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  1. GreeneHunter

    Treestand types

    The only kills that count are the ones that make it into my freezer !
  2. GreeneHunter

    Todays chuckle

  3. GreeneHunter

    deer in Nassau County

    Yeah .... Crossbow area ! Legal or not ... LOL
  4. GreeneHunter

    What's for dinner tonight?

    Oh its there .... several plates were passed around as Appetizers !
  5. GreeneHunter

    Logging Time

    Been wanting to have my land logged for a few years now (20 plus acres) but completely oblivious as to where to start ! Any suggestions ? PM is you want !
  6. GreeneHunter

    cleaned the inside of the wifes pilot

    OK .... I'll ask ... how much money did you find ?
  7. GreeneHunter

    What's for dinner tonight?

    Chicken Parm ! For Dinner and probably lunch tomorrow !
  8. GreeneHunter

    Did one of you guys leave this on my property?

    When ya gotta go ya gotta go !
  9. GreeneHunter

    What's for dinner tonight?

    Little get together at Yanni's Restaurant on the Hudson !
  10. GreeneHunter

    Treestand types

    Ladder Stand for the last 8-9 years , built in before that (my land) .
  11. GreeneHunter

    Political humor

    Right on the Money !
  12. GreeneHunter

    Hunting my land just got 10x easier

    Nice Work !
  13. GreeneHunter

    Life expectancy

    Well I just went over the 62 hump and am taking no major meds ( except Cholesterol med ) so hopefully I'd like to get 20-30 years out of SS and Pensions ! But do to being Irish and the little bastard Murphy it will be the day after I paid off the mortgage !