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  1. UpStateRedNeck

    51 pointer may be new record

    I liked reading this story more, dude hustled for this slob:
  2. UpStateRedNeck

    The Closet

    Man. Your closet makes my closet it's little prison girlfriend. I get the feeling when I designed it as I was furnishing my basement I skimped myself.
  3. UpStateRedNeck

    Red neck

    Mow my lawn with my quad. First vehicle was a 1980 GMC custom delux county truck with a 350 in it that you could see the road through the floor. It also had 2 couch sized benches in it, and a gun rack. Bucked hay every summer of my life from age 10 to 35. I also am an IT professional with a bachelors of science double major mathematics and comp sci. My happy place is a tree stand on a cold crisp day.
  4. This is such a solid idea, I'm writing it down. My 2 girls are 2 and 6, so 10 years give or take.
  5. UpStateRedNeck

    Knife Sharpening ?

    Whoa. Lot of info, thanks fellas!
  6. What do you guys use to sharpen your knives? I keep one knife 100% away from bones, that's my Skinner/gutting/back pack blade. My others are getting pretty dull.
  7. UpStateRedNeck

    Be careful out there

    Having cut firewood since age 12 or so, I remember my dad screaming at me when he saw me climb a log pile. Fraked me out. Then he told me the story of why my grandfather wore an ankle brace for most of his adult life. Little log + hill, snappity crackity. Tree cutting is goddamned dangerous, log piles especially so. I think of something like this when I see the 20 foot tall stacks of pine logs they left behind on the state land in Renslearville state forest.
  8. UpStateRedNeck

    Primary Rifle and Back-Up Rifle This! In 300 win mag!
  9. So sad to be done for the year. Still have to chop up that doe. Maybe I'll be tragically late tomorrow for work.
  10. UpStateRedNeck

    Forgetting to Report

    Thanks to this my dad just reported his first harvest ever. Because I just did it.
  11. Solid. Spray always gave me a rash. Use that dead down wind stuff. I also have Irish setter 2000 grain insulation boots for sub freezing temps.
  12. I tried the antiperspirant on your feet trick this year, made a huge difference.