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  1. Good on you. Im sure that your mother will never forge this. I can recommend anything but working in Manhattan I can answer the protocol questions; Most people are wearing masks on the streets, but no one is yelling at people for not. Also, would totally make reservations for anything dining related, to avoid any hassles.
  2. Anyone ever fished ten mile in Dutchess? Hopefully heading there Saturday morning and just trying to see what the waters are like?
  3. Beautiful deer. Where abouts in green co are you located (roughly)
  4. Rules aren't meant to be broken, but are surely meant to be bent from time to time. You cant tell me ou have never driven over the speed limit. The issue is when multiple people don't take a warning and continue o do the same thing like what happened. That's just a D**K move.
  5. Just got back. Beautiful property surrounded by a state forest. I know if you own property bordering dep/dec land they will offer you fair marked value for any land you are willing to sell them. Would the state offer the same? Only reason I know is our current camp we sold 10 acres to dep and they actually offered us the same money per acre as the bought the 20 acre lot behind us for.
  6. Id love a place like this, but between working 60 hours a week and my brother having a new born, we would be lucky to get there 3 times a year in the non hunting season if we had to drive that far.
  7. We need a place within 2hrs of home, to justify owning it. And that means 2hours from nyc, so finding anything is tough in the areas we've been looking. I can handle most all of the construction with myself and a few of my employees, so basically my only out of pocket costs will be materials.
  8. Exactly. Well would 1000% be the first order of business. I almost worry that the fact we are on a hill may mean it would need to be even deeper, but who knows? And as far as cabin work, id be doing it all myself. Just nice to start with a roof over your head so we can sleep a night while working
  9. The road leading up to it is a town maintained road. Actually full of beautiful top dollar homes. The meter is in place, looks like maybe they had an rv there before they put this up? As for land in the area, its anywhere from 5-10k an acre in the surrounding town, and even higher in the county just based off Zillow adds. I own a small skid steer so I guess if the access is a pain I could just leave that there for the winter and trailer my snowmobile with me when it snows?
  10. Based on what im seeing online, the cabin is less than 500' from the paved road. The cabin is however at the highest point of the property, so I guess we will see sunday how bad access is
  11. It was listed originally in 2019 for like 299 and is down to just under 200 now. Id be tempted to check with the town, but if they aren't aware, I don't think id want to alert them to anything.
  12. Im going this Sunday to look at a few pieces of property with my father. The one place we really like has been for sale for a long time, and for some reason it raises a red flag to me. Its 56 acres, at the end of a dead end road, and borders a state forest. It is on the top of a mountain, but has a cabin with electric. There is no well or septic, but again it does have electric ran to the small cabin. Just wondering if anyone has any insight on why it may still be available? Is it just undesirable, or cud there be some hidden legal issues id be responsible for regarding a cabin tha
  13. They own Constant Quest, formerly known as Thorofare Outfitters. I have one point, but he has said the odds of drawing a bow lottery are worth applying when I buy my point this year. hey are located in unit 60 I believe. I have nothing set in stone now, but if I were to draw one this year, I could show up the following morning for a hunt.
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