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  1. GreeneHunter

    My wife is for the birds

    Crossbow !
  2. GreeneHunter

    Geneseo Cam

    Invite this year ? LOL
  3. GreeneHunter

    New bill / no more tournaments.

    Petition to save Outdoors Traditions !
  4. GreeneHunter

    What's for dinner tonight?

    Going to ask the wife if we can try this on a couple steaks (not Roadkill ) in a few nights !
  5. GreeneHunter

    You're Blowing Up My Phone..........LOL

    I just switched from a Flip Phone roughly 2 years ago .... hitting certain buttons 3 times to get the letter you wanted was a drag but its all you had ! Their handy in the woods but not if your currently taking aim at something and it starts vibrating ... LOL
  6. GreeneHunter

    Geneseo Cam

    Busy little spot ! Nice Pic's !
  7. Fully agree on that .... letting people save for their own retirement just is not happening ! Forced savings into pension plans would be a helluva improvement ! Have no idea if that could happen ....IMO
  8. I had to google " who is Dmitry Orlov " ! And he is an absolute Nobody ..... so why would his opinion matter ? Just a thought !
  9. GreeneHunter

    Glad I Don't Live In Florida

    I agree ..... but I'm not holding my breath !
  10. That would be a nice Hudson River Boat ! Just in time for the Striper Run !
  11. GreeneHunter

    Any Jeopardy fans ?

    With Tom Hanks !
  12. GreeneHunter

    New hunting land

    Trail Cam ?
  13. GreeneHunter

    Notre dame on fire !!

  14. GreeneHunter

    Deer meat this year.

    I'm living on last years Venison ...... cry me a river !
  15. I would enjoy moving south to a 20-30 acre spread with a cabin / small house , hopefully within one hour ( or less) of the shore but we would have to leave behind the kids and grand kids . So New York we stay !