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  1. My usual luck, better than 50% chance and failure
  2. Yeah I applied too man, didn't get in. Love to hear what you see in there!
  3. How old is he, Gman, 3? Belly looks saggy, neck comes all the way down to his chest.
  4. Frickin sweet rig. I went out a couple nights this summer when they cut our fields, no customers. My uncle has a nuisance permit on the neighboring land, supposed to be getting one for the bear that's harassing the horses and trying to break into the rabbit/turkey/chicken coops.
  5. Relax fellas. Odds are the hosting service added the ads, and an upgrade to the site triggered the new ranking system. I'm sure it will eventually be tweaked, but it's not in any way inhibiting your ability to lie about fish length / antler size / beard lengths.
  6. I think I've got over 9 different 8+ point bucks on camera in the past 2 months. Yes I'm keeping the big ones close to the chest.
  7. Someone got curious about the camera.......... All the pictures after that were of mice directly below.
  8. Yeah if it wasn't the Jets I'd bench him. I think we all know what Bellicheaters game plan going in is, and I don't think NJ Jets have a chance in hell of stopping it. If we roll over to the Phins on Sunday I will be enjoying my Sundays in the woods going forward.
  9. Dunno, but I'm pretty pleased I grabbed that SF rookie RB off waivers. Tempted to throw him in this week over Damien Harris on the theory that Bellicheater is less than pleased with that fumble last week and he may be riding the pine pony quite a bit.
  10. Yeah last Friday I out my youngest daughter on the bus for her first time. Time doth Fly.
  11. Looks like Jameis Winston going forward for me. That D in NO is sure to give him lots of chances. What's up with the Zach Moss healthy scratch?
  12. Takes me about 2 hours for a peg stand, 1 hour for a ladder. 45 minutes of that is trimming with the pole saw though.
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