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    Deer hunting with bow and gun, spring turkey hunting, rabbit hunting with my 2 beagles, duck and goose hunting.

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    Savage Model 11 7mm-08, Benelli Montefeltro 12 & 20 ga., Franchi Intensity 12 ga. & Remington SP-10 ga..
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  1. I bought this Char Broil electric a few years ago and it does a great job. If it ever dies on me I will buy another one. Friends and family love the smoked wild game I have done in it. valoroutdoors.com. https://www.charbroil.com/analog-electric-smoker-18202077
  2. luberhill is correct. Scroll down on this link to Frequently Asked Questions about the new gun laws and you will find the answer. valoroutdoors.com https://www.dec.ny.gov/outdoor/hunting.html
  3. I have been retired from my full time job for 8 years now and I continue to work at a few part time jobs. From reading his post I believe Bill is enjoying his retirement and reflecting on his work experience and his enjoyment of hunting and the outdoors. I find absolutely nothing wrong with that and wish him and all other retirees many happy and healthy years of retirement. I can share in his thoughts and feelings. That is my response. valoroutdoors.com
  4. I am sure your daughter was very pleased when you let her know that you retrieved her deer. I commend you for going back and searching for the deer. Your daughter has a great father and I'm sure you were elated when you found the deer. valoroutdoors.com
  5. God bless our veterans. valoroutdoors.com
  6. I voted early this morning and urge all of us to get out and vote today. valoroutdoors.com
  7. I would like to alert you that I believe that particular crossbow will not be legal in New York as it does not meet the 17" minimum uncocked width from tip to tip. Please see the attached link for details. If you were not aware of this you may want to cancel your order. valoroutdoors.com. https://www.dec.ny.gov/outdoor/68802.html
  8. And this of course. valoroutdoors.com
  9. My yellow lab earning his keep this morning. valoroutdoors.com
  10. The 3 of us went out this morning and did a repeat limit. 3 shots fired and 3 dead birds followed by 3 retrieves. A day of 3's. valoroutdoors.com
  11. Went out with my son and a good buddy this afternoon for a Canada Goose field hunt. My son called in a flock and we all picked out a bird and dropped all 3. Hunt was over as there is a 1 bird limit here. It was a beautiful afternoon and we all had a good time. First pic is my son and I with my yellow lab and the birds. Second pic is our buddy with my dog and the birds. valoroutdoors.com
  12. Today is opening day of duck season and Gunner got to make his first retrieve on a duck. We are very pleased with him. valoroutdoors.com
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