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  1. nybuckboy

    How many is to many?

    If you're goal is to let em grow then you have to be willing to not take any. With that said if there are 2 hunters on the 100 acres 1 each every year not hurt a thing. I have almost 100 acres and my son and I have taken 6 deer off the land in the 5 seasons, but all by choice. None this year but 2 bucks last year. Our willingness to to let them grow is working. I had 6 different buck on camaera, all between 115 - 130, so we expect next year to start to see some NY trophies. Hope this helps.
  2. nybuckboy

    View from the new home

    Good for you!
  3. nybuckboy

    Didja catch one?

    Gotta love it when you hear that one!
  4. nybuckboy

    advise need with hunter harassment

  5. nybuckboy

    advise need with hunter harassment

    OK - I have dealt with this kind of thing when I bought my land. I was hearing that many people had hunted my parcel prior to my purchasing. I bought stencils and spray painted this on a 4'X6' plywood. My son called it "the Asshole Sign" but it worked. NEW LANDOWNER All PRIOR HUNTING PERMISSION IS NO LONGER VALID. I also bought aluminum posted signs with my name and phone number on them from Voss's signs in Syracuse (liverpool)
  6. nybuckboy

    Does it make sense to use scents when its cold out?

    they say gel scents hold better but not so sure
  7. nybuckboy

    Antler restriction

    Yes I have some food plots but not really a lot... maybe 2 total acres.
  8. nybuckboy

    Antler restriction

    I can verify that if you have the land and many of your neighbors share the same concept... we can grow respectable racks in NY. I moved here in May of 2014 and have just under 100 acres. The neighbors to the North have about 200 plus the 150 acres to the East is not hunted hard. The neighbors to the West now are a different story. Fortunately they are not people who hunt much but they are brown it's down hunters. My (*) neighbors to the South who moved here in 2017 do not hunt and have 21 acres and do not allow hunting. Prior to owning the land, which we live on, my prior (*) south neighbors claimed to have killed 14 deer on the hilltop and they were meat hunters so I can only imagine they killed many each year. They moved in 2016. The first year in 2014, I had nothing but spikes and 4 pts. The 2015 not much better but in 2016 I had 3 small 8 pts and various other smaller bucks. I killed a really wide 6 pt with my bow. In 2017 two of those 8 pts were killed by my son and I during gun season. In all honesty we should have let them grow another year. This year was the best by far. I had 6 nice bucks - all were 8 pts and a nice 10 pt. 2 of the 8's and the 10 were all NY State shooters. It does work if you're willing to maybe take a doe or two and occasionally a buck for meat. I'm already looking forward to next year to see whats in store.
  9. nybuckboy

    Shot through the neck.

    my father always shot the neck with a 16 gauge
  10. nybuckboy

    Should I sit over fresh rubs it fresh scrape?

    If you jumped them right near the scrape... I would try to set up 75 - 100 yds from scrape but downwind of scrape, preferably up high if possible.
  11. nybuckboy

    So how was your season?

    How did your bow season go? I have to say, I saw all three good bucks I had on camera at one time or another but other than the wide 8 that just appeared on a wet windy day and offered no shot by the time I reacted, I never had a single buck inside bow range in NY this season. I had a few doe I could have dropped.
  12. nybuckboy

    What we're in this game for....

    Great story and finally success! Congrats
  13. nybuckboy

    I've seen all 3 of these

    I've seen all 3 of these this season and not a shot at any. They've been close. I saw the 2 in the same frame today. The tall one about 4pm and the other at 10:15am. The other wide guy 2 weeks ago tomorrow at 11am.
  14. nybuckboy

    Foreman vs Ali Fight

    Ali certainly was a great heavyweight and arguably the greatest of all time. IMHO, IF Mike Tyson's first trainer, Cus D'Mato had not died and IF Tyson had stayed with Kevin Rooney instead of joining up with Don King he may have been the best there ever was. Both D'Mato and Rooney kept hm focused. I always said... he was a bigger, stronger, faster version of Joe Frasier. He was cat quick and had thunder in both hands and in his earlier days before DK he had a defense that was hard to penetrate. Oh well.....
  15. nybuckboy

    need some advice

    Call me old fashion but I have used a Tru-Glo pendulum single pin for the past nearly 20 years of bow hunting. Sighted in for 25 yds and I'm good out to 40. I just hold at the top of the back at 40. The pendulum works perfect compensating for the angle. Tried and True... Never let me down. https://shop.opticsplanet.com/truglo-pendulum-29-black.html?_iv_code=TU-BW-TG700&utm_source=google&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=plusbox-beta&gclid=Cj0KCQjwguDeBRDCARIsAGxuU8a2OmIQE9yxNO20ovzquFs7D0kgQjd-9pganiRfQ9C7ITuhRKUg9GQaAjcvEALw_wcB