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  1. @ryno botmabotma Holy crap, Buff with a compound walk and stalk?! I'm guessing you guys have to back them up with a .450? Was reading some Capstick and Hemingway this week today and realized missed your yearly post.
  2. Nope. Steal a nap on the couch in the cabin in early season. Only time I sleep in a vehicle is if I'm too drunk to drive.
  3. Thanks for posting it moog, I'm EE and should buy a new pair of knock around / work boots. Will keep em in mind!
  4. It's 90%+Hemlock, not as nice as you'd hope. That being said, any proceeds go towards the "Fix the damn road" fund! Not counting on it, but it would nice and move my "Nice Cabin" plans forward a year or two. Some of that money is going to go back to the logger to clear a few plots on the side of the hill.
  5. I frickin hope so. 3000+ trees supposed to come off my hillside property this year.
  6. Nice! I need to get a pole barn up soon to keep my equipment in. Definitely before i invest in a decent tractor. How do you have less snow out there than we do? I've been itching for a month now to do some land work.
  7. I know you posted this before, Lawd, but where did you send em to? I've got the jaws from my buck and I'm curious. Killing a 6.5 year old buck is an achievement!
  8. https://www.deerassociation.com/freak-buck-had-corneal-dermoids-yes-hairy-eyeballs/ Freaking me out man.
  9. Grandfather listend to him every morning until the day he died. Just saying "rush" brings to mind riding in his truck to the farm for a long day of bailing hay in the summer. Maybe Gramps is giving him an earful right now.
  10. I'm using it as motivation to save money, fix the road, and build my cabin. So I have someplace to turn into a real home for him.
  11. I see 40s in the forecast next week. So up at 2000 feet it might even crack freezing. If that snow melts down a foot and they can run over it, will be game on!
  12. Lighting isn't the best, but here's @518BowSlayer 's work for this year. Dunno what he'd score he puts all the other antlers I have hanging in my hunting closet to shame. Thanks again, Ryan!
  13. That sig is going to eat up 3/4 of that. Trust me I know! Luv it though.
  14. Went out on the snowshoes from 2 to 7 today, pretty brutal. Not a single deer track on the top of the hill, some browse down where the loggers had cut. Overall the animals have gotten the hell off the mountain. Snow is up past the cabin door, had to dig to get in and start a fire. Called after dark, no answers. Only dog tracks I saw were definitely fox. They're cruising over top of the snow. I do feel like a person under 200 pounds with snow shoes would be able to cruise around pretty quick, in spots I was only sinking in 5 inches, but most spots at least a foot.
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