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  1. This is my 12th season of saddle hunting. Currently using an Aero Hunter Kestrel or one of the 2 DIY saddles I made. I love to tinker and DIY where I can and have tried a ton of different saddle options, platforms and climbing methods. For those that don’t know, the forums on saddlehunter.com are very active with good discussion on options, tips and tricks and safety. One thing is certain, there’s no one perfect system as everyone has different preferences.
  2. I have the single pin HHA and like it a lot. Mine has the .010 pin and I like that size. No problems with it regarding brightness, visibility or low-light conditions. But everybody’s eyes are different... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. X2. You've already seen that the winds swirl down in the valley. Proof positive that moog has the right approach - stay high.
  4. What is the prevailing wind direction on that diagram when you plan to hunt it? Also, where is your stand location on the diagram? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. First snow of the year is the best! The deer seem to get all giddy and run around! Plus you can often sneak around and hunt on the ground - I learn a lot about an area doing that. Love being in the woods for the first snow. Good luck all. Should be a great day.
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