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  1. I was wondering if a deer can smell a freshly broken branch and cause them to spook? No more than 10 minutes after i got in my stand and cleared a couple branches i had 4 does come in stopped 10 yards behind me (where i didnt have a shot) smell a broken branch and back track out of there. what are your thoughts, do they care or does it make them cautious??
  2. Found the knife, next to the gut pile.
  3. you have to be sponsored by a member of the club, same for gun go ha in scotia which is a nice club
  4. @biggamefish, my shot went in left side of her and only made it to the second lung, no pass thru which is the reason im getting rid of the rage broadheads. They leave a nice hole but the penetration sucks on them.
  5. I got her in the pine bush, im gonna weigh her tonight. she is definately one of my bigger does i've taken.
  6. After a long year of misses and lack of seeing deer, i finally filled my dmp. 15 yard shot broadside double lung on a big doe. Had 2 yearlings come in and feed and slap each other around a little bit and 3 minutes later 2 big does come in. She ran 30 yards and dropped, bad thing is while field dressing her i had another doe come ripping down the hill coming within 2 feet of me making me jump back losing my knife. going in tomorrow with the metal detector.
  7. i've been bow hunting for 7 years and have shot 2 does that i couldnt find. 1 being this year. ran out of blood trail and nothing turned up on the grid search.
  8. i thought the same thing.. lol, like he said this is what i think of this scrape.
  9. Today while hunting over a mock scrape i had a spike come to it and paw at it. i thought nice, till instead of urinating in it he crapped in it. Is this common or has anyone else experienced this?
  10. Congrats, hopefully things start to move down here.
  11. Went back in yesterday and had no luck, we are thinking that with the angle of the shot it shattered a rib and knocked the arrow out the same side it went in just knocking the wind out of her. we found no more blood and no more beds where we saw her go in last.
  12. yeah we marked the spot and know where she crossed the road. Im hoping she laid up in the thick prickers as it seem as if she was staying away from the hills all together.
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