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  1. GreeneHunter

    Is losing deer an inevitable occurrence?

    It's happened to me before and more than likely will happen again ... hopefully not ! As long as you put in the effort to try and find it with the best of your abilities than you certainly do not have anything to be ashamed of ! Now get back out there where a good hunter belongs !
  2. GreeneHunter

    We Grow Big Does Up Here

    I noticed the extra legs .... two fer one sale ?
  3. GreeneHunter

    Todays chuckles

  4. GreeneHunter

    MEGA lottery

    Can I write off a donation to New York State ?
  5. GreeneHunter

    MEGA lottery

    If I win the wife and I will be moving to an Email Box ...... good luck trying to find me !
  6. GreeneHunter

    Favorite stand snack

    Pop Tarts
  7. For the year 2018 you can make $ 17040.00 without a loss of monthly Social Security benefits after which for every two(2) dollars you make over that they take one(1) in benefits . You do not get Medicare until the age of 65 unless your collecting Social Security Disability . Current cost of Medicare is $ 134.00 per month (Parts A & B ).
  8. GreeneHunter

    Stand height

    My ladder stand is 15 ft. .... it produces every year and has for 8-9 years at the same tree !
  9. GreeneHunter

    My 1st Trail Cam Pictures

    By a cheap one to start , then see what's prowling around where you hunt !
  10. GreeneHunter

    Ho hum, another new guy

  11. GreeneHunter

    New guy

  12. GreeneHunter

    Almost bushwacked by a big coyote

    I shot a coyote on opening day a few years ago and about 45 minutes later got a nice Doe !
  13. GreeneHunter

    Cull Buck Hunt In Multi-View!!!

    Nice Video
  14. GreeneHunter

    Flu season

    Got mine yesterday .... free at work !