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  1. This. My uncle tans some, sells some others. He just got a nice reddish one a couple days ago he caught on a dead calf. That mangy one I hammered on opening day of gun I left in "bait spot". The only thing that would eat it was ravens the bald eagles.
  2. Grats man! Welcome to the all girl club!
  3. I have a 44 inch swisher that I cut my 3 acres of lawn with in about 2 hours flat. Specific to the Swisher: It has its ups and downs, can't say I'd highly recommend it. The belt is a pain in the ass. Like, a huge one. And it goes alot. I've had it fixed twice in 10 years, though neither was expensive, still annoying. Changing the oil is a pain in the ass. The concept of using a standalone engine + w blades is a great one. Much rather use it than a 0 turn. The motor is a Briggs and Stratton, that part has been solid.
  4. What's the sticker on that bad boy? I haven't taken the plunge on a ML yet, that intrigues me.
  5. Remember, you'll sleep again eventually. In like a year.
  6. We going to have an all red superbowl? Can't say I want to see the titans/9ers. That's a boring ass matchup.
  7. @DirtTime I had to switch to my PC, had way too much to type on the phone : Camping area: I've seen people camp at any of the turn offs that follow the CCC road in. I think there are markers at the entrances of the designated camping areas. There should be about 3 of them I believe. One is right at the end of the CCC road/Cheese hill. Note that there's a gun range for the Park Rangers about 600 yards north of that spot. There's another camp site, I believe, on the right hand side after the 4 corners where Scutt Road intersects CCC. A group of guys always used to bring up a camper and park it in a camp spot, right on the end of the CCC road. They don't come around anymore, I think they got too old, had their camper broken into too many times. What are you planning on hunting? I'll stop here, but if you want more info let me know.
  8. I drive through there on my way to the farm, where we hunt, adjacent to it. So I know it pretty well
  9. They're about a hundred bucks each more than the kutana stormshield set. Think it's worth it? Would I overheat with that layered over the down set? I need to devise a pouch or bag to put those in and clip to my hunting pack. They're light but they're kinda bulky.
  10. We wantses it. But.... Ouch.
  11. Another article I enjoyed : The man hits it right on the head.
  12. This seems like a great opportunity to ball bust, someone should jump on it.
  13. Interesting article. If what they say is true, sounds like they did it right. Why not give out tags though? Private Property issues?
  14. Maybe he'll pull an Eli? Who wants to go to Cleveland or Cinci?!