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  1. UpStateRedNeck

    CWD deniers!

    Speaking of CWD, has anyone seen these "Zombie Deer" news stories popping up this week? Holy crap people are dumb.
  2. UpStateRedNeck


    Went 0 to 60 here in smallbany. Was clear, snow started and roads were instantly covered. Everything is closing early, good times.
  3. UpStateRedNeck

    Peregrine Falcon in my yard

    They're cool birds aren't they? I posted a YouTube link a few weeks ago of a peregrine in my back yard that had a blue jay on the ground.
  4. UpStateRedNeck

    First Shot Daily Pics

    You guys sleep alot. I don't sleep til 11:30 most week nights, up at 5:30. Dead to the world for 6 hours and I'm good! Don't get to work until 8:30 or 9, depending on when the bus arrives. Ain't children grand?
  5. UpStateRedNeck

    Why No dove season in NY ?

    I found these picture of FSW's 2 day tag out last year, what a sportsman!
  6. UpStateRedNeck

    Great Day Today, What'd YOU Do?

    Seems like ours has taken a 3 to 4 grand swing in the negative direction this year too.
  7. UpStateRedNeck

    A sad day....

    I've got this... Must be 30 foot aluminum flag pole we've been trying to get rid of since we bought our house. It's growing between 2 hemlock. On a 3x3 block of concrete. Thing clangs in any wind, and it's right outside bedroom window. Shame there's no string for running a flag on it.
  8. UpStateRedNeck

    2018 Football Thread

    God I hate the gaytriots.
  9. UpStateRedNeck

    Over/Under On Weekend Snowstorm?

    Maybe a foot near Ravena? Seems like another storm blown out of proportion.
  10. Spring project is definitely going to involve trimming out some of the apple trees. Going to hunt more in the area around the cabin, especially if it's a good apple year. At least 1 food plot going in.
  11. UpStateRedNeck

    Over/Under On Weekend Snowstorm?

    I grabbed a couple of things from the store while my wife was getting a strep test in urgent care. People are goddamned crazy. This one dude wearing pink shorts tried to cut me in line, and when I cleared my throat was all "Is THAT the line?!" Like he didn't see me. Or the 6 people behind me. "This is insane, the food will be here tomorrow!"....... What do you even say?
  12. UpStateRedNeck

    Over/Under On Weekend Snowstorm?

    They seem to be leaning g towards the foot+ range here in smallbany. Then cold and wind after. These are the type of storms where the plow on the quad just don't cut it. Have to scrape the driveway 4 times in one night.
  13. UpStateRedNeck

    Coyote hunting

    Know the weight on that big evil looking SoB ?
  14. UpStateRedNeck

    2018 Football Thread

    Go Chefs! Road to the Superbowl is through KC.....