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  1. buffalojay83

    4/6/19, Still Holding His Rack

    dammit! sorry about the sideways view...
  2. buffalojay83

    4/6/19, Still Holding His Rack

    Suburb buck, City of Tonawanda on 4/6/19 about 7:45pm
  3. WNY MMA & Fitness in North Buffalo (Alliance). If you're ever in town stop in and train man! There's some cool places to train here nowadays. GFT has a gym (Spar), Checkmat (Lake Effect Martial Arts) and more.
  4. Nice! He got his BB from Renzo right? I train in Buffalo. I'm a purple under a BB got his BB from Jacare' (Alliance) I agree there are still holes in BJJ but it's a great sport that allows you to train near 100% live rolls and usually avoid injuries. The best thing is to have many skills and conceal carry (with lots of practice). OSS!
  5. BJJ all the way!!!! Where do you train AT?
  6. buffalojay83

    How would you rate yourself as a turkey caller ?

  7. buffalojay83

    Sunfish Valley Whitetals

    haha so salty! To each his own brother!
  8. buffalojay83

    Regular season buck tag becomes either sex during late ML/Archery

    This isn't one of those "eat super hot fireballs, and the deer will come to you" type of troll is it?. Ah, don't tell me, because I'm definitely getting back out there if this is legit!!!!!
  9. buffalojay83

    Regular season buck tag becomes either sex during late ML/Archery

    Wait wait wait wait wait whoa whoa what!? I can use my leftover regular season buck tag for a deer of either sex with a bow or mz in late bow/mz? Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
  10. buffalojay83

    I've FALLEN and I can't get UP !!

    Hope you feel better and get some answers! My legs have been getting craaaaaazy hardcore charlie horses this whole season. I don't know if it's from not drinking enough water or getting older, or if the multiple layers or heavy ass boots. I turned 35 in September and have been more sore for longer. I got my buck on the 2nd last day of bow. Shot him low and tracked him in the snow for 2.5 miles to another property, then had to double back. In my truck talking to the landowner I had to get out on the side of the road and stretch, it hurt so bad! There I am upper half in the truck, ass end hanging out in the street trying to get permission to retrieve my deer. I found him and was able to put a 2nd arrow in him. I went out this last Tuesday and same thing, crazy, really painful cramps.
  11. Are you guys on public land? I am lucky enough to be able to hunt private for the past few years and hopefully next few. I usually set up a little ways into the treeline on the edges of a corn/hay/grass field (depending on the year, the crop changes and the field will get a rest year or two) and the turkeys are usually close. I haven't seen a big tom the last two years. There have been a group of 4 jakes that are super aggressive and always together. Spring 2017 one came down and beat the crap out of my ugly jake decoy for like 20 mins. Hopefully this year they split up, and grew.
  12. I pissed off a big hen I think this fall, about a week or two after turkey season ended. I was up in a tree waiting for deer. I yelped, with my voice, and the alpha hen came down from her roost and the rest followed and marched right up to my tree. IT WAS AWESOME!!! I saw 48 turkey that day. A group of 15 big toms from one direction and the hen/poult group I first saw came from different directions and grouped up and hit the field of corn stubble. Hopefully the winter and yotes don't shrink the flock too much, it'll make a great spring. Can't wait!
  13. buffalojay83

    Cigarette smokers

    Dude, they don't give a F about their own body, why would they care about the woods?
  14. buffalojay83

    Should I sit over fresh rubs it fresh scrape?

    Thanks Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
  15. Jumped the biggest buck ive ever seen yesterday. He was with a doe and there was a 2nd smaller but still huge buck with another doe. Should I sit over the fresh rub line or work the scrape? Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk