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  1. Happy birthday Pygmy!

    Happy Birthday! Sent from my SM-G900V using Tapatalk
  2. del Lago Casino Runnings Sportsmans Classic 3/16-3/18

    Just noticed that this event has been cancelled. Thought I'd mention, incase anyone had planned on going, to save you a trip.
  3. The Walking Dead

    Although not great, I think it's better than last season and the first half of this season.
  4. Just heard about this and thought I'd mention. Runnings has a Sportsman's Classic going on at del Lago Casino in Waterloo. First time it's been here, so I'll probably go check it out. MARCH 16 – MARCH 18 Friday, March 16 | Noon-7PM Saturday, March 17 | 9AM-7PM Sunday, March 18 | 9AM-5PM The promoters of the Great New York Sportsman’s Expo are proud to present Runnings Sportsman’s Classic at del Lago. If it happens outside, we are bringing it inside. Hunting, Fishing and so much more. Purchase your ticket at the Door Ticket Prices: Adults (7+) $8.00 Children (6 and under) FREE Sponsored by: Runnings Stores Seager Marine Burdick’s RV Center Rush Outdoors
  5. Cool deer mount

    That's different! Very cool.
  6. Blind saver

    Call me cheap , but what I started doing 2 years ago was using an adjustable shower curtain rod for a support in my blind. They're only $8-$10 at Walmart and they're adjustable from 48-86", so can easily (and quickly) adjust to any size blind. For added protection, I sometimes put an old hotseat or some other kind of cushion in between the rod and the blind itself. No complaints!
  7. Lasik - Experiences?

    I've heard of many people that had Dr. Robbins do their Lasik and they rave about him and the end result. If I decide to do it, I'll most likely go with Dr. Robbins. Do you guys need reading glasses? Without my glasses or contacts, I can see crystal clear up close. When I have my contacts in, I can see great at a distance, but I can't see to read or do anything up close.... PITA! Hoping if I get the surgery and have my distance vision corrected, I'll still be able to keep my close up vision as well.?
  8. Lasik - Experiences?

    Been thinking about getting Lasik for the last few years. I HATE wearing glasses and I've been able to avoid them, for the most part, by wearing my contacts. I started a new job last year, where I can't wear contacts, so I've had to wear my glasses everyday. Started considering Lasik eye surgery a bit more seriously now. I've never heard of anyone that had a bad experience with Lasik. Thought I'd ask here to get opinions and thoughts from those that have had it done.?
  9. The Walking Dead

    Yeah, that does look interesting.
  10. Antler makeover..

    I'm impressed.... as usual! Great job Matt!
  11. TV Reception Options

    I've been using the Amazon Fire TV for a few years now. I may or may not have Kodi and a few addons loaded onto it also...
  12. Scroll skull..

    Awesome job Matt! The detail is incredible! Do you plan the design out before you start or just wing it as you go? Sent from my SM-G900V using Tapatalk
  13. First ever wall hanger

    Nice looking buck and mount!
  14. Truth and Lies-- The Tonya Harding Story.

    Crazy Bitch? Good tune!

    Nice site! This will come in very handy! Thanks for posting this!