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  1. 8 Year Anniversary Coming Up

    I joined in 2011 and found the site because I was looking for a place to swap DMP's ! I knew there had to be one somewhere out there . Well I've swapped a couple over the years and gained a lot more than swapped DMP's . Lots of good people and lots of good conversation ! Think I'll stay !
  2. Venison Prep

    I read this article and thought to share it >
  3. Old buck mount

  4. I Don't Blame Growie........

    Cabin Fever ?
  5. Proud Grandpa

  6. Be Careful with your answers

    Now that's funny !
  7. Anybody Looking For a Treestand

    Put wheels on it .....
  8. What's for dinner tonight?

    Venison Sheperds Pie
  9. Mother nature says winter isn't over yet

    Mother Nature is a Bitch !
  10. Hunting related sayings or thoughts...

    Brown is Down ( and no I don't say that ) !
  11. All aboard

    I don't miss NYC !
  12. Barbaric Humor

  13. keeping notes

    I've never kept notes but do wish I had a picture of all the deer I've taken over the years !
  14. Be Careful with your answers

    I always do these survey's .... in the name of the Anti down the road !