and cleaned up the area a bit. Found 2 fresh scrapes within 50 yards of the stand!! I could tell they were recent because there were no blow down leaves in the fresh dirt of the scrape. Afterwards I climbed into the stand just to sit for a bit and rest, see if anything came by...It was chilly and snowing... Within 25 minutes of cutting my last branch, the 4 doe returned, but kept moving passed me. 2 minutes later a small 6pt came trotting through nose to ground on the same trail as the doe and then a smaller prong-fork followed through behind him... I ran back to camp to grab the cross-bow and gear and sat the rest of the afternoon....no action for the rest of the day.
  5. I wear my old woodlands(not as slim as I used to be) sometimes, and some new digi stuff my BIL gave me after he retired. I see no problem with it. It's great, useful clothing that I enjoy using and it served me well while I served so why not extend its life and usefulness now by heading out to the woods with it. Semper Fi
  6. I think you mean "bunk".....lol Unless I missed the pic of the 'buck"...
  7. Look for tight steering, should not be any play in the steering. Grab each axle and see if there's play. There shouldn't be any. Check the frame out for cracks at the welds as best you can. Dented rim lips are an indicator it may have been ridden hard. Of course no leaking oil...Cracked or deformed plastics may indicate serious hard use also...All features should work: brakes, differentials, 4x4 buttone/levers..lights etc Whatcha looking at? Good luck
  8. Congrats! 18X contract, very nice. He's got his sights set high. Excellent. He's got to have some idea about what he's getting into....Good for him.
  9. I've been a Ram guy for a long time. Currently towing with a 2500 Quad Cab CTD. BUT...my situation recently changed, I don't tow as much any more as we keep the camper on the hunting property pretty much all the time now so I don't "need" the towing capabilities of the Cummins that much. So we went looking at 1500 series trucks. I only test road a few Rams and F150's...they all seemed pretty close in all categories(except the Ecoboost, towing numbers looked great). One thing you can't beat though is the size of the F150 cab when you get the Supercrew cab. Wow, that thing is cavernous in there..I couldn't believe the roominess. With a wife, 3 growing kids and a 120lb dog there was plenty of room for my crew.
  10. I'm pretty sure you can insure without registering them. Progressive doesn't require it I know that.
  11. The property owner asks that they be at the very least insured...no reg is required...
  12. Use 325 Tar Hollow Rd, Hancock, NY for the GPS. Then look for orange and black arrows to direct you onto the property and to the parking/camping field. Please respect the property and gracious owner. This property is being offered to the ATV community by a very gracious owner and ATV enthusiast. It is only open to riders on this weekend. Other wise it is posted, patrolled vigorously and has video surveillance in use. Thank you.
  13. Both of those machines are absolute beasts....I don't think you could go wrong with either one. I'm looking at the Scrambler myself. I have a line on a leftover '13 850 LE. I've ridden one and it was FUN. The Fox Podium reservoir shocks handled sweetly. And of course the power was smooth and across the whole band. I know it's the same motor as the XP 850 but it just seemed a little more peppy then the Sportsman 850 XP. Maybe it's a little lighter and the exhaust is different. I've never ridden the Renny but the people I know that own one are very happy also. Of course the machines in this class are more "sport" then utility. I guess it really depends on what you'll be using them for. Good luck.
  14. Greetings HuntingNY...Long time lurker, short time member here. I'm involved with hosting an ATV ride on my hunting club property. We all know how finding good, legal public riding areas is pretty much a bust here in NY. Who know's if we'll ever see public trails. Well last year we opened up a very large tract of private land to the ATV community for a spring ride and a fall ride. It's approximately 20-25 miles of awesome riding on some very scenic trails. Elevation changes, climbs, descents, mud, tight technical sections, open trials all marked and one direction for safety. We open the gates around 3pm on Saturday, May 31st for on-site, dry camping. We have a very large field where we can accomodate everything froms tents to class A motorhomes. Porta-johns on site, pack out your own trash and generators are ok. No hook-ups. Firewood avail on site for free. We'll have some cut and split or bring your own tools to hook yourself up. We have a cookshack and pavilion on site for food purchases. Burgers, dogs and beverages for lunch/dinner and egg sandwiches and coffee for the morning. Riding starts Sunday morning and goes all day. We've been called a mini Hatfield & McCoy if anyone's ever been there. The trails are in pristine condition and offer so much great riding for the atv enthusiast. We are trying to appeal to the "family" atv'er. The outdoor enthusiast that will respect the land, the owner and the club. No yahoo's, speed racers or attitudes. It's $30 to ride for the day. $10 extra per car or group to camp if you come in early on Saturday. Bring the family and it's only $50 for the whole family.(mom, dad, kids under 18) It's called the "Tar Hollow ATV Ride" Look for us on Facebook under that name. Thanks everyone, happy hunting and atving!
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