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  1. Same bucks?

    This was my thought as well and the reason I asked the question. A month should produce a lot more antler growth.
  2. Same bucks?

    Are these 2 bucks the same deer? Top pic taken July 12 and the bottom taken June 15.
  3. Posted Signs

    Voss Signs. Yeah what he said. 100 sign aluminum with info on them like $120. I git some look as good as new 4 years later. Got mine in yellow.
  4. Ok All You ATV Experts

    A nice Can Am Outlander would be perfect. 2 people easily and more than enough power. I've had a 400 Yamaha Bog bear for 16 years and it's all I need. I do prefer gear shift vs auto.
  5. What movie is this quote from ?

    Anybody got this one yet?
  6. What movie is this quote from ?

    and I'll fetch ya another.
  7. What movie is this quote from ?

    “How’s it on stains”
  8. They walk among us

    People like them can not possibly be stable.
  9. What is the next concert you have tickets for ?

    Tedeschi Trucks at Canandaigua
  10. Vultures at fawn carcass..

    ONe ugly bird
  11. Mower recommendations

    Hers one: https://utica.craigslist.org/grd/d/ford-2600-tractor-36hp/6589338262.html
  12. best one so far

    I will name him Whiteface
  13. Mower recommendations

    what he said ^^^^^ There around and good little work horses.
  14. best one so far