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  1. UpStateRedNeck

    What's the farthest/shortest shot you've made.

    That is scarily close to what I would answer, same gun, maybe a touch closer on the yardage, but freehand.
  2. UpStateRedNeck

    Scope Recommendations for a Ruger American 22 mag

    Scope isn't bad, definitely tell the difference when I pick up my VX 2 though! Need to try out some different rounds in it, not quite dime shooting at 100 yards yet. Not bad though! I like the tension pull on the American trigger. So far so good! Just need a coyote or a Chuck in my sights now!
  3. UpStateRedNeck


    Yeah this. The trick is not to pull, but twist them and they lose their grip. Tick twisters work great. Edit :. I use this one, spin it around a dozen times and they come right off.
  4. UpStateRedNeck

    Snake type?

    Yep. Hard to not kill them. Saw a water snake climbing one of my pines in the front yard on Saturday. Had to be 4 feet long. Took an act of will not to grab the Mossberg and grease it.
  5. UpStateRedNeck

    Truck Long Gun Storage

    Sounds like I'll just wait 2 years until the little blonde monster is in a booster seat, and get an under seat bin. Was looking at the overhead racks, but I don't think people on the state campus, particularly since I park next to the Homeland security guys, would appreciate that.
  6. UpStateRedNeck

    Truck Long Gun Storage

    My siggy is in the trucks built in safe! Seen 3 coyotes since turkey season started. Can barely hit a target at 25, nevermind 100!
  7. Anyone have something they use that keeps a long gun locked, out of sight and out of the way that doesn't require flipping up the bench seats? Problem : I can't pop the bench seat up in my Silverado Crew Cab, on account of the 2 car seats. If I could I'd definitely get an under seat storage safe. Would love a safe that opens horizontally from underneath the bench, but the only thing I've seen is 1000$+. But I want to keep the Ruger in the truck. I keep far too much junk (tow cables, jumper cables, treestand bag, spare coat, 4 way lug wrench, spare gloves, tow hitch, etc.) in the truck under the seat.
  8. UpStateRedNeck

    How old were you when you learned to shoot?

    Sounds familiar, except replace 22 with 12 gauge pump!
  9. UpStateRedNeck

    Tough Decision

    Way to make me misty at work.
  10. UpStateRedNeck

    Happy birthday UpStateRedNeck!

    I giggled. Too late to change now! Thanks fellas.
  11. Feel like my 6 year old is still a couple years too young to learn. When I thought about it I honestly cannot remember how old I was. I remember being turned loose with a crossman pump BB gun, and shooting a single shot .22 with my cousins, but not how old. Couldn't have been much older than 8? What about you party people?
  12. UpStateRedNeck

    Scope Recommendations for a Ruger American 22 mag

    Really appreciate the feedback guys! You fellas with Simmons, did you uses the rings that it came with, if not what did you use? Reviews I've read say the rings are..... Not great.
  13. UpStateRedNeck

    Scope Recommendations for a Ruger American 22 mag

    Thanks guys. If the simmons winds up being a PoC I'll do the Nikon. Told myself this would be a Year of the Gun for me. Spent the last few years being a good boy and getting my overhead down, this year my wish list is long! Hopefully early fall will be Bergara B14 HMR + VX2 time. This ought to hold me over til then
  14. UpStateRedNeck

    Scope Recommendations for a Ruger American 22 mag

    Simmons 511039 3 - 9 x 32mm .22 Mag(R) Matte Black Riflescope Seems about right for a 300$ rifle?
  15. Probably going to buy one sometime this week. Anybody have a scope recommendation? Might be a truck gun, probably wind up teaching kids (and wife) to shoot with it too.