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  1. 2 for me...1 for you....3 for me...1 for you....
  2. Jenn made shramp cobb salad. Shramp, avocado, hickory smoked bacon, feta, spinach, tomatoes, sliced hard boiled eggs, red onion, cucumber, etc
  3. Bionic

    Arrow weight

    You know something Jerkman, you’re bring a real scumbag lately. WTF is your problem? Mr. high and mighty you think you are, arrogant is an understatement anymore. Answer me...WTF is your problem with me? Don’t belittle me, telling you right now, don’t f-ing belittle me. I have NEVER been rude to you, plain and simple. ban me, IDGAF.
  4. Go suck that fat tube steak your obsessed with in the other thread
  5. Jenn, and I spent the weekend up at camp. Last time we were there we cut a quarter mile of ATV trail towards the deep end of our property. We noticed game trails on the existing trails, so at the far end of our new ATV trail, we set up a cam...and oh my god, we were blown away. A beautiful 9 point Adirondack buck with a drop/kicker tine. Bad picture, as it was a picture of the screen off of our card reader.
  6. Maybe we can someday, still doing a ton of upgrades up there, I actually just got back from the cabin. Rented an excavator, and did a boatload up there. Funny you quoted this post of mine, I got a nice pairs of bucks together, and one looks like he has a drop/kicker tine off the main beam! Hes a beautiful 9. This year has been the best year ever for card pulls for me. It’s half the fun for me, but I still hope to connect.
  7. Coworker found one dead in Goshen curled up on a pond edge yesterday.