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  1. I have no intention of fleeing. I intend to fight.
  2. The Clintons live in NY. The Clinton Foundation is in NY. They must be part of a protected class. Oh yeah, they're Democrats!
  3. Running a state into the ground pays pretty well. They shouldn't be paid at all! They would all be fired if they were working in the private sector. Put them all on commission tied to the economy of the state. This elitist attitude has gotten so bad, it may only be possible to correct it with extreme measures, like a political hit squad! LOL!
  4. Rattler

    Cuomo cancelled my insurance for gun theft

    Perfect case example of NY bias. https://www.quora.com/Why-is-NRA-Carry-Guard-insurance-illegal-but-medical-malpractice-insurance-is-not-Aren-t-they-both-insurance-against-lawsuits
  5. Rattler

    Cuomo cancelled my insurance for gun theft

    Robert Hartwig, director of the Risk and Uncertainty Management Center at the Darla Moore School of Business at the University of South Carolina, said other states were unlikely to follow New York's lead. "I think they will look at it but I think that New York is unlikely to be followed by many states," Hartwig said. "I think its interpretation is somewhat unique. Between the coasts...I think it is unlikely that there will be action against the Carry Guard product." Insurance companies are generally prohibited from covering people involved in criminal activity because it's against public policy to encourage or protect people involved in illegal acts. While most homeowners insurance policies will respond to insureds involved in civil litigation stemming from an accidental shooting or someone protecting themselves in a home invasion, Hartwig said Carry Guard goes further by offering criminal defense until there's a pleading or a finding of guilt. "What the state (of New York) is in effect saying is we are not going to allow you to fund your defense, you're going to potentially go into bankruptcy, mortgage your house," Hartwig said. "If you're found innocent or the case is dismissed, you're financially ruined."
  6. Rattler

    Ten Point Poached Close To Our Property

    Glad they caught the POS.
  7. Rattler

    Cuomo cancelled my insurance for gun theft

    I called the NRA today and was told they can no longer even cover NY residents with the basic free insurance for firearms theft. I forgot to ask if they still cover us with the free liability insurance for accidents while hunting, or the life insurance for death while hunting, both of which are still provided and free to members in other states. As far as how good the coverage is, I personally know members who have collected thousands on stolen firearms that were covered through NRA insurance programs. Anything above what they offer for free with your membership, costs extra and is paid to the private insurance company, just like any other insurance policy you would buy. But the costs through the NRA programs has always been far less than any other source. You get a legal contract binding the company to the deal. Anyone who thinks they don't pay has no idea what they are talking about and obviously has never used their coverage. The NRA has often published info on members who have died while hunting and their family's were paid the insurance. People who bash the NRA really aggravate me because they are full of crap and are trashing the only organization in this country that does anything of value for it's members with respect to protecting your right to own any firearms at all. If anyone here cares to provide info on any pro 2nd A group that provides more benefits to gun owners, I'd be more than happy to see it here. If you bash the NRA, but don't provide an alternative, you're just a whiner.
  8. It's pretty obvious what the problem is, yet government officials won't do what needs to be done to fix it.
  9. Leftist Democrats are preventing the wall from being built.
  10. By what legal authority do they believe they can do this?
  11. Apparently in NY just owning a firearm for self defense in your home is considered "intentional wrongdoing". I just found out from the NRA, even the basic firearms theft insurance you get free for being an NRA member is not valid in NY state. It is in other states, but not NY. They also offered accident liability coverage of $1,000,000 (I think) with membership and I forgot to ask if that is void now too. It's possible Cuomo's actions have nullified all of the NRA member benefits NY residents used to be entitled to.
  12. Rattler

    What's your ML load?

    You could also miss your shot at the first deer and get another chance later.
  13. Rattler

    What's your ML load?

    Though it is important to know where the first shot from a cold bore will go, it's just as important to know where the following shots will go. Example: At the crack of legal shooting time, you shoot a coyote. Then at 10 AM you get your chance at a huge 10 point buck at a distance. Your confidence in your shot will be much higher if you know where your fouled bore shots will go.
  14. Rattler

    Cuomo cancelled my insurance for gun theft

    The CEO of Lockton told the NRA they could no longer be involved with any NRA sponsored programs because that would put their NY State insurance license in jeopardy. They had to settle for a 7 million dollar fine to get NY to leave them alone and flee the state without retaliation by Cuomo. Threatening the use of political regulatory power to coerce compliance with the Governor's agenda is totally illegal. When this type of thing goes unpunished, you know we are no longer living in a free society.
  15. According to the department, the program “unlawfully provided liability insurance to gun owners for acts of intentional wrongdoing." (This is not true and should be reason enough for Cuomo to be sued.) “As the primary regulator of insurance companies and state-chartered banks doing business in New York, it is incumbent upon the Department of Financial Services to supervise and guide regulated entities to mitigate the risks to their safety and soundness that may derive from a variety of sources, including reputational risk. It is equally as important that DFS enforce New York law and take appropriate enforcement action when necessary to protect consumers and ensure the integrity of our financial markets. As part of the Department’s ongoing investigation, DFS’s consent orders with both Lockton and Chubb addressed the unlicensed and unlawful activity connected with the NRA’s “Carry Guard” program, which unlawfully provided liability insurance to gun owners for acts of intentional wrongdoing. The Department will not stand down from its mandate to enforce New York law." Carry Guard never offered coverage for "intentional wrongdoing".