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  1. So was there Chinese collusion/influence in the Biden Campaign ?
  2. Didn't John Kerry throw away all his falsely gotten Ribbons at a Vietnam Protest back in the day ? And yes I know he's a Vietnam Vet ! And then he married a Ketchup Queen !
  3. Fully agree ! I'm not a Bow hunter by any means but do Crossbow . First day of Crossbow my son and I saw 5 Does and two Bucks and one Coyote ..... now barely see Does unless one of us kicks them while still hunting !
  4. I use Blink Camera's .... so far so good ! Only thing is you need WIFI for the Camera's to speak to the control module !
  5. I'd say the reverted to keeping all their activities to during the night and bedding all day ?
  6. Any advice on where to get a Crossbow re strung in the Albany area ? Want to get it done before the MZ / Crossbow week !
  7. I drive 45 minutes to my hunting property and these fools are in my Backyard .... who's the fool ?
  8. One Glove .... it was Camo so I'll never find it ! LOL
  9. Yeah I'm up but going to relax today , picked up the my sons Crossbow Buck Venison from the butcher yesterday and having Steak and Eggs this AM ! I'm not heading out today but will gladly see my son head out .... Tags to fill !