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  1. I like that hemp rope idea, never seen that before. I ordered radishes and winter peas, going to disk it and fertilize next weekend, then plant August 1st. Between the dozen apple trees close by and the plot tucked way in the back surrounded by thick crud, let's hope it's a good October stand. Cleared out around the big Ash I'm going to throw the ladder in while I was thinning the canopy for the apples close by.
  2. I want to start calling them tweedle-wide, tweedle-high, and tweedle-young. Tweedle-wide looks like he's at least 3.5? None of em are starving! Eat that 10/20/20 fertilized clover you bastids! Oats are coming along nicely too.
  3. Might as well just have 1 thread I dump them on this year!
  4. Thankfully I'm the only one "farming" for about 2 miles in every direction. But you're 100% spot on about making them pause. Thanks man!
  5. Put another 150 #s of 10/20/20 on it before we disc'd. Man that disc did a great job this time, soil was just about perfect. Not too dry or to wet. Got alot of roots out this time too. Used my "very special" drag to smooth it, worked allright. Threw down a bag of TTT from whitetail institute, gave it a light rolling just with the quad at 4mph. Need to get a decent roller soon.
  6. A few weeks ago before we brush hogged then disc'd it, rye came on strong.
  7. It's in a relatively shady, but not awful, spot, does that change it all? Assuming the soil is very close to the other sample I took 200 yards away, let's assume it's got about 6 ph and is low on phosphorous. Hit it with 10/20/20 like the other spot? I'll get a picture of the spot but it cleaned up really nice.
  8. Found, and brush hogged, a really nice little kill plot spot. It's tucked behind a bunch of pines and brush on a major travel route between 2 bigger plots. Those 2 plots have oats/clover and turnips. This kill plot is next to a bunch of apple trees and hardwoods. Probably 30x40 feet in size? Thoughts on what to plant? I can get the disc back in there so all options would be in the table.
  9. That was a very instructive video, thank you! I'm in the program as well, and I hate our district assessor.
  10. Nice bull, but I'll pass on watching that pig pounder ever again. His reaction to the shot makes me hate him.
  11. Nobody drops Talladega Nights?! For shame. Naked Gun..... Deadpool....
  12. Wow, that sounds like a sweet setup. Really sweet. Got a topo you could share?
  13. Is this "guest" posting from a Team Mobile device?