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  1. Rattler

    Banned from local Facebook group

    Moog, I work as a rehabilitation counselor for a large NY not for profit. Years of experience in this filed has taught me these addicts deserve compassion, but they are not blameless. Any type of program directed at these folks has to be coldly analyzed on a cost/benefit analysis. If taxpayers are being asked to fund these things, they have a right to demand they be effective. Giving free NARCAN to addicts is not effective by any measure of the imagination. It keeps them alive without any requirements on their part to do anything positive towards rehabilitating themselves. IMHO, it encourages more heroin use by addicts who now have less fear it will kill them. At the very least they should be under a court's direction to pay the cost of the NARCAN that saved their life. If they don't have the money, they can do community service. Nothing handed to someone ever has any value to that person. Only things you earn have value to you. Part of curing their addiction is admitting they are at fault and only they can cure their addiction. They must reject the victim mentality and adopt a winner's mentality. They must be made to understand the task is tough, but the rewards are immense. As long as society tells them they are poor victims of somebody else's malice, they will wallow in self pity and look for more heroin to escape reality. They use the victim mantra as an excuse for their behavior. The state's coddling of addicts and the move to give them free NARCAN is making rehabilitating these folks much harder, if not impossible. Life is tough for everyone, but it's a lot tougher for those who make poor choices.
  2. Rattler

    Banned from local Facebook group

    Belo, don't look know but you're making my point for me. It's a choice. To avoid pain, they choose addictive pain killers. If used properly they don't become addicts. If not, which is a choice, they do. I never said all doctors are good. I understand some are pushers. Patients have a responsibility to themselves to avoid those doctors. Some seek them out. The ignorance is on the side professing this is not true. They're selling victimhood, and from personal experience with this issue I can wholeheartedly say, nobody with an analytical, factual mind is buying it. I'm not surprised a Marine would make the right choice. That's not to say people don't need help. It's saying society is not responsible for paying for it.
  3. Rattler

    Banned from local Facebook group

    I speak from experience my friend. Doctors are cracking down now because they have come to realize the addictive aspects of these drugs when their patients choose to abuse them. Abuse is the point. Many doctors were selling opioids for profit to addicts. Both made poor choices. Both deserve prison. Society should not be expected to pay for it. Don't call me ignorant when you have nothing to rebut the facts with. I stand by my post and cannot be insulted by someone when I don't value their opinion to begin with.
  4. Rattler

    Getting A Little Closer To My Lifetime Goal.

    My goal is to live to be 100 and be murdered by a jealous husband. Everyone needs a goal. I'm just not capable of counting past 20 or so.
  5. Rattler


    It's never healthy to suppress bodily functions.
  6. Rattler

    Banned from local Facebook group

    That's a fact. In my dept, many times overdosed addicts become violent when they are given NARCAN. Seems they feel pain when it is working and attack who they believe is attacking them. To say MOST people on heroin have been victims of legally prescribed opiates is a falsehood. The majority of heroin addicts have never had a major injury or been under any doctor's care for pain. Many have, but they also did not take the prescription drugs as prescribed, or else they wouldn't have become addicted to them. Once they were taken off the pain killers, (many are taken off when the Doc realizes they are taking too many of them) they could've sought other prescription drugs to stop the pain, but that costs money and they don't give the same "high". Heroin also costs money. Making a decision to start taking heroin when you know it will kill you is still a choice. It's a bad choice. Regardless of how you look at the issue, it's the personal responsibility of those who become addicted. Playing the victim and claiming victim status is simply the course to choose when seeking the most personal benefit for bad choices. This is another case of liberal society claiming nobody is responsible for what happens to them, and ALL of society must be burdened with the costs of fixing everyone's bad choices. It's proven by the fact nothing is required of the addict after they are given NARCAN. BTW, it the pusher gives an addict a lethal heroin dose and the addict goes into an overdose state, as long as he calls 911, he can not be arrested or prosecuted for selling, or administering the heroin. That's the law. We let them go free because they called to save a life they will continue to sell heroin to in the future. Liberalism created that scenario too. BTW, the OP got banned from the local community forum because he said something that challenges the prevailing myths of the victim class and it's supporters. All opposition must be silenced. They can do it legally, but it's not going to do anything to solve the problem.
  7. Rattler

    Banned from local Facebook group

    Trying heroin, and becoming addicted to heroin, are two vastly different subjects my friend. Is there anyone out there today that does not know that heroin is addictive and can kill you? If you know that, and you try it, how smart are you? If you keep on doing it after you've tried it, you're not ignorant, because you know where it's taking you. I just can't bring myself to have sympathy for anyone who's misery is self inflicted. I'll console the survivors, but will not excuse the addict.
  8. Rattler

    Banned from local Facebook group

    It is, if you live in a community that refuses to accept the reality of self imposed misery and poor choices. Heron addiction doesn't start with the first dose. That poor choice has to be a conscious choice made many times. IMHO, providing NARCAN to addicts is like paying a player of Russian Roulette his winnings after he loses. They are not being held accountable with an arrest and are not being forced to go the hospital either. So we are just saving them and saying "Good Luck". It's just enabling, nothing more. For those who think I'm insensitive because I haven't lost anyone to heroin, my only reply is, there is a good reason for that.
  9. I assume you don't do any bow hunting then?
  10. Rattler


    It may be a young one that has yet to develop the rattle and distinct markings. A garters head isn't shaped like that one and they don't get aggressive.
  11. Rattler


    Not a garter. Notice the triangle shaped head in his photo. That's a sign of a venomous snake.
  12. Rattler


    On 2nd thought I think it is a young Eastern Massasauga Rattlesnake as well. They are here in NY.
  13. Rattler


    Looks like a young timber rattler to me. They don't have a rattle until they get older.