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  1. homemade eggplant peerm, homemade sauce, garlic/Romano venison sausage!!! thank you again @turkeyfeathersfor the sausage, delicious is an understatement.
  2. You guys are KILLING IT again with these dishes! I am just going to stop posting at this point.
  3. I love listening to loons at night
  4. Since this is an “adventure” thread of mine, I decided to share a few pics of this afternoon. Jenn, and I love going for drives in my truck. We use it solely for this purpose, and we have such a great time. These pics are in the area we live, within 10 mins. We love the area, and are happy to have had a nice day for our first drive of the season.
  5. Honey ham, MONSTERRR cheese, and a fried egg, on a lightly crisped English Moofun
  6. My dad had back surgery recently, and I saw how his mind was bothering him for the same reasons you mention. He is always busy, whether it’s working, hobby work like building things, to splitting firewood, on and on, and the healing time frame made him feel “worthless”. I told him over, and over again, that you are in this position because you NEVER stop, now you have too. he understood my point, but it never helped, lol. Oh hey, on a separate topic, I found an ATV local to my house! Called Dunmore. Its in the Pocono’s in PA. I know a couple guys who have gone, and I had no idea it is only 55 minutes away, we might give it a try one day. Thinking a week day, obviously this plan has to wait until this virus settles down in the region.
  7. lol, that would be the only way to see what they look like! Bought my home 9 yrs ago, and have never met them on either side. Both side neighbors houses you cant even see, hundreds of feet away.
  8. Thanks buddy! You will heal just fine, one day at a time, you will get there, TRUST ME. I love this quad, but I have an envelope set aside with some money in it for a Can Am X3 turbo
  9. Yeah its definitely a fine line, and it truly weighs on who is the law enforcer. I apparently Steve’s info, and I honestly was aware, I pass my firehouse daily where they have this NY burn ban with the dates on there information board.
  10. I hear you Steve, I do appreciate it, I hope I did not come across as being know... fortunately, we are in a good area here where we leave each other alone. I purposely kept the fire small, and cut most of the saplings up in camp wood lengths. I do worry about this stuff, and even worry about motorists throwing cigarette butts out the window. I just see this as well within legal, and safe, which is why I continued my project, in fact, you might laugh but the firehouse is a 1/2 mile away, and the chief is 2-3 houses down which is about another 1/2 mile. thanks again Steve.
  11. DEC website...campfires less than 3 feet in height, etc are allowed. The fire i had is well within.
  12. So many great looking dishes tonight, nice job guys.
  13. Today I started cutting a few trails for my quad around the property. I cut my way through, dragged out the saplings, and wood, and burned everything as I went. Only made it about 150’ but it was nice to get this going, it has been on my “want to do” list for a while now.