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  1. We all know that around 11/14 is considered peak estrus but do you think next weekend 10/14-15 could be a first estrus cycle?
  2. Is the overall consensus that turkey's have been in decline in NY State? If so, why doesn't the DEC have a stocking plan where land owners could raise turkeys like they do pheasants?
  3. That sucks. Sorry to hear about that. As everyone has said, nobody got hurt.
  4. First 19 shots At 20 yds. Should have been 20 arrows but shot 16 broke a nock and damaged and arrow. The last three arrows are number 17 18 and 19. The first four holes were off to the right so I moved the sight. There are two holes high, just above the target, which I simply blew it. The verdict is out so so far but I am encouraged. Will keep you updated as I progress.
  5. I use milkweed pods as well. It tells a much better story. I also have a piece of white thread about 4" long attached to my bow so I can see the wind direction. Another thing you can do is attach an alligator clip (AKA roach clip for the old hippies) with a white thread attached to either the bow or a branch in front of you.
  6. I have not mounted this on my bow yet, but plan to in the next several days. I will let you know my thoughts as I go along, but this video above should help everyone understand how this works.
  7. I certainly understand your questions and concerns but if you go to the link I provided above you can see many people use it quite well. Im considering buying a used bow to mount the ezv and a nose button just see if it is something I like before I change my new bow.
  8. Doc, go on Facebook and look up EZV site revolution. Lots and lots of talk and people with experience and who use it.https://m.facebook.com/groups/315732025555867/
  9. I can probably donate some hunting gear and would be happy to Steve. You and I have agreed on a lot of discussions over the years. I am truly sorry that this happened to you and can not even begin to relate to such a disaster. Let me how I can help. Rob
  10. I just got my EZV yesterday. Just hat a procedure done so I won't be able to mount the EZV and be able to pull back my bow until this weekend probably. I have a complete understanding of how to mount and adjust to select the correct disc. I don't think it will take long for me to know whether this is for me or not. A lot of guys who use the EZV have gotten rid of their peep and use a nose button. The purpose my changing from a Truglo single pin pendulum was simplicity.I have use the single pin for over 15 years because of simplicity. One pin at 25 yds. If this works like I think it will it will eleviate a lot judging and selection of the proper pin at the moment of the shot on a deer. Thats the reason I made the purchase.
  11. Anyone ever use one? https://ezvsight.com
  12. rob-c are you still using the EZV sight. Considering again.
  13. I love all my Sitka gear and considered their rain gear but the reviews are not good thus the reason I'm looking into options.
  14. I have a set of Frog Toggs camo now but have not used it to any extent. I know they make great motorcycle rain gear. I'm doing an IL bow hunt in early November and plan to sit all day and want to be prepared. I'll also pack the tree umbrella.
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