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  1. I would think the opposite? Load buck for spray, swap in a slug to drop em as theyre limping away! Seriously though, any home intruder who doesn't run like hell hearing a pump action jack one into the chamber is a serious danger to my family. Glad my bedrooms for my girls are all up in the second floor with mine. Also discourages teenage boys in 8 years or so.
  2. Errrrr, me........ either........... As I'm staring at 4 woodhaven mouth calls. And the cherry crystal. Never owned a slate/glass call before. All my old quaker boys needed to be replaced anyways.
  3. Really? Haven't been super impressed with Zach's calling. Aaron is excellent at calling. Oh, they're all good, but Aaron stands out to me as the real Turkey call maestro.
  4. OK if that's the Creedmore, what's the 277 fury going to be? Some little cross fit swedish dude?
  5. A 410?! Maybe throw a few spitballs at them instead. I do wonder what sort of pattern 00B would make out if my new choke tube, though. I have a pistol and a shotgun. Which one do you think I keep close at hand in my bedroom? The only warning someone threatening my family will get is the sound of a pump action being worked.
  6. I miss that textbook they mailed me every year.
  7. I like my #longbird shirt, pretty decent quality.
  8. Well put. And TF is spot on too. We stopped there quick before a buffalo game last fall, lots of non-hunting goods, the Cabela's brand stuff was minimal, and cheaper looking. The prices on their Sitka gear was laughably high. I can't recommend the KUIU stuff enough. It's pricey, but super well made.
  9. Link? Tried looking, last 1 is episode 13 that I can find
  10. I just got an Avian X Jake from 'Zon earlier this week, pretty cheap too, like 55$. I think I'm done with Cabelers permanently. Their gear, better quality available cheaper elsewhere. I used to really like their Cabela's brand stuff, pretty decent for the $. Especially if you could find something like a base layer at the actual retail. Now, nope. Hey KUIU, would you like some $$?
  11. I'm not a fan of Bass Pro, never have been. When they bought out Cabela's 5? years ago, could see the writing on the wall. Now I've had that opinion confirmed with the absolutely CRAP customer service. Trying to return something, spent 40 minutes in an online queue that kept getting bumped back and back, only to have them disconnect me when I didn't answer immediately because one of my kids was having a fit. Now I'm sitting in the customer service phone line, no wait #, no queue time, just the same obnoxious message every 10 seconds. Haven't been impressed with the quality of their stuff of late, either. Whenever I used to call Cabela's, when it was still Cabela's, I got an American on the phone within 3 minutes of calling, even on the weekend. And it was straight forward and quick. I swear if I get "Dan" from "Indi(ana)" when someone finally picks up I'm going to tear into somebody.
  12. Anybody watching Spring Turkey Tour 2020? Haven't seen anything posted in over a week, and haven't seen Aaron on it in a couple weeks at least. Also I ordered a #longbird t shirt, feels good to support these guys spending their 20s right.
  13. Buddy of mine, highly placed in St Peters health group, ordered 150 ventilators. He's pretty pissed.
  14. Placed an order with them for some Longbeard XR 7 business days ago. Hasn't shipped yet, but that's due to the crazy demand. Just called, great customer service, said they're waiting in supplier to ship it to them, and since I live in NY supplier can't ship it directly, has to ship it to them first.
  15. Been eyeballing this for turkey season. Plus the attack pants in Verde. My wallet is telling me no but my heart is telling me yes.