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  1. I shot a nice mature 8 point buck in 2012 with a .243 Win. The buck was walking towards me through some thick woods and I waited until he got into my shooting lane. I put the crosshairs behind his right shoulder and squeezed off the shot. He dropped dead right there. Pic is Euro mount I had done on him.
  2. CharlieNY

    Waterfowl Shotguns

    My son and I both shoot Benelli 3.5" semi auto shotguns for waterfowl. They are inertia driven autos. They soften the recoil and are very easy to clean as any burnt powder and gases remain in the barrel and do not dirty the operating system. Waterfowl guns are commonly used in the worst weather conditions such as heavy rain and extreme cold weather. The Benelli autos function flawlessly in any weather and are highly reliable with all factory loads. Benelli autos are definitely costly but as the old saying goes "you get what you pay for." Most of my friends who are serious waterfowl hunters shoot Benelli autos and have never regretted spending the extra bucks for them.
  3. Odysseus gives some very good information based upon his personal experience in the field. I usually carry 1 box call that is 2 sided wood and 1 slate call that is 2 sided glass and slate. I too have found less responses to my hickory striker and plan on getting a purpleheart striker for next year and giving it a try. I would have a hard time deciding which and how many calls I would take into the woods if I owned as many calls as he does! LOL.
  4. CharlieNY

    Live From The Woods 2019 Turkey Edition

    Been dead quiet here in 7F for the last week. We had a mini storm go through last night and the mosquitoes are everywhere. The thermacell is working like a charm in our blind. Boy could you sell some thermacells today!
  5. I use the exact same impact sport ones by Howard Leight. I use them for all types of gun hunting and won't go out without them. I got mine for $50 on Amazon and they are now just under $53. They are well worth the price.
  6. Matt's advice is very good and educational. However I must say that it is much easier to give advice when you have shot 5 turkeys in one season and "shoulda had 7." LOL.
  7. CharlieNY


    Jerry my son and I usually sit in a Redneck 6' x 6' ground blind. We have one of them backed up to a timber swamp that is a mosquito breeding ground. We keep the windows and mesh screens open with the thermacell going and the mosquitoes don't even fly in. We both have hay fever and the thermacell doesn't bother us at all. If there are mosquitoes in the blind when we open it up we start up the thermacell and it clears them right out. A thermacell is well worth the price.
  8. CharlieNY

    Live From The Woods 2019 Turkey Edition

    Pygmy you forgot to add burping and picking your nose and of course reading and replying to the Live from the Woods 2019 Turkey Edition. LOL. Good luck to you.
  9. CharlieNY

    Live From The Woods 2019 Turkey Edition

    My son bagged a nice Tom 10 minutes into the season. He has to be at work at 7:40 a.m. so guess who gets stuck with the cleaning!
  10. CharlieNY

    What's Wrong with Shooting Jakes?

    My son decided he wanted to try to get a turkey with his crossbow. On May 9 last year we had a flock of jakes come into our decoys and he bagged the biggest jake with a perfect shot. You can see the hunt in the second part of the attached video from his website We were both happy with his accomplishment and the beautiful video. In short there is nothing wrong with shooting a jake.
  11. CharlieNY

    Hen Or Gobbler Decoys-- How Much Money Did You Spend?

    I agree with Uncle Nicky and have had the same experience. I first started out with the cheap foam decoys. They would bring in hens and jakes but the mature toms would hang up with them. I got rid of them and went to the expensive quality decoys and noticed a major improvement. The mature toms would not hang up and often came in and attacked the jake decoy. The last 2 Longbeards I shot both did this. The attached picture shows one of them with the realistic jake decoy right behind him that he attacked. I usually put out 2 hens and 1 jake. I think the more expensive realistic decoys are worth the cost.
  12. "If it ain't broke don't fix it." I say let the birds mate in April and open the season on May 1. I have had no problems with finding toms in May and I like it when the season opens on a weekday and there is less hunting pressure on opening day. And absolutely have no hunting past noon. Getting up at 4 a.m. makes for a long day as it is. Getting done at noon gives the birds and me a rest. Good luck and safe hunting to everyone.
  13. CharlieNY

    What Is The Best Job That You Did For Free?

    I taught the Hunter Safety Course for the Dept. of Environmental Conservation for many years. Like every other Hunter Safety Instructor in New York State I did it for free. But not really. I was paid many times over by the "thank you" I received from the students and the enjoyment of promoting the sport of safe hunting. Those are priceless. I know that the other Hunter Safety Instructors share in my opinions and they all deserve your thanks.
  14. CharlieNY


    I love Tim Hortons original blend coffee. When the Tim Hortons in my city unexpectedly closed a few years ago I was disappointed. But I found that Walmart sells their original blend coffee and I usually make a cup at a time in my Hamilton Beach single serve coffee maker. It's just as good as the Tim Hortons shop.
  15. Here ya go.