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  1. I'm pretty sure this is already a violation of the rules of the site. Report it when it happens.
  2. It would be nice if everyone could be civil. I've never understood posting negative comments that attack the poster, rather than the post. And even that can be done with civility. There is no reason to get personal with ad hominem attacks, especially insults. Besides, it detracts from the debate in the post. Of course, we all have to deal with a certain level of unprofessional conduct in our every day life. That's why people often strive to live in "exclusive" neighborhoods.
  3. This is the most likely scenario for a coming SHTF situation. Enemies of America have been investigating taking out the country's electrical grid for some time. It's hard to defend and protect it and it would take a long time to rebuild it if it were all destroyed by something like a national EMP strike. People like to think it won't happen, but it seems more likely it is inevitable. He's wrong about gas stations and long lines. No electric means the pumps don't work. No gas will be available from gas stations from day 1 unless they have a backup generator, which few have. He also doesn't understand that Martial Law would be implemented by the government. People would lose all of their rights and be under the complete control of the military. The government would start confiscating things it would need to maintain control, and it won't be paying you for it when it steals it from you. The government would also be confiscating all firearms in order to control people as much as possible and get them to comply with it's nanny state directives. It will be a "comply or die" scenario and it won't be a suggestion. Smart people will avoid all contact with the military and other people as much as possible. Being part of the crowd, or staying in an urban area, will be unsafe. Best to get out of town and into the wilds as soon as possible. Those will be the people who will be the last to be affected by a collapse. Groups will form to survive. You will not be accepted into the group if you cannot enhance the quality of the group's survival. Food and water will be scarce and you won't get any if you don't earn it. No slackers, parasites or dependent people will be of any use to a group trying to survive. They will be liabilities that the group cannot afford. You better have some skills they can use or you are gone. You will have no friends, nobody can be trusted. It will be every man for himself. You better be prepared to defend yourself at the drop of a hat. I once saw the most prophetic bumper sticker ever written. It said, "Ammo, the currency of the 21st Century." I think that will become truth.
  4. The knob is simple. Turn it to the number that corresponds to the distance you are shooting. That gives you a clear picture of the target and reticle and removes any sighting error due to parallax.
  5. I still love being out there and I still enjoy taking a nice deer, but now that I'm 64, I'm well aware of all the work I'll need to do right after the gun goes off. Thinking about that when I see a big buck sure helps to eliminate any buck fever. "The fun's over when the gun goes off!"
  6. My last 2 eight point bucks were both 2.5 years old. Both came to me alone and no other deer, buck or doe, had been seen all morning.
  7. I hunt my own land and rarely ever see another hunter near where I'm hunting, so I don't wear blaze orange when I'm not moving. Just wear a blaze hat when I move. If I thought I needed to wear a total neon orange suit and hat to hunt somewhere, I'd hunt somewhere else.
  8. Deer and turkey do hang together quite often though. It seems they have an innate understanding they benefit from this symbiotic relationship. The deer can alert the turkey to dangers they cannot smell and the turkey can alert the deer to danger they cannot see. I've seen this many times in the woods during hunting season and neither one seems to mind the other's presence. They actually seem to desire it.
  9. District and appellate courts both ruled in favor of the city. Once the Supreme Court granted review of the case, however, New York City amended the regulations to allow residents with a premises license to transport their handguns to another residence within or outside the city and to gun ranges outside the city. Now the city argues that the case is moot because the changes gave members of the shooting club everything they sought in the lawsuit. The members disagree, maintaining that the case is not moot because the Supreme Court still could rule that the original transport ban was unconstitutional. Such a ruling would prevent the city from changing course in the future. The New York case does not present the justices with the opportunity to rule on broader issues that have percolated in the lower courts since the Heller and McDonald decisions. Nevertheless, the fact that the justices will hear the case is a step in the right direction, hopefully providing lower courts guidance they sorely need.
  10. Rattler

    2nd Rut

    Bucks are currently traveling far looking for any doe that hasn't been bred already. This is why you will see bucks that were never on any of your trail cams. It is not uncommon to see them cruising during daylight hours now too. Many don't think so, but now is a good time to stay on stand all day long.
  11. Rattler

    Got one!

    Congrats. Bucks are currently traveling far looking for any doe that hasn't been bred already. This is why you will see bucks that were never on any of your trail cams. It is not uncommon to see them cruising during daylight hours now too. Many don't think so, but now is a good time to stay on stand all day long.
  12. Big buck have been doing this forever. Whenever you see a line of doe, if there's a buck in that line, he will be the last one in the line. Smaller bucks always walk in front of the big one. I've seen very large 8 point bucks followed by even bigger 10 point bucks. Older experienced bucks know this is the way to survive. If they were men, they would be vilified for sending women and children into the mine field ahead of them.
  13. This has been reported in various pro-gun venues for quite some time. NYC changed the long standing rules it imposes on handgun owners soon after they learned the SCOTUS would hear the case, indicating they KNEW the law was unconstitutional all along. I'm not sure what changes were made that make the law constitutional now and justifies the city's request to have SCOTUS not hear it. I hope the court still wants to hear the case so it can also rule on some of the other NYC rules that are not constitutional. It really aggravates me that these laws stay on the books for decades, with innocent people being ruined by them, before the SCOTUS finally steps in to stop it. Washington D.C.s unconstitutional handgun laws were being used to ruin gun owners for 30 years before the laws were finally ruled unconstitutional. Even then, D.C. didn't abide by the ruling and continued to harass gun owners for years with impunity. Elected officials who do that should be charged with felonies and jailed. If they violated any race based civil right like that, they would be. It also saddens me that many NY gun owners are not even aware of this development. We lose our rights when we don't keep up with government infringement, or tolerate government tyranny with illegal laws. NY gun laws are as bad as they are because too many NY gun owners tolerate these laws without any resistance. If a gun owner is not actively fighting these gun laws, they are part of the problem.
  14. What??? LOL! I like the in the ear plugs that use a string to keep them together. They don't hit the stock of the rifle like muffs do and have high DB reduction too