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  1. I know practically nothing about hunting. However, Jenn, and I decided to take a look around some public land yesterday with the rifle. We did a short 2.61 mile still hunt together, since snow was on the ground for one week. We paid attention to the tracks/trails/dig marks. We marked areas, and our travel on the OnX app. It helped us decipher a plan of attack for cam placement come warmer weather. Again, worst person to take hunting advice from, but I am determined make next year epic.
  2. Happy for you! Exciting feeling that must be
  3. I see what you did there, sneaky sneaky
  4. Pretty cool you named your cat after our forum buddy Storm.
  5. Wow, that means a lot! I feel I do not add a lot to this forum as far as why we are actually here, so to see this means a lot. Thanks Chef, you’re alright!
  6. Damn, you sure pay attention! You guys make me feel important!
  7. I am aware of that, but I say “say when”, because I am more in my element up here, than down your way.
  8. More garbage after a still hunt on state land. Quesadilla with pulled bbq chicken, taco meat, salsa, cheddarjack, cilantro. Avocado on the side