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  1. I just posed the question due to the Market being Topsy / Turvy the last few days ! I'm already drawing two pensions and working on a third before I call it quits . I have plenty of family whom will never get the Pension option only 401K' s - Lump Sum - , the thought of them buying an annuity just for stability is scary ! I worked in one place and the 403B adviser made the statement that for a small fee they would get me a more managed account with a possible better return , I asked the question " So the Fee comes out of the Gain and if no Gain No Fee ? " ( rude of me isn't it ) to which the advisor says " no it doesn't work like that " !
  2. Opinions ? A few years ago I retired with the choice of Pension vs Lump Sum ! I had quite a few co workers retire around the same time frame and there was always a discussion on " what's better " ! I know quite a few individuals whom chose the lump sum and retired prior to 2008 and deeply regretted it , It took roughly 7-8 years to get back to where the lump sum started out at . Meanwhile those whom chose a pension - naturally - their pension stayed the same the whole time . I leaned towards the pension and have no regrets ! Anyone ?
  3. Probably be able to rent it out to an escaping NYC Type ! LOL
  4. I didn't go out , just curious if anyone was successful ? Pic's ?
  5. Holiday Inn I hope , at the least !
  6. Free Crocs for Health Care Workers ......