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  1. For what it's worth everyone is different and will react differently. My hunting buddy and I are both 69 years old. He got his first shot of the Pfizer vaccine before me. He told me that later that day it felt like his arm got hit with a sledge hammer. He told me the next day he had a slight fever and a headache along with the chills. I got the same shot yesterday morning. My arm is very mildly sore at the injection site and I have no other side effects whatsoever and I feel great. Do not base your decision to get vaccinated on what other people have experienced and don't be afraid to get vacc
  2. Cynthia my kudos to you for giving a new life to a rescue dog. I don't know if you saw this story or not about a rescue dog who became a rescuer. I have attached a link. This story illustrates the love and gratitude a rescue dog will give when adopted. I'm sure cooper will give you the same. Congratulations. valoroutdoors.com. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.cbsnews.com/amp/news/steve-hartman-on-the-road-rescue-dog-2021-02-26/
  3. Took my 2 boys out today. Weather was great but walking was a real workout. Snow is still deep here and there is a crust of ice on top of the snow which I broke through with each step. Dogs ran 5 bunnies but the runs were short as the bunnies were holing up due to the conditions. They did get to run 1 by me that I bagged. valoroutdoors.com
  4. So sorry for your loss. valoroutdoors.com
  5. Hoping for the best for Max. valoroutdoors.com
  6. Right now my son is looking into a Maryland sea duck hunt on the Chesapeake Bay next December or January for the 2 of us. We like to hunt out of state for something we cannot hunt here. We started going on an out of state hunt for something different every year since I retired. I hope to continue this practice for as long as I am capable of doing so. We enjoy our hunting trips whether we score or not. I hope that everyone planning an out of state hunt this year gets to do so. valoroutdoors.com
  7. luberhill I sent you a PM. valoroutdoors.com
  8. I respectfully disagree. My encounters with idiots in my younger days was exclusively with other deer hunters. I post on the waterfowl hunting forum and haven't seen any issues. As far as a defense fund for the murderer, he is dead and there will be no defense for him. Unfortunately idiots exist in all types of hunting as is the case with any sport. valoroutdoors.com
  9. This illustrates the pure insanity that an extremely low percentage of hunters possess while out hunting. There is no animal or bird worth even getting into an argument over, much less losing your life. When I was a young man I ran into this situation a couple of times while hunting public land and I backed down and walked off when someone wanted to challenge me. That is my recommendation to anyone else who is unfortunate enough to have some idiot challenge them. Walk away and hunt another day. I am fortunate to now own my own property and avoid this type of nonsense. This gives hunting a blac
  10. Yes sir they were tired. I let them run one more bunny after that which I let go and then we headed home. They're sound asleep now in their doghouse. valoroutdoors.com
  11. My crew came through again today. Great day to get out and get some exercise and fresh air. valoroutdoors.com
  12. First conduct a visual inspection of the stock both inside and outside. If everything looks good, then try a shorter bolt. If that snugs it down properly then the only thing left to do would be to sight it in again. Good luck to Lucky. valoroutdoors.com
  13. Happy New Year from valoroutdoors.com
  14. Merry Christmas to you and your family from valoroutdoors.com
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