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  1. So counting back 202 days this fawn was conceived Nov 10 or 11 - 2019. People always ask when's the best time to be in the woods for the rut. And does the rut come the same time every year. I killed my bow buck Nov 11 at 9am. We all know that from late OCT say Halloween through opening of gun is great and Picking the best 7 days each year to be in a stand would be from like Nov 8-14.
  2. Memory cards are pricey so my question is - I plan to have 2 cards per camera and 6 cameras so are 64MB card suffice ? Also if I command the pics to deleted each time will there be an issue with corrupting the card. Anything else advice?
  3. Can you use each for different winds?
  4. I slept in cause it said rain all morning. Got up at 8 and out the door at 9. Got set and called. Moved after awhile and random calling and eventually made my way back to original spot and heard gobble. Called and heard gobble got set up and called again and another closer gobble but never did see him. Never heard a shot all morning
  5. Angelo Dundee was the master mind and reason Duran lost the second “no mas” fight. Duran destroyed Leonard in the first fight and then got fat partying and Dundee knew this and talked Leonard into the second fight with just 2 months to get ready. Like black belt Bill said he was just arrogant enough to think he could get in shape, make weight and beat his ass again but that proved too much to overcome. This was brilliant by Dundee.
  6. In the first 2 weeks I have found that I’ve had better luck from 10am on.
  7. Re: last 2 weeks. Is is bc they tend to be henned up earlier and less so later ?
  8. Do you feel the toms respond better early then?
  9. Do you find it easier to kill a gobbler in the first 2 weeks or later in the second 2 weeks. Why???
  10. Where do each of you truly feel you are on the scale. Where do you see others on this forum? R 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 L
  11. https://digg.com/2020/trump-impression-coronavirus?fbclid=IwAR0lQwNGppNPNfspm4u3vmdmMnFlWgyDXI3cqiF1fSEb-y4phL1yeDLyJUs