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  1. Engraver99

    Night vision

    check out these reviews https://anchor.fm/thelatenightvisionshow/episodes/Ep--41---ATN-Optics---Discussion-and-Our-Honest-Opinions-e37375 and wraith review https://anchor.fm/thelatenightvisionshow/episodes/Ep--48---Sightmark-Wraith-HD---Full-Review-e3ku4r hope that helps some btw...my bushmaster 16" with my photon xt and sitting bipod is just a shade under 11lbs. My rock river arms predator pursuit (will be my day gun with the wraith) will come in around 11 pounds with bipod my rock river arms coyote carbine (my pure night gun) with my gen2+ marauder is about 10 3/4 lbs which i will use with my night stalker tripod/pig saddle combo. I use a sniper hawg IR light also to help illuminate
  2. Engraver99

    Night vision

    I have a photon xt I am happy with for within 150 yards. Also have a sightmark wraith on order for another gun, and have a gen 2+ d750 marauder with a white phosphor tube which am real happy with. I have not heard real good things about ATN tho...but maybe they upped their customer service and quality.
  3. Engraver99

    Opening Day Bass - who's going

    Gonna head out in a bit with the yak on a small lake by me. Was going to head to Goodyear lake but I think it will be too crowded on the weekend.
  4. Engraver99


    I sit-lay back while in the yak
  5. Engraver99


    not really sure have only had it in portions of the susquahana that were pretty slow moving. Have not been on any really fast moving rivers with it. doesn't need much water to float it - check out the videos on the link - guys use them for everything from ocean fishing to duck hunting. here is mine grassed out for duck hunting http://wavewalk.com/blog/2011/10/24/kevin-coughlin-camouflaged-hunting-kayak-new-york/
  6. Engraver99


    it's just a little lake in Stamford, NY
  7. Engraver99


    check out the wavewalks - awesome fishing machines - not bent in an "L" when you sit in them, can take 4' waves, can stand up and fish. great kayaks-love mine - I have the W version http://wavewalk.com
  8. Engraver99

    Favorite jar sauce

    victoria's or rao's
  9. Engraver99


    I'll wait for it to come to the little screen...lol! Last movie I saw in the theater was when Top Gun came out in 1986.
  10. Engraver99

    Pictures With Memorial Day In Mind.

    HERO'S..... Every last one of em!
  11. i have walker ear muffs but don't use them for hunting. Just use them when sighting in or general shooting. Just another thing these old bones would have to carry if I took them hunting.
  12. Engraver99

    21 Days In And Finally A Gobbler!

    congrats!!!! Persistence pays off! Hope I get out at least 1 day before the season ends but not looking good.
  13. Engraver99

    Patterning Your Turkey Gun & Loads

    I set a target at 40 yards. Target has a life sized turkey head/neck on it backed by a large piece of cardboard. I use my gun vice as a rest, aim with a red dot sight, shoot. Then check out the pellet pattern. Adjust sight to highest concentration of pellets and repeat until am comfortable that the highest concentration of pellets is on the target area I am aiming at. I use winchester long beard #5's and a choke designed for those loads out of my mossberg 835 3.5" shotgun w/ 26" barrel.
  14. Engraver99

    Look what I rescued.

    good job