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  1. Chapstick lip balm also is a good substitute.
  2. CharlieNY


    This link will answer your questions.
  3. A very Happy Birthday to both of you.
  4. My son and I both have pickups with tri fold tonneau covers. They are very easy to fold back when you need an open bed for items and are very easy to close when you need weatherproof protection for items in your bed. It takes seconds to fold or unfold them by a single person. They give you the advantages of both worlds and also keep snow from piling up in your bed in the winter when you keep them closed. I wouldn't have a pickup without one.
  5. Yes I got it on my tactacam and the video came out perfectly.
  6. I just bagged a large black bear in Maine on Tuesday. The outfitter uses a jet sled to drag bears out of the thick Maine woods and has used them for years. We dragged my bear out on one and I can't imagine how hard it would have been without one.
  7. For those of you who asked we are in West Forks Maine and are hunting with Fifteen Mile Stream Outfitters. This is our third year with them. Thanks to all of you for your replies and likes.
  8. I'm up in Maine on a black bear hunt with my son. I scored on a boar yesterday and my son has passed up 5 smaller bears so far. We're having a great time and I'm hoping he scores before we leave on Sunday.
  9. Skaneateles is a very nice place to visit. There are some nice small shops downtown and the owners are very friendly. For restaurants I would recommend the Blue Water Grill which is downtown on the water. Stay away from the Krebs or Rosalie's which are very high priced. I regularly fish the lake and it is one of the cleanest lakes you will ever find.
  10. blackbeltbill is right on topic. Many hunters fail to check the seasons and regulations from one year to another. As almost everyone carries a cellphone now it is super easy to save the regulations to your phone as I have done.
  11. I have this target by rinehart. I regularly shoot broadheads at it with my compound bow and my high speed crossbow. It is terrific and it is very easy to remove broadheads from it. I have had this target for several years and after hundreds of shots into it with broadheads it still is holding up well.
  12. Rest in Peace to a great American patriot. valoroutdoors .com
  13. God bless the greatest country ever!