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  1. Stick with it for sure. If you’ve got doe you’ll have bucks - period!
  2. A good chiropractor! Preferably one trained in the Palmer school method. DO NOT let them touch you w/o an X-ray first. I have the same problem and my C helps me. A general physician won’t be able to do anything
  3. My thoughts are with you and your family.
  4. nybuckboy

    East winds

    Anyone else notice that they don't typically see deer when winds are out of the east?
  5. Is it unusual to have coyotes and turkeys visit your mock scrapes or any scrapes for that matter?
  6. I saw a 6 pt dogging a doe last night cross the road in front of me about 10pm.
  7. Yes kickers between 1 & 2 good mass and mature.
  8. Well I hope he kills him and has him scored.
  9. Can't beat a a Sorrel type boot with felt insoles with a poly sock and good wool sock.
  10. Do you typically hunt food sources only? Morning, night or both? OR do you tend to hunt your old reliable spots? I contemplating my old reliable spot which gives me a good view as and look to see what may be out an around first thing in the am and then food late sources afternoon.