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  1. Will do! The scope should be here soon and I'll see what it can do after break in. I bought 5 different rounds to try out although the majority of people report that it loves the Hornady 143 ELDX, we shall see. Sent from my motorola edge (2022) using Tapatalk
  2. ... Sent from my motorola edge (2022) using Tapatalk
  3. So if by chance anyone is interested in a new Christensen Arms rifle they have a real good promotion going on right now. You get $400-450 in e cash for their site if you buy a Mesa or Ridgeline to use toward anything including optics. I purchased the Ridgeline in 6.5 Creedmoor which is a carbon barreled 6.3lb rifle with a Trigger tech trigger, muzzle brake. They are beautiful rifles, they come with the 1 MOA guarantee. I received my e cash and put the $450 toward a Leupold VX-3HD 3.5-10x40 and I paid $50 out of pocket for a $500 scope. Pretty killer deal! Sent from my motorola edge (2022) using Tapatalk
  4. This thread prompted me to check mine, it was due by 9/1/23! Good timing! Thanks for the reminder! A letter or email would be awful handy to get. I wonder what would actually happen if you just didn't do it/forgot? Sent from my moto g fast using Tapatalk
  5. Been shooting at least an hour a week, dropping some in from 80yds last night. Sent from my moto g fast using Tapatalk
  6. I hear all of that. I'm the same way, that's part of the fun I think. You can look into certain things as much/little as you like. I typically look into more than most, but to me it's just part of the journey, experimenting with vanes/shafts/combo's/FOC/spine etc... I just put together what I'm hoping is a winning combo for this fall, more range sessions will tell if more tinkering is warranted but so far they're doing exactly what I hoped for. I went 250 spine this time around, the archery shop guy thought it wouldn't work but my research told me otherwise, thankfully I was right. Victory XV 250 shafts (8 gpi) with 3 true helical AAE Max hunters, 100 gr. Ethics inserts, 100 gr heads put me at 470 grains and roughly 18% FOC. Strapping a few "Tooth of the arrow" heads and Magnus black hornets on soon for the real flight test to 75 yds. Sent from my moto g fast using Tapatalk
  7. Again, animals are animals. Coyotes are trying to survive the same as a tree blocking undergrowth. They are not malicious or have bad intentions. I'm not in "love" with coyotes, I don't like seeing a fawn eaten either but it is nature and nature has a better handle on things than man ever will. Anecdotal evidence is not science. Do coyotes cause issues at times? Sure. So do feral cats, beavers and raccoons. There are people out there who will cry wolf (no pun intended) because their "observations" are so different than seemingly anyone else's that certainly their problem must be greater than the average. It's easy to look out on a mountain range and think "what a peaceful place." When in reality everything is trying to kill everything else for its own survival, coyotes are no exception, neither are humans. To hate one species and glorify the others is not conservation. You don't have to like them, but you should respect them. Sent from my moto g fast using Tapatalk
  8. With or without a season they will always be around. I find them easy for people to hate because they're far smarter than most people are and we don't like that. I believe indian folklore put them as the "last animal on earth." I respect the hell out of them, they're beautiful, extremely smart and even their midnight chorus is pretty if you truly respect nature. They have their part, as we all do. It's a shame we hate what we don't understand so easily. Sent from my moto g fast using Tapatalk
  9. I like to try out a myriad of heads but I favor fixed heads now for the most part, big cuts aren't always the answer. Last year I used Ramcat Diamondbacks at a 1" cut, neither deer made it 40 yds. This year I've picked up some Tooth of the Arrow heads and Magnus Black Hornets so far. I just picked up my new bow, built arrows using a different recipe and figured I'd try some new heads as well. My new rig is an Elite Era (carbon) and I'm shooting Victory Velocity Xv's in a 250 spine, max hunter vanes with a true helical fletch, with 100 gr Ethics inserts to a finished weight of 475 grains with about 18% FOC. I'm excited to put it to use. Sent from my moto g fast using Tapatalk
  10. Predation is natural and healthy. I know people get butthurt when a coyote eats a fawn but its nature's design. Deer are not strictly for human use as many people seem to believe. If a coyote kills a fawn it's hunter outrage, but when a hunter shoots a fawn it's "doesn't get any better eating than that, congratulations." Coyotes are not the problem most people believe them to be, it's just an easy scapegoat for everything deer related it seems. Deer are in no danger of eradication, and coyotes will never be eradicated either, it's time to live with both. I'm not a coyote activist, I've shot and trapped plenty, but I'm also not uninformed and willing to fall into the old school mentality. Studies have debunked A LOT of what people used to believe through bar room chatter. Balance is the key, eradication is rarely ever the answer. Feel free to flame me, I don't care, we're well past demonizing animals for old campfire hysteria I'd like to think. Sent from my moto g fast using Tapatalk
  11. I bought a Glock 40 last year, it wasn't easy to find with 10rd mags though. I like it so far, I bought it for deer hunting and of course the day I left it in the truck because it was really cold and windy is the day a doe came by at 20 yds. Next year I hope to use it more. Sent from my moto g fast using Tapatalk
  12. One more yesterday, and a lone dumb gobbler that was gobbling like crazy and walked to 20 yds of me standing in the open... Sent from my moto g fast using Tapatalk
  13. Not great conditions but found one in 5 hours today. Sent from my moto g fast using Tapatalk
  14. It's definitely going to sell in the next 4 days, I've received a bid on ebay for my starting price so it's essentially sold, just waiting to see who highest bidder is at end of auction. If something crazy happens I'll let you know though. Sent from my moto g fast using Tapatalk
  15. I'd roll one with a 17HMR or 22 Mag if it were legal. I don't really care either way though, turkeys aren't very exciting to me anymore. Most springs are spent fishing for me now. Sent from my moto g fast using Tapatalk
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