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  1. Where in 3M if you dont mind me asking
  2. We are early this year, we are usually late setting up, typically a few days prior to Christmas. I usually have such a difficult time leaving the woods this time of year, in hopes of a buck, so the tree gets put off. This year I was fortunate to get a nice deer early, so I searched our property as quietly as I could, for a Christmas tree. We set up what we call our “Charlie Browner” has been a tradition we have been following for about 6 years, Its a good time, we enjoy it.
  3. BLT with swiss/mayo/black pepper. Pizza rolls on the side
  4. Thank you for explaining that to me, i am going to do this next season, it was an absolute game changer for me.
  5. Finally adding a Cellular Camera to my fleet. Took @TreeGuy recommendations. Looking forward to it.
  6. I still say all these guys who sight there guns in the weekend prior to, or days before gun opener are simply alerting the experienced deer. It’s every year.
  7. Great to hear its being used on Thanksgiving!
  8. Jenn cooked everything on her own this year, she did fantastic. Everything is hot too, her first time solo.
  9. Left over deer taco meat, in an egg, and swiss wrap.