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  1. We'll see if the weather holds, but if it stays as its forecasted, leaning towards making an early start, in stand by 5am. That would be a 3am wakeup.
  2. Good read, thanks for sharing, my favorite taxi since last year!
  3. I agree looks like Mastitis. Poor old gal.
  4. Yeah, 12 here. Then at 13 a rusty old hay hook to grab em off the bailer chute. That thing scraped the skin off between middle and ring finger.
  5. Have to be out opening day, it's a rule. As long as it's not pouring!
  6. Good call. Took her outlet shopping this past weekend, always try for a nice dinner in early November before it gets real bad too! Can't do our usual getaway this year for bills game, sucks.
  7. This. It's really eerie how much that looks like one of our old hay wagons. Now stack that wagon by yourself in 95 degree, high humidity, with doubled up windrows and a deaf 90 year old man driving the tractor.
  8. I hear the falcons are really good at protecting leads.
  9. They certainly take their share of fawns in the spring. What has me hating on them is the impact they've had on the turkey population in recent years. Also I've seen alot of dead lambs, sheep, calves and missing cats. I know they're an intelligent, family oriented animal, but they get no mercy from me on my property.
  10. I don't think I've seen a single Poult on camera or in the flesh on the farm this year. This winter I'm going to put some serious effort into dog hunting.
  11. No big boys hanging out in the turnip field yet, just some spikes/4's and does. Don't have a camera out on the apple trees right now, seems like an oversight.
  12. Didn't know you still farmed too Dave! Light frost seems likely, be very interesting to see if they get on my turnips as a result.
  13. Just replaced mine, when I restrung. They do wear out, but I love it for nocking an arrow as soon as I'm in the stand and hanging it.