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  1. What kind of activity are you seeing either on camera or in the stand action?
  2. Yep set up the Glendale buck at 25 yds and flung a few arrows. Boy the first 3 were not too good. The group tightened up over the next 9 to acceptable. Felt good to get back at it.
  3. Yep it turned political... needs to be moved Mods
  4. The 3 birds from FOX - Hannity, Carlson and Ingraham - all suggested that horse de-worming medication could be used for Covid 19. I've got a few tubes leftover from when we had horses. Might be expired but if you're dumb enough to try the drug you wouldn't care about an expiration date.
  5. If ya heard it on Hannity this is pure drivel.
  6. And you are some kind of expert on the subject. I'd be willing to bet that whoever wrote this spent a lot of time and research is probably of higher intelligence than you. No disrespect intended here.
  7. Here is a map of the channels Left and Right sided. https://www.marketwatch.com/story/how-biased-is-your-news-source-you-probably-wont-agree-with-this-chart-2018-02-28
  8. Get after it early and she can beat it! Thinking of you at this time.
  9. CNN MSNBC NPR FOX BBC ABC CBS NBC Other (name it)
  10. The states with the most outbreaks are the Retrumplican states. FL, LA, MS, GA, AR and TX. The least vaxed states in the US. Get ready for another shutdown in some places.
  11. AND that's why they were not very sick and didn't die. They were vaxed!
  12. Yep. Never saw one all season. Heard them one day and that was it. I bet he stuck his tongue out at me.
  13. Right in my meadow 250 yds away from the house.
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