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  1. Get a condo downstate and the house and land upstate for hunting. I did. Now I live at "deer camp" and rent out the condo.
  2. Rattler

    From The DEC

    I'm sure the writer was told it retained it's weight, but obviously has little understanding of the concept, thereby got it wrong. Sounds like the writer was "parroting" what to write.
  3. Rattler

    Elevated blind build

    Looks like it's going to be very comfortable. I couldn't hunt from it. I'd fall asleep. LOL!
  4. Rattler

    From The DEC

    The last line above illustrates the lack of knowledge of the writer. I would say the bullet on the right is far from it's original shape after impact.
  5. Rattler

    From The DEC

    The picture of the bullets in the OP show a lead bullet fired into water at maximum velocity, so fragments are to be expected, though that photo appears to be of a worst case scenario, using a bullet not typical of a deer hunting round. Copper actually will give better penetration and good expansion, when it hits at a high velocity. Copper bullets often fail to expand when the velocity of the bullet drops below a certain speed, causing penetration with little internal damage, much like a full metal jacket bullet would do. As far as cost goes, copper is more than just a little more expensive. It is quite a bit more expensive, especially when compared to average bread & butter rounds that are at the bottom of the price scale. You can find .30-06 from PPU for $16 per box, whereas the cheapest copper rounds in .30-06 go for $26 per box. Copper also fouls the bore when the bullets don't have belts in the jacket to keep it from flowing when fired down the bore. The least expensive copper bullets don't have the belts. Copper fouling will ruin accuracy and is much harder to remove from a bore than conventional bullet fouling. Does using conventional bullets put lead fragments in the meat you might eat? That depends on where you hit the deer and how well you gut and butcher it. You can learn to cut it out. Do gut piles endanger raptors? They may if they are eaten by raptors, but not many are. Coyote, bear and other scavengers usually get to gut piles first. If anyone needs to be regulated regarding raptor threats from lead ammo, it's the deer processors that have open dumpsters on site where all the waste is thrown. These dumpsters attract raptors en masse. But the regs do not require they be covered. I have no problem with promotion of copper bullets for hunting, but they are not the be all, end all magic bullets they are often made out to be. If you like them, use them. My concern is with the people who push them. They are one step from requiring they be mandated, and that is where I object, because I believe there is a lot more to their push than just helping raptors. For example, all copper bullets will easily penetrate body armor. I'll let the reader extrapolate a little on that point to imagine where that might lead.
  6. Rattler

    I hate coyotes.

    That's the finest example of projection I've seen in some time. Pretty presumptuous too. I guess you're not capable of civil debate. That's a shame. If you were, you might learn something. C'est la vie.
  7. Rattler

    I hate coyotes.

    Any overpopulation of animals is bad and needs to be corrected. Man's influence on the wild has corrupted nature's natural cycles. Nature no longer levels itself out in all instances. Coyote will kill many deer in an area that has few deer to begin with, before they move on to another area to kill more. Too many coyote means few deer. They are predators and vermin that can devastate the balance of nature in any given area, in very little time. IMHO people who like them can't separate there warm feelings for dogs, from these wild voracious animals.
  8. Rattler

    I hate coyotes.

    Not nature, just the coyotes that become over populated in it.
  9. But having paid snipers wantonly kill the deer is OK with these animal lovers? And the public would support that, even though it isn't close to fair chase when it's done over bait, at night and with rifles using suppressors? Seems to me what is lacking is a public service campaign to educate the idiot electorate down there. If nothing else, it would prevent the city from hiring the snipers and really let the deer population get completely out of control. That would be just desserts for those fools.
  10. The SINY borough President is pushing for it and the tide of opinion on SI is turning now. The rest of the city may not like it, but I'm not sure they can stop it if SINY citizens and elected officials want it. There will come a point where the wasted tax dollars will be far too high to ignore and a cull would be needed. At that point taxpayers can spend millions more to kill the deer, or choose to make money from hunters to offset the cost of the culling. I would not say never, as never is a very long time.
  11. A friend of mine lives down there and sends me pics of bucks he sees when he hikes in that area. Many are big 10 pointers. He finds it easy to walk up on them and get withing bow range. He takes a pic and they walk off as if they are embarrassed they were spotted. He says quite a few have died of old age.
  12. Most likely. Shotguns would shoot too far and the noise would scare the locals. But the deer in SINY would be quite easy to take with a bow as they have very little fear of humans.
  13. August 17, 2019 The New York Post reported last week that on Staten Island, N.Y., a three-year $4.1 million deer vasectomy program was in a rut. White Buffalo, the wildlife-management group that conducted white-tailed deer reduction programs in Mt. Lebanon, was hired in 2016 to control the borough’s whitetails. The deer population estimate is 2,053 — an 8,454% increase in less than a decade — yet many citizens continued to oppose a cull. Nearly 1,580 bucks were neutered in the world’s first program to curb deer by sterilizing only males. White Buffalo announced that the Staten Island deer count had dropped by 316 animals. “That means taxpayers have spent $12,975 a head to shave 15% off the huge herd,” wrote The Post. White Buffalo is attempting to negotiate a five-year $2.5 million extension to its contract, the paper reported. James Oddo, the Staten Island borough president who is pushing for a controlled hunt, said the beneficial results of the program were “still years away.” “The hard reality of what we must do remains right there in plain view in front of us,” Mr. Otto said. “It’s time we acknowledged it.”
  14. Rattler

    I hate coyotes.

    Every year, in late winter, I find 3 or 4 mauled whitetail remains on my property. Every spring, when fawns are being dropped and coyote season is closed, I see lots of them around on my land. I swear NY State promotes this to lower the whitetail population.
  15. It wasn't sick, just old. Wolves, like grizzlies, go for easy prey when they are too old to hunt the hard way. This isn't the first wolf attack in Canada. Just the first in one of their national parks. They've had others in smaller parks. With wolves around, there will be old ones that will be dangerous. Anyone spending time in these areas should be armed and ready to defend themselves if needed. Canada is stupid to prevent people from defending themselves.