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  1. O.k. turkeyfeathers great job and congratulations. Now be sure to clean that 20 ga. for your daughter and replace the slug you shot so that she can go out and do a repeat. Wouldn't that make for a terrific season for the both of you!
  2. Ah yes Moho I forgot about Bluto's line in the movie. LOL.
  3. Hey Moho you are right that it isn't over until we decide it is but to be accurate it was the Japanese and not the Germans who bombed Pearl Harbor. Good luck to all.
  4. Hey turkeyfeathers my son and I also skipped this morning but I think you mean Black Friday morning and not Good Friday morning! I hope this humors your daughter and that she scores this afternoon. Lol. Am heading out with my son now also.
  5. Same here. Son and I going into ground blind with Mr Heater to stay warm. Good luck to all and Happy Thanksgiving.
  6. Classic coyote damage to your buck unfortunately. They always start at the back end. We have had it happen to us. If we can't find a deer and find it the next day we have the same thing happen. Damn coyotes!
  7. Thank you for your reply but I am not interested in an electric atv. I just want a bike to get me to and from my stands. If I need my atv I just go and get it if I need it.
  8. Old age is having a negative effect on me. I am considering an electric hunting bike which will be used strictly for getting me to and from my stands and for checking my trail cams. I already have an atv for hauling out deer and for working my land but want something quiet and lightweight for transportation. If anyone has one or has any experience with one I would appreciate your recommendations. I live in the Finger Lakes region and there are some hills that I would need to get up. I want a high quality bike that will suit my needs and get me and my gear in and out with no problems.
  9. CharlieNY


    It's a myth that you can shoot farther with a crossbow. Compounds and crossbows have the same effective killing range. For decocking all you need is a special decocking bolt that you shoot into the ground. It only goes in a few inches and is easily pulled out. The big advantage with a crossbow is the lack of movement you make before shooting compared to having to draw a regular bow.
  10. CharlieNY

    Crossbow help.... sighting

    I also use Slick Trick 125 gr. for my crossbow. I have my crossbow dialed in and they are extremely accurate but they do not shoot to the same point of impact as field points. I just use some of the broadheads for practice and you don't have to practice very much with a crossbow. The first thing you need to check is the manufacturer's recommended total weight for your bolt including bolt and nock and broadhead. If you are not within the recommended range you will never get consistent accuracy. I hope this helps you out.
  11. CharlieNY

    You guys are a bunch of Jerks ...and thanks!

    Rob- I'm sure that your family and loved ones appreciate the the jerks who guilted you into the harness. Don't just take yourself in mind and be sure to wear the harness. Just like the seat belt in every motor vehicle, it does no good if you don't wear it. Whether it's a ladder stand or a hang on it makes no difference if you fall 15 feet to the ground. Have a safe and enjoyable season.
  12. rob- I never shot a deer with gang green nor have I ever shot a deer gang banger with gang black or gang blue etc. As to shooting a deer with gangrene I have been also fortunate enough to never have shot one of them either. Just wanted to humor you. LOL.
  13. CharlieNY

    My Dad passed away yesterday

    Your dad has passed but the memories on. Trust me. I lost my dad 34 years ago but the memories were never lost. I extend my thoughts and prayers to you and your family and wish you all the best.
  14. I enjoy hunting just about everything that you can hunt here in the Finger Lakes region. If I had to pick just one thing besides deer it would probably be hunting cottontail rabbits with my beagles. I enjoy getting out of the tree stands and ground blinds after deer sesson and getting some exercise trying to keep up with my dogs. I love the sound of the chase when the dogs get on a bunny and many times let the bunny go so the dogs can have some fun. But I do also enjoy turkey and waterfowl hunting.
  15. CharlieNY

    New Crossbow and Broadheads

    I use Black Eagle Executioner bolts and I think they are the best you can get. They are devastatingly accurate. As to broadheads I use Slick Trick 125 gr. Fixed blades and my son uses Tooth of the Arrow 100 gr. Fixed blades with Executioner bolts. I think any quality fixed blade broadheads combined with the Executioner bolts would make a killer combo. Just be sure to sight in with the broadheads. Good luck and have a safe year.