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  1. Bacon, Egg, Cheddar quesadilla, with Tater Topper, and Frank’sRed Hot.
  2. @Engraver99 Here is the dashcam that I have been using since January of 2019. It is not expensive, and most likely an entry level grade camera. However, it has treated me well, and has always let me retrieve footage that I wanted to see. Brand named “Apeman” on Amazon....c450 model i believe. Under $50. Very clear, simple to use... it has parking lot monitoring with shock sensors, screensaver, loop recording options. Lot ls of features. I have had it a few months, and I do like it. Does not feel like a $50 unit. Oh, the windshield mount is very sturdy, and stays put too. it auto records, knows when you are moving, etc, jump in vehicle and go...has a screen with playback buttons, and it has a micro SD card. I believe the micro SD card max GB size a 32GB. I would purchase again.
  3. I will check what brand I have in the morning. I drive about 100 miles a day, and I trust this dashcam. I have had video of near deer hits, etc..i will get back to you
  4. Happy Birthday @GreeneHunter you’re SLACKIN @turkeyfeathers!!
  5. Bionic Chicken rubbed BBQ’d bird over garlic sautéed asparagus
  6. Chicken stir-fry with General Tso’s sauce, and sesame seeds, Jenn whipped it up fast, oh and chicken was seasoned with @Bionic Chicken Rub