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  1. Just had a Treeguy sighting at the Goat. He caught me as I was walking out; my wife and I had dinner with a [much younger] couple who are friends of ours. Funniest part was when Andrew asked if she [our female friend] was my wife, and her husband of less than a week said "I wish!"! Andrew had me take a selfie with him so he'd have proof of life photo.
  2. Meet Frankie, a rescue dog we recently adopted.
  3. Just to brush hog the trails and food plot areas. I'm not planting any food plots this year.
  4. Thank you all for your birthday wishes. Hope you all had a good 4th of July weekend.
  5. Yeah, I haven't been on the board for a while. I'm subscribed to the funny memes and the beer thread, so I get to keep track of the offseason pulse of the board. I really just don't have much to say in the offseason. Thanks for thinking of me.
  6. I remember. I'm sorry I'm not able to be there this year.
  7. If it doesn't have your DNA on it, @The Jerkman probably isn't interested.
  8. Happy birthday crappyice! May your day not involve any crap, ice, or snow.
  9. I wish I could shoot a bow. https://itaintholywater.blogspot.com/2020/02/putting-food-on-table.html Sorry, I can't figure out how to embed the video in this post.
  10. If she [thinks she] really wants it, and it will make her happy, well . . . do what ya gotta do. But if she is just interested in an exercise bike with those features, the Pacillos alternative is worth exploring. I do wonder if there is/when there will be a used market for Pelotons. Or a lease option. Like all exercise equipment purchased at the beginning of the year, some are destined to become expensive coat hangers.
  11. Is that the one with the vibrating seat option?
  12. Hey, you trying to raise my health care costs with that idea! Seriously, I share your lament on the lack of progress on healthcare reform. Trump, like all politicians, likes to move the goal posts and or shift the focus on what he's done as opposed to what he's been unable to do. Lately, at least, I don't hear of him even talking about healthcare reform. I guess it will be addressed next term.
  13. I guess they heard you. https://www.washingtonpost.com/national-security/bernie-sanders-briefed-by-us-officials-that-russia-is-trying-to-help-his-presidential-campaign/2020/02/21/5ad396a6-54bd-11ea-929a-64efa7482a77_story.html
  14. I'd be curious to know what your definition of "pal around" is. How many minutes has Trump spend in live or phone conversation with Putin? What did he give Putin accolades about?
  15. Due to unforeseen circumstances, I will not be able to attend. I'm sorry. My screw up. Please do all have a good time.
  16. I had to look that up. Apparently it's a way to get crispy baked (or air fried) wings. Interesting, I will have to try that. (I wonder how they would be coated with bisquick.) oops: reading the thread backwards. I see this was originally posted by @turkeyfeathers
  17. The spleen sandwich is a Sicilian specialty. I tried it when I was in Palermo last year. This was the big pot it was made in: This was my ride on part of the food tour:
  18. A group GTG/hunting trip to Alaska? That's a great idea! My wife and I did an Alaska inner passage cruise several years ago. It's our favorite cruise by far. Unfortunately, did the round trip out of SEA, so didn't get to go as high as the one-way cruises. We don't want to do it again as it could never be as memorable as the first time. Instead, two weeks ago, we booked a South American cruise in and out of Buenos Aires for January 2021. It goes down to some glaciers in Antarctica and back. By no means committed to doing it yet. Will have to see how things go.
  19. Too early to tell. Just put down a minimal non-refundable deposit. Deposit requirements may vary booking direct with cruise line vs. through a travel agent ( tip: Costco Travel is usually competitive.) Also, if price goes down, cruise lines will usually price match if you book direct.
  20. Mrs and I have been watching today as we enjoyed the AAF last year and are hoping to like the XFL. Cardale Jones looks good, fwiw.
  21. Thanks for taking the time to post this, Dino. I'm reading a book on tanning now. It's confusing with all the different methods that can be done. Unfortunately, the book doesn't really give a road map as to when to use a certain method for a certain pelt. Maybe it will be more clear once I finish reading the book.
  22. If you do, make sure he is wearing the camo.
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