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  1. Rest in Peace to a great American patriot. valoroutdoors .com
  2. God bless the greatest country ever!
  3. Mine is But I must confess that I am extremely biased as it is my son's website. But if he didn't have his own website this one would be my favorite hunting website as it focuses on hunting here in New York State.
  4. Very nice work on the display. The wood from the pallets looks awesome. I'm guessing that the cut down shotgun shell casing at the top of the beard is the actual shell that he used to bag the gobbler.
  5. The 40 Year Old Virgin is one of my favorites. The scene where he gets his chest hair waxed got me laughing very hard.
  6. I bought my son a SBE 2 from a hunting buddy a few years ago. My buddy used that gun when we went waterfowl hunting with him and he never had any problems with it whatsoever so I knew it was a good gun. But my buddy wanted a SBE 3 so he sold me the SBE 2. Since he got the SBE 3 he has had it jam several times when we hunted together and I cannot quote his replies here. He has sent the gun back to Benelli twice to get it repaired. As a result of many problems with the SBE 3 the demand and price for a used SBE 2 has gone up. I would opt for a good used SBE 2.
  7. I have a 14' Lowe aluminum boat with a 25 hp Mariner outboard. I just started mine up yesterday in preparation for bass season. I fish the Finger Lakes predominately Owasco Lake, Skaneateles Lake, and Cayuga Lake. I have found this size boat to be ideal for fishing. I have owned larger boats is the past and sold them in favor of a 14' aluminum boat. They last a lifetime if you take care of them. I have a couple of tips for you as your boat has been in storage for 5 years. Install a new spark plug or plugs and spray some starting fluid into the cylinders before trying to start it up. This should make starting it up much easier. Good luck this season and stay safe on the water.
  8. I have a couple of these in my man cave. Of course one is of a gobbler and the other is of a beagle as I have 3 beagles and have had beagles since I was a young boy.
  9. Congratulations to your daughter and to your family. With all of the negative stuff going on right now in this country it is refreshing to read something positive and see a beautiful photo of a happy family. You should be very proud of her and I have enjoyed reading your posts and viewing your pics of the 2 of you hunting together. My son has 2 young daughters and I hope they become hunters so that he can experience the joy you and I share of hunting with our children. I predict that she is going to make some lucky young man very happy in the future and someday you will have to bear the name of Grandpa as I have to do!
  10. I just got back my drake wood duck mount from last duck season. I took it to a local taxidermist who is on the expensive side but is known for his quality work especially with birds. It came out beautiful and I am very satisfied with it.
  11. crappyice- we can make your daughter HuntingNY famous by replying to your post and having her read our replies. She may have been banished and been deprived of the things a 16 yr. old girl deserves due to the pandemic, but we won't deprive her of becoming HuntingNY famous. So let all of us reply to this post and grant her wish of becoming HuntingNY famous. I don't know her name but I say "You Go Girl". We are going to make you famous! And you can thank your loving Dad for it.
  12. I absolutely agree with everyone who recommends you keep the Nikon. I have the exact same gun and scope as you have except mine is in 7mm-08 caliber. I hunt in the Finger Lakes area and find that gun and scope combo to be ideal for this area. I have a high end Zeiss scope on another rifle and I actually prefer the Nikon scope for hunting.
  13. How in the world can 2 hunters walking away be mistaken for a turkey, especially with one being shot in the face and the other in the back? Either the shooting was deliberate or at the least reckless and I hope the shooter is criminally prosecuted in addition to losing his license for life. He is also a coward for running away and not facing up for his actions, but I'm sure that will be shortlived. I hope the 2 hunters who were shot recover swiftly and completely. This type of incident should never occur and never would if all hunters observed the basic safety rules.
  14. Yes definitely a cottontail rabbit nest. I have found many of them under my deck. It is possible that they drowned when we had the torrential rainstorm last week.