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  1. looking for an extra 1C tag. Before the lottery.
  2. Are there areas in 1C that do not require parking permits reservations etc.? Any public land you can just pull up to a trail head and get after it?
  3. Hey all, I am looking for someone to show me the ropes in 1C on Long Island. Here is what, if anything, I have going for me. Last year was my first ever hunting season (unsuccessful). I am 28 years old and inherited 2 years ago my grandfather’s hunting rifle. Since then it has been a mission of mine to get into the sport. I am an avid fisherman and no stranger to the outdoors, no problem waking up early and working hard to get the job done. I have done tons of research and I have all appropriate equipment, tags and licenses. My main focus in the beginning of this adventure was rifle but now I have a pregnant wife at home and can’t travel upstate all that often and I am looking to hunt bow on LI. I think after a conversation with me you will appreciate that for someone so green, I am very knowledgeable of hunting in general and you will find a halfway decent hunting partner. My main focus is that I will have limited time in the woods and I am looking to be as efficient as possible and finally experience what I have been reading about for years. I am truly passionate and willing to do what it takes. Any takers?
  4. Looking at more northern areas to check out. Anyone have any experiences with black bears they would like to share/bear precautions to take when camping/hunting? I have been reading up on it but nothing beats first hand experience.
  5. Does anyone know if you need to get DEP Access Permits to hunt DEP land?
  6. Thank you for the help everyone, it is appreciated more than you know. ChefHunter86, thank you, I will look into those lands. Best of luck to you all this season.
  7. Not hunting with a rifle in Suffolk haha. A buddy of mine has some private land upstate near Binghamton that I plan to hunt but when that isn't available I plan on roughing it on some public land for a few days at a time. I have no problems making long road trips dbHunterNY. Would love to get out west one day and welcome knowledge from all areas and will gladly make the trip. Thanks Rob... noted.
  8. Thanks for the response. I am in Suffolk County. I will primarily be hunting with a rifle. Have been shooting for years and know my way around a bolt gun. The websites seem to have really large lists to pack and suggest a place to buy all of it, pretty "convenient"... machete is a good idea, thanks. looking for more must have items that aren't obvious to a beginner.
  9. So I am brand new to hunting, my dad wasn’t into hunting and I have no opportunity for knowledge transfer from anyone that I am close to really. That’s where you all come in. The purpose for this post really is to gain knowledge, learn things that you wish you knew the first few times you pursued game. What to pack, what to leave at home, advice on hunting public land for a first timer etc. I have done bounds of research and am taking this all very seriously. Any help would be appreciated. Also, one more specific question. Can you camp/hunt anywhere in NYS parks (That allow hunting) or do you need to camp on the designated camp grounds? I have obtained all required licenses and tags etc., looking more for field advice.