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  1. Wolc, someday I hope to convert you to using finger cots to cover the muzzle of you ML. They also come in handy if you cut your finger.
  2. Wow, they even let you have the pieces leftover from the kit! Just kidding, very nice shed. Could you share where you got it from? Or at least what county? I got my wife a Rubbermaid shed for her gardening stuff a few years ago. Thank goodness she didn't see this post. I'd be in trouble.
  3. See if you can get in on the beta of Starlink. I've heard very good things about it. https://www.starlink.com/
  4. Well, I'm on the the board. Got a nice sized doe. I was sitting in my hunting buddy's stand in West Valley, just a few miles south of Springville. Behind me to my right I hear leaves crunching, then more leaves crunching, then I hear the crunching moving away from me. I slowly turn my head and look. About 33 yards away are a group of four doe. The last one saw me move. She was looking at me, bobbing her head up and down trying to make me out. Then she starts to walk away. Fearing the others would then follow her, I figure it's now or never. I slowly swing my gun around to my 4 o'clock, and shoot the first doe that gives me a shot. I shoot, and all four run away. I was apoplectic. How could I have missed? Texted my hunting buddy, he said don't get down from the stand. Wait, I'll be there in 10 minutes. He comes, I guide him to where I shot. He immediately finds blood. I get down and join the track. I wish I would have taken a picture. It wasn't a blood trail, it was a red carpet about 16" wide and 50 yards long. It turned out to be a classic double lung shot. Amazed it ran as far as it did. The terrain was very hilly with a small ravine and waterfall. We found it just before it would have gone down the ravine and into the creek. He helped me with the drag back; it was an ordeal. The terrain was like a mini version of Ithaca. Very thankful for the help I got in getting it done.
  5. I get to hunt in the woods in West Valley/Ashford area today. Good luck all.
  6. My mother had in-home caregivers the last several years of her life. Over the years, she accused the caregivers of stealing various things from her. As her memory was not always perfect, I dismissed her accusation regarding the cookie recipes. I figured they were misplaced. But after going through her storage tins of recipes, et al after her death, the cookie recipes were nowhere to be found. So it is possible that they were indeed stolen by a caregiver. Money and jewelry I could understand, but cookie recipes? It will forever be a mystery. I just got back from Pellicano's, a local Italian store. They charge $24/pound for cuccidatis. I paid $6.50 for four regular-sized cookies. Insane! I whined to my wife, and she made it explicitly clear that she would not make them for me. Hoping I can find them cheaper in Niagara Falls.
  7. This is the first post on this forum where I wish I could give me than one like. I love cookies! When I was a kid my mother would make a bunch for the holidays. Unfortunately, somehow all of her cookie recipes were lost or stolen in the years preceding her death.
  8. Headed out soon. A bit stiff in all the wrong places this morning. Good news I'm running ahead of schedule. Good luck all.
  9. Larry, why are you buying pants that have a "chin strap" as an option? What exactly are you doing with these pants?
  10. In the stand for the pm. First day of snow. Got my snowcamo on. Driving up, a hunter with snow camo and NO orange was walking along the road. Barely saw him with the snow falling. Crazy.
  11. If I understand this correctly, I think a good compromise would be to allow crossbow instead of gun.
  12. Going in soon. Got ready in record time this morning. Can't wait to find out what I forgot to pack. I'm so early in fact, I am killing some time drinking coffee at a gas station parking lot. Good luck and be safe.
  13. Has privacy concerns: https://www.washingtonpost.com/technology/2019/08/28/doorbell-camera-firm-ring-has-partnered-with-police-forces-extending-surveillance-reach/
  14. That happened to me a few years ago. Two things I did subsequently: 1) have a backup gun with you (leave in the vehicle--potential risks, I know) and 2) I bring two plastic spring clams (see pic below) and clamp them on the sides of the shooting rail, about 3/4 of the way up. It makes for a gun cradle when I am not holding the gun in my armpit and hand.
  15. Happy Thankgiving, everyone. Anyone cooking a turkey today that they harvested themselves?
  16. I've looked a bit at th e ads, but because I don't really need anything, not much caught my eye. One deal I did think was notable at Cabela's was: What deals have you found/plan to buy?
  17. https://shopmapleleaffarms.com/collections/frontpage/products/coming-soon-duck-fat-3-5-lb-tub $9.99 for 3.5 pounds of duck fat available now. Shipping is a flat $20, which is a bit steep. so buy several. Duck breasts go on sale at midnight Black Friday. See link below for details. Special shoutout to @Chef https://www.facebook.com/MapleLeafFarmsDuck/posts/10159249841883296
  18. So far, I lost one glove (it was a glommit, actually, and it wasn't cheap!) and broke my scope lens cover (OK, that was cheap from Ebay). Just the cost of doing business.
  19. Actually the rule is a rimfire .22 or smaller, or a centerfire smaller than .22 (so .204, .17, etc. is OK). Invest in a .204, Wolc!
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