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  1. Bionic

    What's for dinner tonight?

    Garlic & earl
  2. Bionic

    What's for dinner tonight?

    It is definitely different, its not just you, we eat it thinking it is better for us....seems drier.
  3. Bionic

    What's for dinner tonight?

    Wheat pasta, brocorri, shramp, cheddarjack, grated parm, and cow massage
  4. Bionic

    Youth baseball thread

    Anyone playing in Wallkill?
  5. Bionic

    200k miles... again!

    Gotta love a beater
  6. Bionic

    200k miles... again!

    Miles definitely add up fast. 44k on my 17 Escape. You sound like you live further from work now in your home thread, 45 mins each way, watch those miles really pile up now lol
  7. Bionic

    Can some one please identify this big bastard?

    Gross, step on him already
  8. Bionic

    What's for dinner tonight?

    Box push dinner...
  9. Bionic

    Day Trip Ideas.....

    Ever tried Rollins Pond state campground/park? Its busy but a nice lake to paddle, with tons, and tons of lakes surrounding. i also have heard Follensby Clear pond is absolutely beautiful, which is about 20 mins past Rollins....i drove past it, and it is very nice. I want to paddle that one weekend.
  10. Bionic

    Day Trip Ideas.....

    It could be I think, not positive though, It had no current when I went twice, so I paddled out a couple miles, and paddled back to my vehicle. Point A back to point A
  11. Bionic

    Day Trip Ideas.....

    Do you have a kayak or boat? i like the Raquette River, it is flat water, near Axton Landing, and The Crusher boat launches. I like to paddle Stoney Creel as well.