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    Deer hunting with bow and gun, spring turkey hunting, rabbit hunting with my 2 beagles, duck and goose hunting.

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    Savage Model 11 7mm-08, Benelli Montefeltro 12 & 20 ga., Franchi Intensity 12 ga. & Remington SP-10 ga..
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  1. At age 12 I was washing dishes in an Italian restaurant for minimum wage. My "bonus" was a free dessert at the end of my shift. valoroutdoors.com
  2. Yes that's Sarah Beth Lawhorn. She brings out the best in camo! valoroutdoors.com
  3. Gunner age 5 months after a water retrieve. valoroutdoors.com
  4. I agree but they were the first to post her video which is right in synch with their ideology. valoroutdoors.com
  5. And here is Governor Kathy Hochul's reaction. valoroutdoors.com https://www.msnbc.com/msnbc/watch/new-york-governor-calls-supreme-court-ruling-on-guns-absolutely-shocking-142686277954
  6. Here's the link. valoroutdoors.com https://www.foxnews.com/politics/supreme-court-shoots-down-ny-rule-set-high-bar-concealed-handgun-licenses
  7. Eddie be aware of a couple of factors that you cannot control. First off as you age your upper body strength will naturally decrease. I have experienced this and had to turn down my bow over the years. Second as you get cold in the woods your strength will significantly decrease compared to what you can draw shooting your bow on a warm day. Turning down your bow should not be a concern as long as you tune it for a lower draw weight. Another way to help compensate for lower draw weight is to use a cut on contact broadhead. Good luck. valoroutdoors.com
  8. To my fellow great fathers. valoroutdoors.com
  9. Well here is an update. After much research and consulting with my ophthalmologist I decided to go with standard lenses for best distance vision in both eyes. I had my left eye done yesterday and it has been less than 24 hours. All I can say is wow. My vision in my left eye is perfect and colors are sharp and clear. I can clearly see iron sights on a long gun or a handgun clearly. I will still need over the counter readers for fine up close reading but I have been wearing them for years. The surgery was done at my local hospital. I was brought into my room at 10:30 and was on my way home at 2:00 with my daughter. There is no pain and it feels like I have an eyelash in my eye but that will go away in a couple of days. My right eye is scheduled to be done in 2 weeks. I am looking forward to the upcoming hunting season with great vision. My recommendation is to have it done if you need it and you will be very happy with the results. valoroutdoors.com
  10. Well Gunner is going great and is definitely going to be a big dog. He just turned 5 months old this week. All my buddies said he should have been named "tank" because he's so big. He should work out well retrieving large Canada Geese from our fields this upcoming season. Here's a pic of him with a wet coat after making a water retrieve this week. valoroutdoors.com
  11. Absolutely love it. valoroutdoors.com
  12. This link will help you identify whether they are oyster mushrooms. valoroutdoors.com. https://www.mushroom-appreciation.com/oyster-mushroom.html#look
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