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  1. I really don't contribute to this thread as much as I should.
  2. I see the difference now. The jaws of the clamp are easy to open and open wide on the thirdhandarchery product vs. a generic cam buckle. We'll see how it goes. Maybe I'll cut the end of the webbing at a 45 degree angle to make initial threading easier.
  3. When I had one of my treestands vandalized, they were at least thoughtful enough to make it very obvious that it was no longer safe to use (it was a 21' ladder stand that was literally wrapped around the tree when they were done with it.) Ah, memories. I still have getting the top part of that treestand down from the tree on my to do list. Next year.
  4. As far as I can tell, I replicated the product, and I will replicate installation. I will rewatch the video before I install them to make sure. (Maybe I missed something?)
  5. I ordered two 1" cambuckle strap with loops (camo webbing, black buckle, 4' length) from As far as I can tell, they are basically the same thing, but cheaper. I like the concept.
  6. Good, not great, deal. But if you were planning a big ticket Cabela's purchase anyway, might be worth it.
  7. Well, my last xbow hunt was uneventful. To paraphrase Bill Belichick, "We're on to gun season"
  8. Going out for my last xbow session of the season. It's snowing, but only an inch or so of accumulation forecasted. Good luck to all xbow and bow hunters who haven't gotten on the board yet.
  9. I remember reading a story about a guy who had a climber that he'd leave at the bottom of the tree. trail cams would indicate target deer passing by, yet when he was in the stand he'd never see anything. Changed cam angles, and basically figured out that the deer would look at the climber on the ground. If it saw it down, it'd pass, if it didn't see it, it wouldn't. Accurate or coincidence, I don't know. Along those lines, I've always wondered if it would be worth it to put camo manniquens/inflatable doll (sp?) in the stand year round so the deer would get used to seeing a big blob in the stand.
  10. Fletch, you don't want to risk getting tainted with my scent, I can assure you.
  11. Could you share a pic when you get a chance, that sounds interesting. sounds like building a blind around the frame of the treestand.
  12. There is another stand nearby, facing N instead of W, that has not yet been hunted. That corner/edge of the woods always gets a lot of traffic. We'll see.
  13. Good points. Yes, if it had been a lead doe, I would be much more concerned about the viability of the stand. I don't think bucks are as helpful to the community. I remember reading how bucks don't tail flap as much as does do, they just run away tail down.
  14. So when you are in a stationary treestand and a deer busts you, what do you do with the stand afterwards? Just not use it for a few days? Don't use it for the rest of the season? Keep using it as you like, depending on wind, unless/until you get busted again or see deer looking up at you, then quit for the season? I am curious as to how others handle this type of situation, especially given gun season hasn't even started yet. Thanks.
  15. I saw one deer, a small-rack buck, this afternoon. He busted me before I could get a shot. He was at my 9 o'clock coming from behind. Between my taking off the safety too noisily and turning to my left (I'm a lefty), the noise and motion gave me away. I froze and we had a bit of a staredown. He then turned back the way he came and bounded away. He was upwind of me, so I thought he might circle around to get downwind of me, but he didn't bother.
  16. Back for more in 9A. Cold, but little wind from the S. Amazing how quiet it is right now.
  17. That could work, and would be very cost effective. I used the Umai bags ina spare fridge.
  18. I am in awe of this post, and that you did it all from your iphone. You need to submit this story to a deer hunting magazine! It's that good of a story. Oh, and I got tired just reading about the ground you covered. Congratulations!
  19. Mistakes/Lessons of the Day 1. Do not shoot at running deer 2. Try to stop a running deer with some sort of vocalization/call. If it doesn't stop, don't shoot 3. If you see a running doe in mid-November, consider the possibility it's running away from a nice buck 4. If you shoot your bolt/arrow into 6+ inches of snow, don't plan on recovering it OK, so I went out for an afternoon sit in 9A. 23 degrees out, 17 windchill, winds out of NE, but switched to NW later. I walk through the snow to the North facing stand at the back of the property, passing numerous tracks along the way, but none in the back. At 4:20, I see two doe cross West to East about 300 yards to the North, near the stand I sat in the last three times I was out. "Oh well", I tell myself, "it's happy hour and there are more deer out". Sure enough, 10 minutes later, a does comes running 30 yards in front of me from East to West. I forget to try and stop it, instead taking a shot at it while it's on the run. Clean miss. About 15 seconds later a very nice looking buck comes bounding by in pursuit of the doe. I sit there helpless holding an unloaded crossbow. At least he didn't see me; neither did the doe. I did reload in case they came back. After a few minutes I went to see if there was any blood. There was none. Interestingly, right when I shot at the doe it made a hard right turn away from me. That gave me some hope that maybe I had hit it, but no, no blood at all in the snow. I checked for 30 yards. Maybe it reacted to the noise of the crossbow? I went back to retrieve my bolt and couldn't find it in the snow. Painful lessons learned. Newer hunters, don't be like me! On a positive note, toe warmers are way worth it for less than a $1 a pair when you buy in bulk at Wal-Mart.
  20. In the stand in 9a for pm hunt. Saw lots of tracks in 6+ inches of snow walking in, but none near my stand. Assuming that's not good. We'll see.
  21. Last night I helped track a deer after dark. This gave me an opportunity to break out the flashlight collection. I had a blue light, UV (purple) light, and a large old lead battery/incandescent trigger held regular light flashlight. The other hunters didn't like the blue or UV light. Maybe they would have liked it better if either one were the ONLY light being used (everybody had their headlamps on)? The big boy worked well with a good throw, but it quickly died out. I think it's obsolete, unfortunately. I think I do have a large white light that runs on 18650 batteries for predator hunting. I guess I'm best off using that one? The UV light is still fun for hotel rooms . . . So what kind of light works best for you when night tracking a shot deer?