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  1. UpStateRedNeck

    Breakfast of Champions

    I look forward to Saturday brunch all week of eating cereal at 530 am.
  2. UpStateRedNeck

    I hate this time of year....

    July and August are the worst. Followed closely by February and March. Not a huge fan of April, but at least it's time for turkey scouting. I hate the heat way more than the cold. I don't have an excuse NOT to jog in the damn heat.
  3. UpStateRedNeck

    Can dog surgery be very expensive?

    Buddy just had both his Golden's ACL replaced. Spent over 10k on it. Young dog. No they ain't rich.
  4. UpStateRedNeck

    First Shot Daily Pics

    Ugh. I'm glad it's April. Need to restring then old girl anyway, it's in good shape but 6 years old. Like the new Glendel Buck though.
  5. UpStateRedNeck


    I'm just impressed that Bow/MZ is up to almost 50% of the gun take. Good stuff!
  6. UpStateRedNeck

    What's for dinner tonight?

    Chicken strips bacon egg slice of American. Attempt at replicating something from Trillium in Boston .
  7. UpStateRedNeck

    Unusual deer mount

    Talking about the deer mount right? Not the other kind?
  8. UpStateRedNeck

    Youth compound recommendations

    I'm not 100% sold on my daughter sticking with the archery thing, not ready to plunk down 400 on a bow. Leaning more towards something on the lower end. Mostly because I'm feeling cheap after finding out how much to fix a dent/door handle on my truck (850). Annual membership meeting at 1pm today ADK.
  9. UpStateRedNeck

    Youth compound recommendations

    Yeah I don't think you'll find a better learner class for little ones any time soon. For all they did for them , plus a pizza party at the end, they certainly aren't making money on it.
  10. UpStateRedNeck

    Youth compound recommendations

    130 class. I guess he's thinking of doing a summer one. You a member here? Tomorrow is the yearly meeting.
  11. UpStateRedNeck

    Youth compound recommendations

    Dude. Same place. RCS club.
  12. My older daughter is finishing her first archery class today, and I'm thinking about getting a cheap compound to continue practicing on. Anybody have a recommendation? She's 6.
  13. UpStateRedNeck

    Pat ourselves on the backs article "We are a people so discouraged by failure or simple offense that we find it exceedingly difficult to cope with daily living" This.
  14. UpStateRedNeck

    First Shot Daily Pics

    Ordered! Thanks for the heads up!