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  1. Tarheelsaint

    Another Bear...

    I measured the height after pulling the card and its almost 8' high where he was scratching his back...its in Livingston county
  2. Tarheelsaint

    Another Bear...

    Had a night pic of a bear and shared it earlier in a different thread..had this picture on same camera a few weeks ago. The more i look at the two pictures the more i wonder if same bear?!?! Ive never taken a bear but this one seems to be on the LARGE side!
  3. Tarheelsaint

    Bear on camera

    Have gotten a few pics of this bear but thought this was a cool pic and wanted to share...
  4. Tarheelsaint

    Rain Gear

    Didnt want to hijack but yeah i was successful on my last day..was an awesome hunt and a trip i will never forget! That Kuiu stuff is not cheap but i was glad i made that call as it rained hard at some point every day!
  5. Tarheelsaint

    Rain Gear

    This past fall i purchased a rain jacket from Kuiu, I went on a Moose hunt in Newfoundland and needed something that i could pack with little weight. It was the best investment i ever made, that jacket kept me dry every day and was super light to carry. One of the best investments i have made in hunting gear.
  6. Tarheelsaint

    Score question

    Thanks everyone for the input! This is the first deer i have ever thought about putting on the wall and i have been hunting for 30 years! I appreciate how opportunities like this do not come around often. Thanks again for all your comments. Have a great holiday and good luck the rest of this season!!
  7. Tarheelsaint

    Score question

    I took this buck with my bow in mid Nov. Just curious what you all will think it will score? I dropped off at taxi before i thought to do myself...thanks for your insight!
  8. Tarheelsaint

    Biggest Buck for me on final hunt

    I do not post on here much but i frequent the site often and enjoy reading the various posts and topics! I took my biggest buck last Wednesday on my last opportunity to bow hunt for the early season. I have been hunting as much as i could this season and passed on many smaller bucks and does in hopes of connecting with a bigger buck. I was beginning to think i would get shut out, i was 10 minutes from getting out of the stand when i could smell a buck but didn't see him initially. He came in behind me 5 minutes later (i think he was hanging in some thick brush making him invisible). When he came in behind me he started working on a scrape, and had no intention of taking the trail that would have given me a 15 yard shot, instead he stayed in some cover but took a slight turn to step into an opening at 7 yards...i watched him run 25 yards and stop, i was praying he wouldn't go any further and he just fell over. I honestly had no idea how big or how many pts...once i first saw his rack and realized he was a shooter i never looked at it again. I've been hunting along time and i always get excited when i connect on a shot but this was special! I was smiling before this pic was taken believe me!!
  9. Tarheelsaint

    Opening day buck....no horns?

    Thanks everyone for feedback, this was so weird i had to ask on this forum and see what people thought....i know deer under stress can lose their antlers but this seemed even early for that! Here is a pic sorry i didn't take one of his head. I did use an antlerless tag on him.
  10. Tarheelsaint

    Opening day buck....no horns?

    When i got the buck back to camp we were trying to decide IF he ever grew antlers this season?? 3 of us think no and one guy thinks he broke them off early this season, the base were a hard and no sign of a recent drop...strangest thing i have ever seen.
  11. Tarheelsaint

    Opening day buck....no horns?

    Shot what appeared to be a big ole doe Saturday morning at 7:30, watched the deer jog right into my shooting range and shot it at 75 yards. Watched as deer ran 40 yards and dropped. Went just like i planned until i got up to it an hour later and saw it was a buck that had broken both sides off??? This was a nice big mature deer not a BB. First question have you ever heard of this? There is a chance this buck could no longer grow a rack i suppose but it looks more like he broke them off. Second question is how would you tag it?? I used a doe tag as there was no way to identify it as a buck on the hoof...
  12. Tarheelsaint

    Elk hunting

    New poster to the site been reading posts for over a year. Just wanted to share I did an elk hunt in 2011 in Southwest Colorado, high country, 8 hour horse ride into a base camp at 11,000. We spent 5 days hunting and we found the only guys who had chances were those that could travel even higher (shot my elk around 12,000). We used an outfitter and he supplied everything, it was really hard core but a great experience. There were 8 hunters in camp (4 in my group) and 2 of the others were in their late 60's. Out of 8 hunters 3 of us got elk with one person missing. I would suggest checking out Colorado for your first hunt, we did ALOT of research and decided on our outfitter. He was not a warm and fuzzy guy but he knew how to hunt elk. I would do it again. The horse ride was not as bad as i thought it was going to be, lots of stops if needed and the horses and mules that towed your gear were easy to work with. Would be happy to answer any questions if you have them..