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  1. Perhaps anyone with over 10 (maybe 5) years Hunting / Fishing should become the new ENCON / DEC ... apparently we love and respect the woods and all it has to offer ! Or at least be the voice of any changes that need to occur !
  2. From the Albany Water Board : 2021 AWD Deer Hunting Program Permittees: Row Labels Count of Applicant Name City of Albany Employee 14 Coeymans Resident 51 Westerlo Resident 35 Grand Total 100 86/100 are residents of Westerlo/Coeymans taken from a pool of 145 applicants.
  3. I'd love to know how many Hunters applied ! I'll find out (hopefully) at the Informational meeting tomorrow evening ! I'll get back to everybody !
  4. Jesus .... 48 years (hard to imagine)
  5. Damn .... Me Too ! Like Fred Sanford used to say " Son , someday all this will be yours " !
  6. Well the Alcove is a Reservoir that feeds Albany ! And naturally there is No Hunting allowed anywhere near the water . This year the Albany Water Board decided they need to " Cull the Herd " around the Alcove due to the amount of Deer eating too much Vegetation around it . It was announced about one month ago and you had to sign up to be selected . You had to be a Resident of either Westerlo or Coeymans and if they had more that 100 hunters apply then it would go to a lottery . Well lo and behold I made it and now I have to attend a short session on the If's and But's and get my Permit .... they want only Does taken ! Which is fine by me , an extra area to hunt with a Doe Tag is great !
  7. The hell with the Badges ...... just give me a DMP for 4H and I'll be happy !
  8. His Family should do time , he should be dead !
  9. Like Swamp_bucks said , care to share the Recipe ?
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