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  1. I agree with Uncle Nicky and have had the same experience. I first started out with the cheap foam decoys. They would bring in hens and jakes but the mature toms would hang up with them. I got rid of them and went to the expensive quality decoys and noticed a major improvement. The mature toms would not hang up and often came in and attacked the jake decoy. The last 2 Longbeards I shot both did this. The attached picture shows one of them with the realistic jake decoy right behind him that he attacked. I usually put out 2 hens and 1 jake. I think the more expensive realistic decoys are worth the cost.
  2. "If it ain't broke don't fix it." I say let the birds mate in April and open the season on May 1. I have had no problems with finding toms in May and I like it when the season opens on a weekday and there is less hunting pressure on opening day. And absolutely have no hunting past noon. Getting up at 4 a.m. makes for a long day as it is. Getting done at noon gives the birds and me a rest. Good luck and safe hunting to everyone.
  3. CharlieNY

    What Is The Best Job That You Did For Free?

    I taught the Hunter Safety Course for the Dept. of Environmental Conservation for many years. Like every other Hunter Safety Instructor in New York State I did it for free. But not really. I was paid many times over by the "thank you" I received from the students and the enjoyment of promoting the sport of safe hunting. Those are priceless. I know that the other Hunter Safety Instructors share in my opinions and they all deserve your thanks.
  4. Absolutely disgusting. It's dirt bags like these that give real hunters a bad image. They deserved harsher sentences and should have their hunting licenses revoked for life!
  5. CharlieNY


    I love Tim Hortons original blend coffee. When the Tim Hortons in my city unexpectedly closed a few years ago I was disappointed. But I found that Walmart sells their original blend coffee and I usually make a cup at a time in my Hamilton Beach single serve coffee maker. It's just as good as the Tim Hortons shop.
  6. Here ya go.
  7. CharlieNY

    Late Season Field Hunt for Geese

    Al we didn't see any snows at all this morning but I did see a few flocks fly over earlier this week.
  8. Went out with my son this morning for a late season goose field hunt. It was very cold with temperature of 12 degrees and wind chill of 0 degrees. Not much was flying but we had a pair come in perfectly to our decoys. I bagged the lead honker and my son bagged the follower. Picture is my son with the 2 birds. We had an enjoyable morning.
  9. CharlieNY

    Skunked for ducks

    My son and I were invited by a friend for a Cayuga Lake duck hunt Saturday morning. My son had never been duck hunting before nor ever shot a duck even though we have hunted fields for geese many times. We decided to let the rookie get the shots and he nailed 2 goldeneye drakes and 1 goldeneye hen. They were the only birds that came in so he was 3 for 3. We hunted from my friend's boat and had a great time. I hope the New Year brings good luck to everyone and especially to Paula on her first time out.
  10. CharlieNY

    What did you get for Christmas?

    I got some nice gifts for Christmas. They are not that important. The best gift I got was the thrill my son got when I gave him his new Benelli Super Black Eagle II shotgun. There is no better gift than the gift of giving! I wish everyone a very Merry Christmas.
  11. CharlieNY

    Merry Christmas!

    On behalf of my son and I.
  12. O.k. turkeyfeathers great job and congratulations. Now be sure to clean that 20 ga. for your daughter and replace the slug you shot so that she can go out and do a repeat. Wouldn't that make for a terrific season for the both of you!
  13. Ah yes Moho I forgot about Bluto's line in the movie. LOL.
  14. Hey Moho you are right that it isn't over until we decide it is but to be accurate it was the Japanese and not the Germans who bombed Pearl Harbor. Good luck to all.
  15. Hey turkeyfeathers my son and I also skipped this morning but I think you mean Black Friday morning and not Good Friday morning! I hope this humors your daughter and that she scores this afternoon. Lol. Am heading out with my son now also.