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  1. Cabin Fever

    Happy Birthday Lawdwaz!!!!

    Happy Birthday!! Sent from my SM-G900V using Tapatalk
  2. Cabin Fever

    Some photo from today.

    Wow! Those pics are making me feel all tingly inside!
  3. Cabin Fever

    Happy birthday Johnplav !

    Happy Birthday! Sent from my SM-G900V using Tapatalk
  4. Cabin Fever

    chipmunk relocation program

    Set up the chipmunk bucket trap and get several out of your yard every day. Little effort and no relocation necessary!
  5. Cabin Fever

    Happy birthday JALA RUT !

    Happy Birthday Jala Rut!
  6. Cabin Fever

    Strapless trail cam mount

    That's a cool DIY mount! I found his video on how to make them.
  7. Cabin Fever

    Best remedy for poison ivy!

    Another vote for Zanfel! My wife had poison ivy pretty bad last summer. The doctor told her to get Zanfel and use as directed (~$36 at Walmart, over the counter). It worked great and it cleared up quickly! First-Light, if you lived closer I would give you a tube of Zanfel. I was at Safety Expo last summer and spoke to a Zanfel rep and gave her my card. They've randomly sent me ~8 tubes of it since then! I keep giving it away, because I don't get poison ivy myself. Ironically, I just received another tube of it this morning! LOL
  8. Cabin Fever

    RIP to my first Covert cam

    I have 2 Coverts and both suck. Unreliable, missed photo's (tested), and night pics suck unless the critters are standing perfectly motionless! I put them in spots that I consider "high risk" for cam theft. So far, no takers!! I guess even cam thieves know of Coverts reputation...
  9. Cabin Fever

    Weird food combos/ concoctions that you love

    Peanut butter and salami sammich. Peanut butter and mayo sammich. I'm starting to see a pattern....
  10. Cabin Fever

    Great video on tracking

    I thought it was interesting that the guy with tracking dog said he's only recovered 1 or 2 "single" lung hit deer. I've been on a few suspected single lung hit blood trails and they are a bitch. Don't think any were recovered...
  11. Cabin Fever

    Tons o' fun...

    You never cease to amaze Wooly! That's cool!
  12. Cabin Fever

    Happy birthday Phade !

    Happy Birthday Phade!
  13. Cabin Fever

    Few recent carves

    Great work!! Very cool!
  14. Cabin Fever

    4th of July birthday. Happy birthday Paula

    Happy Birthday Paula!
  15. Cabin Fever

    Using A Deer Decoy???

    Correction. The decoy that I got is "Ole Jack", not Primo's Scarface. It's really only about the size of a good sized fawn in the fall, so certainly not intimidating by no means. Sure does the trick though and draws in the bucks! LOL Looks like Walmart sells them for $83.