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  1. Have to admit I've never heard of this before !
  2. So with the new Modified / Un-Modified Crossbow Permit it ( If an Individual obtains one) clearly states " New York State " and does not mention 4J , 8C , 1C or 3S . Meaning that those four areas an individual could not previously use a crossbow and now CAN ! Interesting !
  3. Looks like this WMA might get Re Zoned Commercial if Carver and Co. get their way ! https://www.timesunion.com/news/article/carver-companies-proposes-land-swap-wind-projects-18364323.php?IPID=Times-Union-HP-spotlight
  4. https://www.porcupinesoup.com/county-prevails-against-nyc-in-migrant-lawsuit
  5. This should be across New York State ..... https://www.porcupinesoup.com/county-prevails-against-nyc-in-migrant-lawsuit
  6. Plenty Target's for this year ! Good Luck !
  7. Years ago I bought one of those on Ebay ... worked pretty good !
  8. Well I've been lucky this year , I was selected to get a DMAP for the Alcove . Just have to attend one of the Orientation Meetings and then hunt whenever !
  9. It happens ... It happened to me also , but I was the second shooter ! I heard a shot across the highway from where my ladder stand was I was sitting in and along comes an 8 pointer limping walking slowly . I raised my gun and it looked up at me and I actually said " sorry " and shot it and the Buck went down ! The person whom shot it across the highway never came and I never went looking for them . I'm sure hearing the shot the other shooter figured it's gone !
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