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  1. Mojito lime shramp, avocado, red onion, romaine, tomato, ranch taco sauce, and chalula hot sauce, in jalapeño cheddar wraps!
  2. I LOVED that show! Is it a new season? I think it was only one season....then disappeared. i was born on the wrong side of the continent, and too far south.
  3. Congratulations! Happy for you all, great pics.
  4. Yes, definitely, make sure you shoot one for me lol
  5. Funny redneck page on Instagram
  6. Bionic


    Damn! I typically don’t leave the door wide open like that haha
  7. Bionic


    I love that sort of thing, more wood the better
  8. Wow, wow WOW. Jenn, and I had some Costanza’s Rueben Sausage links. I cannot even put into words just how delicious these are! I’m blown away! What a great idea, and we both cannot thank you @turkeyfeathers enough! Definitely one of my favorite foods!
  9. Bionic


    You’re very welcome, hope you both enjoy it. I just got home from plowing, and threw on a Reuben snawwwsidge! Haven’t eaten much all day, looking forward to this
  10. This is going to be another great thread, nice idea .