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  1. I don't golf and I gave up the scooter after nearly 40 years of riding so hunting is really my only passion these days. I really only hunt deer and to a lesser degree I also enjoy spring turkey season. I first bow hunted around 2001 or 2002... not sure. Since then bow season has me addicted. I still enjoy gun season as well but hunting the pre-rut from Halloween til opening day gun is what I live for.
  2. nybuckboy

    best buck so far

    This is our 5th season here at the new place and have been letting the little bucks grow. This is proof that even when it's not perfect and only some of the other land owners also practice the same plan it can work. The first year nothing but little bucks and each year it has gotten better.
  3. nybuckboy

    fawn deaths

    I was thinking over 50% would make it for sure. Based on the PA study above and the less bears we tend to have in NY I'd think 65% probably make it through the first 6 months or til they lose their spots.
  4. Smart Carry for me - https://www.smartcarry.com
  5. nybuckboy

    fawn deaths

    What percentage of fawns born each year make through their first 6 months? Reason I ask is I have seen numerous dead on the road this year. Made me wonder how many succumb to coyotes and cars in their first 6 months. Do you think it's 50% - higher or lower?
  6. nybuckboy

    Same bucks?

    This was my thought as well and the reason I asked the question. A month should produce a lot more antler growth.
  7. nybuckboy

    Same bucks?

    Are these 2 bucks the same deer? Top pic taken July 12 and the bottom taken June 15.
  8. nybuckboy

    Posted Signs

    Voss Signs. Yeah what he said. 100 sign aluminum with info on them like $120. I git some look as good as new 4 years later. Got mine in yellow.
  9. nybuckboy

    Ok All You ATV Experts

    A nice Can Am Outlander would be perfect. 2 people easily and more than enough power. I've had a 400 Yamaha Bog bear for 16 years and it's all I need. I do prefer gear shift vs auto.
  10. nybuckboy

    What movie is this quote from ?

    Anybody got this one yet?
  11. nybuckboy

    What movie is this quote from ?

    and I'll fetch ya another.
  12. nybuckboy

    What movie is this quote from ?

    “How’s it on stains”
  13. nybuckboy

    They walk among us

    People like them can not possibly be stable.