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  1. Hello everyone, I'm going to hunt coyotes around Albany area this year. I have my call and AR with wicked lights ready to hunt. I'm going to spend couple days to scout some statelands around Albany area, but before I'm heading into the woods, I would like to get some help with locating the hunting spots. Any places within 30-40 mins drive from Albany that are ideal for coyotes hunt?
  2. Shawn1878

    2018 Rut Report

    Nov-9, 4J, Albany area. Saw a young buck and few Does that were 40-50 yards away. they didn't pay any attention to each other.
  3. Shawn1878

    All the deer hunting land access you could want

    thanks for the info!
  4. Shawn1878

    Long island shed

    Before you go hunt in long island, make sure you get the access permit from DEC website. It's free and valid for 3 years. I used to hunt in Long island, man, I spent few hours to study the regulations and still got confused.
  5. Hi guys, I'm trying to build my first NY compliant AR. I'm plan to buy a stripped lower receiver online and have it ship to a local FFL, I live in upstate NY, Albany capital region. Can anyone recommend me some decent local FFL? Or if you guys know any gun stores have AR lower for sale? If you guys have any tips for building AR, I would really appreciate that if you could share with me. Best regards! --Shawn
  6. Shawn1878

    AR lower receiver, build my 1st AR

    Thank you Sir! I found them on a gun shop on Central Ave today!
  7. Shawn1878

    AR lower receiver, build my 1st AR

    For any kind of lowers, you do need to ship them to the local FFL first, right?
  8. Shawn1878

    AR lower receiver, build my 1st AR

    Thank you very much for the info! I just bought an Anderson lower and a Ruger lower, now I'm looking for a good website to purchase uppers. Do you have any suggestions?
  9. I heard people say there are tons of bear in old forge area. So I went there last week, I don't really know that area and I just google the state land that is around the town of old forge. (one is called Ha-De-Ron-Dah and the other one is next to Nicks Lake ). I did see some bear droppings, but didn't see any bear, not even a deer. It's seems like old forge is a vacation place, it's good for hikers not for hunters. Anyone hunt that area? Any idea where I should go to look for bear? Thanks! Good luck this season everyone! Best regards, --Shawn
  10. Shawn1878

    Hunt bear at old forge,Herkimer County?

    Cool pictures. this place sounds like a zoo, lol
  11. Shawn1878

    Hunt bear at old forge,Herkimer County?

    Lol, I'll try it when I'm drunk.
  12. Shawn1878

    Hunt bear at old forge,Herkimer County?

    You're right, Old forge is a tourist area, seems like a nice place for snowmobile.
  13. Shawn1878

    32.4" of Snow in 72 Hrs.- Deer Hunting Intermission

    Does the bad weather affect deer moving? Let's say the rain or windy weather.
  14. Shawn1878

    Is this normal? or I just had a bad luck.

    you're right, I checked one of my camera which is not far from my stand, I saw more deer during night time than daytime. Hope the when the rut kicks in, they will show up during the day.
  15. Is it normal that you sit on the tree stand in the woods all day long and didn't see any deer at all? I mean, Not even ONE. I have been hunting this place more than 10 times, only saw a Doe and it was like 40 yards away.The reason I hunt this place a lot cuz it's only 10 mins away from my house. I think I picked a "Not bad" spot which next to a lot of old rubs, some fresh rubs and deer droping. There are also few trails near by. It's kinda weird that you srounded by lots of deer signs but hardly see any deer. Feel kinda disappointed but won't give up. Do I need to switch to different spot if I keep hunting in the same area? Leave the place rest for few days before next hunt? As always, appreciate the useful tips from you guys. Stay safe, good luck hunting!
  16. Shawn1878

    Is this normal? or I just had a bad luck.

    Thanks for the info. I have seen 2-3 tree stands in that area, it's a really high presser area. I'll figure out another spot.
  17. Shawn1878

    Bear scent question.

    Hello,everyone, I'm new to bear hunting, going to try this year. I know baiting is illegal in NY, but a small amount of attractant scent is allowed (2 oz). Since I have no experience at all, so I'm thinking to use some attractant scent during my first bear hunt. There are lots of bear scent/bait on the market, but I'm not really sure which one is legal in NY state. I have attached some products pic, would like to hear some advice from you guys. Thanks for looking. Best, ---Shawn
  18. Shawn1878

    Early Bear 2016

    Good job!! You picked a really good hunting spot.
  19. Shawn1878

    Any tips for 2016 bear hunting?

    Hello, everyone. I would like to ask you guys some tips for bear hunting. I absolutely have no experience about bear hunting, I would like to try this coming 2016 early bear season. I live in Albany, any good places to scouting for bears? Last year I saw one when I was hunting for deer near catskil. I think it's nice just hanging in the woods looking for bear while scouting for deer tracks. Anyway,hope you guys can give me some tips for bear hunting. Thanks you very much! Good luck to your hunting trip!
  20. Shawn1878

    Any tips for 2016 bear hunting?

    Not too well, been out couple times around catskill, didn't find any bear sign. Anyway, I'll do more homework. Thanks for asking.
  21. Shawn1878

    Any tips for 2016 bear hunting?

    Thank you very much!
  22. Shawn1878

    Coyotes and bobcats

    You live in NYC? I know a spot that is 1:30 drive from city, I got lots of coyotes on my trail cam.
  23. Hello everyone, My name is Shawn. I live in Albany area, have been hunting few years. Hope can make some friends here and learn some hunt tip from you guys. Wish everyone have a wonderful Christmas! p.s Tomorrow is the last day of deer season, will go out hunt at pine bush, hope can see some deer.
  24. Shawn1878

    Hello everyone! New to this forum.

    Thank you grampy! Good luck hunting!
  25. Shawn1878

    Hello everyone! New to this forum.

    haha, you are right, lot of ticks and deer in pine bush. Hope next season you can harvest one!