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  1. I agree... and the key word here is destructive... a coyote doing what it does naturally (eating to stay alive) is not a reason to try and eradicate coyote populations, but because man has eaten up much of our wildlife habitat for development it is necessary for man to also help keep populations in check. However, we should always be careful not to give preference to one animal over another... that is not conservation... that is selection... and who are we to decide which of God's animals are more important than the others?
  2. Some hunters are not fans of any hunting "contest". My personal view is... When prizes, be it money or merchandise, are introduced into hunting it tends to bring out the worst in some hunters. Some of whom will have no problem pushing the envelope of hunting regulations and ethics to win one of those prizes, or establish themselves as "the winner". I have no problem with a celebrated day where hunters get together for a city, county or state wide group hunt, but making it a contest has never set well with me.
  3. LOL.. I know the feeling. Fortunately a friend of his that went to the same Taxi school in PA was still doing work and was as good or better than my first guy.
  4. That is a good taxidermist right there! Good detail work.
  5. Usually this is from the taxidermist not dremeling out the nose part of the form to create a realistic nasal cavity. Instead they fill the area with putty to keep the form from showing through. Resulting in what you see in apexerEr's mount.
  6. Thanks for the birthday wishes fellas and gals... hit the big 60, but doesn't feel much different than 59
  7. Some of the bigger bucks taken so far this year https://www.nyantler-outdoors.com/2019-new-york-whitetails.html
  8. Haven't heard of this one yet
  9. I never thought the time before plastic bags was all that bad... paper bags worked fine for years. Seems the tree huggers embraced plastic to save the trees without any regard for the consequences of billions of pounds of discarded plastic bags floating around in the ocean. Just like when plastic bottles replaced perfectly adequate glass bottles. Not sure what people call progress necessarily works out always for the better.
  10. love your strings Steve... durable and beautiful.. quality made
  11. Legalizing marijuana is fine. But don’t ignore the science on its dangers... just like alcohol.
  12. Laws are not meant as an "answer" to deer management. They are just a way to help minimize the negative effects on the group(s) involved and compensate for the the lack of knowledge most hunters have on what good deer management is. Educating hunters and setting minimal, agreed on, standards for both managing the herds (and habitats) is actually a far better way to achieve real progress. Keeping in mind also that deer hunting has evolved into more than "just" a conservation issue. When you throw in hunting traditions, maintaining interest in the public to continue hunting, and the economic factors and the issue becomes much more complicated than just a simple law or set of laws. The mindset and involvement of hunters along with their cooperation suddenly becomes very important
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