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  1. Something simple...burgers and speedies
  2. thumbs up to targetsportsusa & budsgunshop
  3. I have had a projector set up in my entertainment room for many years with a 100" screen. They are cool as heaven. Watch movies, tv, and use the ps3 with it when bored. Replaced my 1st bulb a few months ago. Still have a 63" tv in the room since the projector runs video out of my a/v receiver. I'm lazy like that.
  4. Ammo still flying off the shelf. I ordered a case of 233 62 gr hp last sunday from targetsports. At the time, they had 20 cases in stock not to mention the 99+ cases they had of the fmj and 56gr 223 in stock. When i checked the following day .. sold out of it all. Holy smokes !
  5. I still find it hard to see in bright conditions. Also i get a warning to power off if transducer is not connected. I took some thin aluminum to make a sun shield for it.
  6. I have the striker 4 plus cv i use on my kayak ... its a nice little unit.
  7. His mistakes.... jeff sessions as ag, making chris wray fbi director, not firing comey right away, not cleaning house from the get-go.
  8. Tanaka...in use here for 10+ years. Starts on second pull. Normally do about 3 hours of wacking per cut. Cons-they ain't cheap