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  1. GreeneHunter

    UpChuck Schumer 2009

    Hence the reason for this ....
  2. GreeneHunter

    Red neck

    I escaped NYC back in the early 80's ... never too late to become a Redneck !
  3. GOOD .... NOT ENOUGH !
  4. GreeneHunter

    DMP TAG Exchange, Swap, Donate

    On the verge of swapping my DMP's for a cup of coffee and a Donut !
  5. GreeneHunter

    The Closet

    Add a recliner with laptop and WIFI and let her have the rest of the place ! Instant Man Cave !
  6. Last shot for me ! I know they're here !
  7. You could say you ran into a Deer on the way in .... LOL
  8. GreeneHunter

    View from the new home

    Nice .... Congrats
  9. GreeneHunter

    Academically Adrift: Limited Learning on College Campuses

    Another Mike Rowe video .....
  10. GreeneHunter

    Bio-Logic Green Patch Plus

    Think I'll stop by the local Tractor Supply and see what they've got !
  11. GreeneHunter

    Snow cover

    I've been hunting Deer over 40 years and I have to agree its been years since I've seen a completely snow covered Hunting Season . Although I do love hunting in 1-2 inches of snow it makes it easier to spot Deer !
  12. GreeneHunter

    What's for dinner tonight?

    Tag Soup !
  13. GreeneHunter

    A Catskill Mountains Buck Video

    Nice Buck !