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  1. Looks like a great setup ! Good Luck ( don't fall asleep !)
  2. I'm heading out to my Tree Stand on October 1st to sight in my Crossbow ! LOL
  3. One would assume that if Trump wins you'll be amongst the Millions leaving the country .... correct ?
  4. If Trump wins (again) think of all the hunting spots that will open up due to the fact that all those people will be leaving the country ! You know .... the ones whom said originally that they would leave if Trump wins ? Hopefully they have the backbone this time to actually leave !
  5. Thank your Dad for serving , if he's past away his service to our country is never forgotten ! My Dad was also in the Army (RIP) ! What branch did you serve in ?
  6. Shoot it and leave for the Coyotes !
  7. Glad too hear of clear results …. keep on hunting !
  8. Oh OK lets make it Political ......