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  1. I'm looking to replace my 2 place snowmobile trailer lights with LEDs. Are there any brands that are better than others or will harbor freight lights do just fine? Need something that's submersible, just for the reason of extra precaution.
  2. I probably got an additional 4 or 5 inches in Cheektowaga. Was down in orchard park, seemed to have an additional 4 or more inches
  3. Hopefully it be enough to go snowmobiling finally. It wasn't to bad by me, Buffalo.
  4. I have the fanatic I believe it's called and love it
  5. I've been looking around for a new snowmobile for a while and have narrowed it down to a couple ones. The first one is, Polaris pro S switchback 800 and the other is 2016 Artic Cat zr9000 4 stroke turbo. I'm asking for people opinions on these sleds and also if anyone has any opinions to a different sled for that matter.
  6. FYI, cabelas printers were just down today. Don't know when they'll be up again.
  7. I would recommend a polaris 570 sportsman, I think that's a little over $5k but well worth the money
  8. I wish we could add some and forgive me for anything I might say that has already been said. A special late season for region 9 for MZ. All day spring turkey huntung hours like sunrise to sunset. Extend the time after the sunset for deer hunting, just like some other states. And that's what I could think of for now
  9. Bills winning over the Colts, just made my dat
  10. Looking for one, but the vest style though. I think that's what it's called
  11. Wow! I guess that's a good thing, but I wonder how deer movement will be for the gun opener?
  12. Is it me or did they extend the muzzle loader season for the southern zone to December 22. Because I thought last year it went till the 16 or 17 of December.
  13. I know what week I should be taking off!
  14. I love my sportsman soo much, but I'll let people know your selling the tractor
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