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  1. It’s not leaves and it’s not like it just peed there it’s every single track the Deer makes for 200 yards
  2. It’s not leaves and it’s not like it just peed there it’s every single track the Deer makes for 200 yards
  3. What does it mean when there is yellow in the Deer tracks? Looks like pee in every print.
  4. Canis Latrans

    Weather for Opening Day STier Gun 2018

    4" so far in Albany.
  5. Canis Latrans

    2018 Rut Report

    4S Had a decent buck chase a doe past my stand at 4pm.
  6. Canis Latrans

    2018 Rut Report

    4J and 4S. 11/11/19 Seeking I have observed several spikes walking around at all hours of the day seeking. Some scrapes are still active as well. 11/12/19 Multiple bucks seen seeking and one seen tending a doe. Scrapes still active and a large print in one suggests it is not just the spikes hitting them. We will see if the rains prompt refreshing of the scrapes.
  7. Canis Latrans

    Antler Restriction Results Poll

    Can you post some pictures of 3.5 and 4.5 year old spikes?
  8. Congrats rob. How old is that doe? Looks like a tender yearling judging by length of head but that could just be the photo angle.
  9. Exotic bush honeysuckle? Edit after searching forever I think it’s Morrow Honeysuckle
  10. Can anyone ID this plant? It’s a bush or shrub that seems to grow everywhere and no one can tell me what it is. Grows about 10 ft high 15 ft in diameter. Often has stringy bark as if rubbed by a buck. I suspect it’s invasive. Thanks.
  11. Canis Latrans

    Is it impossible to age deer in the field?

    How can we tell you the age of the deer without knowing when the pictures were taken???
  12. Well that's it for me guys. I didn't see much except at last light at around 6:45 a nice 3.5 year old walked out at 10 yards. Was about to pull the trigger but upon closer inspection I realized this one was born in May and I wanted one born in April at least. Bummer.
  13. Canis Latrans

    Antler Restriction Results Poll

    Anybody else?
  14. The firing range was Pine Bush. The wetlands class was Partridge Run.
  15. I've hunted 8 times this year on three different public grounds and this is the 5th time I've had a hunt pretty much ruined. I hiked in 800 yards to my setup and there was a stand 10 feet from where I was going to go. I try to decide what to do and as I look around I see a guy walking towards me. Turns out to be an Encon guy saying that someone had set up and illegal shooting range 100 yards away and had been rapid firing 308's all day - GREAT. The last time I hunted I hiked in 400 yards in to public land and heard a bunch of commotion. I figured someone was dragging a deer out so I went to check it out. When I got there there was a line of at least THIRTY PEOPLE walking through the marsh shouting and stumbling and tripping on saplings and dead falls. I walk up to ask what they are doing and they just stare at me. Finally one stammers "It's a wetlands plant ID class." I said 'oh yeah, what's that plant?' And pointed to some brush growing in the water. "I'm not sure." He says. I wished them good luck and stormed out of the woods.