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  1. Ended up choosing a 64D form, basically a semi-sneak, ears back, head down. The deer on the left is a full sneak for reference....Very happy. Thanks Tru-Life Taxidermy, never a disappointment.
  2. Homemade venison cheese/parsley sausage
  3. Erie Hotel in Dirt Jervis. Very impressed, and I am hard to please with Italian. They threw like 18 littlenecks on there for I believe it was $19!
  4. I’m not taking it. I have plenty of reasons why, but if I get into why, this will be the longest thread on the board with follow up debates.
  5. Great shop, I grew up a mile away. I got my bow, and crossbow from them. Wonderful people, Nick helped me immensely with setting up a compound for me with my arm situation. You’re in good hands there. Enjoy!
  6. Christmas Dinner Date Night. i had littleneck clams in red sauce, delicious! Jenn had NY strip, baked potato, etc. french onion soups to warm up when we got here Wine, and Sam Adams Winter
  7. Thank you sir, yes for whatever its worth, the Moultrie xv-6000 was a dead on arrival unit, the replacement was good, then wouldn’t send pics to my phone, then all of a sudden it has been working fine. I know it was not sending pics because, i set the cam up, walked by it, saw the IR glow, never received the pic...then it snows a few inches, checked after that snow, I saw deer tracks within 10 feet of cam, no pics transmitted. I was still in contact with Moultrie, they told me they will not refund me, will only replace under warranty, so I am fighting them, and commenting this on their posts
  8. Damn thats a lot of snow. We only got 13” roughly here in Orange County, but I did work a 31 hr shift for it, I will gladly take their money.
  9. Thats what I like to hear! Sounds like me, but good for him adapting so well. I didn’t have to adapt due to being from birth. I hate when people use it as an excuse to be lazy, you have to do what you have to do, too many don’t think that way.
  10. I can, took my road test on an auto because the damn state of NY said I had to due to my arm situation. I took my road test without my arm on just to make a point, and my dad gave them a major ear full. I have an automatic restriction on my license to this day, and also they want me to have a suicide knob. Never have had a suicide knob, and never will, ef em. I also have owned 4 daily driver standard shift commuter cars over the years. Never an issue. They say standard will be the best security system soon enough.
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