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  1. It was the best day hunting I have ever had! Was trying to teach the ole man how to use the camera so that was the best pic
  2. So freaking excited been putting ever extra min I have had in stand. Kept telling my self today's going to be the day but was starting to get discharged. But I knew it wasn't going to happen ever if I was not there. Figured I would make a small scent drag to my treestAnd and hang out a scent wick bottle In front of my stand. 4:55 he stepped into the field at least 150-200yrds away put his nose down and made a b line right strait to my scent bomb mouth hanging open he looked just like he had a doe in front of him but no doe. He made it about five feet from the bomb and stopped which put him 30yrds broadside right strait in front of me. That was all she wrote a let the wac'um xl fly he went right back in where he came out from and as soon as he made the wood line and I lost sight of him I hurd him go down it sounded like someone pushing over a dead tree stump. I knew he was down climbed down danced all the way back to my car went to pick my old man up to help me recover him. We went back went to where I saw him go in the woods and there he was ten steps in he woods. So happy right now best drug ever !! Was glad I went and got my dad first we have been hunting together my whole life made it that much more special having him there with me the first time I layed my hands on him
  3. Finaly got a wall hanger with the bow! 10point 100gr wac'um xl first deer since I threw rage in the trash. He only made it ten steps out of the field. Will never hunt deer with a mechanical again. So freaking pumped ! p
  4. j Camera says this pic was 12 days ago he seems like he has so much more growing to do. Should he be a lot farther along? He looks like he has a lot of potential but should he be almost done growing?
  5. If I can get them I use a 250gr thor full .50cal they are awesome but not always available. The barnes bullets shot beautifully but there just to dam hard for deer. If I can't get the thors the 270gr platinum powerbelts are my 2nd choice. 110gr loose triple seven out of an original knight disc its heavy but I have yet to find another muzzleloader that will out shoot it accuracy wise.
  6. I bought a browning shorttrac stalker carbine with an 18" fluted barrel and love it. They only made 300 of them with the 18" fluted barrel from the factory I couldn't pass it up. I to converted from an old remington 742 woodsmaster carbine .308 witch I refer to as old trusty rusty one of the best deer rifles ever Made as far as I'm concerned and the browing was the first rifle after holding many that felt as good or better than the remington.
  7. I actually work for the farmer im trying to get him to wait until the week before to cut it we will see how that goes . I found his dad's old wood stand falling down from along time ago but I'm guessing he put it there for a reason so I'm going to start right there. It's just to the left of that little triangle that sticks out in the field kind of where the shadows are just south of the bottom left corner of the dirt where the alfalfa are now. I hope this is finaly the year I put one on the wall!
  8. I actually put a trail cam to the left of that point and got a picture of a decent buck but he's at 9:00am are the deer in the fields all night? Afraid to bust him right in the field if I try getting out there early. The corn is still standing but is getting cut Probley end of next week is that going to change everything ?
  9. https://www.change.org/p/saratoga-county-support-the-saratoga-county-animal-shelter-animals?recruiter=10005551&utm_source=share_petition&utm_medium=facebook&utm_campaign=autopublish&utm_term=mob-xs-share_petition-no_msg Finaly have permission to hunt here the big greenfield In the middle is all corn the dirt sport is now alfalfa. Never had the chance to hunt farm country and no sure where to start. I have scouted a little there is deer sign all over. I'm afraid I'm going to mess up somehow any help?
  10. I shot a doe Sunday evening same thing. Actually caught her bedded under a hemlock and she never had a chance to stand up witch was a first for me. She appeared to be bedded all day there were no fresh tracks leading to her bed and her belly was almost empty but she was packed solid with poop. I would have to say she bedded down early am and didn't move all day I shot her just after 4:10 p.m
  11. Hodgdons data list 2 50gr pellets and a 245 barnes tmz at 1785fps and the same bullet with 100gr. loose triple seven at 1851. The only benefit to pellets are load ability. Ill stick with the loose my knight loves it and never had a problem loading loose.
  12. Weird I'm in saratoga county and so far my group has a big eight a six and a spike all broke off on one side