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  1. breaking my heart man!!  lol  Im at work and see this....   
     Looks like a good bunch.  Must be a good bite out there.  I always struggle in August on the eyes it seems.  Although last year wasnt too bad.  
    Haha. I typically do real well now that they're on more of a pattern, and the bugs are gone. I boated 10 eyes this morning, some shorts and some barely 15's that I didn't keep.

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  2. Been doing well out there? It's been a pretty decent year for us so far .

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    Yea it's been decent, started out slower than usual, the mayflys were very abundant. It's heating up lately though.

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  3. What do you think the effective range (the cartridge/load, not you) is going to be on that?
    Guys on YouTube/forums have killed deer at 100 yds with 10mm. I'd be comfortable at 50-60 with the load, situation depending. The 3 MOA red dot should aid in better shot placement also.

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  4. Ohhh that’s nice.   What are your intentions for it? (You really don’t need any!)
    Deer hunting is the plan for it. It took me quite awhile to find one NY compliant, I ended up finding one on GunBroker and won the bid there.

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  5. Maybe it’s time for another crossbow full inclusion pole, or can I take Belos numbers,  that we are now down to just 6 forum members who opposed. I think it’s just 3 (him, doc, and Jeremy).
    You forgot me Wolc. I'm just done having the same debate with the same people and letting it affect my day. This site is in the shitter anyways. Maybe Elon Musk will buy it and we'll have some structure....

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  6. Don't over look other brands like Tohatsu. They're made by Mercury but can be had for less money. I have the 8 hp, twin 4 stroke as a kicker motor and it runs great. It was $2100 new shipped to my door.

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  7. Do the perch Spawn close to shore like sunnys and bass?
    Awesome bass!!!

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    Yes they do. Perch will spawn in 5-15' of water typically in last year's grass. Their eggs will stick to the vegetation in long strings. We've been fishing 9' of water for perch.

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  8. Got more bells and whistles than I can figure out . Going to take me a week to figure it out . Not sure I like the 12 inch monitor... seems huge .
    Yea they tout the 12" screen as a huge selling point in the new Tundra's but I don't like it. If I need a laptop on the dash I'll bring one...

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  9. It could be poverty, worsened by the current “out of control” inflation, that is driving this.  I don’t think the casino revenue is distributed to all of the native Americans.  Those who are not getting a piece of that action might be driven to use other means of providing for their families.  Is the hatchery on the reservation ?  
    I would rather see them use the spear than the “square hook” (aka gill net) out on the lake because those don’t discriminate between fish species.
    If it were poverty (which it isn't) they could have discreetly fished for walleyes on the lake and noone would've known the difference probably. Instead, they go to a hatchery feeder creek, with a spear in the daylight to push their luck. This is a test to see how far they can stretch their abuse in my opinion.

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  10. there was legislation out there to allow them to gill net on the lake too but i guess this was suspended for now.  Also Chris i believe on Nation grounds they can hunt anytime they want.  Im wiht you its BS.  The lake is stocked with the money and effort of NYS taxpayers, if they would lilke to patake they can pay their taxes like the rest of us and follow the laws in place. what reason could they have to NEED to do this?  and dont tell me its out of Poverty- the Oneidas own the largest employer and business in this area of the Turning Stone resort and casino . its BS. 
    Exactly! That hatchery is funded by tax dollars, which they don't pay, and licenses, which they don't buy. Yes they can hunt/fish on the reservation at anytime they choose, but if they're allowed to start doing this where does it end?

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