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  1. Yep. Never saw one all season. Heard them one day and that was it. I bet he stuck his tongue out at me.
  2. Right in my meadow 250 yds away from the house.
  3. So Friday night about 7 I heard the beautiful sound of gobbling in the distance up on the back hill about 700-800 yards by Google Earth measures. It kept walking and gobbled for at least 30 minutes and I could tell where he was. Got up with my son-in-law and at 4:35 we were walking in and up my back hill thru the woods to a small field on top. It wasn't even 5 and there was the first gobble and he kept it up every few minutes. We walked across the small field and set up just a few feet in and about 150 from him. We let him continue gobbling until about 5:20 and SIL starting some soft call
  4. I've been out twice May 2 and May 9 and never heard a gobble.
  5. It is not a scope. Read the god damn info. It has no magnification.
  6. Anybody use or know much: https://www.adjustablereddot.com
  7. Don't let anybody tell ya .243 is not enough gun for a whitetail. 0 recoil and accurate to 250 yards. My son was and still is a slight built man even now at 6' 165 but I got him a Ruger .243 for his 14th birthday and he killed several bucks with it with no problem. I took a doe from brace at 475 yds by aiming 2 ft high. Put it right through both lungs and she ran 50 yds. We have used 100g Remington core lok but would hesitate to used 95g Hornady either. It's a great caliber!
  8. That's it! Who's not getting the shot?
  9. Yes but in Chauvins case he had like 18 or 19 filed complaints on him.. He was a bad cop! Period.
  10. I'm not sure but I thought that I read or heard that at one time Floyd was cuffed and in the back seat of the patrol car. So my question is - how the hell did he end up on the ground beside the car with Chauvan on his neck with 2 the cops holding him down?
  11. When you go back through this thread you see the word "they" in reference to black people... that's racist! Re: Chauvin - he did kill Floyd whether intentional which I don't believe it was but the fact is he died right in front of him or should I say right under him. He's a bad cop and should be put away for 20 a least. And his cronies all need time as well. Cops are not above the law and this needs to send a message that they are being watched.
  12. The cop knew exactly what he was doing and deserves big time jail time and how bout the other 2 who did nothing to prevent this death. They are accomplices. They deserve some time as well. Not all cops are bad in fact most aren't but a lot of police are pricks with a badge.
  13. 80 million didn’t care who was running against tRump.
  14. Long time. Over 15 years I’d say. The original had long flexible tube and was coated with a rubberized material. Had thdd we capability of a deeper uuurp
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