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  1. A couple days after Uvalde The Post had a headline in my Google feed "<name of shooters> life story and what made him to do it" or something in that vein. Finally got me to block that damn rag. When you give these vile creatures name recognition and attention you're giving them what they want. I'd been teetering on the brink of blocking that crap hole of a news source for a while, their only redeeming factor was that they sling mud at everybody regardless of party. But that broke me.
  2. Some of those are rubs, some of them look like porcupine damage. 1st and second to last look like porcy to me.
  3. Chicory has gone bananas the last 2 weeks. Last pic you can see the big strip of clover is lush and thick. But everywhere the chicory isn't coming up thick there's a decent amount of clover coming on too. Considering we've never sprayed the weeds are pretty minimal. We did use the York rake this year after discing to clear it all out seems to have helped. It's about 2 acre plot.
  4. It is frigging JUNE. My bucks are barely showing nubs. How on gods green earth?
  5. Yeah, there's no way I'm getting Lime down in there. Drops 1000 feet in less than half a mile. But I'll probably send out a soil sample to whitetail institute to get the exact calculations on how much triple 19 and 0/20/20 I need per quarter acre. Really just want something tasty they'd be likely to stop and hit on their way through during bow/gun season. Probably use one plot to target that during bow, one plot to target that during gun. Clover is always popular, late season they seem to love winter rye.
  6. On the positive side, it's the starter in the Grizzly, but an OEM starter is only 190, should only be a week or two before she's back.
  7. I'd get a crick in my neck from whipping my head around if I saw that drive by. Then I'd say "Florida Special" and be sadly mistaken. She looks great
  8. I guess Max S. Wood have a welder/fabricator that comes in on Saturdays to do jobs they need done. So I'll be able to skip the 8 week (,holy crap!!!) backlog they have. I really appreciate Roger there, he's helped me a lot get parts and solve issues with my ancient assed MF-65. I want to haul her down to them to have him re-do the brakes, but between 1500$ price tag and the 2 months wait I just can't do it.
  9. I'm going to call around today. My 11 year old Grizzly 550 decided to die this weekend too. Starter was making a whining noise, and sure enough next time I tried to start it she was dead. Charged the battery, still dead. Never rains, but it pours.
  10. Agreed, the trick being finding somebody around here that isn't backed up for a month.
  11. Axle itself is wobbly and loose. Anybody know the easiest way to fix this? Looks like a wield job to me, but I know less than nothing.
  12. What a magnum. Nice work as always! Just seeing those pictures makes my heart ache for the fall.
  13. I'll just drop this years highlight reel here as the year goes on. Such a good hobby to keep you in the game all year round. Have a lot of deer on camera, still some doe who haven't popped yet as of a week ago. Thought these 2 were nice! Damn bird is smarter than me.
  14. Looking a bit rough isn't she? I'm gonna have to try and find somebody to weld that in the capital district area.
  15. The deck is very much not level because of that axle. Probably the root cause. Question is:. Can I fix the damn thing? I think the weld to steel bar is going/gone.
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