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  1. If it still is in the spring when I'm back on my feet I seriously might take you up on it. Would look delightful on a Bergara or Browning 300 win mag.....
  2. Sorry to rerail the thread, but this makes me wish I hadn't blown my hunting budget on gear this year. You know that feeling when you look at a beautiful woman that is just your type? That's the feeling I get when I look at that scope.
  3. From Allen: emails with information on our restoration program, but it sounds like you have a great place to start some restoration. Where in NY are you located? Basically at this time SUNY-ESF has developed a blight resistant tree, but for restoration we want everyone involved to cross that tree, when available, with wild type trees. That will then give everyone blight resistant nuts with good genetic diversity. To start we need everyone to plant some wild type trees from nuts, which we supply free of charge, for mother trees. Then when the blight resistant tree is approved for distribution, they cross the blight resistant tree with the wild type mother trees. We are hoping to have our blight resistant tree approved for distribution in just a year or two, and SUNY-ESF hopes to have over 10,000 by that time. But, many of them will be clones and will have to be crossed with wild type trees to produce fertile nuts, The American chestnut is not self pollinating so none of the clonal trees would pollinate each other, and that is one of the reasons we want, and need, each one to be planted with wild type mother trees. The American chestnut flowers very quickly when planted in full sun, but may take 30 years to get to the canopy in the forest and flower. See pictures of 3 year old trees.
  4. I'm hoping they can move my ACL replacement up a couple weeks, scheduled for the 21st of January right now. Going. To. Suck.
  5. 200 ain't too bad with a modern rifle, just need to practice a bit. Little late for that though. Get in an hour before first light, bundle up and sit absolutely still with your gun already on the shooting stick.
  6. Well it turns out I was hunting without an ACL this year. Maybe that hike I took up and around the side of the hill in slippery 2 inches of snow wasn't the brightest thing I've ever done. Surgery in January, should be mobile by Turkey season.
  7. Yeah I like that design. I havent seen mine yet either, but John did refund the $. Be happy to order this shirt through whomever!
  8. Pretty sure you can bring 2 spoke poles if you want, my buddies do it for doemageddon every year.
  9. Full agreement. They aren't "there" yet on offense. Enjoying this Chiefs game though.
  10. That Bills defense can hang with anybody in the league. 1 busted coverage from holding them to under 20, with 40 minutes of possession time, and Ravens had damn good field position too
  11. If your boys wanted to put Brady out of action, Biz, well nobody in WNY would complain much. Just sayin'.
  12. Very, very interesting! I would definitely be interested in planting a 2 to 3 acre Grove myself. Edit:. I rescind my earlier suspicious warnings after doing some reading!
  13. Post what you find, I'm interested in something like this too! Got a 3 acre field I want to turn into deer habitat. Edit : Sent them an email, I'll post what I get back.
  14. Somebody linked a study in my ground blind thread, that you could paint a blind hot pink, the animals don't care.