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  1. The POTUS cannot do it. The Constitution doesn't give him the authority. Ask the state Governors who haven't done it? Hello Cuomo?
  2. Who's FBI is it? The POTUS can't fire anyone without Democrats suing him and calling for impeachment. Let's see if we can find who heads the CDC and if he's a registered Democrat, shall we?
  3. Who in government did he submit his paper to?
  4. Ah the Huff Post. That bastion of "real" journalism and total credibility. The "National Inquirer" of political pundits. LOL! Maybe you don't comprehend the article, because he's blaming federal agencies and state Governors for not acting. besides, he never submitted anything to Trump or his administration. He gave a speech at Georgetown Univ Medical Center. You think medical professionals would've acted on it? Maybe they didn't want to prevent it? Maybe they understood it was the Dr's opinion? Maybe they though he was looney? Who knows? But it doesn't mean crap about Trump or his administration, especially coming from Huff, since they are part of the swamp trying to take Trump down every day.
  5. It doesn't. It's "fake news". The good Dr. did say he thinks the states should've locked down and that is the state's Governors job. He also says federal agencies were to blame for not ordering supplies earlier. How many are headed by Obama appointees and are registered Democrats. Are they part of the "RESIST" agenda. That's the deep state Trump is fighting, like those in the FBI.
  6. The Democrats have been at war with Trump for 3 years now and are talking about an investigation again. That some new form of respect? BTW, So Korea started testing with kits made by medical companies. The US got our kits in Jan 2020 from the CDC. Ours didn't work. The government agency failed us. Nobody holding them accountable though. They blame Trump. https://www.healthline.com/health-news/what-south-korea-has-done-correctly-in-battling-covid-19#Late-January:-Tests-come-online On January 27, after four confirmed cases of COVID-19, South Korean health officials met with medical companies. The officials told the companies they needed them to develop tests for the coronavirus and that they’d rapidly approve new tests. A week later, the first test was approved. In early February, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved a coronavirus test developed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). However, it would prove unreliable and mostly unusable. “We bought ourselves some precious time early on when we closed travel to and from China. That was very important because we reduced introduction. So, we were really in excellent shape at that time,” Dr. William Schaffner, an infectious disease expert at the Vanderbilt University School of Medicine in Tennessee, told Healthline. “But we were hampered shortly thereafter because our capacity to test was so curtailed, both on the public and private side,” Schaffner added. “So we didn’t know how widespread the virus was in our country because there wasn’t testing.”
  7. Dip, you assume Obama supplied Trump with all the information he should have when he left office. The deep state doesn't work like that. Besides, Trump was constantly distracted by the friggin Democrats with all of their petty partisan BS for 3 years. Maybe they should have been doing their jobs and working for the American people instead concentrating on their "RESIST" agenda.
  8. A conclusion arrived at after swallowing too much leftist indoctrination from the main stream media. If that's where you get your information from, you do not think for yourself.
  9. First of all what makes you believe he knew? Besides, he was busy trying to fix all the problems Obama left us during the first 3 years when Democrats had him under constant attack all the time with BS political games, culminating in an impeachment acquittal. Didn't you hear everyone saying the attacks from Democrats were distracting the country from other matters that were more important to address? Yet he still got more done to make the country better than the last 3 jerks that proceeded him combined. Heck, why didn't he cure cancer too?
  10. More Factual data that proves Trump was not, and is not the problem. Some people who think for themselves, maybe shouldn't. https://www.westernjournal.com/jan-28-sen-cotton-predicted-covid-bigger-impeachment-media-calls-conspiracy-theorist/?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=westernjournalism&utm_content=2020-04-05&utm_campaign=manualpost&fbclid=IwAR0eONFCPPAWOCCuUo3dSUlQK9mwpNOJxL_9NWEbm6YoP5WQx79EHNEwKC4
  11. As long as we dump all the leftist, tax and spend, oppressive regulating Democrats out of office maybe.
  12. Maybe not in Lisbon. Try talking to us closer to the city.
  13. As a firefighter and first responder, I run in the same circles as the local police, sheriffs and NY State Troopers. Believe me, I'm the one living in reality here.
  14. Some people are not aware Republicans can favor leftist ideologies too, while still voting for republicans. It's called confusion.