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  1. We have two Gray's that show up in the backyard all the time ! Of course the wife thinks their cute so she leaves apples for them !
  2. Just a general BS topic .... What was your first job ? I worked in a Deli ( NYC ) after school in the 7th and 8th grade , pay was $ 10 first year and $ 12 second year . Went home with a Sub everyday and a bag of chips ! Thought I had the world by the short hairs !
  3. Make it real fun .... get a stick shift !!!
  4. https://www.bowhunter-ed.com/newyork/
  5. Great Pics of Recurves .... keep em coming !
  6. I have Family over there .... I'm sure part of the Tour will be the Ring of Kerry and other tourist sights ! Beautiful Country ! Enjoy .... and remember when / if you drink Guinness Stout the old timers count the Rings in the Glass while your drinking !
  7. No Scouters on my property .... just Trespassers !
  8. I leave my cameras up all year long , they are on my property . I have them all set higher up and need a ladder to replace batteries and swap out SD cards . I have 2 Bait Cam's at eye level .
  9. Just came home from a quick trip to Belhurst Castle - Geneva on the shores of Seneca Lake . We did an evening cruise on the lake and never spotted one boat doing any fishing and maybe just two Pontoon boats . Anyone ever fish there ? I'm thinking maybe Gas Prices are keeping people from going fishing but that would be hard to swallow ! Supposedly its over 600 ft. deep , there has to be some slammers in there ! Thoughts ?
  10. So .... not having a Pistol License is now the time to get one ?
  11. Don't know about age but Trail Cam's are certainly addictive !
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