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  1. Does it count if the bar you just got back from is close to the woods? Good luck to everybody getting up in a few hours
  2. Ha, every thing is stone still in his little pudgy puppy body, except the tail is blurred!
  3. So, flagrant racism is your theme today? Maybe you'd like to start a topic on how all Hispanics are lazy etc just pass your time?
  4. He looks like a good dog. Cat show him whose boss when he got home?
  5. Been thinking about it all week, and I think I'm sending them both back. I like both, but I want to build a layering system and they just don't fit. Thinking I'm going to get the Talus Hybrid pants, then a Kenai Ultra jacket when they come back in stock.
  6. Was happy to hear it wasn't a season ender, really enjoy watching him play. Maybe less when he stomps Buffalo in the playoffs.
  7. Looked like an MCL. That's bad for the entire league. So much for someone destroying New England in January.
  8. Ahhhhh wood stove and football. Hey Biz tell your defense to stop helping them out.
  9. Should go without saying but, obviously it weighs about 100 pounds if it gets wet.
  10. Looks like he him right in the boiler room. Nice work!
  11. I've got a pullover and the pants. They're pretty good with a decent base layer down to 40 or so. Collect burrs like nuts though. They don't hold up great to wind is my only real complaint.
  12. I enjoyed the video, and being a hardass is obviously that guys shtick. I'll never stand/sit a hanger without a frigging harness on. Not worth it. I've thought about having the pegs in the trees + a nice hanger setup, would give me more options for less overall $$. Easier to just replace the straps and buy more stands each year. 14 and counting.....
  13. I'm not a fishing guy, that's my dad, but I thought this article was cool :
  14. We are going to lose alot of leaves from the trees in the next 24 hours, 3 inches of rain forecasted
  15. The rain/wind gear is pretty frigging pricey too. Did you order base layer? Really curious if that's worth the investment. Ideally ($$) I'd order the ultra down jacket and pants, and a rain layer to boot. But what size? Probably XXL for the rain layer at least. Assuming the down stuff would fit over the softshell by design.