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  1. GreeneHunter

    send nancy a brick!!!

    Now that's funny .... gonna share the link ! Thanks !!!
  2. GreeneHunter

    Who Remembers This Show That Ran From 1972--75?

    I never did take up Martial Arts and should have ! Being over 60 now its probably too late !
  3. GreeneHunter

    Who Remembers This Show That Ran From 1972--75?

    Every kid in the neighborhood suddenly became an expert at Kung Fu !
  4. GreeneHunter

    Today's taste of Winter

    Just another day in the Northeast !
  5. A graduate of Boston College and managed to get a job as a Bar Maid .... her dad would be proud !
  6. Bar Maid .... it sounds so much better ! (hope she's offended)
  7. GreeneHunter

    Where Are The Snow Shoveling Kids These Days??

    At least their legal !
  8. Do they have helicopter rides in the Super Dome ? (only kidding .... someone had to ask !)
  9. GreeneHunter

    Big Woods Cabin Fever

    I've killed many deer on youtube (or at least watch them being killed ...LOL)
  10. And there's no reason to separate NYC from the rest of the state ????
  11. GreeneHunter

    Social Security???

    That has always been the question ... draw at 62 or full 65-67 (or whatever your full is) The question should be what is your health like at 62 as opposed to what it will be at a later date . The last thing you want to do is work until you get full at 67(or whatever) so you can sit in a nursing home and give them more money ! Its a gamble .... like ODYSSEUS said above " Take the Money and Run " at least while you can !
  12. GreeneHunter

    Tasco 10MP trail cam

    I own two of these cameras and picked them up at wally world .... great deal for the money !