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  1. Opening day campfire with my Dad, and our buddy Dave, who has an 18 year olds heart and carries the donors memory with him as he gets to see hunting seasons again which he didn't think he was going to. More important than missing a slob buck that morning. But I'll keep reminding him!
  2. Biz is going to blow everybody out of the water until they sit Mahomes week 15
  3. 9 points for team 2! Now 2 weeks wait for muzzleloader.
  4. I'm not sure I've ever taken a big buck in the afternoon. Had a couple of bad blood trails result from afternoon hunts, so there's been opportunity, but mornings are a much higher percentage.
  5. What the H is this bird? Too big to be a red tail. I'll make a separate thread for everybodies favorite game : WTF is that on my trail cam?
  6. Very happy. Not my biggest, but probably biggest rack in 15 years. Decided I'd cruise the hillside this morning, wet leaves and very little wind. On my way down the first long stretch of logging road my bootlace broke. So about 15 seconds into retying it I hear something very in squirrel like. Look down towards the sound and there he was. Gun up, he's standing behind a tree. Steps out after a minute, off goes the gun, down he goes. Shot went in the left shoulder and out the right low run cage, diaphragm intact, not a morsel of meat ruined, heart was just obliterated. Happy! Took a couple hours to get the quad down close, and then hoist him out if there then back out again. Little dicey, some side slippage getting out. The hill drops 1000 feet in half a mile, and that stream bed is deep on top of that.
  7. This is the view from where he dropped, one side had a 30 foot bank. We hand hauled him up on a rope, couldn't get the quad close enough. I was smiling the whole time though! Slippery. I'm going to remember this spot, it's a sneaky little saddle that was well used.
  8. Don't know if this will upload, but I've got a hell of a job ahead of me getting him out of here. Bottom of a stream halfway down the hill. Probably my best deer yet. Not the tank, but one we've been calling bowhinkle. I was tying together a broken shoelace on my way down the hill when I heard movement, and there he was sneaking through a small saddle in the streambed. Happy pictures later in the harvest thread.
  9. Up and moving, probably going to cruise the side of the hill since stand hunting hasn't been too productive as of late. Luck to all, and grats to those (lucky bastifs) that scored!
  10. Been in since 130, don't have high hopes because my dad and his buddy have been stomping around the property all day. Tomorrow might be a walk and stalk sort of day on the hillside.
  11. Yeah it's really stiff. Keep worrying I'll pull it sideways and Nick the string with a broadhead.
  12. My dad showed up, so I had to switch stands. Had a spike come in, that's it.