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  1. No kidding, I think they're doing their stick it to you pre-sale stuff right now:
  2. Thats what I'm saying! Seen the knot a bunch of times, haven't ever seen Cypress. In the 'knick that is an instant contact high.
  3. Maybe this is just a by product of working in/going to school for/having friends also in IT. The vast majority are just straight up nerds. But they don't even play much in the way of games anymore. Just "Hey what shows are you watching?" I get that the people I went to college/had an apartment with will never be into the hunting scene, that's my thing. I'm not asking them to drive 12 hours to see a show like the old days, I'm talking a show, with seating, in the spring, less than 30 minutes from where they live. Most likely home by midnight. It's frickin discouraging. Anybody in the Smallbany area want to go see the 'Knot?
  4. Anybody else run into this? Just a big divergence from buddies the last few years. Still like seeing them once every few weeks. Maybe I'm the odd one. When I get together with my buddies, I don't talk about TV. Alot of "Oh did watch <insert show here>?". Then they rattle off like 5 more shows. I haven't been able to get anybody to go to a concert in 4 years. Just asked everybody about the Slipknot / Cypress Hill tour. Crickets. I'll go to the damn show myself if I have to. This same group used to go to shows weekly. Nobody goes outside, except to mow their 1/4 acre lawn. Maybe I'm just realizing now my college buddies are just way different people than me.
  5. Uhhhhhh, I really want one of those. Don't have a good brush gun.
  6. Until we win it all, not talking any trash. KC and Mahomey are hella good. I'm really excited to see that defense this weekend. Fitzy is a great guy, but I'm glad he's not our QB.
  7. It's gonna be a game, just hope the Bills bring it. Huge test for the defense and that shiny new defensive line! Keeping Mahomey in the pocket will probably decide the game.
  8. That garage is bad ass, Ryan. I particularly liked boiler converted to a wood stove. Chuck half a log in that bad girl! You never have to brush snow off yours or your wife's car in the morning again.
  9. Nice man! Maybe I'll get a chance to drop off a couple sets of antlers later in the week and see!
  10. Was it 150 or 175? I have received 6 payments, can PM you a screenshot of Venmo if you like.
  11. Love this thread, I'm planning on doing the same thing sometime in the next couple years. Need to get a real road built first. Anyone have any idea of how much roughly 800 yards of road building costs? Primarily along a field edge. We could fix the road that currently goes to my dad's cabin, but the property line runs down the middle of it.
  12. Anyone who Gamble's frequently doesn't understand statistics or has an overinflated opinion of their own intelligence. Oh hey, Belo!
  13. My house has been a sick ward since Wednesday. Non COVID, but it's knocked the kids on their butts. Finally got a decent night's sleep last night.
  14. OR! I can run down to Finke equipment, and they'll sharpen all 4 of my chains for 20$! .... Also I suck at sharpening.
  15. Interesting read, thanks for sharing
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