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  1. Engraver99

    Some new arrivals in daylight

    damn....wish I could find some in my woods like that!
  2. Engraver99

    Treestand types

    ladder stands and ground blinds. reached that age where tree climbing is too risky to be using the hang-ons anymore. It's much nicer arriving and going in the blind or climbing a ladder than using spikes, ladder sticks, hand on steps, tree steps ect. to hang a stand....call me lazy!
  3. Engraver99


    I used to use cat-eyes (reflective tacks) when I hunted public land. Sometimes ya just need a trail in and out if your new to an area or have lots of stands.
  4. that's why they were a bargain...no pockets...lol
  5. was pretty funny
  6. lol not sure yet. there is no ghillie strings just flat vertical strips. won't know until i test it out with a vertical bow, but was mainly planning to use it during xbow and gun season mostly for predators and deer stalkin and spring turkey. I mostly hunt out of my ladder stands or ground blinds during verticaal bow season and was not intending to wear it then - just when I was ground hunting or stalking. hope that helps. best part is it's only 2lbs!
  7. no pants - its a long jacket that comes to the knees or below the knees in my case. I will wear it over my sitka bibs and also wear camo mucks - so should not be a problem. You can get the pants and jacket but I didn't want the hassle of pants so just got the sapper kill suit.
  8. I looked at the leafy suits - actually have one in ASAT camo which blends pretty good - but its a pants and jacket and gets caught on twigs and sticker bushes. Got the sapper kill suit cause I could take with me and put on without worrying about going over boots. Got it today. tested it out for blending in, scared the bejesus out of my neighbor. Got with in 10 feet of him while cutting the lawn and had to move into the open before he saw me. quite happy with it I must say. Think I'm gonna get a snow one also for winter coyotes https://allpredatorcalls.com/kill-suit-sapper-3d-strip-wicked-woods-digital-woodland-mesh-lined-apc004w/
  9. might want to take a look at lucky's blinds. Have not had a snowfall that could take one of my two out yet (catskill mountains). Had mine made to my specs about 12 years ago. take em out in sept. bring em in in jan. https://www.luckyshuntingblinds.com
  10. I was looking for a super portable blind to carry for run and gun purposes (deer/predators) for when I didn't feel like being tied to one of my 3 heavier less portable blinds (2 Lucky's blinds and 1 barronett big cat) or any of my ladder stands (i have 6 up at the moment). In my younger days I used to carry a loc-on limit stands and use tree/telephone spikes to get up the tree. Unfortunately 20+ years later and hopefully a little smarter I do not use my hang-ons or spikes anymore for safety reasons (I'm just to old to do that anymore). As I was blind hunting, I really did not see anything I wanted to tote along with all my other gear which is becoming heavier and heavier year after year. I then read where someone was using an allpredatorcalls.com kill suit ( I have an old unbranded ghillie suit and it is way too heavy, bulky, cumbersome, and frankly just a PIA). After reading about the kill suit and watching some videos and getting some reviews on another predator hunting site, I broke down and picked up the APC Sapper in digital woodlands. It weighs in at 2lbs, cost $81 delivered and looked pretty good in the videos I saw. Am hoping this will do the trick as I should be able to sit in most any location I choose to try. Does anyone else use a ghillie or kill suit for predator or deer hunting?
  11. Engraver99

    Traditional coach/instruction btw NYC and Del County

    about an hour south of NYC in Lakewood NJ - A&M Archery - Mike - 732-363-2802
  12. Engraver99

    FYI boaters..

    Thank you Nanny Cuomo...
  13. Engraver99

    Turtle Troubles In The ER!

    not funny...but still funny the way the story is told by the dr.
  14. Engraver99

    Hunting Licences on sale

    Tried to get mine today. Since my fishing license expires 9/30 they couldnt give me everything at 1 time. Said they could only go out 60 days. Told me to call back tomorrow and i should be able to get everything in one bundle.