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  1. I'm thinking we planted the oats too early. Soil temperature must have been too low, I don't see any oat seedlings coming along in the plot. Lots of clover.
  2. On the nose. We're at about the same elevation, both in the helderbergs. This is why I have digging hatred. I know how many rocks I'll hit on my way down to 40" depth. Think a skid steer with the post hole digger would get it done? I'm a little torn on what to put up. Realistically I'd like to have about 2 tractors worth of room in it, so I can put my quad, the plotting machine, seed spreader, roller in one bay, and the old tractor (eventually with a new-er tractor) in the other. There's a nicely drained grassy spot about 30 feet from the cabin that would work. Maybe somet
  3. I hate, hate, hate digging. Done it too many times, not hand digging unless I don't have any other choice. Going to need 6 holes for a small pole barn this year. What's the easiest way to get this nonsense done? Rent something?
  4. I'm curious as well, looking at my rye which is over my head in spots, what I should do with that plot
  5. Jealous of everyone able to get out this weekend, congratulations to Virgil on his late season bird! I had some great hunts this season, learned some lessons.
  6. Happy birthday, Dave, sounds like a good day
  7. I got a double one (both legs at the same time) of those opening day of gun this past year. Worst I've ever had. I was laying on the kitchen floor just shaking for about 5 minutes. Drank plenty of gatorade all day, too. They really suck. Potassium is what I'm missing, is that it? I'll bring a banana for a snack for the long days going forward.
  8. Frontline only works 2 weeks of the month for ticks. Nexguard is the only thing I've ever had be effective for my pooch.
  9. Thanks guys. Was a good day, only thing missing was an old man nap. And a big old gobbler answering calls.
  10. No gobbles, been here since 445. Hens were still breeding last weekend, guess it's time to start trolling the hardwood.
  11. That's to and from my way to the farm, don't tell us these things.
  12. Found out where the sneaky old sob is roosting. Heard a couple puts, but there were 2 gobblers. Got a live decoy calling 50 yards away. she's looking for love.
  13. Be out again in the morning. Be nice if he'd gobble on the roost so I could plan.
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