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  1. I spoke too soon. I found something similar on the dec site.
  2. I know that new York state doesn't require a permission slip, however a property I just received permission to hunt, the owner asked me to provide one. I wanted to know if anyone could point me in the direction of some sort of general permission slip that may help ease the owners mind? Thank you,
  3. He was referencing the big ammo companies like Hornady, that put out videos saying stuff about the lack of ammo, and how they are trying to produce more and that more people are buying it as there are now more gun owners. Its surely a load of BS. No way that every single store in 100 mile radius is either sold out, or selling what they have for triple the price.
  4. Exactly. I got my ridge line for 1500$ from a friends dad. It had 190k miles on it. I sold it for $1500 with 230k on it. Towed any and everything I needed and hauled it’s fair share of deer. It’s owned by a friend now and has 360k on it. It runs pretty well to this day. A little rust and burns a bit of oil but it’s a Honda. I bet it would go 1000 miles with no oil.
  5. If hes got any non collector quality machines hed be willing to sell id be interested. I have a 350x, a 200x and a 250r, and really am looking for a big red. The sport models are a blast to ride on our dirt road, but I really need something more practical for around the farm,
  6. If you have till 2022 buy preference points each season till then. If you are taking the bow, you have a higher chance of drawing a tag, and the hunt is usually significantly cheaper than going the rifle route.
  7. Please do not laugh at me, but look into the honda ridge line. Is it a truck? Maybee depending on who you ask. But it can tow well, comfortable, has incredible covered storage, and honda reliability. I drive an obnoxious lifted diesel truck, and can tell you first hand that my ridgeline I drove in high school was the most practical car I have ever owned.
  8. I had the pleasure of going out this year and tagging along with a friend on a hunt and it was incredible to say the least. Hunting in Wyoming, at a good family friends guide outfit. Give them a call. Ask to speak with Nick and tell him Brendan Fahy sent you. If you have any other questions, please feel free to let me know in advanced.
  9. I have been looking. I have seen talks of the trailpass but all the links are old and don’t work anymore.
  10. My girlfriends family is talking about renting a cabin for a week this summer in Lake George. Her uncle has a few atvs and I have some dirtbikes and atvs. Was wondering if there was any legal riding in the area that anyone knew about. Just trying to plan this now in prep. Thanks
  11. Ohh that's the Westchester county parks one right? A few guys I know are in that one I believe.
  12. Beautiful spot. You say in the program? Is that the somers land trust program?
  13. bfahy13

    Shot Help

    I agree, they are very tough. We had shot one this year with a crossbow, and managed to survive. Was running around the next day with a limp, but still seemed fine. I would not have backed out, if I ha managed to find blood. 3 of us searched for at least 1.5 hours and no blood was found.
  14. bfahy13

    Shot Help

    Sorry for the delay. Looked a few hours this morning. Just a few white hairs where she was standing and a tiny bit of blood and white hair on the arrow. Walked all over searching for blood and nothing was found. I had to go to work but am pretty confident I clipped a tree branch and just grazed her belly slightly and that she will live to be seen again. Sucks for sure but knowing she will be okay puts me at ease. Thanks everyone.
  15. bfahy13

    Shot Help

    Fixed only. I’ll keep everyone posted. Trying to get out of the city and back up there. God I hate this city.