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  1. UpStateRedNeck

    I hate coyotes.

    Yup. I think whoever said the bottom half is chewed off might be right? Fawns aren't small now and that dog is holding it up pretty high and trotting. It is definitely not road kill. The nearest road it could be killed on is a mile and 1000 feet down a hill away.
  2. UpStateRedNeck

    Baldy takes a muskie?

    I'm with Teddy Roosevelt, should have been the American Grizzly for the national animal, but you have to respect the Baldies game!
  3. UpStateRedNeck

    Baldy takes a muskie? How the H did he keep that fish in the first place?
  4. UpStateRedNeck

    I hate coyotes.

    There's no road within a mile man. Most likely a portion is in that dogs rather bloated belly. Yeah I get it Pygmy, they gotta eat too and there's a crapload of deer. I've found too many dead farm animals to have anything but animosity to coyotes.
  5. UpStateRedNeck

    Ghost History..

    Speaking for myself, I was just happy big balls was harvested by a guy I know hunts ethically, and with a bow to boot! Would have been depressing to see him dead in the road.
  6. UpStateRedNeck

    I hate coyotes.

    Looking at this makes me itchy to use that new 22 mag. Wish the fields we're clear sit out in. Almost as many yote pictures as deer pictures this year.
  7. UpStateRedNeck

    Preseason Trail Cam Pics

    Need to move my cameras, particularly the one. Goldenrod have gotten too high to catch anything more than 10 feet out. Usually throw 'em on apple trees this time of year. That rotten bird in picture 1, wily bugger. Way too smart for being relatively young. Date on that should be 5/29 or so.
  8. UpStateRedNeck

    I hate coyotes.

    Never seen this before. Poor little bugger. Cool picture though!
  9. UpStateRedNeck

    Ghost History..

    Like the story, had one I named "Big Balls". Actively hunted him for a couple years, then the next year I had a kid, and we had this perfect stretch of weather during the rut...... and an acquaintance got him. But! I still get to say hi to him mounted on his wall. The neck on this dude........
  10. UpStateRedNeck

    Lab Results for Food plot soil

    Go to start the tractor to brush hog this afternoon,........ Blown head gasket! Took the afternoon off from work too.
  11. UpStateRedNeck

    Stand height for hangon

    12 feet to 15 feet is what I shoot for. Gets you out of their peripheral, not too hard to climb. Probably need 4 stucks to get that high though. I'd really like to invest in a expensive set of sticks, and a lock on. I don't like climbers, so that seems like a really flexible alternative.
  12. UpStateRedNeck

    How many Hunt alone ?

    Yeah this is true for me for all of bow season. Last year I bought a crossbow for the old coot but I think he took it out once. This year I'm building him a ritzy raised box blind he can be comfortable in, see if that gets him out in the woods more often.
  13. Depends. I already let about 4 different people who are casual acquaintances hunt the side of the property. I wish some of my yuppy friends were into hunting so I had some more buddies. It's a big property and is nowhere near tapped out for potential.
  14. UpStateRedNeck

    Is it time to put in for rutcation yet?

    I used to do this, pre-marriage and children. Max vacation time so I had to take off like 3 weeks. Day I seem to miss most is hunting Thanksgiving morning. First big buck I ever killed was that morning.
  15. UpStateRedNeck

    Field and stream got a bad deal today

    That the one in Latham I'm guessing? Knew I should have gone there on lunch today.