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  1. Great day afield. Lots of work later to clean all those birds though.
  2. The hate is coming from the left. Trump supporters are spit on and physically assaulted outside his rallies by leftists and they don't even fight back. Leftists are fascists that use violence and intimidation to silence their opposition. I'm simply appalled by the lack of law enforcement intervention in these cases, especially since they are all easily witnessed by police. Many times the police are ordered not to arrest these leftists. This order comes down from a leftist mayor. They should also be charged with conspiracy to incite violence. As far as these Dem debates go, they are just free campaign advertising by the left's lapdog media, which is nothing more than a super PAC for the DNC.
  3. The state saves money by keeping them out of jail and putting citizen's safety at risk. The state seems to prefer saving money.
  4. Rattler

    4P Hunters

    The Chop Shop @ Rt 28 and Thompson Cross Rd, just prior to the town of Delhi is quite popular. I think they take deer during bow season by appt.
  5. Yep, that's how our elected officials worry about criminals to the detriment of good citizens. It's been in the news for awhile. Bleeding hearts in this state far outweigh people with sense. Meanwhile, everything that can be done, to remove your right to self defense, is being done. Gotta love those Democrats.
  6. Thanks for posting this. They have some great prices and the free shipping is awesome! I needed 1K rounds of 7.62x39 from a place that will ship to my door.
  7. Only cowards spit on people without first confronting them face to face. If I could identify who did it, I'd be in their face in a flash and putting a major hurt on them with some real dirty moves.
  8. Just this one. I like the simplicity of the format and the people who post here.
  9. Nixon lost to JFK. She may run again, but she will lose by a landslide this time. Trump now has a record to run on and it's a good one. Hillary is an unindicted criminal. That's all she can show for all the years she's been in the swamp.