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  1. This is really still an issue with you people?
  2. My apologies then, jumpy due to the past, always assuming the worst.
  3. So whats so funny then? Asked a simple question, I haven’t been to NC…
  4. because that’s a convenient time for us due to our daily schedules, and to when we want to arrive where we are going to. If we left at 6pm we would arrive around 2:30am kind of asinine don’t you think?
  5. Youngsville, barely into NC. Like i said thinking leave here around midnight, it says 8 hrs 4 mins, figure in fuel stops, and pee stops…9 hrs? So 9 am arrival-ish. I see 295 is a 50 minute bypass for Virginia
  6. Heading to North Carolina tomorrow night. I was thinking we leave here around midnight, zoom down through the night. Says about 8-9 hrs…is Richmond a nuisance to drive through? Thinking we will be prior to any commute hours. Suggestions?
  7. Headed to North Carolina next week, and other than that, Maine at least 2 more times.
  8. @First-light would you mind if I sent you a PM about this topic?
  9. First time making sausages/broccoli/rabe…. sausage(cheese/parsley) broccoli rabe, olive oil, sliced garlic, crushed red pepper flakes, and grated cheeeeeeeeeese
  10. Dan, just drove down from the upper half of Maine, saw a lot of Quebec, Ontario, and New Brunswick plates, along with all the info you have been provided, it doesn’t seem like it will be too big of a deal to cross to/from.
  11. No worries! Its crazy stuff they have, I can literally flip people off with a muscle flex. Good times!
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