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  1. Anyone seeing any bucks on their feet from the stand? We’re they bothering the does or solo?
  2. Anyone here wear any of the high end hunting clothes like Sitka; Asio, etc. I just bought LL Bean wool Jacket and pants in camo at the cost of $410 ($250 coat / $169 pants) and thought that was pricey but it is 85% wool and is made really well. https://www.llbean.com/llb/shop/111755?page=mens-maine-guide-wool-pants-with-primaloft-camouflage&csp=a&feat=69101-recsbottom.pdp https://www.llbean.com/llb/shop/69101?page=maine-guide-wool-parka-primaloft&csp=a&feat=111755-recsbottom.pdp
  3. Bluetooth is only good for about 30-40 ft. and one device at a time.
  4. Do you always shower prior to hitting the woods?
  5. https://www.rattlingforks.com/product/rattling-forks-stalker/
  6. Thanks everyone for the wishes. Appreciate it.
  7. Use an anchor sight alignment device - you can have both eyes open as I do. You can also shoot earlier and later as well. https://archeryinnovations.com
  8. Do you choose your stand location so the wind Is directly in your face or do you tend to choose it blowing across your face ? OR don’t you care and just hunt the stand you feel like ?
  9. I'm talking about Trump personally. No mask... holding rallies with most people not wearing one, etc. Mr Conspiracy.
  10. I do wear my harness even in the ladder stand but not the lifeline like I do for all hang ons. I do connect once I'm up top. I do agree that a lifeline would be good idea from any stand type.