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  1. Biz. Me and you must have the same exact interests in food. Bar taco in PC last weekend after we got off the boat then we did Tony's on Wednesday for my birthday. Ill have to try every local restaurant you post here from now on
  2. Yea, coming from him i dont know if that is saying much
  3. Tony lives across the street from me. That place is very good.
  4. Thanks for the input. The property is just a mile or so north west of the north west side of cannonsville reservoir. It borders barbours state forest if that means anything to anyone.
  5. Anyone hunt in or around walton? A friend has some land and asked if id be interested in buing some of the property off of him. Never hunted there, but have seen some of his trail camera pictures. They have a few nice ones a year on camera, but dont seem to kill many each year. I have never hunted his land, but he is looking to sell 40 acres with a cabin, electric, well, and septic all in great condition. I dont want to share the price, as its very very low compared to all the covid inflated pricing. Just wondering what anyone with experience in the area has to say about the a
  6. Never thought I’d see snow on opening morning. This wind needs to slow down some.
  7. Running late. Never thought I’d be wearing ski clothes under my camo to stay warm on spring gobbler opener
  8. I can avoid that. Depending how big of guys we have.... Once the boat gets put in we can plan a little GTG. Its my fathers boat but im allowed to use it whenever so lets make the plan
  9. Depends what you call good. I can get the boat from point a to point b and back to the dock no problem. Finding the fish on the other hand is a whole different story.
  10. I know that spot. I keep m boat in portchester and am there all the time. We gotta get out one day. Maybe trade some of those cubans for a trip on the boat
  11. Good on you. Im sure that your mother will never forge this. I can recommend anything but working in Manhattan I can answer the protocol questions; Most people are wearing masks on the streets, but no one is yelling at people for not. Also, would totally make reservations for anything dining related, to avoid any hassles.
  12. Anyone ever fished ten mile in Dutchess? Hopefully heading there Saturday morning and just trying to see what the waters are like?
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