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  1. WOO-HOO!!!! Life is good!! I just hope he can't find some other way in and start a new profile. Then again, it won't be too hard to figure out who he is!
  2. HEY! Have you been peeking at my ignored members list?? The only 2 that I have also!
  3. Dude, that's why I have him blocked, so I don't see his ignorant/dumb ass posts anymore! LOL Makes the forum more enjoyable! You should try it!
  4. If you're truck's not big enough to haul around all those deer, let me know. I'll pick up a load for you!
  5. Haven't seen a deer in my last 24 hunts now (11/10)...…. Just about had it!
  6. After adding todays hunts to my journal, I saw that I now have 204 hours of stand time (54 hunts). Haven't seen a deer in my last 23 hunts (since 11/10). OUCH!!! At some point, I need to accept my fate! LOL #worstseasonever #thankGodforalcohol
  7. Absolutely beautiful afternoon to be in the stand. Just need the deer to move... Please let me see a deer. Please let me see a deer. Please let me see a deer. Sent from my SM-G900V using Tapatalk
  8. Which model are you using or would you recommend?
  9. Good God is it ever COLD!!! Saw a few tracks on my way in. Nothing moving around me anyways. Sent from my SM-G900V using Tapatalk
  10. Interesting. I've never looked into a rock climbing harness before, but just watched a few videos to see what you were talking about. Looks pretty nice! Thinking I'll go with one of them. Any particular ones you would recommend? Advantages one over the other?
  11. I have an older Hunters Safety System Pro Series harness. I would like to get away from the full vest and into a lighter slimmer harness. Suggestions?
  12. They were calling for 10-15", but we only got 6".
  13. Hunting a ~2000 acre property that only allows gun hunting for 5 days and limits to 25 hunters/day by lottery draw. In the first 4 days of season, only 3 does were killed!! WTF!! Absolutely PATHETIC!! I walked ~1/4 mile to and from my stand this afternoon in the fresh snow and never cut a track. When I checked out tonight, I was told that no deer were seen today by any of the hunters. Moral of the story, be thankful and don't take for granted if you have a decent place to hunt. A wise man (Jack Daniels?) once said, "Sometimes you just need to say, WTF!?!?"
  14. I hope their parents are proud. Don't want to say what I would do to my kids if I found out they were doing something like this!