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  1. He is great, but something about the THP guys also does it for me. Might be the van and bus that Sam Soholt drives.
  2. bfahy13

    CT Help

    Thats where i took my test! And yes, i know they are gone. Very unfortunate. My father had been using them since he started hinting and they were always great to us. Now i need to drive all the way up to Carmel cause i refuse to use the thief in mamaroneck.
  3. bfahy13

    CT Help

    I do. Took the hunter course in mt vernon or the bx, not 1000% sure Took my bow course with the cougar sports guy.
  4. bfahy13

    CT Help

    Biz, let me see what i can do. I work part time at a golf course in Greenwich, and 2 of the members are going to let me and my father hunt, when they go down south for the winter. How the hell am i supposed to know where my safety card is. I took it 10 years ago. Do they offer replacements?
  5. bfahy13

    CT Help

    Just got a few spots to hunt in Greenwich. Does anyone else hunt in CT? If so, how were you able to get your license? Do i really need my original proof of my safety course?
  6. Need a new safety system. Trying to find out weather to go with the mesh style like the HHS or go with a strap version like the muddy magnum. What do you all wear? What are the pro's vs cons? Mostly bowhunt from a climber, incase that changes opinions.
  7. Yes, that's it Some decent trout in the dammed off river too. I recently read that although the deer appear to be on the less healthy side, the dec did a study and was very surprised at the overall health of the herd. Not sure how accurate this was, as the bucks are huge but skinny and walk funny.
  8. Reach out to Nick at Constant Quest Outfitters He grew up here in Westchester and now runs a guide service out in Cody Wyoming. If you get in touch with him, tell him Brendan Fahy sent you. I grew up playing Highschool lax with him.
  9. Ohh I know. Id say my KTM is the best investment of my life. I cant disclose the things I do on it but I can tell you that it rarely goes above 40mph and the front tire always looks brand new
  10. How many more miles does the back wheel of the drz have than the front? I have a ktm 450 super moto and they are hands down the most fun you can have on 2 wheels. Just get nervous because they are so inviting to do things that shouldn't be done on the street
  11. Congrats. My sister in law goes there and I am also considering trying to hunt up there. Did you notice the fenced in deer pen they have down by the field? A few nice deer, and some nice fish in the pond too.
  12. Id love to join if this is still an option and open to the new guy.
  13. Ill come cut it if you still need the help. Im prob going to be dropping my bow off at flying arrow this weekend. I can throw the saw in the truck and give you a hand.
  14. Might need one for my younger sister next year. Send me your email and ill get it to her. Cortland rental that is.
  15. I had no clue where i was... I was visiting a friend of my girlfriends to ride dirt bikes for the weekend. We came out on a random trail to a road and they were there. Thank you very much!!