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  1. A Woman many of us dream about I'm sure ! LOL
  2. Remember back when there was a curtain outside of the Voting Booth ? The curtain said in invisible ink " None of your Damn Business " ! Its wonderful to have a non - mud slinging political discussion but when it comes to how someone voted its " None of your Damn Business " ! And if a person wants to tell someone how they voted that's fine , the fact remains that we have to Answer to No One ! Just Sayin
  3. Should only allow Tax Paying Citizens to vote ..... but that's just my opinion !
  4. Its always Turkey season at Price Chopper !
  5. Made it through 22 years in the Military and no Tattoo ….. just sayin !
  6. My wife and I did the Alaskan Cruise last summer and will be going on a New England / Nova Scotia cruise in early May / June timeframe . We are not going to concern ourselves with the Coronavirus ….. for now !
  7. Ticks Suck .... no easier way too say it ! Hope everything turns out well !