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    Deer hunting with bow and gun, spring turkey hunting, rabbit hunting with my 2 beagles, duck and goose hunting.

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  1. Absolutely do NOT burn poison ivy. If you breathe in the smoke it could be fatal. Here is link https://www.outdoorjoes.com/a-rhus-tox-guide/2019/11/26/is-it-safe-to-burn-poison-ivy
  2. We have to be proactive in introducing new recruits to hunting. We should start out with our youth who will be the easiest to convert but we should also open ourselves up to taking along friends and even strangers. Be generous and give them any help that you can. As an example this last fall I saw a request from a total stranger on a waterfowl Facebook group who was asking if someone would take him along on a waterfowl hunt. This gentleman was from Florida and worked here 6 months a year. He had hunted ducks in Louisiana and wanted to hunt here in New York. I contacted him and invited him along for a Canada goose hunt. He accepted the invite but didn't have his gun here so I loaned him my backup gun. We had a great day that day. That same day I invited another stranger who had contacted me through this forum. He asked me if I would take him along on a goose hunt and he also came on that hunt. These former strangers are now new friends. There is no better way to promote hunting than to take along new recruits on actual hunts. The satisfaction you will receive is priceless and they in turn will pass on the sport of hunting.
  3. It was posted on Bushcraft USA forums.
  4. It was my late father who got me hooked on hunting. When I was a young boy my dad would go hunting with his friends and would often bring home a mixed bag of pheasants, rabbits, and squirrels. I couldn't wait for him to get home to see what he had gotten and would watch him clean the game. I begged him to take me with him. My dad started to let me tag along when I was 6 years old and I have been hooked since. We hunted together until he passed away and my fondest memories of my dad were when we hunted together. When my son came along history repeated itself and he became hooked on hunting when he was very young and we are best hunting buddies.
  5. Out again this morning. It was cold and windy with a constant blowing snow. But we managed to score on 3 more birds. It was Gunner's turn today to do the retrieving and he enjoyed the day.
  6. Out again this morning. Got 3 birds this morning and of course Waylon got his picture taken with the birds he retrieved.
  7. Thanks so much Al. Only thing is that Waylon is a he and not a she. And yes he's becoming a pro waterfowler and is also a wonderful house dog. Happy New Year to you. I know that you have experienced the joy of hunting with a good dog.
  8. Well we started out the New Year with a bang, actually quite a few bangs. The cold weather had the geese flying good this morning. My lab Waylon couldn't have been happier. Happy New Year everyone.
  9. Wishing you a very happy, healthy, and safe New Year in 2024.
  10. This morning we got out again. Our friend Danny came along with his girlfriend Nicole. Danny had shot his first deer hunting with us on the second day of gun season this year. Early on 4 ducks came in and we bagged 3 of them. The goose hunting was slow with many high flying migrators going over us. We had to leave at 11:30 and at 11:15 we called in a big single goose. Nicole had never shot a goose and we decided that she would get the first shots. Nicole slammed the bird with her first shot. We were all so proud and so happy for her. That makes 2 firsts for the couple hunting with us this year. And of course my lab Waylon made a great retrieve.
  11. Well the late Canada Goose season started the day after Christmas and we got out for the first 2 days. There were 4 of us and we got 7 birds the first day and 4 on the second day. As usual the labs had the most fun. We took my son's black lab Gunner the first day and my yellow lab Waylon the second day. Here's some pics of some retrieves.
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