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  1. Anyone here hunt the 3F area? Looking at a property in Hyde Park. Never hunted this area. The property has a few stands, and the neighboring properties had a few as well. Just want to get an idea of what the hunting over there is like. Any help would be great.
  2. Its dutches county, so im assuming that anything livable will skyrocket the costs. Our current place was originally a barn that we transformed over the years. Wish i could find similar down in the area we are looking, but land prices are crazy, and add any structure and you need to be a billionaire. I am thinking set up a camper at the start, and add a 10'x12' shed, with a loft at the start. Than start the process of building a cabin the right way a few years down the line.
  3. My dad, brother, and myself are looking into purchasing some land this summer. We have a few places we want to go look at, and had a big question. We dont plan to build a "house" any time soon, but eventually would like to do so. For now, we just need a small cabin to stay in. In order to avoid a giant tax increase, would a camper be a better option? Any other suggestions would be great.
  4. Got till December 31st in Westchester. Got out yesterday for my third sit this year and got a decent 4pt on a property the owner wants ever deer we see killed. Hopefully get out next Sunday for some big group deer drives on some spots we have lined up.
  5. Exactly my fear. Heading up in a few weeks to walk the place
  6. New to the Ulster County area Looking at purchasing a camp from a friend along Rt 55. Just wanted to know if anyone hunts this area, and how the population is. Also, the land is bordered by a state forest and some DEP land, both public hunting grounds. Should this be a concern? Thanks, B