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  1. This is a fine example of the NYT's making a very obvious misinterpretation on Scalia's remarks to push their leftist agenda. No matter, one more Conservative Justice on the court when RGB is gone, and all of these oppressive anti-2nd A laws will be struck down as unconstitutional.
  2. A modern civil war will have no parallel with the American Civil war of the past. This one will be fought across the nation and will be about preventing leftist tyranny and political oppression from taking over. It won't be standing army vs standing army. It will be a dirty civil war, where oppressed forces attack using covert tactics and guerrilla warfare. The OP points out one type of leftist tactic that will cause it to occur. Leftists are confident they have nothing to fear by proposing and supporting such oppressive tyranny, designed to subjugate the opposition, because they have done very little to defend against it to date. They see weakness on the conservative side and are boldly taking advantage of it. However, history proves it only takes one issue to spark a revolution. Current Leftist attacks on 2nd Amendment freedoms may be the spark that ignites the fire. When Americans are actually stripped of their right to self defense, when they come to understand this is the end of their liberty and freedom, they may then decide some things are worth fighting for and finally stand up to the leftists hell bent on keeping us all under their thumb. Anyone who doesn't believe leftists are actually pushing for subjugation of their opposition, is either clueless, in denial or not paying attention.
  3. Anti-gun leftists have proposed one of the worst pieces of legislation regarding gun tyranny ever, and no amount of logic or compromise is getting any consideration from them, proving it has nothing to do with addressing violent crime and everything to do with a gun registry and future confiscation. https://www.nraila.org/articles/20190215/hr-8-markup-liberal-democrats-markup-gun-control-legislation "Representative F. James Sensenbrenner (R-Wisc.) offered the next amendment. It simply sought to add to the list of exemptions from the “universal” background check requirements anyone who possessed a valid permit to carry a firearm. Adoption of the amendment would have still left the bill as an anti-gun mess, but it was a reasonable proposal considering carry permit holders already undergo a background check in order to obtain their permits. The anti-gun majority made clear they were not interested in anything reasonable, and the amendment was defeated." "This process repeated itself throughout the day, with other amendments seeking to make even minor improvements to a monumentally bad piece of legislation being rejected similarly, either voted down or ruled not germane, by the anti-gun majority and Chair. This includes simple amendments that merely sought to put a cap on the fees that could be charged for a “universal” background check." "Democrats have been apparently trying to rush legislation to the floor before it is truly ready for consideration, Chairman Nadler explained that the bill would extend the “delay” period from three days to 10 business days. However, after 10 business days, the transfer is not allowed to go through. The prospective purchaser must first file a petition with the Attorney General. If a “proceed” message is still not received 10 business days after the filing of the petition, only then may the transfer go through. However, NICS checks are only valid for 30 calendar days, so this new proposed proceed provision appears to be practically worthless because in almost all scenarios it will take more than 30 calendar days to accomplish." "Ranking Member Collins may have best summarized this week’s markup and last week’s hearing in his opening remarks on Wednesday, when he stated, “I’m sad the bill before us represents another missed opportunity to prevent violence in our communities.” Neither H.R. 8 nor H.R. 1112 will do anything to address violent crime, but both will surely create problems for otherwise law-abiding gun owners and prospective gun owners." American citizens that support preserving their rights should all be very grateful Trump is President and will veto this horrible bill. Anyone who owns a firearm and supports this "Universal Background Check" scam, better wise up fast before they find they have supported turning their 2nd Amendment Rights into a government granted privilege which will be denied to them at every opportunity.
  4. Rattler

    Todays chuckle

    You know what's funny? This symbol, # , was always referred to as a pound sign. Do feminists think this is a good thing to promote awareness against sexual assault? #METOO
  5. This article effectively points out the problem of pursuing Affirmative Action goals over equality. It's forcing mediocrity into the fire service. There is no more passionate defender of equality than I. I have no issue with anyone being in the fire service, as long as you can prove you qualify. Keep in mind, some qualified firefighter was passed over so the politicos could fill a gender quota here, and it may result in good firefighters getting killed. Anyone here care to debate this issue in defense of lowered standards?
  6. Rattler

    Valentine's Day Tomorrow (Thursday)

    For all who's relationship is based on honesty.
  7. Rattler

    Busy Day in the NFL

    No, a major distraction.
  8. Rattler

    Busy Day in the NFL

    The modern coliseum. Meanwhile, Rome burned.
  9. Rattler

    Busy Day in the NFL

    The NFL? Is that still around?
  10. Correction, SINGLE women don't fart. They don't have an a-hole until they're married.
  11. Rattler

    Best deer calibers video

    If you want one, get the pre-crossbolt safety model from Marlin. Much nicer looking and smoother shooting. I had one and let it go years ago. I now have a Rossi .357 lever, but wish I had kept the .44 Mag. Sadly, my a-hole older brother, who doesn't even hunt, won't sell it back to me.
  12. Rattler

    Best deer calibers video

    Some states do limit shotguns used for any type of hunting to only 3 rounds.
  13. Leftists are desperate to take down Trump. They will do anything to do it.
  14. Not much rabbit hunting in my area of the Catskill mountains. I'm sure a few could be found if the hunter has a dog. We take them as a target of opportunity when we can, but rarely hunt them as a primary target. We prefer Grouse hunting at that time of the year. Do you have any farmlands near you? That's where you will find them.
  15. Rattler

    Another good NYT article on hunting

    Actually, hunting for food brings hunting full circle. It started out as a survival method in the 1600's and maintained that status until the early 1900's when food became widely available from merchants. For a while it was still a food source pursuit for many, until mass produced retail food became so much more available, plentiful and inexpensive. That's when hunting became more of a sport than a necessity for the majority of the population. The anti hunting agenda that began in the 1960's has taken a toll on the numbers of hunters. Hunters were made to feel guilty and their progeny shunned if they took it up. A generation was fed propaganda and they swallowed it. But, you can see the numbers of fishing licenses remained pretty stable during that same period, perhaps because there was no concerted effort to eliminate it from the American lifestyle. This new generation of hunter, specifically targeting game as a food source, will not be affected by the anti-hunting attacks of the past, because they don't do it for "sport", even though I don't think they will be able to hunt for long without learning to enjoy the sporting aspect of the hunt as well. After all, our ancestors hunted for food, but loved the sporting aspect of it too. I welcome the "foodies" to the sport. I am pretty sure PETA doesn't.