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  1. nybuckboy

    2019 Rut Predictions

    Here is a link. They say Veterans DayNov 11 is the peak. I plan to hunt every day Nov 8th through Nov 15th. https://www.wellsvilledaily.com/sports/20190325/hot-mid-november-rut-predicted-for-2019
  2. nybuckboy

    Powerful Stuff...........

    And heres a video of the same concert.
  3. nybuckboy

    Powerful Stuff...........

    Thanks for that Vid! Enjoy this one!
  4. nybuckboy

    Antlers growing?

    I saw a buck on May 5th turkey hunting. He came across a field to where I was set up and from 100 yds I thought something looked strange. He stopped and looked at me at 20 yds away. About as big around as golf balls and 2 inches high.
  5. nybuckboy

    Personal attacks

    This attacking is just so common on all forums today. It's disrespectful and childish. Bullies behind their keyboard. It really takes all the fun out of being on any forum.
  6. nybuckboy

    Made a Break Through

    way to go! build slowly - ya got a few months before you need to really get ready
  7. nybuckboy

    Woodstock 2019

    I was there - I think
  8. nybuckboy

    Woodstock 2019

    if you eat the brown acid they might!
  9. nybuckboy

    Carrying a 1911

    My bad - it's a 5" 1911 Springfield Arms in 45 cal. Here are some pics for you for comparison. The last pic is my every EDC set up with a Smart Carry holster. SA 1911 5" barrel. 40oz. 8.6" overall Sig P938 3" barrel 16oz. 5.9" overall S&W 380 2.75" barrel 12.3oz. 5.75" overall The one pic shows the 380 on top of the P938
  10. nybuckboy

    Carrying a 1911

    I think so maybe I can send you a pic of the 2 side by side
  11. nybuckboy

    Carrying a 1911

    I have a 1911 Springfield Arms Range Officer 45 as well with a 4" barrel.
  12. nybuckboy

    Carrying a 1911

    The Sig P938 fits the bill exactly if you are willing to drop to a 9mm. I could never carry a full size 1911 in any caliber. Just to big and heavy. I love the P938... perfect solution. PS: It also has amazing night sights.
  13. nybuckboy

    I've FALLEN and I can't get UP !!

    I'm 65 here and I can attest that the legs just don't work like they used to. I feel like I could take a fall if not careful... they just don't seen as stable as they used to. Sitting in stands for hrs doesn't help either.
  14. nybuckboy

    How many is to many?

    If you're goal is to let em grow then you have to be willing to not take any. With that said if there are 2 hunters on the 100 acres 1 each every year not hurt a thing. I have almost 100 acres and my son and I have taken 6 deer off the land in the 5 seasons, but all by choice. None this year but 2 bucks last year. Our willingness to to let them grow is working. I had 6 different buck on camaera, all between 115 - 130, so we expect next year to start to see some NY trophies. Hope this helps.