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    Deer hunting with bow and gun, spring turkey hunting, rabbit hunting with my 2 beagles, duck and goose hunting.

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  1. Waylon doing his thing this morning and showing his goose blood covered head after many retrieves. Had to wash his head after the hunt lol.
  2. Back out this morning. Today we had the pleasure of bringing along 2 new goose hunters and it was a shoot em up day. Total take was 35 birds. Pic is of my son and me and of course my dog Waylon. It is a great reward bringing out new hunters and having them enjoy a good hunt with us.
  3. This is the form to obtain an unmodified crossbow permit during regular archery season for hunters with a disability.
  4. Our morning take today. As you can see it was Waylon's turn today.
  5. You're right Al. We are out again this morning and we've got another pile going.
  6. Out again this morning. It was Gunner's turn today and he shined retrieving every bird from the water. We are having a great time this September.
  7. Thank you Al. I thought the same but I am definitely biased lol.
  8. Waylon on his way back to me with one of the birds. Such a pretty sight.
  9. Out again this morning. It was Waylon's turn again and he was the star of the show. Got some great video of the retrieves.
  10. Thanks Al. Indeed Gunner had a good time. All the birds were water retrieves except 1 and you know how much labs love retrieving in the water.
  11. Back out this morning with my son and his dog Gunner who is 20 months old and who I trained. Had another good day to remember.
  12. As with any wild game preparation is the key. We breast out the geese and then put the breasts in a brine solution for 24 to 48 hours changing the water frequently to get all of the blood out. From there we prepare them in many ways such as putting them in the smoker or crock pot or making sausage. If prepared properly there really are no cons.
  13. Yessir he sure was happy. Thanks. To me the best part of the hunt is having him bring those big birds right to my hand.
  14. Got out this morning with my son for some early September goose hunting. It was a beautiful morning and we scored on 3 birds. My lab Waylon had the most fun retrieving the birds.
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