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  1. Tires and rims are generally cheaper than just getting tires i found
  2. Browning a-bolt slug gun w/lightfield blue slugs or my rra 223 predator pursuit w/fusion ammo...undecided yet....leaving the ruger m77 30-06 mkII home this year
  3. Got snow here in 4f...supposed to hunt this am. But my sump pump lines froze with alarms going off st 4:30am and spent next 2 hours thawing them out. End result...no hunting this am...ugh
  4. Finally got out again. Doing double duty. Archery hunting fot coyotes or deer...have the foxpro hangin. Let a doe walk....nice to be out again
  5. Engraver99

    Warm gear

    Never been warmer than with my sitka gear...core base layers, hoodies, early season stratus, late season incinerator.....toasty warm.
  6. My ex is factory rated at 200# draw weight. Excalibur grizzly shadow....advertised at 200# 305'/sec!
  7. in a light rain, wet ground (prior rain), snow or windy conditions that will muffle any noise.
  8. No peer pressure. when i go its to suck in the great outdoors and all that goes with it. Don't care if i shoot anything-truthfully it's just more work if i do.
  9. Got my excalibur sighted in today. Good out to 40 altho i limit myself to 25-30.
  10. now that's funny...I don't care who ya are!
  11. I also have the a bolt slug gun (w/o open sights version) Extremely accurate! It's my deer gun and i am in a rifle zone and own rifles. Never missed or lost a deer when a lightfield slug was launched from this shotgun at a deer. Cant go wrong hunting with one of these....grab it if you can!