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  1. I have a 2010 Yamaha XT250 with under 1300 miles for sale. Bike has been garage kept, battery replaced last year, super super super nice condition. Adult owned and ridden only. Looking for $2750 thanks for peeking
  2. Engraver99


    maybe Lowes or Home Depot garden centers
  3. Engraver99

    Interesting Quiver (and ad)

    I like it
  4. Engraver99

    Check the sights on your turkey slayer

    always a good idea!
  5. Engraver99

    red squirrel blues

    I have this red squirrel (pine squirrel) who broke into my soffit. Wasn't sure if he was up there so I shoved a bottle into a little opening to see if he would push it out. Woke up this am and sure enough bottle was chewed and laying on the ground. Rather than close him in and letting him eat his way out, I will wait for him to exit and close up the soffit or try the vertical rat trap method. I have caught reds in my barn using the rat trap the traditional way but this will be a first trying it vertical. damn red squirrels! I have an avanti 853c air rifle but it doesn't have enough foot pounds to toast it. I might have to put a scope on my benjamin sheridan 1500 if all else fails and wait him out. anybody have any other ideas...suggestions thanks
  6. The liberal lefty's don't give a rat's a$$! It's just another method of control and power over the people. The people they are supposed to serve but instead are forcing them to bend to their will! Shameful!
  7. just letting the predator hunters out there know that rock river arms has some specials going on (time-limited). One of the specials are lar15 lowers with regular, 2 stage, and varmint 2 stage triggers as well as a few uppers including the predator pursuit upper (20") ss heavy barrel. I picked up 2 lowers with the varmint 2 stage triggers and the pursuit upper. Will probably add the coyote 16" carbine to the other lower before next hunting season for my night rifle since it is lighter and I won't shoot as far at night with it.
  8. Engraver99

    Beto O'Rourke

    They don't think!
  9. Engraver99

    Lost my dog today

    Sorry for your loss
  10. I just picked up a new in the box Night Optics Marauder d750 Gen 2+ white phosphor tubed 4x rifle scope for $1000 from someone who won it at game banquet dinner and had no use for it. It is a Bering Optic manufactured scope which night hunters seem to like but I can't find much info on this guy. Does anyone have any experience or info with this scope? I see info on the gen 3 versions but not this particular version. Was wondering if I should keep it or dump it at a profit and put the money towards a better scope. I picked it up at less than 30% of the retail price! attached is a link I found which describes it more in detail https://nightvisionops.com/shop/marauder-4x-gen-2-blackwhite-gated-night-vision-weapon-scope-with-manual-gain/
  11. Engraver99

    Legal Weed and Gun Owners

    no problems here, don't smoke, don't drink, don't do drugs-am just a boring son of a gun I guess!
  12. Engraver99

    Turkey gun optics

    I use a vortex Red dot
  13. Engraver99

    New law??

    I'm ok with that!
  14. Engraver99

    Cock your crossbow with a push of a button

    pretty nifty