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  1. I have a heavy duty rifle rest I have been using for years but it does not accomodate msr's (modern sporting rifles i.e. ar's). looking for a good one - any suggestions? thanks
  2. sucks! Feel Better Dude!
  3. Good Luck to all my fellow bowhunters tomorrow - May you all have a safe and adventure filled season.
  4. Make sure it's in night vision mode and or adjust the ir beam. Hope that works for you.
  5. Nice last day. Went out in PM for a bit. Had a short faced doe or button buck come out about 25 yards from me and try to get me to move. Had the gun on him but let him pass as was a yungin. Fun watch tho. Had a nice buck cut through a little later. Heard him grunting before could locate him. No shot and no tag anyway but was nice to see.
  6. Last weekend.....Good Luck to everyone going out. Stay positive! Stay safe!
  7. thanks again, the guy at expressions of wilderness said he'd take it on.......Thanks again guys....didnt think it would be this hard to find somebody-you be life savers!
  8. thanks guys will try the guy in cherry valley and berne. Called Borrows he said he is not taking on any new I might just end up going with another euro cause of the cost. thanks again
  9. considering getting a mount done - anyone know of a taxidermy guy or gal near stamford/oneonta area. Ive called the locals - no go thanks
  10. it goes to the lab, gets aged, take brain samples, then goes in someone's office. i didn't care they took the head, i didn't shoot it. wasn't my trophy. I was more concerned about the meat going to waste...which it did anyway
  11. Didn't get out for bow except for last day saw momma and 2 little ones - passed em by. hunted opening day gun saw 3 does and 1 pretty good buck - no shots. Went out Sunday - walked out back door - 2 does in the yard under the apple trees. head to my stand shaking my head. Saw nothing while hunting. Come back - again 2 does in the yard. Monday rained all day. NOW Yesterday...worked in am and headed out to my stand about 1pm. Was still hunting my way up when i went around this pine tree and there in the opening was a dead 8 point deer with 1/2 its side skin blown off, innards intact. rolled him over, small bullet hole on entrance side. Called DEC and waited for them to come to file a report. They lopped the head off and gave me a tag so I could give the meat away to a guy i know thats out of work BUT the butcher said it was no good (Thought it was no good but gave it a try). Needless to say, the afternoon was shot and by the time DEC left it was about 10 after 4 - no hunting. In 40 years of hunting, I never came across a shot and left/lost deer. I'm guessing since no one really hunts by me (all private land) that one of our local road hunters/poacher shot it. the entrance wound was low, exit high meaning the deer was shot from downhill which would be the road most likely. Shame!
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