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  1. Do not give up. This happens to everybody at one time or other. You could be young and in perfect physical shape and still have this happen. I would continue to hunt that same buck. Many years ago my son got busted after he drew on a big buck we had been seeing. He was really down about it. I hunted that same spot and bagged that buck 2 days later from the same stand. A lot of times something won't go right but when things all come together and you score it makes it much more rewarding. That is what hunting is about. Good luck to you.
  2. This is a deer hunter's secret weapon.
  3. Before you cast your vote consider this in making your decision.
  4. I live and hunt in the Southern Zone where only archery season is open. The forecast is for winds of 29 mph with gusts to 54 mph. I will not hunt tomorrow for safety which is most important. But of equal importance is that shooting a bow in high winds is highly inaccurate and unethical to me. I doubt that many hunters practice with their bows in high winds and how could you possibly draw in a 29 mph wind and release an arrow when the wind might gust to 54 mph after you release the arrow?
  5. What a sad state of affairs. The laid off employees are also going to lose their health insurance according to the news. My thoughts to those poor employees and their families and I hope they all can recover from this. What are our state representatives doing about this? I think we all know the answer.
  6. Good going. My son and I went out for a couple of hours in the afternoon and bagged 3 birds.
  7. I got an invite to go duck hunting with some friends yesterday. While I was in the duck blind my son bagged this big doe.
  8. JDN2K and blackbeltbill are both on the mark. Many hunters do not realize that hunting regulations can change from year to year and it is their responsibility to read up on the current regulations from year to year. There have been some significant changes this year. One of them that I am very happy with is a special 2 day waterfowl hunt for active military service members and veterans only. They certainly have earned this. Here is a link to the changes in regulations for this year. Read up and be aware and comply.
  9. Both my son and I use this ozone bag. I didn't get mine until he had purchased his and field tested it. I bought mine and I noticed a big difference in that deer were not winding me anywhere near as often as before I got one. The bag is very large and easily holds enough clothing for 2 hunters. I usually put my clothes into the bag and run it for 30 minutes before I put them on. There is a timer on the generator where you can run it between 5 to 30 minutes.
  10. To everyone involved SUPER.
  11. Nice cool crisp morning to be out. Gave a pass to year and a half 4 pt. Let em go and watch em grow!
  12. SUPER! I hope my 2 granddaughters take up hunting when they get older. You should be very proud of her.
  13. I'm right up there with the rest of the sexy senior citizens that have replied. This year marks 55 years for me. I must say that I enjoy it as much, if not more, today than I did when I first started hunting at age 14 which was the minimum legal hunting age at the time.
  14. In addition to all the good advice that has already been posted make sure that he will be warm and dress him properly for the weather. Make sure he is wearing some blaze orange when walking him to and from your blind. Teach him good safety practices right off the start. And lastly be sure to take plenty of photos of him. He will grow up faster than you think. There is nothing more enjoyable than taking your child hunting with you.
  15. Chapstick lip balm also is a good substitute.