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  1. Engraver99


    Good luck
  2. Engraver99

    The Closet

    So my girl has been asking for some closet space for the last 5 months or so (there is only one closet in the room) and last night she said she had enough of living out of dressers and that I had to remove my hunting stuff from the closet or she was going to leave. Now granted my closet is crammed with hunting stuff but I have nowhere else to move it to. I guess I'm gonna miss her!
  3. Engraver99

    Stop using Doe Pee

    Pretty cool encounter
  4. Engraver99

    no commitment

    its exciting when everything comes together, its disappointing when it doesn't! Foxpro is a good caller - I also have a Foxpro FX3 and a Wildlife technology caller, and 4 decoys. The 17 s/b good for Fox and In-close Yotes . If you will be going it alone - it's a tough road. At nite You will need to scan with a light for eyes and have a light on the gun for shooting.You won't want to scan with a gun - it gets heavy and is dangerous. Some lone hunters use Headlamps for scanning and have a light on their gun for shooting. That is how I started. Still coyotes tended to see me 1'st alot of the time. Since I hunt alone and have to do everything myself... it makes it that much tougher. It is best if you can get a partner to scan while directly behind you while you shoot for nite time hunting. My current gear for night hunting is a sniper hog flashlight (infrared) attached to my photon xt(digital nitevision) scope on a bolt .223 and an ar15 with a day scope that I can attach a digitial nitevision cam on the eyepiece (ludicrous lumens vulpine). This allows me to use the ar15 in day (without cam attached) or at nite with cam attached. I also now use a Pulsar thermal monocular for scanning (xq23v)-can pick up body heat out to 875 yards. I use a combo of hand calls and electronic calls, and decoys when I go in daylite hours. For field (open) hunting at nite I stand and also attach my gun to a tripod which leaves my hands free to run the remote or use hand calls. I attach the caller to the tripod (easier to catch eyes). If I am in the woods during daylite, I will often bring my ulti-mag shotgun with a coyote choke and 3.5" shells #4 buck for some close encounters. The most important thing tho is scouting to make sure the yotes/fox are there. they have quite a large range they roam. If they are not there you will be sitting alone. AND always play the wind! hope that helps!
  5. Engraver99

    no commitment

    thanks-same to you! yeah, I still have my MZ tags but had the itch to try out the new caller last night then once deer season is over I start my yote hunting thanks - same to you!
  6. Engraver99

    no commitment

    Did 1 set last night with the new caller (Lucky Duck Revolt). Used a serenade call and had an immediate response. The coyote came from a distance to right across the road from where I was calling. Howling and barking but he wouldn't cross. tried a couple of other calls to get him to cross but he wasn't having any of it. Oh well - win some-lose some. Happy with the caller for a first run. Forgot to mention, picked him up with my thermal monocular
  7. Engraver99

    Visual or audio?

    during bow season and seasons with no snow I rely on my hearing 99% of the time, If snow - then I have to look for them.
  8. Engraver99

    RIP president George H.W.Bush

    CAVU and RIP Mr. President
  9. Engraver99

    Taking down ground blinds

    no problems using my lucky's hunting blinds - of course they are not hub blinds! pull up stakes fold one end o the other and done. same as putting up - takes about 30 seconds. check em out if you get a chance - been using my 2 blinds for 10+ years and has taken every snow load thrown at them. I take them down right after muzzleloader season and put them up in September. stopped using hub blinds 10+ years ago because they were a pain to take down http://www.luckyshuntingblinds.com/
  10. Engraver99

    Poachers Busted Near Partridge Run

  11. Engraver99

    Ground blind recommendations

    15"+ of snow and my lucky blinds still standing strong....
  12. Engraver99

    Why.....why do you stay?

    too tough to start over. have own business, would have to restart and am too old for that.
  13. Engraver99

    How accurate were these old range finders

    mine was pretty accurate (within a yard or 2) when it was callibrated. My old Bushnell yardage pro laser(21 years old I think) still works and just tested it against my new bushnell scout dx 1000 laser and the measurements were right on.
  14. Engraver99

    Ground blind recommendations

    there is some you tube video demonstrations doing that. seems they shoot straight but a little lower than without the screen from the ones I watched. I have shoot thru screens on my blinds but don't use them. https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=shoot+thru+screens&FORM=HDRSC3
  15. Engraver99

    Coyote rig

    ar .223 with a thermal monocular for scanning, a thermal scope for shooting, a tripod for night field hunting. My rigs as it sits now is an ar15 .223, I use a pulsar thermal monocular xq23v for scanning, I use a photon xt for night hunting on 1 gun and a day scope on the other with a ludicrous lumens vulpine eye piece scope mount day/night camera for night hunting. I use a night stalker tripod for field hunting at night. I have 3 electronic callers - a fox pro fx3, a wildlife technologies, and a lucky duck revolt. vulpine video https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=ludicrous+lumens+vulpine&&view=detail&mid=9E6460ACA7577BDB90CF9E6460ACA7577BDB90CF&&FORM=VRDGAR the vulpine unit allows me to use any scoped gun I want for night hunting from air guns for rats to my ar for coyotes - just attach to the scope eye piece.