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  1. They do not have to come to the fields to look at food. With no snow, they find food in the woods.
  2. YUP..GONNA BE A BAD YEAR..BETTER SLEEP IN AND STAY IN A WARM BED..I will check out the spots for ya.
  3. You could say that Doc, but in some parts of the state guys are having great success. I think it has alot to do with the water. In many areas like mine, we have had almost drought conditions. And with the mild winter the water table is already low... On a better note the GVTA had a great turn out in this past weekends fur auction. $50 fox. $12 muskrats
  4. Survival of the fittest...nature
  5. Skin. If you want to freeze make sure the hide is dry. Roll up head first. If you want to put it up then flesh it and stretch it. No need to freeze after.
  6. Doc, the fur market is strong right now. At NAFA prices have been 135 for fisher, 50-60 for red fox, 70 for coyotes.
  7. Mostly males...as is the case with the majority of the rat trappers.
  8. Doc...they are still active and bigger than ever. Here are a few prices fro the auction a few weeks ago Mink (green skins) Males: eight at $24.00 = $192 Females: six at $18.50 = $111 === Muskrats less than 13" (kits) seventeen count at $8.60 = $146.20 13" to 14" forty-two count at $11.75 = $493.50 14" to 15.5" sixty-nine count at 13.00 = $897.00 15.5" to 17": one hundred four count at $13.40 = $1,393.60 17"+ seventy count at $13.75 = $962.50
  9. There is a study ngoing on now with muskrats. Biologist Scott Smith is heading it up. They are dtermining the decreasing numbers in the state. Kludes, you are the only one to mention this, but I did notice more of a take in males than females this year.
  10. It has been brought to my attention that the anti's are taking strong opposition to the New DEC Bobcat Management Plan. This new management plan can be found at http://www.dec.ny.gov/animals/9360.html IT IS EXTREMELY CRITICAL THAT ALL TRAPPERS FORWARD POSITIVE COMMENTS to the NYSDEC on this new plan prior to February 19, 2012. I have heard that right now, the anti comments outweigh the positive comments by as much as 30 to 1 ! A lot of hard work has gone into this new plan that will greatly expand bobcat harvest opportunities across much of NY State where no open season presently exists. This plan also provides for a much longer harvesting season for bobcats in most of NY where there has been a previous season that formerly closed on December 10. Under the new plan, harvesting may continue until February 15th in many of those WMUs. If you view the new management plan at the above web address, you will find an address where comments can be mailed and a link to click on to provide comment by email. This is the email address: [email protected] Put "bobcat plan" on the subject line. PLEASE take a few minutes to write a simple note of appreciation in support of the new management plan. PLEASE take the time to respond now, before February 19th, so we do not lose this opportunity to harvest bobcats in so many new areas of Western and Southern NY. Anti's from NY, other states, and even other countries are against this positive step forward by our DEC Biologists. They are sending their negative comments daily in an effort to stop this new plan. A simple statement of support is all that is necessary from NY's trappers and hunters. You only need to write something like "I have viewed the new Bobcat Management Plan for New York State and am in favor of the plan's proposals for increased opportunities for harvesting bobcats in New York. Thank you.". Your support by way of positive comments to the DEC is essential to the implementation of this plan. Feel free to contact me if you need more information. Thank you !
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