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  1. I went on a bow hunt in Illinois in 2009. Requirement to hunt was you must have and wear a harness. I found that after wearing it all week it really wasn't a problem to put it on nor was it uncomfortable. SO when I got back I bought one for my son who was turning 17 and we always wear one now everytime.
  2. I think if a hunter concentrates on these 3 types of locations (draws, saddles and benches), they will have the best opportunity to kill a great buck every year. Agree, disagree or other?
  3. By far the slowest season I can recall in all the years I've bow hunted since 2000. I have never had so many hours with out seeing a deer, let alone a buck, on the hoof during hours in the stand. I've sat different stands at different times to no avail. The best 2 days for action were for my son Nov 4 & 5. On the 5th I saw every deer he saw but from a distance.
  4. I get the "want to use" in using a rifle but unless you are sitting on a field edge can anyone think of a better weapon for a whitetail than a 12 g slug. I've often said there is nothing more powerful inside than a 12 g slug inside 50 yards... maybe an elephant gun.
  5. When setting up a climber or hang on stand how high will you go. I saw a stand well over 25' up the other day.
  6. If Tyson had stayed with Kevin Rooney and stayed way from Don King and dedicated himself to his profession... he could have ruled the ranks undefeated for 10 years and been the greatest heavyweight of ALL TIME. In his prime he was almost uncontrollable in the ring for any opponent. I've always said he was a bigger and faster Joe Frasier.
  7. Do you let em out quietly or let em bark!
  8. What kind of activity are you seeing either on camera or in the stand action?
  9. Yep set up the Glendale buck at 25 yds and flung a few arrows. Boy the first 3 were not too good. The group tightened up over the next 9 to acceptable. Felt good to get back at it.
  10. Yep it turned political... needs to be moved Mods
  11. The 3 birds from FOX - Hannity, Carlson and Ingraham - all suggested that horse de-worming medication could be used for Covid 19. I've got a few tubes leftover from when we had horses. Might be expired but if you're dumb enough to try the drug you wouldn't care about an expiration date.
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