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  1. Ya dont have to tell me brother!
  2. Darn, that is super light. My 15's 223's weigh in at 11+ pounds with the night vision scopes.
  3. It doesnt look like the scope bell clears the gun from the pic. You don't want the scope touching the gun. Good luck...nice looking rig. How heavy is it?
  4. I have the muffs....PAI to shoot with like any muffs. They do enhance the volume of things and cut off hi volumes. If used for hunting, would considered the ear buds. I would have gotten a set but was afraid id end up losing one or both. I have not tried any of the ear bud types.
  5. You can look at the MA mag locks, they are a shear pin lock where you will need to drill out the pin in order to remove the mag. I have 5 round mags put in mine since they are hunting ar's. Also if you will be night hunting and using night vision, the type of muzzle brake you have might effect the nv recovery time to get a second shot. I have been checked by a trooper [troop c] and all was good with my mag lock after he pushed the release and could not pull the mag.
  6. Wow, that went down fast. God bless the good guys with guns!
  7. Jalapeno,cream cheese, cheddar cheese stuffed backstraps encased in bacon strips from the grill
  8. Nice...like them quickies.....what scope is on your gun?
  9. Live in rifle zone but use a browning a-bolt 12 guage shotgun with lightfield slugs.