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  1. I don't know, but am thinking that being peppered with birdshot at close range would be enough to change most folks course of action, but buck shot would in most cases end all thought process. I keep my shot gun loaded with #6 shot as a first shot so they can comprehend their mistake. Should they continue moving forward the remaining loads are 00 buck.
  2. Just a note...i am a buds team member and buds reserves anmo for its members which pretty much means you will get your order if the ammo is listed as such. If the ammo is not listed as reserved and you are not a buds team member, there is a chance your order may be cancelled since non reserved ammo may be sold out before they get to your order. Just a warning. If its not a common ammo like shotgun turkey loads..chances are you will get it, but something like 9mm, 45acp, 223 might be sold out before they reach your order if not reserved and not a member. Hence the reason i became a buds team member. Good luck with your order...hope ya get it!
  3. Again, budsgunshop.com ships directly to your house if it is not located in the nyc area zipcodes listed on their site. Just got my ups tracking # today for ammo i ordered on 3/23.
  4. Finally got an email from Buds that they are shipping my ammo I Ordered on 3/23 shipping today. Long time but worth the wait. Still waiting on 1 more order that has been in shipping since the 27th. They are getting hammered....as soon as stuff comes in it seems its going out!
  5. With the exception of my deer shotgun-a bolt action browning a-bolt, i have converted my turkey shotgun and coyote shotgun over to red dots.
  6. Budsgunshops.com ships directly to your house if not in any of the nyc Metro zip codes listed on their site
  7. I just checked budsgunshop.com seems they have plenty of turkey loads in stock! Hope that helps
  8. Oops I'm bad...was relying on this article https://www.nny360.com/news/publicservicenews/gun-shops-close-amid-cuomo-s-business-restrictions-during-coronavirus/article_be8c015a-2400-51a5-95fe-f81cc2c8f7c8.html
  9. My Walmart (oneonta) sells ammo but the shelves are bare. Asked the owner of sportsman adventures about ammo said he was cleaned out. Gun stores in ny are not considered essential business and are closed. Online may have some ammo but many are cleaned out also unless it's an off calber. Try budsgunshop.com they have some ammo and ship to ny.
  10. On the brighter side.....went to walmart this afternoon and they were well stocked with most things except paper goods. Was surprised i was able to get everything on my list and not hit aldi's, hannaford's, and price chopper. Also plastic bags were back!
  11. As the topic states, how much do you typically keep on hand? How much do you think you should keep on hand (other than the age old answer of ...like guns..you can never have enough...lol)
  12. all my guns are locked up in the safe except for a 12 guage 870 pump that will load when picked up by the forend. I keep a combo of birdshot, buckshot, buckshot - in that order. It also sports a red dot and flashlight combo - it's my home defense gun of choice. If people breaak in and they are not running from the sound of the forend loading up a cartridge - they dumb or deaf and most certainly will be hurtin!. hope it doesn't come to that!