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  1. I'm sure the males are physically capable of mating at any time in the year, but deer are not like every other animal. The bucks literally grow a huge amount of bone on their heads for each mating season, and their testosterone goes through the roof. This isn't because of the does, it's a change in the bucks regardless of the cycles of does. If the bucks are simply reacting to the does, I guess we should all be using estrous drags and Tinks starting 10/1 then huh?
  2. Hey guys is anyone seeing any rut action yet? I'm asking people to post the rut related activity in their area in a clear and concise format. In the later phases it's important to describe the activity you actually saw, because it avoids confusion of people using terms such as seeking, chasing and peak rut differently. Over time, these threads will gather enough information specific to this state to help predict future ruts. The below example is what I'm seeing and the format to be used. Lets help ourselves and each other better understand the rut and save it here for ne
  3. Hey with all of this cold weather I was expecting to see a lot of rut actions. Sunday I scouted about 2 miles of partridge run and did not see on scrape, and saw 2 rubs. In 4J I am seeing lots of scrapes and rubs, but haven't seen any chasing, and just one buck looking for does. Do you think we might be a few days behind the normal times this year? How does this cold weather seem to be affecting the deer from what you are seeing? Thank you and good luck. 

  4. I scouted about 2 miles in 4h. No scrapes. I know a few places that have scrapes every year. Normally I would have seen about 15 scrapes altogether but there are none. Saw two rubs. Half an hour north and there are scrapes around like normal.
  5. Haven't seen any scrapes and just a few rubs scouting 4H. Not much movement and not many tracks. Could we still be a few days behind this year Grampy?
  6. I use Sony Vegas for my video editing software. Thanks for the compliments guys. Rebel, I have not been out due to constant work. I will have some time soon though.
  7. I know these questions have been asked before, but now that we are into the 2019 Season I would like to hear from hunters on what the think of AR's. Please share the WMU you are hunting and give some details of the average size of bucks you are seeing, and how big the largest bucks you are seeing now are compared to what you saw before AR's.
  8. Thanks a lot for the feedback guys. I agree about limiting the talking as I rather like videos where you hear just the natural noises. It's always a compromise between limiting the rambling and giving information to keep people interested. Can we all just agree on no music? I should have showed the impact and exit, that's kind of a common sense thing to include. I'll add that next time. The last criticism is that you cannot see where the shot lands which is not only satisfying but helps you know you made a good shot in the moment. I reviewed the shot on the camera's LCD screen imm
  9. Thanks guys I appreciate the feedback. The camera is a Canon HF G30 with Fourth Arrow Camera Arm. I was concentrating so much on trying to make a perfect shot from my perspective I thought the deer was going to turn to the right and screw up the shot. The video shows it was clearly not necessary but it seemed like it was at the time. Lighted knocks would be a good idea. I had one on the other arrow. I can see where the arrow goes in as it is though. I checked that on the camera screen after the shot to make sure it was a good shot.
  10. Hoyt, thanks a lot. That link is from the youtube channel I made. There are a couple trail cam videos for now and two other short videos from hunts. If you click on the green circle on the top left corner of the link above it should take you to the channel where you can see the other videos and hit subscribe to automatically be told when I send a new video out. It doesn't seem like there are a lot of people in NY doing self filming. The ones that are seem to be mostly on farms and ag fields and I felt like there weren't many channels that relate to the pressured public land hunts in NY a
  11. Hey guys this is my first attempt at self filming an entire hunt ending in a harvest. I'm starting up a hunting channel where I hunt solely in upstate New York. Almost all of my hunting is on heavily pressured public land. I stay mobile and use a lone wolf climbing stand or hang on and sticks. Let me know what you guys think about the video. Lots more to come and they will get better as I go. Thanks!
  12. So far 72% of people see more bucks or the same amount of bucks. Anyone else want to vote?
  13. It’s not leaves and it’s not like it just peed there it’s every single track the Deer makes for 200 yards
  14. It’s not leaves and it’s not like it just peed there it’s every single track the Deer makes for 200 yards
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