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  1. 607 HUNTER

    2018 HuntingNY Gun Harvest Thread

    Shot him at 10:47 a.m. 11/18 State land, 1/2 mile off road DEC Biologist aged him at 4 1/2 years old 100 yard shot. Shot in upper quadrant of heart, ran 50 yards.
  2. 607 HUNTER

    14.15 Acres for sale in Birdsall

    Sold . Feel free to remove listing . Looking forward to the new property ! Thank you
  3. 607 HUNTER

    14.15 Acres for sale in Birdsall

    Update on property it was listed yesterday with NYLandQuest.com at $36,900
  4. 607 HUNTER

    Card pull

    My statement still stands, especially with him being 2 years older. I can't believe he's still around, what a smart buck !!! Best of luck with him
  5. The property is located on Gillies Hill Rd in Birdsall ( Canaseraga). OGM Rights convey State land 2 minutes away Great hunting on site, mature bucks harvested yearly ( I know the previous owner). I purchased this property last year, long behold I was proposed a good opportunity about 5 minutes away I couldn't refuse with family. Nice trails throughout. It is located on a private road. Asking price $37,900
  6. 607 HUNTER

    Elk Hunts

    Locate a state you would like to go to first. Different areas in states or seasons require different amounts of preference points. I did my research and decided on a DIY state land rifle hunt in Vail Colorado in 2019. I will have 2 preference points for Elk and mule deer. In Colorado applications need to be in by April 3rd, I would recommend trying to decide your state and putting in for presence points this year. In Colorado I had to pay about $800 for both tags, the state kept around $80 and sent me the rest back in late summer.
  7. Board has sold out. Feel free to remove listing. Thanks
  8. Squares left to choose from are 2-3-4-8 and 9 The board has 10 squares. 2 Winners, Cost is $100 a square Payouts are $300 for the half time score and $700 final score. The sum of the score at half time and the final score will determine the 2 winners. Examples: New England 14 - Philadelphia 7 14 + 7= 21 The person with number 1 would win. New England 28 - Philadelphia 17 28+17= 45 The person with number 5 would win. ( Second number in accumulative score will win) There will be a live streamed drawing of the numbers 0-9 from my buddies kids, no shenanigans I vogue for the person who is doing the board. Payment can be sent to him via Venmo, face to face or snail mail. Located by EastView Mall, Pittsford14534 P.M. me if you would like a square.
  9. 607 HUNTER

    My first food plot

    Good luck with the food plot, I am going to attempt my first next year also. I look forward to seeing the updated photos next year of the food plots process and deer action !
  10. 607 HUNTER

    Wisconsin Gun Buck Photos

    Time for me to move ! lol
  11. 607 HUNTER

    The Reminder Buck

    Strong message! Many hunters would love the opportunity to hunt where you hunt, very noble and risky of you to let that Pope and Young buck of yours make it to someone else's wall this year ! Let The Good Times Roll
  12. 607 HUNTER

    Got a new one on cam

    Cool buck, good luck with him!
  13. 607 HUNTER

    Live From The Woods 2017 edition!

    Shot this 8 last evening. Seen 4 basket bucks coming my way, the one 8 pointer was pretty nice and very tough to pass. But I seen this buck about 300 yards out, and was hoping he joined the group. His body was much bigger then the other 4 and I could see the rack was bigger. About 10 does followed the 4 bucks , some as close as a couple yards from my stand They were all crunching acorns, with no suspicions I was there . It was like nothing I have ever experienced, quite amazing. I could see this buck and 1 other buck coming to join the group, they kept stopping and fighting with each other ( I could hear there antlers crashing from 2-300 yards out) . After about an hour he got within range, he stepped out at 30 yards,. The rage did the job , I heard him crash about 30 yards into the woods.I waited about 30 minutes after harvesting him for all the deer to finally clear from around my stand. This is my first opening day bow harvest and biggest bow harvest yet. Great day !!!
  14. Nothing on the county website, not even any of the neighboring properties. Due to no one owning there lots the real estate company subdivided. No on has paid off there property yet. I have dug and dug, it would be nice to have found it. But it only shows the 150 acres they purchased and subdivided in 2004 so far.