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  1. How did I discredit myself when I was talking to him in person so how would I have spelt words wrong? I was simply telling the conversation. My spelling isn't what the debate is about, but thanks for your kind words.
  2. He stated before his talk, I shouldn't bring my opinions into this, but... And right there I knew I was in for a long class. I kept my mouth shut as I knew was best for the longest I could, and finally when he said, "oh something needs to be done, this can't go on." I said your right, something needs to be done, but why is taking guns away an answer? Why is taking my right to have a gun the cause of this? Because guns kill people? Please, tell me more about how you hear on the news about the shooting spree's at gun ranges where safety is the first priority. Because I don't think guns are the problem, I think the crazy people who are getting their hands on guns and using them on others are the thing we need to take care of, not the guns themselves. Because ill stand up and speak for everyone that won't stand up, every one that sits on the side line and let people like you try banging into our heads that guns are such a bad thing. Guns are not the problem, it's people who aren't right in the head having a gun. And I'll tell you what right now, you think there's chaos in the world now? Go ahead and try taking the right to bear arms away from millions of citizens, tell me how that works for you, cuz I'm not giving up my guns because we have crazy people running around the street with guns, if anything I'm going to go out and buy more guns to protect my house, my family, and my life from those crazy people who have guns and ill bet 9 times outta 10 shootings and break ins wouldn't occurs at places where people know they are people in that house or building that are carrying a concealed weapon. He then began to tell me how he'll bet money nobody's gonna break into his house with a gun or he won't ever be threatened by a gun and if we are so capable of taking care of ourselves we shouldn't have police officers and such. I just laughed. Cuz yes, police officers are here to protect us, but by the time one gets to me to help me, me and my family are gonna be dead and the guys going to be long gone... That's why I have a gun, that's why I support my right to own one!
  3. Anybody can go into a school with a gun.. Its not the guns that are killing people, its the people behind the gun.
  4. Exactly. I told him, out of my cold dead hands they are getting my guns. He then said, Ill be willing to bet, and ill ppay up on this bet, ive never had someone come into my house with a gun and i bet nobody ever will. And I said alright, well when they do, you call the cops, and wait 15 minutes for them to get there to save you and your family, and when someone breaks into my house, by the time someone picks up the phone to call the police, all they are gonna have to bring is a body bag to clean him up, because my gun will protect my house and my family quicker then a police officer will!
  5. My teacher and I got into an arguement this morning. Soon into it i realized he was dumber than he looks. He began telling me we need to remove all guns from homes, because there is no reason a house should have a automatic weapon, and that leaded to the gun shooting at the school in CT on friday. I looked at him like he was stupid. I said, first off, it was a AR15 223. which is a SEMI AUTOMATIC, Which is also a hunting and plinking rifle, not a automatic military rifle. We argued the enitire class on this subject. What are your guys' opininons on this subject???
  6. When I see a rack, i stop looking at the rack and focus on one thing, make the shot count. only thing i let cross my mind is shot placement.
  7. My grandpa does, for the simple fact that he doesnt want to track them because he cant get around like he use to. Everytime he shoots them in the head.
  8. I have noticed ALOT of deer have been bedding down this year during the day. Most of them I see I kick up walking in to the stands.
  9. Funny funny guys. lol. But thanks. haha. I just thought it was funny because the year before i saw one of his deer he shot, which literally was the size of a dog. so I knew he was full of it!
  10. Deffinatly wasnt a gut shot, thats some decent blood. By the looks of the thickness on the leaf i would say possible lung shot? Give him an hour or two and go claim your trophy! Congrats!!
  11. Been hunting the Gilbertsville Rod and Gun club opening weekend for years, same exact spot every year. Upon walking in to my spot, I was stopped by another hunter who I know who started giving me crap about hunting to close to his stand that he just placed in a tree probably 50 yards from my spot that He knew I hunt every time. We argued about it for a few minutes and I saw that I was just pissing in the wind and the sun was going to be coming up any time, so I told him Ill give him the spot today, but im hunting it the next day. He walked to his stand and i walked down about 300 yards. About 45 minutes in I heard a grunt and a shot. I got ready and waited. Turns out he missed, the buck came running 75 yards from me and stopped, I let him have it. Dropped him in his tracks with the ol Marlin 30-30. I gut him, tag him, start dragging him out, the guy the gets out of his stand and shakes my hand and tells me good job on the first buck which i respect him doing. Then he tells me he was simply shooting in the air to get him moving towards me because he didnt want to shoot him because he wasnt a slammer. Oh well! My first buck, Im happy with him! ill post pictures later!
  12. saw 2 fawns without momma yesterday. 1 with momma. and one roadkill fawn.
  13. ive heard human hair works. spread it around and the scent is suppose to keep them away.