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  1. Good luck to everyone tomorrow. Shoot straight and please stay safe!
  2. Any more info? If not I’ll reach out to him
  3. Been going a few years on a charter out of Montauk. This year a friend upgraded to a sport fishing boat so we’re going on our own. Looking for advice on a rod/reel setup that won’t break the bank. Not looking to catch giants just looking to have fun.
  4. Have a friend who loves his reveals. Just wondering if there is a better cell cam at the same price. I run cheap cameras now but have a spot 2 hours away that is like to set some up on.
  5. Chef next week let’s get you out on the boat. Message or text me I think you have my number
  6. The arm extension really does help. But they were over the slot so I guess that’s big enough
  7. Went out on the boat last night and put a few nice stripers on the deck. Caught a total of 5 this size and 1 keeper for the grill. All were safely returned to the water.
  8. Me and my father just closed on a small cabin with 42 acres in deposit area. All hard woods but 2 neighbors are farms. Deer density isn’t fantastic but some of the deer killed in the area over the past 10 years are good sized bucks for that area.
  9. I can’t argue that statement. But I also have a complex where on vacation I justify drinking early by drinking light beers so that one worked.
  10. Played yesterday and playing tomorrow. My parents want to retire down here so we come down for Easter every year. It’s awesome. Will have to try Bermuda Triangle.
  11. Currently sitting pool side on Hilton head island. First relaxing trip in 2 years.
  12. We have one at our lake house in Minnesota. 1 large room with a tiny powder room. Loft is half size and has a wood burning stove. Sleeps 6 adults no problem. When we were younger all the kids slept in there and we had 14 kids no problem in there
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