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  1. ALBANY GUN SHOW January 22-23, 2022 ANNOUNCEMENT!! We just confirmed with the Empire State Plaza Convention Center that there will NOT be a requirement to show proof of vaccine to make entry into the ALBANY GUN SHOW!!!! You must maintain a face-covering throughout the time that you’re at the show!!!! Hope to see you there!!!! Empire State Plaza Convention Center 279 Madison Avenue Albany, NY 12242 Public show hours are Saturday 9:00 am-5:00 pm Sunday 9:00 am-3:00 pm. General admission is $8.00 Seniors are $6.00. Children under 12 FREE with a paying adult.
  2. I'll be moving my ladder stand this year and adding Camo to hide any movements !
  3. Going there for the Tournament on Feb. 19th !
  4. A well known Politician once said " When the Looting Starts the Shooting Starts " .... now if we only abided by that !
  5. 2 Days ago the tires on my car were fine , today 3 were showing the air pressure was low .... the cold certainly does a number on them !
  6. My wife makes Irish Soda Bread in a Lodge Iron Skillet ....
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