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  1. One more yesterday, and a lone dumb gobbler that was gobbling like crazy and walked to 20 yds of me standing in the open... Sent from my moto g fast using Tapatalk
  2. Not great conditions but found one in 5 hours today. Sent from my moto g fast using Tapatalk
  3. It's definitely going to sell in the next 4 days, I've received a bid on ebay for my starting price so it's essentially sold, just waiting to see who highest bidder is at end of auction. If something crazy happens I'll let you know though. Sent from my moto g fast using Tapatalk
  4. I'd roll one with a 17HMR or 22 Mag if it were legal. I don't really care either way though, turkeys aren't very exciting to me anymore. Most springs are spent fishing for me now. Sent from my moto g fast using Tapatalk
  5. My messages haven't worked right in quite awhile. I never got anything from you when I just looked. I just sent you a message, if you didn't get it let me know. The arrows have already sold on ebay, the bow is currently listed on a 5 day auction on ebay also. Sent from my moto g fast using Tapatalk
  6. I'm still trying to understand why you started this thread at all? I'm not sure what you're even trying to say? Can you not afford a muzzleloader but have an old single shot smoothbore in your closet? Where do you fit into this? Do you even hunt the muzzleloader season now? Do you even hunt? You don't sound well informed of anything hunting related. Or is this the typical, "Well if they'd just add an implement that's easier and more beneficial for me then I'll gladly start hunting that season."? Sent from my moto g fast using Tapatalk
  7. Last call at $350 before it goes onto eBay. Sent from my moto g fast using Tapatalk
  8. There is zero sensical argument to be had here. Why not single shot rifles then? Being a single shot does not make it more historical or even "primitive" for that matter. I'm failing to see a problem or a solution addressed. Sent from my moto g fast using Tapatalk
  9. Anyone interested in a 55# Bear Super Grizzly Recurve? I bought it a couple of years ago but have only put like 40 arrows through it. I just don't find myself devoting the amount of time to it that I'd want to hunt with it. It's like new, comes with the stringer, I'll even throw in a dozen gold tip traditional arrows (shafts, unfletched/uncut) and a shooting tab and the field points that I had bought for the arrows I never set up with the deal as I won't be needing them either. I'll include some actual pictures and more details if anyone wants them. I'd like to get $400 and I'll pay shipping also. Sent from my moto g fast using Tapatalk
  10. Shed hunting, scouting, steelhead fishing, and in a couple of weeks my boat will be out and I'll be trolling Ontario and Cayuga Lake for trout. I can't wait to start trolling. Sent from my moto g fast using Tapatalk
  11. Found a quiet spot to fish today myself... Sent from my moto g fast using Tapatalk
  12. Most of ours are still wearing in 8F also. Sent from my moto g fast using Tapatalk
  13. Yea, I ordered it but the dealer was told 12 weeks out. As long as it comes by June I should have plenty of time to get a bunch of shooting in. I've always liked Elites, but for whatever reason I just never ended up with one. Sent from my moto g fast using Tapatalk
  14. I guess settled was the wrong term to use! I don't need another bow but if one felt right and had the specs I wanted I knew I'd probably buy it. The tougher question is do I keep 3 compounds or sell one of my current two? Haha Sent from my moto g fast using Tapatalk
  15. I went and shot some bows that interested me spec wise a couple of weeks ago. I ended up settling on the Elite Era Carbon. I added Elites 6 arrow quiver as well. Sadly I won't get it until June but excited nonetheless. Great feeling bow with what is inarguably the most tuneable features of any bow I've seen. It's not cheap, but I set out to build the bow I wanted this year, regardless of price. I bought Victory RIP XV arrows, which are the lightest, yet stiffest arrow I found, in order to try a 17% FOC setup with Magnus Black Hornets. Total arrow setup should be 510 grains roughly. I also grabbed some 100 grain inserts from Ethics Archery to boost FOC. I bought a left helical jig and AAE hybrid 2.7" vanes. As for the sight... I bought a Spott Hogg Fast Eddie XL and removed the sight housing, and bought an Ultraview UV3 XL scope housing in a stacked 2 pin configuration. If you haven't seen these housings check them out, really cool and customizable. Again, not cheap but it is what it is. I'm already excited for the upcoming year and to put this bow through the paces this summer. Sent from my moto g fast using Tapatalk
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