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  1. That looks like a really cool ranch, and a fair price. I didn't see your post on there, how did you make out ?
  2. Hey Biz sorry haven't been online, I leave Thursday. The hunt begins this Saturday, I have hardly been sleeping I am so excited LOL.
  3. While gheesh, wheres my Birthday love moog5050? J/P ...Good luck this fall, I am on cloud 9 tonight.
  4. Thank you All ! Was not expecting to see this on here, I just done writing thanks to every one on facebook. Got to love the hunting community, so much support ! I met a couple nice hunter neighbors by my new property this past weekend, looking forward to making some memories with them over the years. 22 Days away until the season opener for bow for me, and 40 days until opening day in Colorado for me- being 33 is starting off pretty sweet if you ask me ! Be safe and happy hunting huntingny friends.
  5. How exciting, we are actually talking about that for the next trip. Best of luck, a nice pronghorn sure would change the look of any room !
  6. Congrats on your success ! Just like everything else, the rates sure have gone up I am into $1300 in tags. I actually registered my NY Hunter safety course with CO so I won't need to carry it, thank you for that info though I feel like many don't know that info. I am really excited to try Mule deer, I am sure hope its not that Sagey, but we will see !
  7. HA Yup.. the guys I am going with hunted in Pagosa Springs 3 years ago. Two of the guys they went with each shot a bull in a very steep canyon as they described, they contacted every person they could with horses and no one would bring there horses down there. They ended up finding someone with a helicopter who picked up there Elk's and brought them back for them. I sure hope I don't need a helicopter, and the plan is to pack everything out. But I would like to have a couple number of outfitters or pack elk out who do it for extra cash once I arrive in town incase the situation arrises I need some assistance.
  8. Cant believe we will be so close, the public land I will be on will be about 30-60 minutes North of vail , off of Red Sandstone Rd. Looks like thousands of acres of land up there. Do you guys haul the Elk out yourselves or use an elk hauling service? Thanks for the contact info !
  9. I absolutely will, thanks for the kind words. Very impressive you did that all DIY.
  10. I will be hunting with the same expectation as I do in NY, harvest an animal that I am proud to hang on my wall as a trophy for me and a freezer full of true organic meat for my family and I to enjoy. I personally have never shot a doe or buck under 2 1/2 in my 19 years of whitetail hunting, just my personal choice ( to each there own for every hunter out there). My goal is to harvest a mature 4x4 or 5x5, I don't plan on getting a " monster" , but I sure would be happy to bring one home if the opportunity presents itself lol.
  11. Funny ? As my initial post states, this is my first out of state hunt.
  12. How cool ! How far will you be from Sandstone Creek Club in Vail ? Thanks for the info, I am not bringing a bugle being so late in the year. I am bringing a Hoochie Momma cow call if I want to try that now and then. But I am planning on starting high in the mornings, and doing everything I can to locate elk and move there way. Sad story about the 50 feet, thanks for the info lol , I will be 33 next month.