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  1. Moog I use Federal Fusion 140 gr. Factory ammo in my 7mm-08. Every deer I have shot with it have been 1 shot behind the shoulder kills including the 8 pt. Buck I bagged this year. My son shoots Federal Fusion in his .308 and bagged a 7 pt. Buck and a doe this year with one shot behind the shoulder kills. Federal Fusion ammo is also very accurate and not too expensive.
  2. Hey TC you broke the first rule. Lol it happens to the best of us.
  3. I am pleased to report that another member saw my post and has contacted me. He has advised me that he has a needy young hunter he has taken under his wing who would be the perfect recipient.
  4. I have not yet received any replies. I am bumping this post back up in the hope that someone will see it over the Thanksgiving holiday and help out a needy young hunter.
  5. Happy Thanksgiving to all of the great hunters on this website and their families. Thank you to all of you who have given a Like to my past posts on the forums. I appreciate your likes.
  6. I have used mine on the ground when turkey hunting in the Spring with no issues. The cloth cover that comes in contact with the ground can get wet on the ground side but it will not soak through to your behind. I never tried mine on a log or rocks.
  7. Apexer it doesn't compress down very much. It has a gel core like the gel in the gel insoles that you put into shoes for comfort. We do not install or we remove any seat pads that come with our stands and we carry the seat into and out of our stands whenever we hunt.
  8. Apexer since you sit in a treestand 95% of the time invest in one of these high quality seats for your posterior. The seat is very comfortable and will keep your bottom warm. You will sit for a longer time in your stand with one of these. I bought one many years ago and it holds up super. My son bought one after trying mine and he loves his. You will be surprised with how much a warm bottom helps keep you warm all over.
  9. Patience pays off. Hadn't seen a decent buck all archery season and so far this gun season but luck changed this morning. Made a perfect 1 shot kill on 8 pointer.
  10. I have some quality hunting pants that my adult son outgrew some years ago. They are mens medium waist 32"-34" and are in very good to excellent condition and there are 3 pairs and all are camo. I would like to give them to a needy young hunter. I also have doubles or more of a lot of hunting accessories that I would like to donate. If you know of a needy young hunter who could use some help please send me a private message with his story and the type of hunting he does by December 5. I will choose then. I will ship out after that and will pay the shipping. There is absolutely no cost involved. A simple thank you will suffice. Merry Christmas.
  11. Here is an article with some good advice on how long to hang a deer. I pretty much do what the author recommends.
  12. Just kidding folks. But this is what happens when you take your kid hunting. He shoots a doe and a buck in the first hour with single drop dead shots from his .308. And for me? I get to help field dressing both deer and hauling them out with my atv. But seriously I am so happy for him as he has a new baby coming Dec. 6 and won't be able to hunt after that.
  13. I was surprised to see that a lot of hunters are using a 7mm-08. I thought I was a rare exception. My Savage Trophy Hunter in 7mm'-08 has downed several deer. All were 1 shot kills behind the shoulder shots. Recoil is very light and meat damage is minimal with the 7mm-08. It will be with me on opening day and throughout the gun season.
  14. It was raining here this morning so my son and I decided to give the bowhunting a break and try for some ducks. My son invited one of his coworkers along. The 3 of us limited out on mallards and the ducks were still coming in when we were packing up. In the picture is my son on the right and his buddy with their limit each of a drake and hen mallard.
  15. It has been real slow bowhunting here so my son and I decided to give it a break and try for some ducks this morning. My son doesn't get out much due to work and his 18 month old daughter and another one on the way due in early December. So I put him on point and shortly after legal shooting time a 6 pack of mallards came in. He bagged a drake and hen out of the pack and was limited out on mallards for the day. It was a beautiful morning and we had a great time.