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  1. My younger SIL goes to cortland and whenever we go visit i beg to see the deer every time. It pretty cool to me but i wonder every time how it got started. also pretty sure i saw a big ole rainbow trout in the little pond/creek by the road but wasnt 100%
  2. Poor suburban doesn’t know what he’s in for. Disappointment
  3. Headed out for the first sit of the year. Weather and wind are perfect but dang if the first cold morning of the year doesn’t get to you
  4. Thanks for the input. I’ll start looking around.
  5. I am looking to pick up something used that has been sitting in the back of someone's safe for a while. My little brother and my nephew both want to start getting out a bit this season and just looking to pick something up that they can use the few times a year they actually make it out. Not looking to spend a ton of money, not sure how long they will stick with hunting. Preferably located within an 1hr drive of Westchester but could also make it work anywhere along the rt17 between the tapanzee and Binghamton.
  6. I love the daily updates, keep them coming. Whats your plan tomorrow morning
  7. Because the only time im on here is during work. gotta take advantage while im on the clock
  8. Damn thats a tough one for sure. Im picking you next week so hoping he sticks around and you get back in there after the rain this weekend
  9. Is that one of the westchester programs? Just wait till that thing gets a hold of one of these coyotes gets a hold of someone’s fancy golden doodle. It’ll be open season all year
  10. I just got 5 of them this year. A few spots i hunt i am not the only one who hunts and the neighbors are nosey. My place up state borders state land and although we havent had major trespassing issues yet, its always in the back of my head. The cost of these wont kill me if 1 goes missing, and the quality of the pictures are as good as i need.
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