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  1. Engraver99

    Which day pack do you use.

    eberlestock - strong and well made
  2. you go crying lying chuck! keep up that hard work for us NY'ers! Isn't there a bridge or a post office you could rename i.e. maybe the Cuomo post office? At least you have priorities....lol!
  3. Engraver99

    Sitka Gear My review

    Was looking for an early to mid season and early late season outfit for deer and coyote hunting to replace my heavy 30+ year old browning stuff. Just found a sale on my size (medium) for the Sitka Stratus bibs at Presleysoutdoors.com $224 shipped down from $299 retail (25% off) and the Stratus Jacket at Dunn's Sporting Goods for $214.88 shipped down from $329 retail (35% off). Time to retire my heavy old hard to maneuver in gear and comfortably walk in to the modern era. As usual, Will do a review when I test them out when received. Still loving my incinerator bibs and jacket! Was out in -20 (on the thermometer) very little wind the other day during the Polar Vortex and was still comfortable. I could feel the cold but was not cold. I only had on the Cabela's silks and the Sitka Heavyweight core base layers underneath. If I had the midweights and heavyweights on I don't think I'd even have felt the cold. I'm really liking this stuff even as expensive as it is. Usually with my old stuff I'd feel like I was dressed as the abominable snowman. It made it tougher to walk in the snow, and gun mounting was a little bit of a challenge. I feel like I have shed 30lbs when in my Sitka gear walking through the snow. Hunting is a little more pleasurable!
  4. just letting ya know Camofire has some sitka gear today
  5. Engraver99


    so last minute abortions are ok, according to VA gov. even after birthing murder is ok, the death penalty is not ok, setting up mainlining centers for addicts who use illegal drugs is is ok, protecting criminal illegal aliens in sanctuary cities is ok, removing god and in god we trust from everything is ok, but a wall is immoral! what's wrong with these a$$wipes demoncrats?
  6. Engraver99

    Not the best way to test a helmet

    now that's using your head!
  7. Engraver99

    Sitka Gear My review

    the bibs come with a built in strap to roll it up!
  8. Engraver99

    Coyote hunting

    nice, i was undecided which one to get and got the pig saddle as I did not need the cam mount. People rave about both of them tho- can't go wrong and it's nice to be hands free. I only use mine at night tho while standing. I hook my call to the tripod and scan with my pulsar thermal monocular while the pig saddle holds my gun at the ready. good luck with it
  9. Engraver99

    Coyote hunting

    is that the Kopfjager Reaper Grip ? I have the pig saddle? do you like that mount?
  10. Engraver99


    his mom would be proud of that good lil catholic boy I bet!
  11. Engraver99

    2019 The Year of the Longbow

    I have a custom made deathwish longbow made by Steve Welte that I shoot once in a blue moon. I can get fairly consistent with it but still lack the confidence to hunt with it. The bow was made in the mid 90's and is still in mint condition. I keep saying maybe this year I will hunt with it but never do...lol. Purple Heart and Orange sage I believe
  12. I don't want to start an S-Storm here but something seems very wrong! http://www.floppingaces.net/most-wanted/twice-in-two-weeks-democrats-vote-not-to-pay-federal-workers/ yet they complain about them not getting paid and how much it is hurting them. I can believe they are hurting right now on their "will be paid eventually" vacation (at least for most), Yet the Dems continue to let them hurt. Leads me to believe they don't give a rat's a$$ at all about them or the Americans and migrants border security would protect on both sides of the border.
  13. Engraver99

    Baiting for bait

    can't fix stupid!