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  1. My son and I put up 2 wood duck nesting boxes in our swamp today. We used the commercial DuckHut boxes and they are nicely made and were easy to put up. We have a lot of wood ducks in the swamp and wanted to give them an assist. It was a beautiful day to get out.
  2. My son and I were able to get out today to do some rabbit hunting. Weather and ground conditions were near perfect and the beagles did a great job. We decided to shoot 1 bunny each and let the dogs run the rest for fun. I'm looking forward to some delicious rabbit stew.
  3. My son and I go bear hunting in Maine every year and the outfitter that we hunt with uses them to hunt coyotes in the winter. The attached photo is from one of his hunts. T
  4. I know your wife is dead set against a beagle but you can't beat a beagle for a good rabbit and pheasant dog along with being a terrific people loving dog. If you plan on keeping a beagle in the house you should have no problem with noise. Just get a puppy or a young dog and spend time training your dog. I have 3 beagles now and have had beagles for the last 58 years. I have never had a problem training one nor have I ever had to get rid of one. Whatever you decide on I wish you good luck.
  5. The farmer's almanac recommends 8 to 12 months for uncooked wild game. This would probably be the best recommendation for the best tasting meat. But it would also depend on how the meat was wrapped. If it was vacuum sealed it would definitely go longer as opposed to being wrapped in freezer paper. I have used venison that was over a year old that had been vacuum wrapped and it was very good.
  6. I was at a rifle range one day with several other shooters. While we were firing loud centerfire rifles at our targets a flock of wild turkeys came over the top of the berm and began dusting themselves on the berm directly behind the targets. Of course a cease fire had been called when they were first spotted. They stayed on the berm for quite some time before they wandered off. The gunfire did not scare them off at all.
  7. Happy New Year to all the great people on this forum. Have a safe and healthy New Year.
  8. From your deer old friends.
  9. Merry Christmas to everyone from me and my 3 beagles.
  10. Al, the Benelli SBE's do in fact shoot high and Benelli designed them to be this way. Their philosophy is to use a 6 o'clock hold on your target which is foreign to us and almost impossible to use on a fast flying duck. Many hunters have complained about this to Benelli. There is a simple fix that Benelli recommends to lower your shot pattern. Replace the front sight with a large bead fiber optic sight like those made by Truglo or HI Viz. These can be attached directly behind the front sight without removing it, and attach either by magnet or tape to the vent rib. My son shoots a SBE 2 with a Truglo large fiber optic bead front sight and his gun shoots patterns to point of aim. He uses this gun strictly for waterfowl, and has made some good shots. The fiber optic bead will help you keep your head down on the barreI to improve your shooting. I hope this helps you out. Good luck.
  11. I've used Hoppes #9 for over 60 yrs. as my primary cleaning solvent and it is time proven. I use it on all my guns that shoot smokeless powder. As to muzzle loaders, it depends on the propellant you are using. If you are using the Savage 10ML with smokeless powder then Hoppes #9 is what to use. If you are using black powder or black powder substitutes like Triple 7 then hot soap and water works great. If you are using Blackhorn 209 then you must use an oil based solvent. See the link for more on Blackhorn 209. I hope this helps you out.
  12. Moog I use Federal Fusion 140 gr. Factory ammo in my 7mm-08. Every deer I have shot with it have been 1 shot behind the shoulder kills including the 8 pt. Buck I bagged this year. My son shoots Federal Fusion in his .308 and bagged a 7 pt. Buck and a doe this year with one shot behind the shoulder kills. Federal Fusion ammo is also very accurate and not too expensive.
  13. Hey TC you broke the first rule. Lol it happens to the best of us.
  14. I am pleased to report that another member saw my post and has contacted me. He has advised me that he has a needy young hunter he has taken under his wing who would be the perfect recipient.
  15. I have not yet received any replies. I am bumping this post back up in the hope that someone will see it over the Thanksgiving holiday and help out a needy young hunter.