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  1. As a regular goose hunter here are my thoughts. The author states that he edited some footage but he definitely should have edited out the profanities from the video. Foul language hunters display a negative image of hunters and is not something we want to pass on to our new young hunters. Secondly cripples do happen to the best shooters. It is ideal to have a dog to send after cripples but if you do not have a dog you should slowly and safely walk towards a cripple until you are in range to dispatch it. The video shows a hunter running with a loaded gun towards a cripple which is an unsafe practice. A safe hunt is a good hunt any day. valoroutdoors.com
  2. We set up on the pond in the picture. We used silhouette decoys on the banks and the mowed lawn around the pond. We did not put any floating decoys in the pond. There were no birds on the pond last night but we did have several flocks fly over the pond yesterday morning. The birds were focusing on the silhouettes and coming in. We also had a motorized flapper decoy in our silhouettes. valoroutdoors.com
  3. We had another great morning today. We put the smack down on 14 birds. Picture is my son and I. Our shooting was phenomenal as today we only missed 1 bird. What a beautiful day and a terrific memory. valoroutdoors.com
  4. Went out this morning with 2 buddies on an early season goose hunt. Had a great morning. That's me kneeling in the picture with one of my buddies. We bagged 10 geese and honestly missed a few more. It got so warm out that we quit early. All in all it was a good day. valoroutdoors.com
  5. Scroll down on this page for detailed information directly from the Department of Environmental Conservation. valoroutdoors.com. https://www.dec.ny.gov/outdoor/8305.html#Fluorescent
  6. I've been out there times so far during the early September season. Got 1 bird the first day and 1 bird on my second day. During September you are hunting the resident birds so you need to have a spot that they have been congregating unlike hunting the migrating birds in the Fall and Winter. Field hunting is near impossible as fields have not been cut yet. I haven't been out as much as I would like to as the mosquitoes have been unbearable this year along with the hot and humid weather. I prefer hunting the migrating birds in cold and bug free weather in the regular season. valoroutdoors.com
  7. Bill if you are old enough to remember the song you probably will remember the AC-47 gunship airplane used during the Vietnam War which the GI's nicknamed Puff the Magic Dragon after the song. See the link. valoroutdoors.com. https://weaponsandwarfare.com/2017/05/07/puff-the-magic-dragon/amp/
  8. I remember it well. Great song from a tremendous trio. Leaving on a Jet Plane was my favorite though from them. Sadly Mary is no longer with us. valoroutdoors.com
  9. I remember when you needed 4 hunters to apply for a single doe permit. I was a teenager then and was put in charge of doing the paperwork. I would have to bring the application around to the 4 hunters and have them sign it and attach the stubs from their hunting license to the application which was the procedure back then. I would then mail it in and wait for the results in the mail. valoroutdoors.com
  10. The mere sight of one makes me back up and retreat. However I am aware that many people will use them for decorative purposes and some taxidermists will add them to a mount display. If you go on ebay and do a search for wasp nest or hornet nest you will find them for sale at a high price. valoroutdoors.com
  11. So glad to hear that you came through this terrible ordeal. The months of August and September are the 2 worst months for hornet and wasp stings as they become very aggressive this time of year. You need to be on the lookout for them this time of the year and avoid disturbing them. I have run over ground nests in the past with the lawnmower and have been attacked. A couple of days ago I had to deal with a yellow jacket ground nest in my front lawn and a nest in my basement. Be observant and be careful. If you get stung be sure to have someone stay with you as a reaction can be delayed. Wishing you a speedy and full recovery. There is a similar thread here about this subject. valoroutdoors.com https://huntingny.com/forums/topic/92055-friendly-end-of-summer-bee-reminder/
  12. I spent yesterday morning dealing with 2 yellow jacket nests. The pic is of a ground nest on my front lawn. I spread Sevin dust at the opening. The yellow jackets will bring the dust into the nest as it sticks to them and will spread it through the nest killing them. The other nest was started on my basement ceiling after they came in under the siding. I soaked that nest with Spectracide wasp and hornet killer and let it set for 2 hours. I then sucked up the nest after they died with a shop vac. Luckily I was never stung. I have had this problem arise in the early Fall in past years and am careful to be on the lookout for them. valoroutdoors.com
  13. We have been using Panasonic Eneloop 2100 cycle AA batteries for years on both regular trail cams and recently on Tactacam Reveal cellular cams. We have had very good results with them including in freezing and even sub zero temperatures. They hold a charge very well and last a long time. Pic is from just this morning. valoroutdoors.com
  14. I watch Fox News. This morning they did a story and interview with this gold medal Olympic athlete Tamyra Mensah-Stock who loves living in this country and is proud to represent the United States. Her patriotism and love of this country should be a model for other athletes. This is why I watch Fox News. valoroutdoors.com https://www.foxnews.com/media/olympic-gold-medal-wrestler-god-spoke-through-m
  15. I shoot standard slick trick broadheads but my son shoots a not so well known broadhead called Tooth of the Arrow Broadheads. He has had fantastic results with them and has taken turkey, whitetails, and a black bear with them. I have attached a link if you want to take a look at them. valoroutdoors.com. https://www.toothofthearrowbroadheads.com/?gclid=Cj0KCQjwu7OIBhCsARIsALxCUaNoa6VkSyyOLTxtRF0yB89YM7hnqI4uBaGXZNt5v1qDAHOMfjZUNPAaAhsdEALw_wcB
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