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  1. That's great! Just the beginning too!! Hopefully this will be the first of many memories like this!
  2. No poults here! The same 6 hens come to my yard every day, but none have poults. They go to the birdfeeder first, then feed in the clover in the back of the yard, before squatting down to lounge in the shade to rest, before feeding again. They typically come by 2x/day, but the other day they were out there for 8 1/2hrs straight!! I have 12+ cams scattered across a couple of neighboring properties, but these are the only hens that I've gotten pics of in the area. Pretty disturbing there isn't any new recruitment...
  3. Looks like you had an amazing experience! Congrats!!
  4. I inherited a .220 Swift. Can’t tell you how many deer this thing has killed in the first 2 generations (Relax, in PA)! Don’t think I’ve ever seen one go beyond ~75 yards after being hit by one either. Lungs are jello! I knew women that used .220 Swifts every year too. Of course, there are better options out there for deer, but a 22-250 is fully capable if hit in the right spot. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Got a video of a couple of bucks sparring earlier this week. Won't be long!!
  6. The pics I posted from him in 2020 were taken 120 yards from my house! LOL
  7. I've been wondering where this buck has been, as I haven't had him on cam since January. I was very happy to get a cell cam notification a couple days ago with pics of him! Just seeing the shape of his rack, I figured it was him, but he notch in his ear was a giveaway though! I went back to my January pics and zoomed in and could make out the notch. VIDEO https://photos.app.goo.gl/K2cWa1btA3Xr9pg17 2020
  8. Luna and Kunox look jacked and ready to go!!!!
  9. Up until 4-6 weeks ago, we had 7-9 squirrels at a time at our birdfeeder. Since then, not one! My wife has been commenting about not seeing any. I told her when I'm out checking cams in the woods, there's nut hulls all over the ground, so they just shifted their food source. I've been seeing a couple at the back of the yard in the walnut tree and carrying walnuts off, but they have no interest in the birdfeeder anymore.
  10. Happy Birthday Bill!! Happy Birthday doebuck1234!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. Another beauty of a mount!
  12. Does the blaze orange need to be on the "outside" layer? Asking for a friend...
  13. You pretty much nailed it! I stopped trapping 30+ years ago for those exact reasons AND it interfered too much with bow hunting! LOL I’m thinking about trapping again, purely for predator control. I can hunt and trap out my back door now, so it wouldn’t be such an inconvenience and so time consuming running around to check traps. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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