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  1. If I am way off someone yell at me, or make me an offer
  2. Excellent shape Benjamin Discovery Airgun. Has a Simmons scope on it as well, Model 1002 m1. Also has a nice crosman bag with a bunch of pellets. Includes the Benjamin pump as well. I have no idea how to price this but looking at other comps was hoping for $175? If I am way off someone please let me know. I am in the Finger Lakes area north end of the lakes...
  3. My son wacked a great buck tonight with the xbow. Haven't seen a thing all year but a spike so far. Couldn't get in any of our good stands with the strong south winds. Until tonight, the wind switched just enough west to get into a good stand. Last half hour, this guy comes out of nowhere, 25 yards quartering towards us. He made an awesome shot, got the top of both lungs and never hit the guts. No exit hole so it was a tiny bits of blood as he ran with the bolt in him, but we heard him crash hard from the stand. But it started pouring and so little blood I started getting nervous that maybe I was hearing things when he crashed. He went about 100 yards total and piled up.
  4. Out in 8j, south wind at this point in the year means all the stands I have for rut activity are no good. We setup the pop up in a corner just to try something different. Also it was supposed to rain and be windy but the rain missed and it's calmer than I thought. Like someone else said I would have stayed in bed if it weren't for my kid being so excited for xbow. We have seen so far this morning: A trash panda Four doe A frog that literally hopped by the blind Giant hawk in the tree in front of us Trophy Tom
  5. I hate it as well, if they bow hunt a tree stand seems silly to not let them gun hunt as well. Safety harness is a safety harness and with a bar for a rest they are actually sitting the whole time rather then standing if needed for bow. My biggest reason however is I like the bullet trajectory going down into the ground for a youth. Just seems safer to me than missing on the ground and backstops. I get why they do it for their reasons, just not a fan.
  6. Out in 8j youth gun with my 13 year old. 3 does so far and that literally may be what's here this year. I have nothing on camera and all of the surrounding fields within miles of me the farmer took the insurance loss. My normal routes this year are not really working.
  7. I feel like my son and I are in the middle of nowhere and this guy is the only thing we have seen this morning
  8. This is so cool to see! How old is he, I want to show my son the pics!
  9. My son and I are out in 8j, had a few gobble north and south of us but never saw a male. This hen came in guns a blazing making all sorts of noise. Will give it another shot in the morning.
  10. Thanks to all three of you! I have been reading through this thread as well getting some great tips: https://huntingny.com/forums/topic/80644-time-to-buy-in-to-ml/
  11. Hi there! With my son now able to hunt this year at 12 and this special Xmas session there is more incentive for me to try to get a muzzleloader for next year. With that said I have never owned one, nor done any research on what brands are good right now. I am a middle of the road cost wise person, never buy junk but don't spend the top dollar either. I don't know enough about the various brands or what features really make a difference that one model may have over the other. Looking for suggestions so I can keep my eye out for deals or used ones and also what would a medium tiered ML cost ballpark be anyway? I have a good nikon 3x9 scope to put on it that I have on my slug I no longer use so this would be just the gun. However I am not opposed to buying a combo if it makes financial sense or to good of a deal. Let me know if there is anything I am leaving out that may help? Thanks!
  12. Up in 8j with my son rocking the crossbow. Only 1 doe so far dead down wind but she never blew so we were happy about that. Have a 915 hockey game for my youngest so we are getting down earlier than normal. Also got the pictures of my son's Columbus day youth gun hunt. Just need to go pick it up.
  13. Thing is your maliciousness is implied when you tongue in cheek call it a gun. It's not. So your example of bow during gun is warped. And of top of that it's completely legal, not sure when in your mind you are going to get over that but it's not going back to full bow and no crossBOW. Choose to believe what you want but calling it something it isn't backhanded then claiming you weren't trying to stir the pot is BS.
  14. Congrats @bigpaul Up in 8j this morning with my kid, haven't seen squat. Kind of amazed actually as we regularly see a lot doe here and we just haven't even seen them this year. I am also always blown away with how many of the stories here involve folks grunting them in. I have no idea what I am doing wrong but it never works for me. I never even see one after letting a blows go.
  15. Up in our double ladder with my son in 8j toting the xbow for him and I have my regular bow. Haven't seen a thing except a hundred squirrels or so. It's kind of nice to hear the leaves crunch for once after a month of rain and wet leaves. I sat this stand last night and saw two doe separately and a trophy spike horn that weighed less than the doe I saw.
  16. Son and I have been up in a double ladder in 8j this morning. Seen a few too far away to make out. Had to yotes come ripping through on a full run, no idea what they were seeing. There has been more drizzle lingering than I thought there would be. I also second the crazy tarsal gland smell way earlier than normal. I went to my stand Wed and on the walk in I just missed a buck, I could smell it plain as day.
  17. Dropping my son off at school so I am not hunting this morning. Big 8 pointer pushing at least 3 doe around about two doors down from the school just on the edge of town. Seems like things are picking up early in 8j.
  18. We are up in a new double ladder stand we hung this week in 8j. Already had a trophy spike in to about 28 yards.
  19. Son and I are hanging out in the double ladder stand, we've had this same doe and fawn around us all year.
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