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  1. buffalojay83

    2019 Trailcams

    I'm in the same boat, except I'm gonna grab a 4th spypoint from cabela's for $99. I have 3 others in the field and it gonna be #1's 4th year and #2 and #3's 2nd or 3rd year. They're affordable, take clear video and still shots in day and night, and the batteries have lasted me at least a year in each cam. Good luck!
  2. buffalojay83

    Additional Strap(s) to secure hang on stand?

    Thanks, yeah I was looking to see what brand/type people recommend. Or if it doesn't really matter, just a regular ratchet strap.
  3. I appreciate the feedback to my earlier post about mods to a hang on stand and climbing sticks. I usually use a climber but recently bought a hang on. I'm just trying to get all the things that I need in the fall, now. Any recommendations on a extra, or two, ratchet strap or something to secure to the tree (that's quiet) in case of a mishap with the straps that come with the stand. (lone wolf alpha, has an upper and lower strap). I plan on leaving the stand in one location, if I run n gun I'll probably use the climber. Thanks for any tips! 112 Days!
  4. buffalojay83

    Hang On Treestand Modifications Question

    Thanks, I actually am just doing that haha!
  5. Well, now that turkey season is over and there's only 118 days till opening day, I just purchased a lone wolf alpha 2 hang on stand and am looking for any modification suggestions. I have some felt with a adhesive backing for noise control for the climbing sticks and the stand edges, but was looking to see if anyone else has any good modification suggestions. Thanks for any info!
  6. buffalojay83

    Got a nice Tom on Monday 5/6!

    I missed the opener so Monday was my opener. I usually sit and wait on my hunts but my opportunities to get out this year are less so I was a little aggressive. I heard 3 gobblers at sunrise, then it got quiet. I decided to creep back into the woods and pull my cards from some cameras I have set up. After missing and walking by my camera, I heard a loud tom hammer off about 150 yds away. I called to him after he gobbled with a woodhaven mouthcall then I stayed quiet. Man, my heart started pumping and I put my hen down, facing away from the direction the gobble came from. I snuck off about ten yards from the hen and saw the brightest red I've ever seen glistening in the sun! He was hurrying on the way over for some love or a fight. Smacked him with benelli 12ga., 3 1/2 in. hevishot magnum blend about 25ish yards away, he dropped right there! I went back out Tuesday, but didn't hear a thing. Gonna try to tag out this Saturday! Good luck!
  7. buffalojay83

    4/6/19, Still Holding His Rack

    dammit! sorry about the sideways view...
  8. buffalojay83

    4/6/19, Still Holding His Rack

    Suburb buck, City of Tonawanda on 4/6/19 about 7:45pm
  9. WNY MMA & Fitness in North Buffalo (Alliance). If you're ever in town stop in and train man! There's some cool places to train here nowadays. GFT has a gym (Spar), Checkmat (Lake Effect Martial Arts) and more.
  10. Nice! He got his BB from Renzo right? I train in Buffalo. I'm a purple under a BB got his BB from Jacare' (Alliance) I agree there are still holes in BJJ but it's a great sport that allows you to train near 100% live rolls and usually avoid injuries. The best thing is to have many skills and conceal carry (with lots of practice). OSS!
  11. BJJ all the way!!!! Where do you train AT?
  12. buffalojay83

    How would you rate yourself as a turkey caller ?

  13. buffalojay83

    Sunfish Valley Whitetals

    haha so salty! To each his own brother!
  14. buffalojay83

    Regular season buck tag becomes either sex during late ML/Archery

    This isn't one of those "eat super hot fireballs, and the deer will come to you" type of troll is it?. Ah, don't tell me, because I'm definitely getting back out there if this is legit!!!!!
  15. buffalojay83

    Regular season buck tag becomes either sex during late ML/Archery

    Wait wait wait wait wait whoa whoa what!? I can use my leftover regular season buck tag for a deer of either sex with a bow or mz in late bow/mz? Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk